Shopping for a condo in the most delightful way

The launching of Tower Trip Magazine is quite exciting, it provides you with the possibility of shopping your future home online, find a new commercial venture or an exciting commercial space.


These are my favorite finds at Tower Trip M., a small green condo project.



An incredible property located behind Marché Bonsecours in Old Montreal, built in 1725.


The estate belongs to the Artist sculptor, painter Gaëtan Trottier




Can you imagine that ”In 1775 during the American Revolution, Benjamin Franklin had meetings in this house. He also left here a paper press used to print out propaganda flyers.”


La Maison du Calvet is a home and a hostellerie, it is one of these amazing discovery of the Old Montreal,  now on sale for 9.5 M$.


Coming back to the 21st century a condo in the Plateau Mont-Royal for 1M$, I love this luminous and airy space.


And now this 268 SQ/FT at Lowney is the smallest condo for sale in Montreal.



Shopify office in Montreal is my ideal office, I always wanted an office where you can lie around, dream and have a nap, and work of course. I find that an environment as such is really conductive to creativity.


Cynthia Savard Saucier, a UX designer at Shopify joins the discussion ”we have created an environment where you work from where you feel most comfortable.”



I was very excited to find Tower Trip Magazine, if you are interested in the new new thing, I would recommend to pay a visit as they explore Real Estate in the most delightful and imaginative ways, it is a fun thing to do on a lazy Sunday.

Get ready for summer under $50.00

A little while ago I discovered a great Canadian online store Brown and Neville where you can find great products and decorative objects that will bring joy to your outdoor entertainment and to your friends and family. These are my favorite, hope you enjoy them.



$29.95 A milk can for all seasons.


Unrestrainedly bunch your summer flowers in your milk can, they will love it.


Fall flowers and milk can.


What about a small Christmas tree in your milk can.


A special gift for your man, a  decorative wall mounted bottle opener $26.00,


Swivel cheese board and cheese knives set $36.50


Acacia salad bowl set 44.99, they will keep forever.


Lantern $24.99 perfect for outdoor evenings.


For your white wine a chilling decanter 29.99 just add some ice in a separate compartment.


Elegant reusable skewers set of 2 $14.00,


Magnetic BBQ light $9.99 This is such a great gadget, read what it does:

”Its strong stay-put magnet attaches to barbecue tools or the hood to illuminate while grilling. The light swivels for full range of motion. It contains 3 LED bulbs for maximum illumination and batteries are included.”

Have a terrific summer you deserve it.

The small pleasures of New York

I can’t have enough of New York and window shopping with visiting Museums and Galleries are my favorite pass times. 

All photos by decogirlmontreal

Visiting Uniqlo on Fifth Avenue was quite exciting, I had the impression I was back in Tokyo, this is the biggest retail location on Fifth Avenue, the Japanese store is 89,000 square foot and has 100 dressing rooms. I took this picture going down the escalator with my turquoise iPhone.

IMG_0686I love their colourful store displays, this is the Heattech section.


Of course, we had to stop at Tory Burch, this is the small salon on the second floor, I love this Ikat pattern on the chaise longue and the curtains, Ikat is like Toile, the more the merrier.


By the time we got to J.Crew,  I needed to go to the powder room which is a polite way of saying that I really really had to go. I could not resist taking a picture of the powder room chocolate-brown walls with its collection of birds.


My New York discovery this time was Creel and Gow a beautiful Cabinet de Curiosités located at the corner of Lexington at East 70th Street. The 2 owners travel the world to find the most exquisite art and decorative pieces.


As we came in to Creel and Gow, a penguin was being wrapped for a lucky customer.


The majestic swan and the strutting peacock are the pieces de resistance of this gorgeous ornate room


The windows at Creel and Gow


The perfect display with a red vibrant  background where you can find various delightful decorative art and objects.


Marie Laurencin portrait of Madame 1934

You might have not believed me when I mentioned Museums, but one of the reason for driving to New York was to visit the Helena Rubinstein ”Power is Beauty” exhibition at the Jewish Museum. ( October 31st 2014 to March 22 2015). My niece invited me for the trip and I am so grateful to her, so if you go to New York don’t miss it, it is extraordinary and most fascinating.  This exhibition is about the life of an incredible woman who immigrated from Poland and not only created an empire but democratized beauty. You will see 200 art objects from her personal collection and understand her modern vision of the world. She was the first self-made woman magnate of her times. For more info you can go to:


Oufff as we say in French, after this full day, we had to have a bit of a rest and we went to the St. Regis Hotel for a drink. This is their decorated lobby, I think it is quite magical, don’t you think so.



Wow as I was entering the St. Regis’s boutique I was faced with a Cranberry Christmas tree , not only it is red but the tree is decorated with gold lobsters. I have never seen lobsters in a tree before.


The gold lobsters Christmas tree decorations.


It is now 6:00 PM and as you know it is impossible to find a taxi in the whole of New York, after standing on the corner of the street for 1/2 an hour, we suddenly saw a rickshaw, well I have to tell you it was quite a ride in the middle of the Manhattan traffic. As you can see my pictures are quite blurry as this bicycle trip was very shaky.


I was absolutely petrified, busses, taxis, cars coming on all sides of the rickshaw, when I am terrified, I cannot stop laughing, so all in all I have to admit I had a great time but I also  had the ride of my life.


Another picture from the rickshaw.


Our rickshaw stopping at a red light. We are seating behind our driver who is a student from Ukrania.



The meeting of two rickshaw drivers in New York.

IMG_0566Well sorry but this is what St. Patrick’s looks like seating in a rickshaw.

We finally made it back at our hotel safe and sound.

Have a great evening, hope you have enjoyed my New York.

Today’s idea, technicolor Christmas trees in a small space

Living in a small space is always a decorating challenge at Christmas.

Before Christmas decorations

Photos  of my home by yours truly decogirlmontreal


After I create my gold corner with the  Canadian Tire Canvas collection, I got carried away and chose two small identical trees that were perfect for my apartment, as I live in a small space, I can no longer decorate a 9 foot tree, I thought I could use 2 small topiary like potted trees on each side of my cranberry armoire, ( of course I would have to make a few changes to allow for my two 5 foot trees. So I removed the two paintings on each side of my armoire and Voilà!


Bathurst Spruce 151-4401

After Christmas decorations

Photos decogirlmontreal

IMG_0333 - Version 2

You can also choose two small trees of different sizes which will help create a depth effect.

I liked the idea of having two identical trees with slightly different coloured ornaments, similar but not the same I imagine they are a bit like twins.

The multicolored ornaments of the Canvas collection, reminded me of the colourful Christmas trees of my youth in Quebec, so I wanted to reproduce these trees, I have to tell you that this Christmas feel free to add color to your life in every sense of the word.


On the left inside tree I used blue, turquoise and fuchsia ornaments.


On the right inside tree I chose green and fuchsia ornaments. (This is not the natural inclination of the tree but of the famous leaning tower of Pisa, somehow I realized we could see the ornaments better when it is a bit tilted, don’t you agree).)


I really went mad about colour and filled up a big glass vase with big Christmas balls, on the other hand I was a bit more subtle and added pretty gold Fleur de Lys, bows and gold balls to my French armoire, like life, it is always a matter of balance.

Have fun in decorating your home for Christmas, it is never too late, maybe you can keep your decorations till the end of January, why not, be Merry, enjoy your Holidays.


decogirlmontreal’s Christmas decorations at home

My choices of Christmas decor for my traditional home

Photos by your very own decogirlmontreal


A touch of gold for Christmas.

When Canadian Tire asked me if I would use their Canvas collection to decorate my home for Christmas, I asked them to send me the Canvas catalogue, as I never use products that I don’t like, let alone talk about them.

I have to admit that I fell in love with the gold Canvas collection from Canadian Tire, as you can see I created a small gold corner of my own. When I see gold decorations I feel glamorous, I find that gold decorations really capture the magic of Christmas. Here are my golden finds that I wish to share with you.

IMG_0330 - Version 4

I started my decoration on my left wall with an Olympic Scotch wreath (151-4604).


Better view of the wreath

I added 4 gold Christmas ornaments to The Olympic Scotch wreath. I don’t know about you but I feel the more gold the merrier

IMG_0330 - Version 3

On my side board I added Two golden reindeer, a few golden Christmas ornaments, I also filled up my plate cake with gold balls, but you can use a big glass vase. Finally I framed my gold corner with a beautiful Garland.  You can also decorate a console in your living room or entrance way or make your own gold corner anywhere you wish.

IMG_0318 - Version 3

I grew up in the countryside, I love animals, I really really could not resists these 2 Golden reindeer.


My cake plate filled to the rim with the  Canvas collection ornements, just throw them in indiscriminately as long as they are gold.

Create your own magical golden corner and share it with your family and friends.


Oops I almost forgot this glass vase full of golden branches.

May your Christmas Holidays be filled with love, family, friendship and gold of course.



Finally a realistic Barbie doll

Artist Nickolay Lamm has created an average looking doll with an average body of a 19-year-old. I am absolutely delighted, at last a doll that will not look like the impossible dream but totally imperfect like any of us. You can also buy it with a variety of clothing and accessories. 


The artist Nickolay Lamm


Barbie on the left and Lammily on the right


slide_306146_2642666_free slide_306146_2642667_free”Lammily is about being true to you and not setting any standards”

Nickolay Lamm

For more information about this terrific fun looking doll go to

Today’s idea, it’s all about trompe-l’oeil

I just discovered this great trompe-l’oeil site, it is so fascinating, I had to share it with you.

These are my very favorite from you can stick them to your walls or to your doors.If you feel like changing your room decor, these trompe-l’oeil and wall decals are quite reasonable and look very effective.


imagine your Hallway trompe-l’oeil in 3D behind one of your doors $159.00


For a traditional home with high ceilings the Haussmann library doors look so stylish $399.00


I could not resist the Haussmann fireplace trompe-l’oeil $399.00


For a Zen feeling the Japanese Ryokan look.  $159.00


For a rustic look inside your country home the colorful old door. $159.00


For your child, this fun oversized fabric wall decals $240.00

* I never tried these wallpapers or trompe-l’oeil but they seem to be quite easy to install, so if you try any of these please share your experience with us.

Pillow talk in your home

When you buy pillows, it would be nice if these pillows could talk to you, in my pursuit of meaningful pillows, the following are my favorite, well they are not philosophers but they do have something to say or to express, they are different and interesting, they are not your regular pillows with flowers or stripes they are quite original and sometimes amusing.

After browsing on quite a few pillow sites I discovered Kozza Textile from Montreal and was very excited to find these very imaginative pillows all created by Kozza and made in Montreal, hope you like them.

wantedcupcakes_coussin kozza

If you are a foodie,  this pillow should talk to you.

toucan_coussin kozza

A colorful Toucan might be an oxymoron.

tattoo_coussin kozza

You don’t want to risk a tattoo but would like to, this tattooed pillow is just what you need. pinguino_coussin kozza

Forever black and white pillow penguin.

cupcakesmania_coussin kozza

The multifacets of cupcakes on a cushion.

coussin_site kozza

A Vahine with a camera.

flowers_coussin kozza

Hard to describe pillow but a super artistic montage, quite different from your traditional flower pillow.

charlie_coussin_grande kozza

A comical pillow for lovers of Charlie Chaplin.

visionaro_coussin kozza

A revolurionary pillow for Che’s fans.

After my Kozza discovery, I decided to pursue my quest for pillow talk with style, I ended up on a site called One Kings lane, where I found a few more cushions that had something to say.


Pillows with quotes.

Product_FRL10874_Image_1one kings lane

Pillows that bring up memories.

Product_PKH10813_Image_1 one kings lane

Sea lover pillow with red coral.

Product_SVF23447_Image_1one kings lane

Bird watcher pillows.

Product_YNT10033_Image_1 onekingslane

A whale of a pillow.

Product_SVF25088_Image_1one kingslane

Visiting Italy pillows.

Product_SVF25096_Image_1 one kingslane

London phone booth pillows.

Product_SVF25090_Image_1one kings lane

Urban pillows.

Gifts inspiration for mother’s day

This is how it all began, Anna Jarvis whose mother died May 9th 1905 held a Memorial service for her mom and all mothers, afterward she started a campaign throughout America to have a special official day to honor all Mothers.anna-jarvis

 If you want to know more about Miss Jarvis go to

Miss Jarvis campaign was successful and mother’s day was proclaimed by President Woodrow Wilson in 1914.

Now, if you want to buy a little something for your mom, I did a bit of window shopping for you guys, hope you will be inspired by these lovely things, they are indeed things, but sometimes things can be meaningful and bring pleasure.

24920313_927056_ED sterling heart 115.00

From a Mom’s sterling silver heart $115.00

038535083x indigo 23.20

From a girlie/woman book $23.20

734213617174_hiindigo 60.00

I could not resist this watch with an indigo bracelet from Indigo $60.00

882709116622 monogram necklace 10.00

A monogram charm from to $10.00

882709116929 indigo 16.00

For the traveling Mom, a turquoise passport case $16.00

882709116943_hi tag indigo 12.00

For your Mom’s suitcase this turquoise tag $12.00

blue-agate-bracelet-with-clover-charm-by-askew-co 14.00From a turquoise agate bracelet $14.00

Spring is coming into your homes and hearts


This gallery contains 12 photos.

I was invited to the launching of HomeSense Spring Home collection in Montreal. I wanted to share some of my favorite finds with you. This season, HomeSense has a very colorful collection of indoor outdoor rugs. color is coming back with … Continue reading