Run for your balcony, its not too late

It would be right to say that we had a Rain check for summer this year.

I finally ran to the market and bought the last 3 baskets of Petunias, a very modest flower, that can be  quite  dramatic. 


This year I opted again for palm trees, I was lucky and got the best ones at Home depot, they only had 5 left, so I chose the two biggest ones. I had a bit of a problem as I could not get them out of the car, so my friend Denis transported them and here they are.

Every summer I add my usual suspects to my balcony decoration, a white porcelain thinking frog from Home Sense, a hanging topiary from Pier One, and a small pot of basil.

The opposite side of my balcony, the 3 cache pots are from Home depot.  I have to make a confidence, looking at these 3 cache pots, I am thinking about my immense thighs, unfortunately, come rain or shine I am stock with them, but I am seriously thinking on loosing 7 pounds maybe 10. It has been raining cats and dogs and I forgot that I have been gaining weight during the winter days. Even though I am a Virgo, I have to admit I am only human and I was completely oblivious of having to wear a bathing suit when summer came, and now I might have to spend this summer on my balcony. 

Enjoying a view from my balcony.

Have a great summer my lovelies and don’t let anyone Rain on your Parade.

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