Yule love New Zara Home in Montreal

I have been waiting for Zara Home for quite a while now, I confess that I am definitely a Zara’s girl. a total afficionada, I love their clothes and their home accessories, bedding, flatware etc..  go for a visit, you will be delighted in the most yummy way.

”I admit I do get carried away a bit” but the grand opening is today.


Via Zara Winter-fall collection


As a picture is worth a thousand words, I thought you might like a peak at what Zara home has to offer.

Via Zara Winter-fall collection


Pillows and throws

Via Zara Winter-fall collection


Bedding, linen

Via Zara Winter-fall collection



Via Zara Winter-fall collection

mesa zara flatware

Via Zara Home Kids Winter-fall collection


Cozy up, fall is almost here and winter will take over soon.

Via Zara Home Kids

esc02_i13_k zara home kids

Freshen up your kid’s bedroom, happy dreams.

Via Zara Home Kids

esc02_i13_mesa_k zaraq home kids

Intermix your white and blue.

Via Zara Home

azul_us_en zara

Lazy Sunday at the cottage.

cama zara

Having the happy Blues with an oasis of white and blue bedding.

medusa_us_en zara

Summery look Medusa style.

banho bathroom zara

A touch of Zara home in your bathroom.

<Boutique Zara Home«>

Carrefour Laval 3003 Boulevard le Carrefour (unitéE009G)

next to <Crate and Barrel>

Laval Québec
H7T 1C7

This is not a Zara Home commercial, I only talked about what I really really like and it is a pleasure to share this moment with you, hope you like my oohs and aahs

Have a lovely day wherever you are and if you have time, restyle your style, feel at home in your own home,  freshen up, it is good for the soul.

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