Let it be a tidy home

Hi my lovelies, today we will be embarking into a journey of tidying up our homes. 

A year and a half after the discovery of Marie Kondo who invented the KonMari method, my son Louis and my daughter in law Fiona are moving into a new home, so they have bought Kondo’s book about tidying up and decluttering your home. They found her philosophy very inspiring and having never read her I have to admit that she is quite a revelation.

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Author Marie Kondo

I personally agree with most of what Kondo preaches, most of all with the artfully way of  tidying up your closets, drawers etc… but to me the portrait of a home where it feels good to live everyday is not exactly a Zen home totally denuded of personality, and she seems to be a bit minimalistic in her approach.

So this is a resume of some of the  Kondo rules that I have chosen for you. If you want to read the 6 Kondo rules go to https://www.telegraph.co.uk/women/life/decluttering-expert-marie-kondo-my-6-rules-of-tidying/

1- Get rid of stuff you don’t really need, keep only those things that are necessary or bring you joy, if not, your tidying up will be an eternal merry-go-round.

2- Tidy by category not location, for instance when tidying up clothes, gather all the clothes that you have in one location so that you can see exactly how much you have, wow, I think I will have to move everything in my living room, my bedroom is definitely not big enough.

It’s very important to get an accurate grasp of how much you have in each category.

3- Follow the right order, It is:  Clothes, books, papers, miscellany, and finally sentimental items.

Once you have perfected the art of tidying clothes, books, papers and miscellany you will have almost mastered the art of Kondo’s ways and be ready to tackle the sentimental items which usually take a lot longer, Her method is designed to help you distinguish what truly sparks joy and as you know practice makes perfect.

Clothes are ideal for practising this skill, look at how rewarding it can be:

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Tidying up clothes so that you can see them.

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KonMari consultation with real clients.

I believe that the Konmari method brings us a greater appreciation of our homes. Try it you will like it, you may very well reach the Summer of your Content my lovelies.

If you use KonMari’s method, please tell me how it works for you.

Curate your home, don’t clutter

Fall is almost upon us, clean up and edit your home harmoniously.

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Organize the objects you treasure in groups.

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Regroup your black and white photos in a small corner.



Frame some of your Children’s drawings and make a nice display instead of cluttering the fridge with them.

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Create a theme, decorative plates on a wall and dining area go well together.

Via http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/house-tour-classicist-bobo-eclectic-style-in-montreal photo Marie Lyne Quirion


In an open armoire or shelves, display what is beautiful, don’t display your junk drawer, organize everything neatly.

Via http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/house-tour-classicist-bobo-eclectic-style-in-montreal photo Marie Lyne Quirion


Bookshelves can be a mixture of books, art, decorative and meaningful objects, there is an order and a balance that has to be respected, I know books are books but somehow they feel better and they read better if they are well displayed.

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You can have a tree of life with books by ELENASEGURINI creazioni x casa interni

Via Pinterest and  littleemmaenglishhome.blogspot.ca


Of course you cannot get rid of everything but your collections should not be chaotic, there is a certain order that we have to establish if we want to collect things.

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Seashells are quite interesting as long as they are good looking.

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Displaying seashells  in  a bathroom or guest room.

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Open shelves in a kitchen with a collection of all white porcelain and dishes, colour is a good unifier to create balance.

Via http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/house-tour-classicist-bobo-eclectic-style-in-montreal photo Marie Lyne Quirion


A corner with an oriental theme, chinoiserie, japonaiserie, and Celadon.

Have fun my lovelies, you can curate and declutter without throwing everything away.

Beautify your closets with useful storage

Simply closet and a quatuor of storage ideas 

Via http://www.bhg.com/


Small can be beautiful, in your baby’s closet organizing the changing table with all that is necessary, adding a lovely chandelier, bottom shelves with baskets. top shelves for cream etc… Painting the back of the closet to match the color of the room is a good idea, remember, God is in the details.

Via Better Homes and Gardens


A cheerful kitchen storage red and white with a small island on wheels. A tiny space with lots of storage. Use your door for hanging tea towel, paper towel, etc..

Via Better Homes and Gardens


I really like this pantry with all the glass containers, baskets and bowls, you can get lots of glass containers at the dollar store for a reasonable price, and the advantage is that you can see what you store, you can also use file folder labels on your containers.

Via Better Homes and Gardens


Finally in your entryway, organize a colourful storage for your kids sports activities. Don’t forget to paint the interior of the closet, it makes such a difference.

Today’s idea, organize your life, reorganize your home

Getting organized has a lot to do with good storage habits. 

As I am only an Interior Designer blogger and not a professional organizer,  I found a few sites for you, so I hope we will all profit from these tips and tricks of the organizational trade, but I can’t help to give you some advice along the way.

1-First rule get rid of stuff you don’t need, I know it is difficult but don’t do what I do, do what I preach.

Getting rid of stuff http://www.azhomeinspectoronline.com/organizing-101-what-to-get-rid-of-what-to-keep-and-where-to-start/

2- Evaluate your needs and your possessions,  evaluation applies for every room, closet and cupboard in your home. If you have not use ”that thing” for 2 years, find another home for it or chuck it. Oops I have to get this punch bowl out of my kitchen cupboard and also this old espresso machine that once exploded all over my ceiling.


3-What is it that you use everyday, make it accessible, categorize, and whatever you use once a week, once a month, once a year store them in a more remote place.


Martha’s advice, Maximize your space and use wire racks.

4-Forget about the junk drawer in the kitchen, it is a waste of time, go to more important matters, like kitchen cupboards, bedroom closets, linen closet, bathroom cupboards, bookshelves, filing cabinets and most of all we have to clean up our desk.

Via http://pinterest.com/pin/169096160979475422/ lonnymag.com

Lonny Magazine June/July 2012 | Photography by Patrick Cline; Interior Design by Julia Leach

Well organized living room and bookshelves

Via http://pinterest.com/pin/169096160978412008/lonnymag.com

Lonny Magazine Apr/May 2010 | Photography by Patrick Cline; Interior Design by Laurann Claridge

In your office your could use Billy bookshelves and filing cabinets from Ikea, storage is really the key to organized space.

Via Real Simple

Woman closet organized

Bedroom closet makeover advice from Real Simple



20 ways to organize your closets


There will always be Carrie’s closet on Park avenue.

Maria Carey’s closet is my favorite, well I have to admit that my closet is again in need of organizing, humm I have to put this in my agenda, I will keep you posted.

Now that Gossip girl is over, maybe I could get her closet, I really want the shoes.

Via http://danielleandmikeblissful.blogspot.ca

5-Now we have to find the time to do all this, we cannot just start and never finish. Start wherever you want but make sure you get that space reorganized the same day, do not stop mid way, one step at a time, don’t set your priorities too high, you have all year to do this, but remember you have to get it done before 2014.


Cynthia Chiffonier from Pottery Barn

Linen closet make over ideas from http://interiordec.about.com/od/homeorgarticles/a/linenclosetorga.htm

If you have room an armoire is beautiful and works well as a linen closet.

Photo from http://pinterest.com/pin/6544361928849178/

bathroom organization

About.com has quite a few ideas worth reading about decluttering and organizing your bathroom in 15 to 30 minutes 


Via http://pinterest.com/pin/230528074647127805/

Bathroom Organization

For storage in the bathroom Closed in baskets look good

Via http://pinterest.com/pin/502925483357554147/

43 Practical Bathroom Organization Ideas | Shelterness

If you are very tidy you can use open shelves in the bathroom.

1- Declutter your home: http://www.getorganized-stayorganized.com/declutter-your-home.html

2- Organize your home:  http://www.getorganized-stayorganized.com/organized-home-room-by-room.html

Maybe I went a little bit overboard with all this decluttering and organizing today, we have a bit of reading and planning to do but I am sure we will get there. ”May the force be with you”