Footbal, fashion and spandex

I was watching the Super Bowl last night, and I kept looking at the players and they looked so nice and completely different, was I dreaming, they all looked so much thinner and sexier, well it was a great game, but the players were nice to look at, much more aesthetical than they used to be.

Uniforms before spandex

Uniforms with spandex..

Wow don’t they look gorgeous, I asked my son Louis what happened they change their uniforms, well he said the new equipment is different and not so bulky and they now have spandex pants.

The 49ers in their spandex.

That’s it, I will never wear baggy clothes again they definitely make you look fatter, from now on I also will adopt spandex and it will grab this butt of mine and hold it so tight it will look five pounds thinner.


I guess the girdle is back, the Spanx are the new version of the 50ies and the 60ies girdle


The girdle that was, the Mad Man girdle from 1960

I have to make a confession, they’re might be a small draw back to wearing Spanx, if it was not of this girdle I would have lost my virginity a lot younger, but it was really complicated to take this girdle off, I believe it was somehow anti-libido, maybe this is one of the reason it disappeared during  the sexual revolution, well we also got rid of the bras.

So I would not recommend it for Valentine’s day but any other day could certainly enhance your silhouette.

Wunder Under Pant *Reversible

Lululemon makes great spandex pant, I was given a pair as a present and I use them for Yoga, I have to admit it works wonder.

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