Today’s idea, comfort and joy in your new kitchen

You really have been dreaming about a new Kitchen for a few years now. You are getting very excited about renovating or revamping your Kitchen this spring or this summer, I suggest you start planning now. It will take about 4 to 5 months preparation before you can feel comfort and joy in your Kitchen.

I know it sounds like a lot of time to dedicate to a Kitchen, but if you ”cook” and live in your Kitchen, you have to be prepared to do your homework. If you are well prepared, your Kitchen will become a Kitchen with a soul it will be a happy Kitchen, it might even sing now and then.

”Today is all about your Kitchen Style”


Freshome.  Another view Swedish design of yumminess.

A Contemporary Swedish Style kitchen

1- First you have to make a decision, do you only  want a Kitchen revamp or will it be a complete renovation, so how much money will you spend on this Kitchen, I know thinking about money first is always boring but it will help you determine what you will do about your Kitchen.

2- You have to research a Style that you like and that will harmonize with your home, you can look at magazines, collect clippings or go on the internet. I found that Pinterest is inspiring, it has terrific pictures of different kitchen styles. You can also go on a great site to help you organize your renovation and decoration.



tiny but well organized and lovely kitchen

A small traditional kitchen with a bit of a contemporary twist.


Gorgeous white kitchen.

A Shaker Style kitchen with marble and tiles.


Brown and white kitchen design

A Modern Kitchen with a long island, plays on brown and white, it reminds me of brown and white chocolate and I find it quite yummy.


This kitchen is a great combination of rustic and modern

Don’t be afraid to mix your Rustic with your Modern Style in your Kitchen.  Challenge the unexpected, it will look great.

Via Victoria Pearson (my favorite Photographer)

Gray kitchen. Design: Parrish Chilcoat and Joe Lucas. #gray #kitchen #kitchen_lighting #mahogany

Color your Kitchen, this bluish gray by Benjamin Moore ”Chelsea Gray” is like Chanel it can  become a Classic.

Via Home

Small kitchen.  Designed by Lori Gilder.

A Classic Kitchen with a crystal chandelier is glamorous.


Can't get over this chic kitchen. Via In Good Taste: La Cornue Range.

This Kitchen has a mixture of 2 colors and has a traditional Style.

Industrial with raw hardwood floor has a warm feeling about it

Industrial Kitchen Style with a warm feeling about it.

Via Elle Decor/

European kitchen via Elle Decor

A European Style Kitchen with a fireplace.

Have fun searching and discovering your Style. Stay tuned for tomorrow we will guide you in making a list of your needs in your Kitchen and in your life, well we will start with the Kitchen.

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