The rebirth of your Home office

Time has come to do something about our office, I am sharing with you a few ideas about the revival of your office, I think I should redecorate mine also.

Via Architectural Digest/photo David O. Marlow


I absolutely love Paul Attanasio’s office, Paul is a screenwriter and producer (Serie House) I would move in today, except I would have to change the desk seat, as I have short legs and these high seats are not great for me as I need to have my 2 feet on the ground at all times.

via Architectural Digest/Photo Michael Moran


Designer Jennifer Post decorated this zen office with white and a few touch of color. She used an entire wall in the bedroom to create this bright office facing a window.

Via Architectural Digest


Let the exterior in your office, this office decorated by Malcom James Kutner is simple but perfect. The outdoor garden certainly is the most decorative element and the designer used it very well.

Via Architectural Digest/Photo Roger Davies


OOPS! I know this office seems extravagant but you have to admit it is inspiring and it was decorated by Kelly Wearstler who is everything but Zen, Wearstler also designed the raspberry chairs and the working desk. An entire wall covered with pictures is a great asset to an office, it is your identity.

Via Pinterest


A girly office with a few spots and a billboard made out of a mirror frame.

Photo decogirlmontreal


This was my urban office that was a year ago.

Via Apartment Therapy/Photo Marie-Lyne Quirion

1b441cfa60ac25bad911e76ceea63b56ef2c24b4I moved a year ago, this is my very compact office now, it is located inside a closet in my bedroom, the desk and the filing cabinets are from Ikea, the shelves from Home Depot. I only wish I could get rid of all these ugly wires that are a necessary evil.


Home Story

 The use of an entire wall as a billboard in this office is attractive and quite useful.

Today’s idea, your office in a closet

Small can be beautiful if it is orderly. Think out of the box, think about a closet office.


In my new apartment, I have to think about creating a new home office.


My actual office is in my bedroom window alcove. I installed the curtains just in front of it so that I could close the office at night by pulling the curtains.


Ideally I would like to build a storage area on this right inside 13 foot wall which is like an alcove facing the bed, as I have very little storage space I thought I could use this 30 inch deep alcove by 13 foot to create my office plus an additional closet. Of course it will make the bedroom smaller but as you know, the smaller the space the more important the storage.

IMG_1234This is the wall, hopefully I will be able to use 60 inches for my office, and about 96 inches for storage shelves and a clothes closet. by Max Kim-Bee


Go pink for la vie en Rose in your closet office.



I kind of like the Ikea Alex desk $159.00, I think it would be perfect for this closet office, it is 51”5/8 X 23”5/8.

3f5383e0f6293249d51e3c52d3153bc6 (1)

I definitely would like to have a mirror in the back of my closet office as I am facing the wall, with a mirror I will be able to see the reflection of the light in my bedroom windows. Pottery Barn


You can even installed a wall lamp in this closet office


closet makeover 1

Unbelievable, Tonya’s office was originally a small closet.

closet makeover 16

Her father converted this old kitchen table into a desk and shelves.

closet makeover 10

First Tonya stencilled the back of her closet, but you could use wallpaper if you wish.

This kitchen table was cut into 3 pieces, it brings a lot of style to this tiny office.

Closet Office

Tonya’s minute office is absolutely adorable.

These office ideas are really inspiring for me, I hope they are helping you too. Have great day, I have to go back to my packing, cleaning up files, clothes etc.. big job.

Reorganize your home office

At this very moment I am in Cape Breton, I will be back August 2, but as the summer goes on, the fall will come and we should get ready to reorganize our home office…I discovered the I Village site and they have great ideas on how to beautify your office and make it functional…


Home Office Decor: In the Box

Put your home office in containers and boxes using only one or two colors…

Home Office Decor: Fancy-Free

Make a stylish home office….

Home Office Decor: Space Saver

Have a mini office within another room, you can use an armoire and install a sliding computer shelf….

Home Office Decor: Hidden Agenda

Use a closet as your home office

Home Office Decor: Clear Thinking

Introduce red in your home office, it is stimulating and joyous…

Home Office Décor: Green Scene

Get a glass top desk, it is visually very light and works well in a small space…

Home Office Décor: Inspiration Board

A minute home office…

Home Office Décor: Art Appreciation

have a crystal chandelier in your Home office, it is very chic and crystal is good for your health….

Home Office Décor: Light and Bright

Go for the Zen look have your Home office White on white…it is very relaxing….


Don’t wait till next year do it now, organize your office so that you can work with a clear mind. This is a self impose pep talk, but if the shoe fits, go ahead and do it…
So far I have 2 good reasons not to have done this first thing this morning…
1-I decided to meditate for 10 minutes,
2-during meditation, I suddenly thought I have to get to the Gym, which I did for an hour…
Then, I took a self portrait of myself in Gym clothes with my
I phone 4…It is a before Gym Photo, hopefully there will be an After Gym Photo….


I discovered I am a bit of a bulging at the seams contortionist, hopefully in a few months these bulges will be gone….hummmm……
Anyhow back to the Office with a few tricks and ideas
Via decogirlmontreal
Basically this is what my desk looks like most of the time, but I feel so much holier when it looks like this…
Via decogirlmontreal
 Hopefully by next week my office will get  back to this serene look…
Via Adore Magazine
An Office pretty organized in Lavander…at
Via Better Homes and Gardens
On-the-Go Filing
Wow, I could not figure out what this was, but I finally read it is a Dish Drainer, I like this idea for your immediate files, I might try this…
Via Better Homes and Gardens
Recycle Those Paint Cans
Paint cans as in and out paper containers…
Via Better Homes and Gardens
tin cans to pencil holders
You can use magazine pages to cover these tomato cans…..
Via Coté Maison/Photo Gilles Trillard
If you have a closet and you want an organized office, you could just use this closet as an office…


Via Coté Maison
A black and white office Zen and contemporary, with a Panton Vitra chair..(one of my favorite)
You can find a copy of the Panton chair in Montreal at Léo Victor Design for 199.00

Home office with bookcase | Home office ideas | Home office | Livingetc | IMAGE |

Best bookshelves to organize your Office are still the Billy from (Ikea)… If you have a window, I suggest you put your desk right in front of it, it is a good distraction after a few hours of work, a bit of distraction is good for your soul and inspiration….


A nice small armoire is so useful, you can always line the door with a nice piece of fabric to hide what is stored in it….

Coté Maison/Photo Richard Alcock
Believe it or not this office is mainly Ikea starting with the Oak like stratified parquet Toundra  floor,
The Stockholm console (Ikea), a newspaper box Estetisk (Ikea ) The wall board slate paint is Estetisk (Ikea) 2 Oak Wall racks Estetisk (Ikea) and the Tjusig hook holder (Ikea)…


Streamline a smart den | 5 clever ideas for home offices | home office ideas | decorating inspiration | housetohome

Blue has a calming effect, but if you have a tendency to fall asleep, you are better off with red, more stimulating…. You can use a Kitchen counter as your desk top…they sell them at Home Depot…


A personal touch is good for your soul and reminds you that you are a human earthling….

If you want to share your ideas of how to organize your home office with us, we would be delighted…Just go to submit and share your photos deco on top of my Home page….


Having limited space, the Japanese are great inventor of all in one..
A guest room on wheels
H-70 ” W-15 1/2 ” D- 47”
via Atelier Opa Japan
Your Office open for work
Fold it and wheel it way…..
Via Marie-Claire Maison
Un lit mobile pour petit appartement à faible hauteur sous plafond
The French also have lots of style when it comes to bed and small space…
Fabricated by from France, small space big mobile bed….
Une armoire-lit avec canapé
This Murphy bed is fabricated in France, but they are a few companies in Montreal and the USA where you can buy very similar beds….
Via Marie-ClaireMaison
Un lit d'appoint dans un bureau
How much fun is this, an horizontal Murphy combo office bed….
Un canapé qui se transforme en lits superposés
This is very new to me, made in France by Clei…
Via Marie-Claire Maison
Une armoire-lit pratique et contemporaine
Vey discreet….and ready for nice dreams…..
Bookshelves and Murphy bed….Falling
asleep while your are reading is good for you…
Designed by Decogirlmontreal, fabricated by
Wall Bed Down
California Closets….all over North America….
One piece of advice, don’t forget to get out of bed before you fold it away, it could be funny or tragic…..

You can organize your home office now…..

Ouf, there is a French expression ”Cordonnier mal chaussé” which means Shoemakers have the worst shoes” it is unfortunately my case.  my office looks like an organized tornado, I am submerged by magazines,
my filing cabinet is full, and if I don’t start soon it will transform itself into a real Tornado.

Sometimes I look and feel like this Tina Fey ad for American Express

You can share your office’s pictures with us, and your organizing tricks.

This is the left side of  my office, under any circumstances will I  show your the right side and it undoubtedly needs to be reorganize, hopefully Monday… I will keep you posted.


Pottery Barn Home office modular components, build your own, if I can do it you can certainly do it.
Build Your Own - Bedford Home Office Modular Components
Build Your Own - Bedford Home Office Modular Components
Build Your Own - Bedford Home Office Modular Components
Printer's Writing Desk
These can be used for magazines or files in your bookshelves
FLYT Range-revues blanc Quantité par paquet: 5 pièces  Quantité par paquet: 5 pièces
These Ikea tables can be use as a great desk…
LYCKHEM Table blanc Longueur: 59 " Longueur max.: 78 3/4 " Largeur: 33 1/2 " Hauteur: 29 1/8 "  Longueur: 150 cm Longueur max.: 200 cm Largeur: 85 cm Hauteur: 74 cm   
NORDEN Table blanc Long. min.: 86 5/8 " Longueur max.: 104 3/4 " Largeur: 39 3/8 " Hauteur: 29 1/2 "  Long. min.: 220 cm Longueur max.: 266 cm Largeur: 100 cm Hauteur: 75 cm
BRANÄS Panier  Largeur: 12 ½ " Profondeur: 13 ¾ " Hauteur: 6 ¼ "  Largeur: 32 cm Profondeur: 35 cm Hauteur: 16 cm  ?
I also use these Branäs baskets from Ikea to store my small picture albums, my cds,

BRANÄS Panier  Largeur: 9 " Profondeur: 9 ¾ " Hauteur: 9 "  Largeur: 23 cm Profondeur: 25 cm Hauteur: 23 cm
Boxes lo are good to store papers that you only need once a week or for office supplies, they look great in your bookshelves. From Ikea

Restoration Hardware Reclaimed wood and metal table

 Reclaimed Wood & Metal Desk

This is an Ikea conference table
Via Mainline today
The townhouse’s lower-level office has a sleek, minimalist flair, courtesy of IKEA.

Your Home office and more….

All in all, I believe that your Office like your home should be a reflection of yourself, make it all that you feel that you belong.
Monique Lhuillier’s office, very sumptuous French, a bit in the style of  the Designer Jean-Michel Frank

Monique Lhuillier is a dress Designer in Paris

Monique Lhuillier Fall 2010 Collection

One of her wedding dresses

Nina Griscom’s office
Via Elle Decor/photos William Waldron
This is Nina Griscom in her  958 Lexington Ave. Boutique in New York

Designer: Deborah Buck’s farmhouse office
Via Elle Decor
This is Deborah Buck
This is her store in New York
Buck House, a unique collection of antique furniture and art from around the world, is located at 1318 Madison Avenue in the heart of Carnegie Hill, between 93rd and 94th streets.

This early green of spring works wonder with white, I like the chinese porcelain stool and the black an white prints it brings character to the room.
Via Femtalks

Via Femtalks

Small space office
You can find this office chair at Structube
Melissa Warner Interior Designer used metal loker baskets for her fabric swatches

Via House Beautiful
Melissa Warner

A william Sonoma desk is great for a non office, office, my dream would be to fit everything in this desk..
My Office is more like the fashion Designer Ralph Rucci
R. Rucci’s Office

Ralph Rucci with Martha…..I think Martha has never seen his Office, she would insist on reorganizing it and putting a bit of order in there….

smallersizeralph rucci on martha.jpg
Martha’s Office at the Office, a bit clinical n’est-ce pas…
On the other end, Martha’s Office at home, hmmm… very interesting,
Via Vanity Fair
 A black and white Office just like in the movies….The montage of the pictures looks good.
An architect’s Office

It screams Archtitect, Architect…..

Clean your desk everyday, if you can… looks so perfect…
Amy Fine Collins Fashion Journalist with Vanity Fair

Amy fine Collins with the Fashion Designer Ralph Rucci

I could not resist this add , cause it’s so true, by the way mine is ”Curve”, still can’t get in my brown suede pants….

I have to admit that Charlotte Moss is one of my favorite Interior Designer, she had a magnificent boutique in a brownstone house in New York, unfortunately it is now closed, I always have a sad feeling when I think about how much work she had put into it, and what pleasure it gave me when visiting it.

Charlotte Moss’s Office

Charlotte Moss


Her Books
Charlotte's Books
Great idea for a desk, 

Office of Tamara Mellon Founder and owner of Jimmy Choo

Tamara and her Choo shoes…
Nigella Lawson’s Office and library wow…they cannot be all cooking books, very impressive..
She not only reads books but she also writes them
On a more masculine not…if you have a wall use it all, great long desk
On a more nostalgic note the Oval Office…
Jackie at Viking Press
Via New York Times /photo Getty pictures

C’est la rentrée pour tous, vivement on décore notre bureau

Voici quelques bureaux à la maison que j’aime bien
J’espère qu’ils vous plairont Decogirls
Vous travaillez à la maison, faites moi parvenir des photos de votre coin bureau.
I love this blue blue closet so cheerful
Les portes sont vraiment cool
 Merci Apartment therapy
Sur une note un peu plus sérieuse, heureux  mélange de la table de travail plutôt  moderne et des bibliothèques antiques.
Merci House beautiful
Les bibliothèques jusqu’au plafond meublent la pièce en hauteur et lui donnent un air plus spacieux.
 Floor to ceiling bookcases make the room look more spacious. Up and down the ladder!
House beautiful
Oups!  voila mon bureau, c’est ici que je blogue,  en plein coeur de la ville.  Bibliothèque Ikea repeinte de la couleur du mur, quelques paniers, le bureau ainsi qu’un petit meuble filière sont de chez Ikea, un ancien cendrier en albâtre souvenir de mon père, je l’utilise comme dévidoir, cartes d’affaires, trombones, minuscule Bouddha etc…
Il n’est pas toujours aussi à l’ordre, il a souvent une allure genre ”après la tornade”
This is my office, I blog from the heart of downtown Montreal,  the furniture is Ikea , I painted the bookcases the same color as the wall, It normally does not look so orderly, sometimes it has an ”after the tornado” style.
House Beautiful
All art and wood
De bois et de tableaux
Une grande table peut servir de bureau, il n’est pas toujours nécessaire d’utiliser des meubles conventionnels de bureau
It is not an obligation to decorate an office like a traditional office, it could just be an extra room in your house.
House beautiful
Faire pénétrer l’extérieur à l’intérieur.
J’ai décoré ce bureau pour une cliente. Elle voulait un bureau et un living room,  tout à la fois chaleureux et fonctionnel, elle peut y recevoir ces clients dans une ambiance plus décontractée que dans un bureau de style plus commercial.   j’ai dessiné pour elle cette table de travail avec un tiroir pour son clavier.
Ses filières sont de l’autre coté de la pièce à l’intérieur d’un grand meuble (Enfilade) en bois.
Qui dit qu’on ne peut toujours joindre l’utile à l’agréable.