Run for your balcony, its not too late

It would be right to say that we had a Rain check for summer this year.

I finally ran to the market and bought the last 3 baskets of Petunias, a very modest flower, that can be  quite  dramatic. 


This year I opted again for palm trees, I was lucky and got the best ones at Home depot, they only had 5 left, so I chose the two biggest ones. I had a bit of a problem as I could not get them out of the car, so my friend Denis transported them and here they are.

Every summer I add my usual suspects to my balcony decoration, a white porcelain thinking frog from Home Sense, a hanging topiary from Pier One, and a small pot of basil.

The opposite side of my balcony, the 3 cache pots are from Home depot.  I have to make a confidence, looking at these 3 cache pots, I am thinking about my immense thighs, unfortunately, come rain or shine I am stock with them, but I am seriously thinking on loosing 7 pounds maybe 10. It has been raining cats and dogs and I forgot that I have been gaining weight during the winter days. Even though I am a Virgo, I have to admit I am only human and I was completely oblivious of having to wear a bathing suit when summer came, and now I might have to spend this summer on my balcony. 

Enjoying a view from my balcony.

Have a great summer my lovelies and don’t let anyone Rain on your Parade.

You are not a plant parent, go artificially green


You are not too good about plant parenting, here a few nice artificial greens.

From Ikea Fejka $12.99 Cad. This glorious looking ivy can be used inside or if your veranda is covered, I would use it inside.

From Ikea Fejka $24.99 Cad

This artificial plant from Ikea is topiary style and can be used also as a pair to create some symmetry

From Pier One Faux Boxwood Topiary $169.95


From Pier One Topiary wreath $39.95

Photo decogirlmontreal

I have bought this topiary and used it as a focus point above a metal console decorated with white flowers and a ceramic frog thinker.

Photo decogirlmontreal

I also used the faux Cedar Topiary mixed with real white impatience.

From Pier One Faux Cedar topiary $129.95

I believe that a mixture of real plants, flowers and artificial plants work wonder for a garden or a balcony. Try it you will like it and you can bring your faux plants into your home after the season is over.

Happy Canada day my lovelies

Even though it is already July 1st Canada day, you might think that you are too late to decorate your balcony, but you are not, it is never too late, you still can enjoy the summer and celebrate many occasions on your balcony.


I have to admit that I was very hesitant about palm trees on an urban balcony, but I realized it creates intimacy for a small dining area and brings life and movement to a concrete space.


I took a few pictures for you at Home Depot, they still have a good selection of palm trees and flowers, the small palm trees are $20.00 each.



Add a whimsical decorative piece, this Home Sense frog is sitting on a book, I suppose it should be a worm sitting on a book, but somehow a worm would not be as much fun.


The cedars are quite beautiful for $29.99


You can mix your South with your North, such as palm trees with cedar and pines.

IMG_2732You still can get a tall topiary.


Dollarama sells these palm tree pots for $3.00 a piece.


Flowers left at Home depot


If you are an asphalt flower, enjoy your summer, go out on your balcony, water your plants and flowers, it is good for your urban soul.

Today’s idea, using trellis and arbor

When I was a little girl, I lived by the river and we had a pergola in our back yard right above the river. Somehow, I still long for this trellis pergola, it was absolutely romantic, it reminded me of all these period films that took place in the South of the USA.



Trellises are inviting you into a magical world.


Being private with trellises.


Flowers adore trellises so do I.


A romantic corner with trellises.


Create a meditation area with 3 trellises


Painting your trellises to merge with nature.


Trellis with a round face.


Natural trellises


Wired trellis


Being welcomed by an arched metal arbor.


I like the idea of installing a wooden arbor on two pillars.


Home Depot has quite a good selection of trellises and arbors.



An arbor is more like a tunnel passage way.




New England arbor from Lowes.

Today’s idea, it’s all about your balcony, a room of its own

A few months ago I moved from a home with no balcony to an apartment with a lovely balcony, it really makes a big difference in my life, it’s like having an extra room. Now I am thinking about decorating it, so this is all about balcony inspiration, hope you enjoy it.



Table for two on your balcony, make it romantic.



Protect yourself from the sun, use the color turquoise and sandy wood to give it a beach look. (bord de mer).



You can even have a small lime green BBQ on your balcony, add a colourful rug, as it makes it look more like a room.



Don’t be afraid of black and white on your balcony.

Via House and Home


Your balcony is the place to go eclectic, shelves are also great for your flower pots.

Via House and Home


Balcony on a budget. Use wooden crates to make a bench with pillows, a blanket and potted flowers.

Via Apartment Therapy


A balcony is never too small for a hammock. Stripes always look good on a balcony, I guess it has to do with the idea of having a nice tent on the beach.

Via and

cabanas on the beach by the sea blog

Striped tent on the beach.



These bamboo plants look terrific, it is like having a small corner of jungle on your balcony.

Via Apartment Therapy


Tiny balcony, but so lively. and these balcony lights look absolutely charming.

Via Refreshed Designs


You can hang a few lanterns, it will light up your evenings and create quite an ambiance.

Stay tuned, tomorrow we will go shopping and share our finds with you, so that you can create your dream balcony.


Today’s idea, cozy up your outdoor space, make it private

Even though you like your neighbors, you might like to have some privacy when sitting in your outdoor space….It is kind of nice to have a secret little snooze..

Via Better Homes and Gardensfence

This is quite a small space and it is so cozy, they created a partition with trellis walls which totally shelters the space …it is simple and looks terrific.

When I see these yellow chairs, I am thinking hummm I still like yellow, it comes and goes in the fashion of home decor, but it is such a joyous color don’t you think so….

Today’s Idea, get a ceiling fan for your porch

Via House Beautiful/Photo Thomas Loof

It can get pretty hot out there on your porch, a ceiling fan would be a fairly good deal for these hot summer days.  If you have a narrow porch make sure you have measured the area carefully, just looking at a fan hanging in a store can be confusing as they could look a lot smaller, most stores keep bigger fans, I usually call before and ask them if they carry a smaller size fan….

Hampton Bay - Palm Beach Gilded Iron Fan - 72660 - Home Depot Canada

This is one of my favorite fan from Home Depot, Hampton Bay $159.00


Hunter Transitional fan $219.99 for a contemporary style porch...

I don’t think you can use a fan with a light outside unless your porch is screened in and protected from the rain…


A very simple Hampton bay white fan could do the trick….on sale for $49.98

Have a very cool evening….

Today’s idea, organize your patio

Ouf… at last we can feel the joys of summer , we have to start organizing our outdoor spaces, remember how much fun it is to eat outside surrounded by flowers and plants…

Via Deck Ideas and Pictures: Modern Blocking

Install some lighting...



or go to Chinatown and get some Chinese lanterns they are quite magical…

I also like this idea….tiny lights inside your Parasol…. Deck Ideas and Pictures: Mellow Yellow

You can repaint your patio furniture this week-end and change your entire decor….

Patio Deck Ideas and Pictures: Industrious Seating

Create a banquette against a wall…

Patio Deck Ideas and Pictures: Stars and Stripes

White always looks great…

Via House Beautiful

Don’t forget to suspend your flower pots….

Create intimacy with trellises…..

But most of all have a great summer and enjoy your life outdoor…..

Outdoor rooms, tables and BBQ


Amazing, but pink looks great with Nature….

Via House Beautiful/Photo Ken Hayden


In setting your table you create a very special outdoor room, and enjoy the great meals of summer..

Via House Beautiful/Photo Victoria Pearson

Transform your small table into a small room
Via House Beautiful/Photo Victoria Pearson
Via House Beautiful/Photo Reed Davis

Enjoy your outdoor Kitchen
Photo Trevor Tondro

A twiggy room, simple with a feeling of warmth…

Via Country Living/Photo William P. Steele
Surround yourself with  nature
Via Country Living/Photo William P. Steele

Play musical chair, a black and white decor has to have a touch of yellow…
Via Country Living/Photo Scott Keith Morton

Musical chairs….
A table on a stone podium is a room in itself, you can use different chairs …
Via Country Living/Photo Colin Mcguire

A simple painted Picnic table with wooden chairs a lovely combination…
Via Country Living/Photo Steve Gross

<<Normal people love meat. If I went to a barbeque and there was no meat, I would say “Yo Goober! Where’s the meat!?” I’m trying to impress people here, Lisa. You don’t win friends with salad.>>

I dreamed of a BBQ, this is the Mercedes BBQ $$$$$$$$
Kalamazoo outdoor gourmet BBQ

Photo Trevor Tondro 

From Sears
At Sears  a Kenmore for $418.42
This Kettle charcoal grill on wheel is only $34.99 at K Mart
The Hibachi
Portable Hibachi BBQ Grill w/ Charcoal Brick
You can Cedar Salmon plank on your BBQ or plank about anything you want..check
Outdoor Gourmet

If you go on the Grilling Companion Blog you will get the recipe for this Coconut Lime Grilled chicken and numerous grilling tips and recipes….

Decoration 101 of Outdoor rooms and balconies

Summer will soon be here, I am getting excited and wanted to provide you with a bit of inspiration so that you can organize your outdoor life, in your garden or on your balcony…..Feel free to share with us any ideas, photos that have inspired you on creating your outdoor life….
Via El Mueble

I find that outdoor rooms and porches can be decorated in any Style you like, I choose some rooms from Spain, America, France and Morocco.. Hope they will be an inspiration for you…. So Go for it and decorate your outdoor life…

Lanterns and curtains are great elements of decoration

Via El Mueble

If you have enough room a chaise longue is so relaxing….of course you will need a few flower pots, I like big ones, they establish the space you want to furnish…like these terracotta ones….
Via El Mueble

A pergola always looks fabulous, you don’t need a pool, even though a pool is not bad. You can cover it with vines and make your own grape Jam.

Via El Mueble

In building a platform floor, you protect your furniture and keep your space cleaner…
Via El Mueble

Via El Mueble

Don’t forget a rug, it pulls the room together….
This rug looks very candy like and summery….

Via El Mueble

If your is covered, you can decorate it just like an inside room, I like a few lamps…

Via El Mueble

Lanterns, flower pots and rug….

Via El Mueble

A low deck for the dining area prevents the furniture from deteriorating….
Via El Mueble

Rattan gives history to a porch…and is easily found for a good price….

Via El Mueble

I personally like the white cushions on sofas and chairs, nature is so decorative…

Via El Mueble

Outdoor life California Style

The turquoise Chinese porcelain table looks like a big flower….

Via House Beautiful

Sometimes you need to look at the time…a big clock is fun…

Via House Beautiful/Photo James Merrel

You can paint your cedar shingles and close in your porch…with lots of windows…

Photo Simon Upton

The Yellow chairs are quite striking……
Janus and Cie chairs

Photo Reed Davis

Cushions from Pottery Barn

Photo Victoria Pearson

Furniture Janus and Cie

Via House Beautiful/Photo Ngoc Minh Ngo

The porch floor is is a bluish green Narragansett green from Benjamin Moore

Via House Beautiful/Photo credit: Don Freeman
Make your own table with trestles
Via House Beautiful/Photo credit: Reed Davis

Furniture is made out of unfinished wood and wash wood

Via House Beautiful/Photo credit: Ditte Isager
If you have an open space there is always a parasol….
Via Elle Decor
Via Elle Decor/Photo Tria Giovan
Via Elle Decor
Decorate your outdoor room exactly like if it was your indoor living area….
Via Elle Decor
Tile your covered porch…..
Via Southern Living/Photo Howard Lee Puckett
Simple & Chic Porch
The more distressed the wood is the greater it looks, everything au naturel…..
Via Southern Living/Photo Laurey W. Glenn
Dining Patio
Screened in Porch
Via Southern Living
Screened-In Comfort
On a roof top in the city, anything goes…..
Via La Maison Française
La tranquilité d'une terrasse en centre ville
Has a Moroccan feeling…
Via La Maison Française

Une terrasse posée sur le toit

Even in a very narrow space you can have so green
Via La Maison Française

L'esprit loft jusqu'à la terrasse

Looking forward to have a lazy day sur les toits de Paris ou de Montreal…..
Via La Maison Française

Une terrasse ombragée au coeur de Paris

In Tanger, ”Play it again Sam”
Via La Maison Française

Soleil tamisé sur cette terrasse à Tanger

A colorful breakfast can make your day….
Via La Maison Française

Sur la terrasse, un déjeuner s'improvise

Lavender and Lanterns
Via La Maison Française

Sur la terrasse, le temps d'un déjeuner

In the City, if you miss the countryside, bring in the look….
Via La Maison Française
Style campagne pour le balcon
On a Miniscule Balcony go for artificial grass and get the complete green look…..

Via La Maison Française/Photo Gilles Trillard
Mini balcon et mini mobilier

Via La Maison Française/Photo Balloon
Un grand balcon graphique

If it is summer, you can never be too Zen……

Via La Maison Française/Photo Balloon
Le balcon la joue zen

See what you can do with a tiny balcony
Via La Maison Française
Déjeuner sur une petite terrasse