Today’s idea, small changes big effect in your bedroom

The bed is the queen of the bedroom even though if it is a king size bed.

My bed before the small changes


This is what my bed looked like when I changed my bedding. I knew there was something missing, somehow I found it a bit blah and too linear.


One day I was at Homesense and I discovered these two pillows, I knew right away this is what my bed needed. When I got home, I started playing with the bedding and realized the bed would look much better if I rolled the white duvet cover at the foot of the bed so that we could see the robin egg paisley sheets which also added shape and depth to my bed.


 My two white, robin egg with a splash of deep French blue pillows brought life to my bedroom.

The pillows were 29.95 each, not bad for a change.

Today’s idea, supermarket flowers, super bouquet

I am sharing this article from the Huffington Post, I thought it really was inspiring, flowers are quite expensive but sometimes you could grab a whole bunch of flowers at the super market or at Costco and turn them into gorgeous bouquets. Small budget big effect.

Via Huffington Post/Photo Wendy George

slide_348909_3722555_freeGet different kind of flowers and make super arrangements with your supermarket flowers.

Via Huffington Post/Photo Wendy George

Make a beautiful bouquet

Flowers are like decorative objects, it is always the way you display them that makes them look as beautiful as they are.

Via Huffington Post/Photo Wendy George


A white hydrangea in a superb vase makes quite a difference.

Via Huffington Post/Photo Wendy George


See what you can do with a few roses.


A rose is a rose is a rose that sentence is from a poem called Sacred Emily written in 1913 by Gertrude Stein,  Stein meant that using the name of a thing creates an image and an emotion related to it, which confirms my belief that sometimes things have a soul.

Via Huffington Post/Photo Wendy George


Mix it all up, daisies, roses, lilies and

Via Huffington Post/Photo Wendy George



Via Huffington Post/Photo Wendy George

slide_348909_3722568_freeA joyous bouquet

Alstroemerias 004

I don’t always have time to go Ikebana (Japanese word for the Art of flowers) so I just throw them all together and make an enormous bouquet.

10 easy cheap Halloween costumes

The question is ”To be or not to be”




To be elegant like Holly Golightly at Breakfast at Tiffany’s, get a little black dress with a chunky pearl necklace, don’t forget the long black gloves and the cigarette holder, but please don’t smoke. Definitely put your hair up.


To be a Cat in the Hat for all ages, go black red and white.


To be a Roy Lichtenstein painting.



How to polka dot your face


To be Frida Kahlo the artist, be sure to wear black and add flowers in your hair, but most importantly your eyebrows should be pitch black and touch each other.

Frida 2

The real Frida Kahlo


To be a Jelly fish is easy, get a transparent umbrella and ribbons or strips of bubble wrap. For a better reality effect, wear white under your clear umbrella.


Why not be Kiss,  you can wear a black vinyl jacket, a black wig and a white face.


To be the multiple faces of Lady Gaga, only requires make up.


To be the Little Riding Hood could be sexy.


To be Tintin is simple, a beige trench coat a blue shirt and brown pants, don’t forget Milou the dog.


To be Vincent, just paint yourself and your clothes like if you were a painting.

Today’s idea, easy big bouquet of fruit tree branches

Sometimes you have to be inspired by nature, and make your own bouquets, so I suggest you totally branch out.

Fruit tree branches in the spring and in summer time  always look terrific in a vase and are so decorative and inexpensive, you will get a big effect, with a small budget.

Via Eric Piasecki

03-hbx-dark-wood-drum-stools-veltman-0413-lgn HB

A Kitchen bouquet


quince-oval-vase_gal bouquet of branches

Your bouquet of branches will look better if it is asymmetrical, cut your branches in different sizes



Pink almond tree bouquet



Redbud branches can look so yummy and dramatic

Via Jennifer Brown


A simple bouquet of Forsythia will brighten your day



A Cherry Blossom bouquet

(image: via Southern Living by Erica George Dines)


Great collection of tree flowering branches bouquets.



Emerald sofa with tall fruit tree branches bouquet


In this case, the bigger the better.

Today’s idea, updating your fireplace

Updating and brightening a fireplace…



Anne. wanted to change her traditional fireplace into a more contemporary look and a smaller mantel…



 This is the inspirational photo that I showed her, a brighter and smaller crema marfil fireplace…



Instead of using marble slabs, we used 12X12 inches crema marfil tiles, it was a lot more economical and with a similar color grout it looked like a slab of crema marfil…* We added a 2 inches border around the mantle to  create an illusion of thickness so that the tiles were not flat against the wall…

Stay tuned for tomorrow, we will share with you how color can transform your home….

A romantic Lazy Sunday

Enjoy an economical romantic bed for a  Lazy Sunday….

Via House Beautiful/Photo Amy Neunsinger

A romantic Ikea four poster bed painted in Whale Gray by Benjamin Moore, who can ask for anything more on a Lazy Sunday….

FJELLSE Bed frame IKEA Solid wood, a hardwearing natural material.

You can also paint your bed frame Fjellse from Ikea Whale gray, you would need to sand it a bit before you transform it…but don’t you think that this bed would also look great in Whale gray by Benjamin Moore…

At Ikea for $49.00

Have a superb Lazy Sunday my friends….

Today’s idea, Get a few autumn leaves for your dinner table

Sometimes it only takes a few things from mother nature to decorate our dinner table, simple but beautiful…… Homes and Gardens02_rect540

If you are from Montreal, just grab the first leaves on the first tree for it might be the last leaves of the season, it is getting cold out here and the autumn leaves are becoming very scarce….Enjoy your dinner my friends….

Today’s idea, Pouf it and add some seating places in your living room

I love this idea from Apartment Therapy



You can buy different floor mats and totally pouf them into a beautiful seating place….almost instantly, well you have to go to Ikea and it is of course an expedition but always inspiring….

pouf tute-pic 6.jpg


What You Need

3 IKEA Rugs
Zipper (optional)
Sewing Machine ”Don’t forget the sewing machine, it cannot be done by hand and you might need a special needle for Pouf fabric”…..


Tape Measure or Yard Stick

Tailors Chalk (or something to mark your measurements)

Straight Pins ”The fat ones”

”I would avoid stripes, they are more difficult to match, but on the other hand they look so fresh and when your friends or family seat on the pouf, you really can’t tell if the stripes match or not”….

Find the full tutorial at Retropolitan.

I now know how to keep fresh basil leaves for at least a week

For the longest time I have tried over and over again to preserve fresh Basil leaves, they always turned black and yucky….Finally I consulted with and this is what Willie Galloway recommends, I would have never guessed….

How to Store Fresh Basil thumbnail
Do not keep your basil leaves in the refrigerator, put them in a water jar and leave them on your kitchen counter top….Thank you so much Willie, I have thrown out so many basil leaves after 2 days in my fridge, I surely will give it a try…

From easy to easiest Christmas Table Centerpiece

Sometimes simple and easy is beautiful….Take it easy, it’s not Christmas yet and these Centerpieces don’t require much time
Via Flickr Photo by Dinner Series 

How about a bunch of Cranberries in a glass vase….

Via Flickr Photo by Michael Cornelius
If your centerpiece is not ready yet, just rush to the Dollar Store and buy a bunch of Christmas balls or different ornaments and throw them in a vase or a platter…see easy and beautiful….
Via Flickr Photo by Regal Ribbons
It’s a gift, it’s a bow, It’s only a big ribbon and it looks good….how easy can it be….

Via Better Homes and Gardens
Wrapped-and-Stacked Centerpiece

This Christmas tree like made with boxes is very attractive and simple enough, but would be better for a buffet Christmas dinner than a sitting down dinner because it is a bit to high for conversation…

Better Homes and Gardens
Tree of Christmas Cards

Also good for buffet style…I find Better Homes and Gardens has a lot to offer in the easy decorative department…not as intricate as Martha….

Better Homes and Gardens

Terrific with red and white, hot glued roses on a vase with evergreen….This one is easy but a little more Martha like, longer in the accomplishment…

Via Better Homes and Gardens
Peppermint Packets

Really cute idea with scrapbook material often found at Home Sense…

Via Better Homes and Gardens
Snowman place cards

Just a few miniature snowmen here and there or as place cards, or put them in a glass vase, they are absolutely jolly….

Via Better Homes and Gardens
Glass Container With Decorated Christmas Balls

Effective and the easiest….

See this was easy….