Bigger is better in a Small apartment

Don’t be afraid to use a bigger piece of furniture like a sectional sofa or a generous couch in a small apartment.


A very comfortable sectional couch in a tiny space.

We have a tendency to think that we have to use small furniture in a narrow and small space. You can measure your walls and your sofa could be as much as  2/3 of the length of your wall. I assure you that your space will look much better than if your used small  furniture.

Glass tables or tables with a see through base are always visually lighter than a table that is more like a block.

The grey Tone on tone wall and  sofa help make this room feel bigger.

A good size leather couch in a small space can look more comforting than a multitude of small scattered pieces of furniture.

One sectional sofa instead of a few pieces of small furniture can make your room look less cluttered 

If you must have a queen size bed, have one. In such a small space even a double bed would not make this room look bigger. You can always walk sideways like hieroglyphs.

Hieroglyphs walking!! Sideways.

Having a couple of stools can be useful for additional sitting. I always have a couple of ottomans and stools in my apartment.

Dear Lovelies be happy in your small space and make the most of it, it can be quite cocooning and soothing.




A minute apartment with a soul

If it is small, it has to have soul

Via Architectural Digest

Chris Stevens a Manhattan Designer has created a home in a very small studio.

The living room is tiny but absolutely complete, a comfy sofa is facing a comforting armchair.

In a small living area, adding an ottoman is useful for an extra seating.

When you live in a limited square footage apartment, it is very important to have a place for each thing in order to create harmony. Chris has really succeeded in creating great harmony even though he has no tendency for minimalism, every decorative objects and pieces of furniture are totally in synch with each other.

I find that Chris decor represents his life at every corner, it has soul and perfect balance.

Chris is a real artist, he can play with patterns and colours in his small bedroom and there is a superb dialogue taking place amongst them.

Celebrate you small interiors my lovelies, don’t be afraid to decorate and make it totally personal, remember this is your home.

This tiny home is never too small

The smallest beautiful home I could ever imagine.

Via and

All Photos: Cesar Rubio


This tiny guest house was originally a laundry boiler room, it has been converted into a  93sf brick home by Christi Azevedo founder of Azevedo Design located in San Francisco.

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To add more space visually Azevedo created a glass mezzanine between the upstairs bedroom and the downstairs kitchen. “It really takes advantage of volume as opposed to just square-footage,” she told Dezeen. “It gives the kitchen a sense of its own space and is a buffering level en route to the bed loft.” 


Going upstairs with the metal ladder like stairs and its metal landing.


In the kitchen there is a custom-built dining table and a sofa. The countertops are made out of stainless steel which reflects the light and also creates an effect of spaciousness.


On our way to the mezzanine bedroom.


Yes there is a bathroom, believe it or not.


The tiny mezzanine bedroom is complete with bookshelves, lighting and storage behind the hinged headboard.

Tiny Canadian home

Mini homes can be adorable

Via and


Writer, aritist, photographer Rachel Ross acquired this Gypsy wagon and turned it into a retreat. It is made out of recycled material. This small abode is 160 square foot,  it is amazing what you can do in such a micro space, don’t you think so.


It has a fantasy land appeal about it.


 I don’t think that Jennifer Lawrence in her last year Oscar night incredible dress  could fit in this house.

Via Huffington Post

85th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Jennifer Lawrence Oscar night 2013

Stay tuned for tomorrow, we will share the most amazing dresses at the 2014 Academy Award. You are very welcomed to send us your own choices of best-dressed at the Oscar.

Today’s idea, small bathroom storage cabinet

In a small bathroom, you find space wherever you can, look carefully.



The wall is a good space for a bathroom cabinet, if you are lucky you can find a good 5 inches in your bathroom wall for a medicine cabinet.

juin 2011 027

Somehow I was very lucky with this bathroom, there was enough room at the head of the bathtub to build a lovely storage cabinet, we added a cornice to it for a more traditional look.


If you are very lucky, you can build open shelves at the head of your bathtub for towels storage.



Surrounding your toilet with storage space is also a good idea.


Storage cabinet above the toilet

My New Year office wish



My New Year Dream Office, small, compact, so cocooning and green, all the qualities I want for my office, a real window to the future, a Shoffice, a combination of a shed in the garden and an office designed by the very talented  Platform 5 architects, pay them a visit, you will be transformed.

Today’s idea, putting up your Christmas tree on a wall

Very creative ideas for small homes. it might seem a little off the wall but it is really on the wall…

Via Jane of All the Luck in the World and


See how your throw away can be transformed into a fabulous and lively Christmas tree, start collecting now.

Via Sticky Note Tree: Living Etc.and


The sticky notes tree is also quite inspiring.


You can do like and light up your wall in the shape of a Christmas tree

Make the most of a small kitchen

Small kitchens require good planning…

Via House Beautiful/Photo Trevor Tondro

I love big drawers, you don’t have to squat and go into the deep of lower cabinets to get something out of there. Think upward,  bring your cabinets all the way up to the ceiling, you can always use these cabinets to store stuff you seldom use….Remember you have to be more cautious with your measurements, every inch counts…

Via House Beautiful/photo

A tiny Château like kitchen…if it is small, make it interesting, add shape, texture and color to your cabinets, as we all know, ”God is the details”

Small room, big style

”It is not the room in your life, it is the life in your room”..

Via Elle Decor

You can go contemporary/modern in your small living room...don’t be afraid of furniture, make sure it is comfortable….

Via Elle Decor/Photo Grey Crawford

In a small long narrow room, the long sofa is king…. Miguel Flores-Viannaliving room

 I like this idea of painting the fireplace white it certainly makes the room look wider….you can seat quite a few people in this room..

living room

Don’t hesitate to put a table in front of a bookshelf,  it can be used as a desk but also as a bar or a buffet table…

dining area

A more intimate dining room with contrasting brown armchairs….

Use mirrors they certainly will double your room

Photo Thibault Jeanson

Mirror mirror on the wall please reflect my small den….I know I keep repeating myself about mirrors, but I cannot help it, I really love mirrors they are so magical…

Via Elle Decor/Photo Tyllie Barbosa

Mirror as a head-board in a small bedroom…at

This mirror from Zone would make a terrific headboard….

Today’s deco idea, a big dining room table in a small space

Your small dining room can be quite simple…

Via Room Decor Ideas: Modern Minimalism

On a white canvas add a wooden table and chairs for contrast and a natural look, a touch of black and white,the color of the table and chairs is very similar to the wooden floor, ideal for a big table in a smaller area as the table and chairs seem to be floating on the floor and take less room visually…