Today’s idea, White paint and warm ambiance at the Ritz

I like warm whites, creamy whites and tainted whites even in the winter.

Residence du Ritz Carlton Interior Design Suzanne Vachon/photos Ariane Poulin

Ritz-10 - Copie

When I decorate with white, I like a play on whites. There is no natural light in the hallway, so I used OC88 (Indian White) by Benjamin Moore, I have to admit that Benjamin Moore has the most beautiful whites in a multitude of tones.

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I cheated a bit with the mouldings and ceiling at the Ritz instead of  a warm white,  OC62 (Baby’s breath) was used which is more of a grayish cool white by Benjamin Moore but the exception makes the rule sometimes. It is said that if you use warm whites on your walls it is better to choose a creamy warm white on your mouldings and doors.

Ritz-20 duplicate

In the living room the only place where I added a touch of white was above the fire-place OC88 BM (Indian White) again, I felt that the antique like mirror would like white better and it brings some luminosity to the darkness of its wood. The walls are CC150 (Sandy Brown), it is a very bright room and it needed a bit of color.

Ritz-17 copy

As the kitchen opens up to the hallway, I needed to create some continuity between the two rooms. I looked at my OC88 (Indian White) chip in the kitchen and I knew that it would look slightly lighter than in the hallway as It is a very sunny room. I liked this idea as it was the same but appeared different.  Light certainly plays game on colors, so make sure you look at your color chip in the room that you will be using it.


The breakfast nook is also OC88 and you can see the difference between the pure white of  the cabinets and the tainted Indian white of the wall.

Ritz-4 - Copie - Copie

In the Master bedroom I went with OC2 Pale Almond which appears a little lighter because of the brightness of the room. I found it more appealing and enveloping than a pure cooler white.


The antechamber of the Master bedroom used as a small office is OC2 (Pale Almond), here the color looks a little darker as it does not benefit from direct light like the Master bedroom.


The guess bedroom is OC8 (Elephant Tusk) BM which of course is another creamy white. Thus the expression play on whites.

Ritz-13 - Copie

Guess bathroom OC8 (Elephant Tusk)

 I find that Whites are a bit complex, and of course when I am in the process of choosing my white colors, my painters think that I am absolutely off my rockers, for them white is white and that is it, but actually white is not white and you will find out that the 100 shades of white can look quite different from one room to another. For more tips you can go to: or

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