Chinese Spring festival in Kaleidoscope

I really love the Chinese New Year festivities, they are absolutely magical.

Via CGTN CHINA and You tube

Dancing with Spring Colours at the opening of the New Year Holiday Spring Festival Gala in China

Via CGTN CHINA and You tube

The Martial Arts spectacle presented by the Henan Shaolin Tagou Schcool is like a human Kaleidoscope of thousands of Martial Arts students in blue, yellow and red colours. 

Via CGTN CHINA and You tube

The Spring Festival is the most important festival for the Chinese. This Festival is celebrated all over the world.

Via CGTN CHINA and You tube

The Dragon and Lion Dance acrobats are wishing you a Prosperous and Happy New Year

Via You Tube

GONG XI GONG XI GONG XI NI to all my Chinese friends.

Via Pinterest

CHEN KUN is one of the most popular Actor/Singer in China.

Just watched THE RISE OF PHOENIXES on Netflix, I loved it, it is subtitled in English, excellent actors, gorgeous decor, costumes, and cinematography. 

Enjoy my lovelies.

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