The multitude facets of white

White is white but when Lady Gaga wears it,

it totally has another meaning.

Images Via Harpers Bazaar and Pinterest

Like Lady Gaga, I am not very tall, and not so thin, but I think that I could wear all these Gaga’s white outfits. Of course I would have to be 20 years younger but I find that when she wears white, she is so elegant and her choices of outfits totally benefit her body shape.

September 2015, after party 67th Emmy Awards

Images Via Harpers Bazaar and Pinterest

2015 Academy Awards in Azzedine Alaia

Even though the Lady G. wears the full spectrum of colours, she definitively looks best in white.

Images Via Harpers Bazaar and Pinterest

2014 Academy Awards in Versace

Images Via Harpers Bazaar and Pinterest

At the 2014 MusiCares Person of the Year honoring Carole King.

Images Via Harpers Bazaar and Pinterest

On the set of MTV news in Tom Ford 2011

Images Via Harpers Bazaar and Pinterest

Modeling in the Mugler fall 2011 runway show in Paris

Getty images for Turner

Sag Award 2019

It seems that Lady Gaga’s whites are eternally in fashion, she could even wear her 2011 whites today and they would look good.

Jason Merrit Getty images

You will notice that the Lady always wears very long pants, it does make her legs look longer.

2016 Academy Award

Getty images

Long white pants on Lady Gaga really elongate her silhouette.

2016 American Music Award


Frazer Harrison/Getty images

You will notice that Lady G’s long dresses are also longer than usual, it makes her look taller. You rarely see Lady Gaga’s shoes when she wears long evening dresses. Good trick!

2019 Critics Choice Award


Images Wenn

Wedding dress like in a night out in London 2013

It seems that Lady Gaga’s whites are eternally in fashion, she could even wear her 2013 whites today and they would still look good.




Your home, your style, your life,

Different homes different styles but only one life ”YOURS”

I find MODERN style quite relaxing and practical a bit on the Zen side but just enough. This home located in Minneapolis Minnesota was designed by SALA Architects.

Let the exterior in, great windows  and patio doors, nature is definitely part of this modern decor. .

I like the comfort of the sofa and the Eames chair with its ottoman created in 1956 by the couple Ray and Charles Eames, love the Bamboo floor which brings warmth to these rooms. Who says you need floor tiles in the kitchen, I find that in an open concept keeping the flooring consistent connects the room and creates visual spaciousness.

Via Mobilia

You can find a very similar armchair chair at Mobilia $799.00 Cadn

Ottoman at Mobilia $349.00 Cadn


This Colorado home was built by Krueger Architecture in a contemporary style for easy living.

Between you and me, I agree with Marie Kondo’s quote ”The question of what you want to own is actually the question of how you want to live your life” Marie Kondo. Marie is an author who writes about tidying up and lifestyle.


The home owner is an Interior Designer (Slifer Designs) who wanted a home for her family and their non complicated lifestyle, easy going easy living. For extra warmth and comfort,they added a Shiraz  runner.

You will find great runners and other super rugs at

I love the simplicity of the white metro tiles on the walls of the shower mixed with the greige square tiles on the ceiling and also on the floor of the bathroom. The natural wood  of the vanity with the dark metal hardware are in perfect harmony with the colours of the oriental rug which brings warmth and a bit of history to this contemporary bathroom.

Stockholm Mirror at Ikea $99.00 cadn

Bathroom vanity white and bamboo counter top Godmorgon/Tolken at Ikea $899.00 cadn

We have explored Modern and Contemporary Style today and a few pieces of furniture and rugs within reach. Stay tuned for next week we will be looking at Barn homes and Cottages.

A few notes for you my lovelies, Have a Happy week.

Have a Happy week 



The true minimalist and the virtual one

I always thought that minimalism was Zen, but I suppose that Christian Grey’s virtual  home can be considered minimalistic but not Zen as New York Artistic Director Sam Shahid’s home is minimalistic and pure Zen. ”I believe minimalism is all in the eye of the beholder”

Images via Universal Studio


Christian’s living room has big empty spaces like in the minimalist Japanese tradition and with its big windows the exterior is brought into the interior, on the other hand his decorative objects are not necessarily plain and simple, but I have to admit that there is a ”Less is more” Mies Van der Rohe quality about his virtual home.


Mies Van der Rohe architect



They are some natural elements in Christian’s home, like the wood dining table and the brown marble floors, that are agreeable to the minimalistic style.


Christian’s kitchen could be called minimalistic, compare to mine it is.


Sam Shahid’s home is a great exemple of Zen minimalistic style.

The simplicity of the materials, the quietness of the space reflects the concept of Japanese Zen.

Image via


Sam Shahid, President and Creative Director, Shahid and Company, Creative Design and Advertising Agency


Oh sometimes I wish I could obtain this serene calm look in my own home, but I do get attached to objects, I suppose I am far away from being Zen, maybe in another lifetime.


Sam Shahid’s bedroom


David Piscuskas is Sam Shahid’s architect,

Images Peter Aaron/Otto via


Spectacular Piscuskas’s architectural work in Sam Shahid’s home.

Image via


The very talented Architects David Piscuskas andJuergen Riehm  ”1100 Architect PC”

Who lives here, your home style

Your style says a lot about your personality, it reflects you totally.

HomeSense_Moving_Day_2015 12

I want to share these with you, I got them from Homesense, I thought that they were super interesting to help you define your own style. I myself am a mixture of Modern romantic and Modern bohemian, ”I like to browse in vintage and second hand stores”and would you believe, I am also a bit of Daredevil in my choices of colour.

Picture 012 - Copie - Copie

Journal 2

I also wear a lot of black, I guess I have an eclectic personality.


Send us photos of your home, share your style with us at

HomeSense_Moving_Day_2015 3 HomeSense_Moving_Day_2015 4 HomeSenseFind Out Your Profil


hs_moving-season_modernromanticvignette_medium hs_moving-season_modernbohemian_medium (1) hs_moving-season_daredevilvignette_cropped_medium hs_moving-season_countrynestervignette_medium

Have fun in analyzing your style.

Present and Past best-dressed at the Oscars

I have to warn you that I am a bit partial for the best past dressed at the Oscars, on the other hand I only chose the dresses I really liked at the 2014 Oscars, well maybe I have a bit of a problem in the impartiality domain

Via Forbes/Photo Jordan Strauss/InvisionAP

0x600 (1)

Cate Blanchett is my number one favorite in Armani Privé.

Via Forbes/Photo Jordan Strauss/InvisionAP

0x600 (2)

Sandra Bullock the stunning lady in blue in an Alexander McQueen gown.

Via Forbes/Photo Jordan Strauss/InvisionAP

0x600 (3)

Jolie Angelina Jolie in Elie Saab Haute Couture.

Via Forbes/Photo Jordan Strauss/InvisionAP

0x600 (4)

Gorgeous Jennifer Lawrence in Dior Haute Couture, red is definitely the new black.

Via Forbes/Photo Jordan Strauss/InvisionAP

Photo Jordan StraussInvision AP Prada

Prada could not have chosen a better model than the majestic Lupita Nyong’o.

Via Forbes/Photo Jordan Strauss/InvisionAP

0x600 (5)

Meryl Streep should always wear Lanvin, it fits her to a Tee.

Via Vogue/Photo Jordan Stauss/InvisionAP

0x600 (6)Sally Hawkins Valentino Jordan Strauss

Sally Hawkins in Valentino, I have to admit I hesitated between Cate Blanchett’s Armani and Sally’s Valentino, they are so sumptuous.

Via Forbes/Photo Jordan Strauss/InvisionAP

0x600 (7)Jason Wu

Kerry Washington and her baby both looked amazing in Jason Wu.

Via Forbes/Photo Jordan Strauss/InvisionAP


The eternally beautiful Charleze Theron in Dior

Photo Kevin Mazur/Wire Image

7-2006-jennifer-lopez-Kevin MazureWireImage

We really missed Jennifer Lopez this year, as a woman with a rather present Tookhes (butt in Hebrew) I always feel comforted by the elegance of Jennifer Lopez at the Oscars.  2006 Oscars. (Jean dress)


Jennifer Lopez In Chanel Haute Couture 2001. ”La mode se démode” said Coco Chanel, this is why Chanel never goes out of style, we could wear this dress today.

Photo Jason Merrit/Getty Images

20-2010-jennifer-lopez-Jason MerrittGetty ImagesJennifer Lopez in Armani Privé 2010

You are welcome to share your favorite Oscar’s dresses of all time, have a great week

Today’s idea, comfort and joy in your new kitchen

You really have been dreaming about a new Kitchen for a few years now. You are getting very excited about renovating or revamping your Kitchen this spring or this summer, I suggest you start planning now. It will take about 4 to 5 months preparation before you can feel comfort and joy in your Kitchen.

I know it sounds like a lot of time to dedicate to a Kitchen, but if you ”cook” and live in your Kitchen, you have to be prepared to do your homework. If you are well prepared, your Kitchen will become a Kitchen with a soul it will be a happy Kitchen, it might even sing now and then.

”Today is all about your Kitchen Style”


Freshome.  Another view Swedish design of yumminess.

A Contemporary Swedish Style kitchen

1- First you have to make a decision, do you only  want a Kitchen revamp or will it be a complete renovation, so how much money will you spend on this Kitchen, I know thinking about money first is always boring but it will help you determine what you will do about your Kitchen.

2- You have to research a Style that you like and that will harmonize with your home, you can look at magazines, collect clippings or go on the internet. I found that Pinterest is inspiring, it has terrific pictures of different kitchen styles. You can also go on a great site to help you organize your renovation and decoration.



tiny but well organized and lovely kitchen

A small traditional kitchen with a bit of a contemporary twist.


Gorgeous white kitchen.

A Shaker Style kitchen with marble and tiles.


Brown and white kitchen design

A Modern Kitchen with a long island, plays on brown and white, it reminds me of brown and white chocolate and I find it quite yummy.


This kitchen is a great combination of rustic and modern

Don’t be afraid to mix your Rustic with your Modern Style in your Kitchen.  Challenge the unexpected, it will look great.

Via Victoria Pearson (my favorite Photographer)

Gray kitchen. Design: Parrish Chilcoat and Joe Lucas. #gray #kitchen #kitchen_lighting #mahogany

Color your Kitchen, this bluish gray by Benjamin Moore ”Chelsea Gray” is like Chanel it can  become a Classic.

Via Home

Small kitchen.  Designed by Lori Gilder.

A Classic Kitchen with a crystal chandelier is glamorous.


Can't get over this chic kitchen. Via In Good Taste: La Cornue Range.

This Kitchen has a mixture of 2 colors and has a traditional Style.

Industrial with raw hardwood floor has a warm feeling about it

Industrial Kitchen Style with a warm feeling about it.

Via Elle Decor/

European kitchen via Elle Decor

A European Style Kitchen with a fireplace.

Have fun searching and discovering your Style. Stay tuned for tomorrow we will guide you in making a list of your needs in your Kitchen and in your life, well we will start with the Kitchen.

Small room, big style

”It is not the room in your life, it is the life in your room”..

Via Elle Decor

You can go contemporary/modern in your small living room...don’t be afraid of furniture, make sure it is comfortable….

Via Elle Decor/Photo Grey Crawford

In a small long narrow room, the long sofa is king…. Miguel Flores-Viannaliving room

 I like this idea of painting the fireplace white it certainly makes the room look wider….you can seat quite a few people in this room..

living room

Don’t hesitate to put a table in front of a bookshelf,  it can be used as a desk but also as a bar or a buffet table…

dining area

A more intimate dining room with contrasting brown armchairs….

Use mirrors they certainly will double your room

Photo Thibault Jeanson

Mirror mirror on the wall please reflect my small den….I know I keep repeating myself about mirrors, but I cannot help it, I really love mirrors they are so magical…

Via Elle Decor/Photo Tyllie Barbosa

Mirror as a head-board in a small bedroom…at

This mirror from Zone would make a terrific headboard….

Today’s idea, mix your modern with your traditional

I have to admit that my favorite decoration style is a mixture of modern and traditional, I find it actual and exciting, I love taking from the past to create the present and eventually leave something to the future….


These rooms have been designed by Darryl Carter an Interior Designer from Washington D.C. and they are a good example of the mixture of modern and traditional style…An older trunk is used as a side table to this modern chair..and a Grand piano in the traditional style sits right there amongst this modern furniture…


This room has a modern look and a warm traditional look…the sofas are traditional but white, and the white creates a warm modern ambiance..


Add a touch of black, there is something elegant about it…


An older style mirror with a modern console go well together…


Oops a bit of a surprise here, a totally traditional room with a Zebra skin rug…

1- If you want to mix your modern with your traditional, make sure you chose your traditional pieces well and don’t over do it, a piece here and there is sufficient to create history and the decoration of your home feels like it has been there for quite a while and not overnight…

My favorite Kate Middleton’s outfits

I wonder how many walk in closets Kate has I would love to have a peek…she must have hundreds of outfits and the SHOES….

My very favorite Kate’s outfit is this white Reis dress and this Joseph Jacket…..

Via by Getty

A Katherine Hooker coat and dress…

Jenny Packham gown very Lady Di like..

Have a great week..

Scandinavian homes’ similarity to Montreal’s dwellings

Scandinavian dwellings are so similar to our homes in Montreal, 
I think it has to do with the cold winters, The Province of Quebec has snowy white winters and it does reflect in our Interiors….
I explored a few Scandinavia Blogs for you, hope you enjoy their style…

Familiar Scenery Photo Riazzoli

Via Leva & bo / photo Sofi Sykfont via Husligheter

In Sweden they often white wash their floors, it has a summery feeling, but it also reminds us of snowy winters…I personally like the Scandinavian white wash floors, I wish we would adopt this look here….

Via Leva & bo / photo Sofi Sykfont via Husligheter

Has a very lovely  Ikea look….

Via Leva & bo / photo Sofi Sykfont via Husligheter

Via Leva & bo / photo Sofi Sykfont via Husligheter

Mixing our styles…

Via Leva & bo / photo Sofi Sykfont via Husligheter

Via  Photo Karine Foberg
A home in Sweden.Photo by Karin Foberg.

A Home in Sweden

Via Via Photo Petra Bindel
A home in Denmark.Photo by Petra Bindel.

A Home In Denmark

Via Via Photo Petra Bindel
For Rädda Barnen by stylist Lotta Agaton and photographer Petra Bindel.

A Home in Sweden Photo

Thanks to the Danes’ Designers we inherited great furniture from the 50’s and the 60’s




Have a great week, enjoy the last months of winter wherever you are….