The Simple abundance of Richard Gere’s home

 Richard Gere’s home is on sale for 65 millions dollars, I thought you might like a home tour of his incredibly beautiful estate. I think that Richard Gere is a lucky Buddhist to live in such a superb home.

 [Sothebys via Curbed Hamptons]

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Richard Gere’s home in the Hamptons is called Strongheart Manor Estate. The house is a classical red brick building dating from 1902, it has an elegant quiet look about it.


As you may know, Richard Gere is a Buddhist, his home is located on the water, water is important in Buddhism.  ”Water symbolises purity, clarity and calmness, and reminds us to cleanse our minds and attain the state of purity”


A true feeling of clarity and calmness, so Mr. Gere,s home totally reflects  his Buddhism aspirations.


Outdoor living area.


A zen sunroom with contemporary furniture has a calming effect. Each room has ceiling fans, a reminder of the past, when air conditioning was non existant.


I find that the kitchen is a mixture of Edwardian and country contemporary styles with a bit of Victorian (The ceiling shape and lights have this je ne sais quoi vintage 1902.) Queen Victoria died in January 1901 so her son Edward had a bit of time to establish his own style.


I could move in and live in the stairwell, it might not be so comfortable but it is certainly beautiful to look at.


Relaxing simplicity in abundance.


Cozy and warm bedroom.


The music room is a happy mixture of different styles furniture. They are two pink pillows on the sofa, apparently in the Buddhist religion, the pink Lotus is associated with the Buddha himself, thus the importance of the color pink. (Or was it only the decorator?)


The infinite lightness of being on the Veranda.

imagereader-18A  true Buddhist sanctuary.

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