Todays idea 5 small meaningfull changes in your home

Sometimes a few changes is good for the soul, spring is coming plan a few small changes in your home that will make the difference in your life.


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I love Bamboo shades, you can have them in the country or in the city, in a house or in an apartment, they bring nature into your home, we can all do with a little more nature. You can find them at Home depot

49.97 at

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A Parsons table goes anywhere and everywhere, its simplicity accommodates many styles of decoration.

dedar wallpaper

Adding a few bonbon (candy) chairs color your life and make you feel joyful ”La Vie en Rose” for everyone.

slide_285615_2205439_free Sunny disposition mirror HP

A mirror with sunny disposition is back in style.

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For the family a refectory table is comfortable and comforting.

Enjoy your changes they can be small but have a big effect on your home decor and I would say on your life.

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