Today’s idea, a Dorm room of your own

Going back to school becomes somehow more exciting if we do a bit of decorating in our dorm room, do it you will like it,.

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Turn your bed into a sofa and vice versa, a colorful bed with a bit of storage is a good start in decorating your dorm room, add a few pillows and make it comfy, you will be spending quite a bit of time in it and on it.


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Make your own headboard with a piece of fabric, you can find some lovely remnant, hang it up.


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A rug is also a great idea for a headboard.


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A chest of drawers can be used as a vanity by adding a mirror above it. Believe me there is nothing Zen about a dorm room, each inch has to serve a purpose.

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Somehow I always add this fascination about using newspapers as wallpaper, my mother used the fashion pages of newspapers on our cottage powder room and I really liked it.

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Inspirational hangings are decorative and feel good.

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I like this idea of posting lots of pictures of friends and family in the shape of skyscrapers.

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If you are very courageous, paint your school furniture and bed white and add colorful bedding, it is worthed.

You can shop at the Salvation Army, Value Village and Ikea for great Billy bookshelves.

Have a great school year and thanks for following

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