3 Tips that are making my life easier

Tips via BuzzFeed

Since I have been using metal bottles, I realized that they need to be cleaned after using them a few times, so I am using these bottle bright tablets that have been recommended by BuzzFeed.

Clean and odor free bottles at amazon for 19.99 CDN for 12 tablets.


Black bery Zen Gummies, natural sleep helper at amazon  for $34.99 

Amazon 52.50  Antiperspirant, no sweat, you can take them with you, and use them when needed. 

Hope these work for you my lovelies and make your life more comfortable and pleasant.


Spring is at our door, Lemon Bundt it, you will like it

Via Domino and the White Ramekins

When my son Louis and his cousins were small, almost every time my mother in law ( whom I adored by the way) came to visit us, she insisted on making a lemon Bundt cake, the little ones were not crazy about it because it had lemon peels, but all the adults loved it. So when mom arrived, we always wondered if the Bundt pan was accompanying her and it became a running gag. As she was making the icing there was always a lot of icing sugar floating around, on the floor on the counter and a little bit everywhere,but it was well worth the trouble. Unfortunately after a couple of moves I lost track of her Bundt pan.

This is my mother in law as a young woman, she was a fashion designer graduated from Parsons School of Design, and very gorgeous.

For lemon Bundt Recipe, visit http://thewhiteramekins.com/lemon-rosemary-bundt-cake/


Love is the main ingredient

Dr. Marian Diamond proved that LOVE was one of the 5 main ingredient for a better and a longer life. So on this Valentine’s day LOVE, LOVE, AND LOVE AGAIN my lovelies.

Via http://lunaproductions.com/marian-diamond/PBS

“You don’t love someone for their looks, or their clothes, or their fancy car, but because they sing a song only YOU can hear.” Oscar Wilde


These films are my very favorite romantic films of all times

Via 20th Century Fox /Amazone and Itunes

If you have not seen Titanic, it is a must on Valentine’s day.

MGM/Amazone and Itunes

Moonstruck is a very loving film

Via Paramount pictures/Amazone and Itunes


Sony Pictures/Amazone and Itunes

Call me by your name 

Vestron/Amazone and Itunes

Columbia Pictures/Amazone and Itunes

When Harry met Sally

Working Title Films/Amazone and Itunes

Notting Hill 

Go for this easy Chocolate Fondant recipe, it is better a little undercooked! Mushy, gushy, sappy, weepy, romantic.

Chocolate is good for the soul and the Heart

Happy Valentine’s day my lovelies, LOVE IS ALL AROUND US!


Chinese Spring festival in Kaleidoscope

I really love the Chinese New Year festivities, they are absolutely magical.

Via CGTN CHINA and You tube

Dancing with Spring Colours at the opening of the New Year Holiday Spring Festival Gala in China

Via CGTN CHINA and You tube

The Martial Arts spectacle presented by the Henan Shaolin Tagou Schcool is like a human Kaleidoscope of thousands of Martial Arts students in blue, yellow and red colours. 

Via CGTN CHINA and You tube

The Spring Festival is the most important festival for the Chinese. This Festival is celebrated all over the world.

Via CGTN CHINA and You tube

The Dragon and Lion Dance acrobats are wishing you a Prosperous and Happy New Year

Via You Tube

GONG XI GONG XI GONG XI NI to all my Chinese friends.

Via Pinterest

CHEN KUN is one of the most popular Actor/Singer in China.

Just watched THE RISE OF PHOENIXES on Netflix, I loved it, it is subtitled in English, excellent actors, gorgeous decor, costumes, and cinematography. 

Enjoy my lovelies.

The multitude facets of white

White is white but when Lady Gaga wears it,

it totally has another meaning.

Images Via Harpers Bazaar and Pinterest

Like Lady Gaga, I am not very tall, and not so thin, but I think that I could wear all these Gaga’s white outfits. Of course I would have to be 20 years younger but I find that when she wears white, she is so elegant and her choices of outfits totally benefit her body shape.

September 2015, after party 67th Emmy Awards

Images Via Harpers Bazaar and Pinterest

2015 Academy Awards in Azzedine Alaia

Even though the Lady G. wears the full spectrum of colours, she definitively looks best in white.

Images Via Harpers Bazaar and Pinterest

2014 Academy Awards in Versace

Images Via Harpers Bazaar and Pinterest

At the 2014 MusiCares Person of the Year honoring Carole King.

Images Via Harpers Bazaar and Pinterest

On the set of MTV news in Tom Ford 2011

Images Via Harpers Bazaar and Pinterest

Modeling in the Mugler fall 2011 runway show in Paris

Getty images for Turner

Sag Award 2019

It seems that Lady Gaga’s whites are eternally in fashion, she could even wear her 2011 whites today and they would look good.

Jason Merrit Getty images

You will notice that the Lady always wears very long pants, it does make her legs look longer.

2016 Academy Award

Getty images

Long white pants on Lady Gaga really elongate her silhouette.

2016 American Music Award


Frazer Harrison/Getty images

You will notice that Lady G’s long dresses are also longer than usual, it makes her look taller. You rarely see Lady Gaga’s shoes when she wears long evening dresses. Good trick!

2019 Critics Choice Award


Images Wenn

Wedding dress like in a night out in London 2013

It seems that Lady Gaga’s whites are eternally in fashion, she could even wear her 2013 whites today and they would still look good.




My authentic distincts Ikea favorites

Ikea big effect small budget

Via House BeautifulIkea Billy bookshelf with a few mouldings and a cornice will perform miracles.

Kallax bookshelf $38.99, turn it into a kitchen island, insert 2 kallax doors for $17.00  and a lämplig chopping board for $19.99 
Using 2 short Billy book shelves $39.00 each, add a wood counter top butcher block from Ikea, you will end up with a terrific kitchen island. For instructions go to Golden Boys & Me

 Be creative with your Raskog utility cart $25.00, categorize what ever you want a bit of paint will do it.

Tarva Chest $179.00 transformed into a roll top desk. Label pulls #0.00 from Amazon, for instructions go to In My Own Style  Mosslanda picture ledge $7.00can be used almost everywhere, great above your bathroom sink Fintorp rail $9.00 to hang your black metal basket (amazon.com) to hold your mobile phone and I pad Ekby Alex shelf $49.00 is one of my very favorite, just add some legs $5.00 from amazon and you get the most sophisticated Vanity or you can use it as a desk.

This Bekvam Kitchen cart $60.00 is totally adorable. Paint it and add a tea towel bar, this one has a marble top but you could even paint the top with a faux fini or simply white and it would still look great.

Quick Christmas Decor

I find that decorating my decorative objects with Christmases wreath and decor simplifies my life and is done quickly.

For instance I have this big stone horses head and I crown it with a colourful wreath and multiple pearl necklaces. 

Year after year I hang my lovely angel on my table crystal chandelier.

Made a special laurel wreath with a bit of pink glitter for my Plâtre de Paris bust, she is ready to party.

Found these cute acrobatic angels at Home sense a few years ago, and I love hanging them on my big silvery candlesticks. They are singing I am almost there and ready for Christmas.


Queen Nefertiti really deserves a crown made out of a few artificial flowers and leaves from the Dollar store, 

This Child bust likes the brilliance of a gold wreath.


My Ikea topiaries enjoy a few Christmas balls and a small musical golden angel.

This cute golden putti is holding a miniature angel orchestra decorated with a musical note ribbon

Enjoy your Christmas my lovelies

Please don’t give me a cup for Christmas

Christmas gifts under $20.00

From amazon a Nana note-book with funny saying for  $10,62 CDN  I am a Nana so this would be my first choice.

Amazon Guitar picks flowers for Geoffrey, Why not flowers for a man $9.99 CDN

Indigo fur-trimmed reading socks so comfy for lazing around on a Sunday $17.25 CDN

Imagine a fireplace with Indigo Crackling firewood candle for $14.00CDN

Relax your brain with ”Crazy Rich Asian” the book at Indigo for $11.92 CDN

Cook with Lisa Dawn Bolton ”On Board” book at Indigo for $15.00 CDN

A white mini waffle maker for an intimate Christmas Holiday morning breakfast

at Crate and Barrel for $19.95 CDN

A layered  Mason Jar cookie mix to bake with your grand children. Crate and Barrel for $12.59 CDN

Just discovered the Japanese boutique Miniso, it is colourful and very reasonably priced. Sports bottle for $12.99 CDN Miniso has opened boutiques in 70 countries


Pink and turquoise Selfie Extensions for $3.99

Pink cooking frying pans 

Pink little piggy kitchen accessories for 3.99 at Miniso 

 Paw patrol tuques and gloves for little girls and boys 

Very cute iPhone cases Bare bears

Wine drip ring for a Hostess gift or Christmas stuffer $2.99

Pretty black Hooks for all uses, kitchen, bathroom, mud room 

Witty reading lamps  from $12.99 to $14.99

By the way if you insist on giving me a cup, I prefer Royalty cups like King Elvis cup or

Queen E of England cup or my grandchildren photo cups.

There is stil time for Christmas shopping gifts, small prices and big effect my lovelies

Last minute Hanukkah table decorations

Run, run and get your Hanukkah blue and white table decorations.

Pinterest has great Hanukkah decorations ideas  https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/390828073887784036/ You can buy lots of  blue and silver balls at a dollar store and line them up as a center piece on your table.

The meaning of Hanukkah the Festival of light by Mayim Bialik

This elegant  Menorah at Crate and Barrel  can become your traditional Menorah on sale for 49.97 CAD (only pick up at stores) Let your contemporary pattern Blue and white Hanukkah plate become your traditional plates. On sale at Crate and Barrel for 7..97 CAD (in stores) 4 Blue and white napkins with same pattern as your plate, on sale at Crate and Barrel for 29.97 CAD (in stores) Hanukkah platter on sale at Crate and Barrel for 29.97 CAD (in stores)

Blueish wine glasses at Stokes for 6.99

Via Pinterest

Filling up your glass vases with blue silver and white balls is most effective for a very low price

Via Pinterest  A few white flowers mixed with glass bowls of chocolate Gelt is always a happy Hanukkah decoration


Stay tuned next week we will find all kinds and all priced Christmas gifts for you my lovelies.

ASAP Thanksgiving dishes


Simple Last minute recipes for your Thanksgiving dinner

Via Better Homes and Gardens

Adding a little colour and freshness to the boring month of November with this orange and fennel salad.

Vinaigrette is made with orange juice, oil and balsamic vinegar,


Via Better Homes and Gardens

Cream cheese and mashed potatoes


  1. Heat refrigerated potatoes according to package directions. Transfer warm potatoes to a serving bowl.
  2. Stir in cheese and parsley. If desired, sprinkle with French-fried onions. Makes 4 to 6 servings.

Via Better Homes and Gardens


  1. Combine all ingredients in a saucepan and bring to a simmer. Cook until cranberry skins begin to burst. Taste and add more molasses, if necessary. Top with watercress, if desired. Serve warm or at room temperature. Cover and chill any leftover sauce up to 2 days.

Via Better Homes and Gardens


  1. In medium saucepan combine pumpkin, unsweetened coconut milk, beans, broth, and sage. Heat through.
  2. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Sprinkle with black peppercorns. Drizzle with lime. Makes 4 servings.