The true minimalist and the virtual one

I always thought that minimalism was Zen, but I suppose that Christian Grey’s virtual  home can be considered minimalistic but not Zen as New York Artistic Director Sam Shahid’s home is minimalistic and pure Zen. ”I believe minimalism is all in the eye of the beholder”

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Christian’s living room has big empty spaces like in the minimalist Japanese tradition and with its big windows the exterior is brought into the interior, on the other hand his decorative objects are not necessarily plain and simple, but I have to admit that there is a ”Less is more” Mies Van der Rohe quality about his virtual home.


Mies Van der Rohe architect



They are some natural elements in Christian’s home, like the wood dining table and the brown marble floors, that are agreeable to the minimalistic style.


Christian’s kitchen could be called minimalistic, compare to mine it is.


Sam Shahid’s home is a great exemple of Zen minimalistic style.

The simplicity of the materials, the quietness of the space reflects the concept of Japanese Zen.

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Sam Shahid, President and Creative Director, Shahid and Company, Creative Design and Advertising Agency


Oh sometimes I wish I could obtain this serene calm look in my own home, but I do get attached to objects, I suppose I am far away from being Zen, maybe in another lifetime.


Sam Shahid’s bedroom


David Piscuskas is Sam Shahid’s architect,

Images Peter Aaron/Otto via


Spectacular Piscuskas’s architectural work in Sam Shahid’s home.

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The very talented Architects David Piscuskas andJuergen Riehm  ”1100 Architect PC”

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