Messages from my Red loving heart

Maybe the meaning of red is ”I love you” because it is the color of our heart, which is  our living and loving  organ. We say ”I love you with all my heart” we don’t say ”I love you with all my brain, liver, kidneys etc.. So matters of love are definitely matters of the heart.

Though, there is a lovely romantic arabic expression ”Nour ayouni” which means ”The light of my eyes”

Why don’t we say ”I love you with my pounding heart” even though our heart beat increases with emotions and love is a powerful emotion, the ”Pounding heart expression” is somehow not really romantic, but my beating heart is.

 Professor Douglas Burger of the University of Colorado says “Frequently, the liver is called `the source of desire.’ And the Bible and several works by Milton refer to the `bowels of compassion.’ How’s that for a Valentine of a different color?”

And what do bears have anything to do about Valentine’s day, you would be surprised.

All and all, roses are red violets are blue, sugar is sweet and so are you.


Barack O. Love message to Michelle O.

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY MY LOVELIES, and make sure you send a ”I Heart You” message to your love one.

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