A minute apartment with a soul

If it is small, it has to have soul

Via Architectural Digest

Chris Stevens a Manhattan Designer has created a home in a very small studio.

The living room is tiny but absolutely complete, a comfy sofa is facing a comforting armchair.

In a small living area, adding an ottoman is useful for an extra seating.

When you live in a limited square footage apartment, it is very important to have a place for each thing in order to create harmony. Chris has really succeeded in creating great harmony even though he has no tendency for minimalism, every decorative objects and pieces of furniture are totally in synch with each other.

I find that Chris decor represents his life at every corner, it has soul and perfect balance.

Chris is a real artist, he can play with patterns and colours in his small bedroom and there is a superb dialogue taking place amongst them.

Celebrate you small interiors my lovelies, don’t be afraid to decorate and make it totally personal, remember this is your home.

Most famous babies in the world

When we are about to tackle a New Year, we always think about babies, we have the first babies of the year, but the most famous babies in the world were the Dionne Quintuplets.

Via http://www.canadians.ca/

The Dionne Quints were born in Callander Ontario Canada near the small town of Corbeil. They were part of a very modest family, they were made wards of the King under the  Dionne Quintuplets’ Guardianship Act, 1935.  The Dionne quintuplets were not only famous babies, but were famous most of their adult life.

Ontario Premier Mitch Hepburn with the Dionne sisters.

Memorabilia post card of the Dionne sisters

The Dionne Quints represented on Halloween Night.

Via http://taxlaw-patents.com/dionnes.htm

Even today you can buy the Dionne Paper Dolls


I believe that they were the most talked, written about, publicised children in the world, move over Ms. Suleman, octomom.

Life magazine picture of typical French Canadian girls first communion.

The quints in the Canadian wild. 

The Dionne sisters became part of the popular culture and were mentionned in Hollywood movies ant TV shows. For more info about the Quints you can go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dionne_quintuplets.




I believe it is important to create your own personal History, and one way to do it is by creating traditions, preserving and transmitting your History.

This is a Stamp that was issued by the Canadian Government in honour of the Vachon Family….above the Jos.Louis the most popular cake of the Vachon Bakery named after my uncle Jos and my father Louis…
This is the Vachon Family, founders of Vachon’s Cakes, my father Louis (3 top left) , my grand-parents Rose-Anna and Arcade, my uncles Amédée, Jos, Paul, Benoit and my aunt Simone.
This is a Vachon Bakery glassed display box, it was used  to show cakes in small grocery stores all over Quebec, it dates back from the 1930’s. I inherited it from my parents,  I am now using it to display books and a collection of Chinese Jade Horses that were given to me as a present by my parents when I got married.

I will give it to my son when he gets married and hopefully he will have a family and he will eventually give it to his daughter or his son.

You can always find a place for memories, my Vachon Bakery box is under a side table in our Living room.  Objects, like the written words do create Legacy…so remember to create your own family history your own Legacy and it will be passed on from one generation to the other, maybe this is what eternal life is all about.

If you would like a home made Jos.Louis recipe go to: 


Stay tuned, we will discuss objects and memorabilia that you can introduce in your Home Decoration….


I am particularly fond of Accessories, they could be pictures, photos, lamps, Shells, decorative boxes, collections of all kind and naturally books. The absence of accessories or objects make for a very anonymous home decor, this is my humble opinion…
Via Better Homes and Gardens
White ottoman under long table
Use objects of your desire,  of various sizes, and texture, objects are like musical notes, the placement of objects gives a room a certain rhythm….
Via Better Homes and Gardens
Chair and glass cloches
I believe these are birds nest under a glass globe on this table and on the chair, this pair of old shutters has good texture and is used as a separator and a lovely background for this table.
The accessories are of different heights and sizes, that is how they created rhythm…

Via Better Homes and Gardens

Globes on white glass cabinet

The earth is round this collection of globes on top of the armoire proves it, if there was any doubts, some of them would be flat…don’t you think they look like line dancers….

Via Better Homes and Gardens
Watering cans on shelf
A collection of old  watering cans and the distressed furniture gives this room history….

Via Better Homes and Gardens

White shelves with blue pottery

Turquoise and green collection of dishes, and I like the top shelf accessorized with a bit of this and that, it brakes the homogeneity of this collection and personalize the kitchen.

Via Elle Decor Magazine/(HarperCollins/Melcher Media) from Jonathan Adler’s book
This room by Jonathan Adler has glamour Hollywood/Africa theme accessories
A white Giraffe, a zebra rug and the Color pink the great unifyer…
Via Elle Decor Magazine/(HarperCollins/Melcher Media) from Jonathan Adler’s book

I like these bookshelves, the mixture of books, photos and objects bring life and rhythm in this room.
Place your books carefully, books in bookshelves are like food in a plate, they cannot be just piled up one on top of the other.

Via http://www.thingsthatinspire.net/

I was  just looking at a blog I really like http://www.thingsthatinspire.net/ and this is Holly’s old house, and look how she staged this corner with the French chest of drawers, a lamp. a few books, glass balls  and an orchid, the harmony is perfect…I hope we will get to see her new home soon.

Have a super day, the weather is so terrific in Montreal, I hope it will last until December, I am definitely a Summer Girl, what about you…..


Thoughts about focal point when decorating your rooms.
One focal point has to be the queen or the king of the room, no competition or it will totally kill the effect and your eyes will wander all over the room without a rest, and a feeling of confusion will surround you, and you might ”faint”……
Via House to Home
Modern colourful living room 
1-A colorful sofa works well as a focal point
Via House to Home/Photo Paul Raeside
Bedouin living room | Living Rooms | PHOTO GALLERY | Livingetc
A well furnished sofa
Via Livingetc
LA home | House tour | August issue
LA home, a very pink big sofa
2- A fireplace is a natural focal point
Via House to Home/Photo Robert Sanderson
Classic living room fireplace | Formal living rooms - 10 of the best | Living room ideas | PHOTO GALLERY | Housetohome.co.uk
A classical fireplace
Via House to Home/Photo Chris Everard
Storage solutions | architectural living space | Living Rooms | PHOTO GALLERY | Livingetc
A contemporary fireplace…
3- Works of Art or Photographs are definitely a focal point…

Via Livingetc
Melbourne warehouse | House tour | August issue
A warehouse home In Melbourne Australia, painting of an elegant  Lady in red
Via Veranda/Photo credit: Thibault Jeanson  
A beautiful high sculpture behind the daybed is the focal point in this room.
Via House to Home/ Photo Paul Raeside 
Album art collections | Transform your walls | Home ideas | PHOTO GALLERY | Housetohome.co.uk
The use of musical albums is meaningful, and a whimsical focal point….
Via Livingetc  
 London apartment | house tour | August issue
Photographs, a memorabilia arrangement a sure focal point
4- An interesting piece of furniture makes for a great focal point…
Photo Paul Raeside
Multicoloured dining room | Adding colour to a dining room | Decorating with colour  | PHOTO GALLERY | Housetohome
A bright orange sideboard, a joyous focal point
Via Veranda/Photo Baker
white cabinet with a door open against a wall
 Barbara Barry’s secretary for Baker is a ”pièce de résistance” it creates a sophisticated focal point.
Via Veranda/Photo credit: New York Times
Your bed is always the king or the queen of your bedroom..


5- Books and nicely decorated bookshelves= fantastic focal point… 
Via Livingetc 
Melbourne warehouse | House tour | August issue
In London England
 6- A chandelier can be the Emperor or Empress of the room, use them whenever you can, ”always dramatic”…
Via Veranda/Photo Stephen Karlisch
Focal point in your entrance. If it were not for the dog the Chrystal chandelier would be ”it”
Via Veranda/Photo Miguel Flores-Vianna
A chandelier which has a superb shadow… 
Via House to Home/Photo Melanie Acevedo
The reflective chandelier doubles its very own focal point..
7- Color as a focal point
Via Veranda/Photo credit: Peter Vitale

Sometimes color is the focal point like this blue decorated veranda.
8- Nature as a focal point
Via Veranda/Photo Thibault Jeanson
When you have a room with a view, bring the outdoor indoor, it is spectacular and a real work of art…

How to decorate certain corners of your room

Chinese white and blue porcelain is like Toile de Jouy, the more the merrier,
A mixture of different sizes creates balance and the white and blue harmony..
Via Southern Accents/Photo Emily Minton Redfield
Southern Accents 2009 Riverhills Showhouse, Entry Hall
A beautiful bees nest brings nature into the room
Via Elle Decor/Photo Simon Upton
Even the blue pencils look terrific…
Via Elle Decor/Simon Upton
A simple branch of Benjamina, an interesting mirror and a few books…
Via Elle Decor/Photo William Abranowicz
A collection table of objects you love is fascinating..
Via Elle Decor/Photo Joshua McHugh
Sometimes its good to brake the symmetry, a few books, a glass with a few flowers et le tour est joué….
Southern Accents
Curvy antiques likes this desk, mixed with a modern geometric mirror creates a stylish mix.
Organize your office shelves in a decorative manner…
A bit of square footage under the stairs was carved out into an office nook.
Don’t forget to use non identical heights like these candlesticks…
Although it’s only decorative, the mantel, salvaged from a New Orleans mansion, adds another architectural detail to the room.
Even the locker room is interesting and personal
This mudroom’s floor is covered with New York bluestone, and built-in cabinets with beaded-board fronts offer extra storage and add to the cottage’s vintage feel.
Change your flowers with the seasons
The night table has charm….
A painted chest, a seat cushion, and a throw blanket add just the right amount of color.
This huge black and white clock is perfect for this white wall..
This cool, modern fixture is made from a wire boxwood shrub trainer.
A banquette with cushions warms up a room
An old tool shed was cleverly transformed into this cool pool house. A set of French doors were added, and a trundle bed pulls out for poolside naps.
If you are not too too zen, this arrangement could be good for you…
Creative Pink Corridor
Great looking lamps are always important, in the countryside your can use wicker and basketry
Inspiring Garage and Home Office

Jackye Lanham Designer Uses decorative plates in unison with a touch of black, she added an organic touch with a small ruffled bouquet and a conch
Via Whitehaven
With a window that has not a great view or light, a lamp looks great. 
If you use an organic touch your decor comes to life,
Litterature mixed with art works well…

You have planned your wedding, now plan your home..together

”I think that we should all ask for some meaningful wedding presents, the ones you keep for a lifetime and that you can transmit to your children as a memory of your relationship..Objects are material things but they do have a meaning and by transmitting them you create tradition from one generation to another.  Tradition is the glue that keeps family and friends together, and they establish permanence in our life.
If you have such objects, you can share them with us.”
Of course a wedding picture  is a memorable object
Decogirlmontreal’s wedding photo June 15Th, ( by the way, my mom advised me to consult the Farmer’s almanac for a weather check, and believe it or not the only sunny day of June was the 15Th, and it was glorious, it rain the day before and the day after.)

A very informal wedding in the country

Sharing with the girls

You can also frame a multitude of miniature wedding photos

My wedding reception took place in Ste. Marie de Beauce at my parents country home
A formal wedding, my sister Louisette’s wedding in Quebec city, I am the last girl on the far left

This was our wedding gift from my parents, I will give it to my son Louis and hopefully he will give it to his own children.
The Chinese jade horses of my youth…

They are sitting on top of a Vachon cake display box that I use as a book display  (It was use to display the cakes in small grocery stores in the 1930’s.)

My Father’s chair

This chair was in the far corner of the living room at our country house, and as long as I can remember the country house, this was my father’s chair, it was recovered many times over and over again, it is not the most beautiful chair, but I cannot dispose of it, maybe Louis will want it one of these days.

The objects that Christine loves (A client and a friend)

3 candle holder given to her by her 3 children

A terracotta sculpture of Mother and child

Family pictures-her collection of Inuit art-a big bouquet of white tulips her favorite flowers

A painting of her favorite artist which triggers a happy feeling every time she gazes at it.

This is my gorgeous son Louis, he is now 33 years old, time flies,  This why Decogirls and boys  it is so important to capture the moment so we can cherish the memories.

The importance of placing your favorite objects in your home.

Your memorabilia, your favorite objects, art, piece of furniture, have a signification,
and you will find great pleasure by surrounding yourself with them in an harmonious way. I find, that sometimes just a glance at such an object will bring back happy memories, and bring me joy even for an instant.
”Like a cast-iron pan has traces of all meals, a house has a sense memory of everything that’s happened to it,”  says Borgnes Giramonti
 “You want to layer it with not just furniture, but with experiences.”
well said Lisa Borgnes Giramonti
Lisa loves England and her home has a je ne sais quoi quite British,  The Union Jack pillow introduces us immediately to this taste of all English things.
Lawrence K. Ho / Los Angeles Times
About Lisa Borgnes Giramonti from a Bloomsbury Life (great blog)
Lawrence K. Ho / Los Angeles Times

Lisa’s corner with her old style
embroidery and her very contemporary thoughts.
Just a table a lamp, a few books and objects
Lisa’s office with photos,clipping a beautiful lamp and a vase of filled with flowers.
 The runner is from Pottery barn
The elephants are from Home Goods, they are from Indian,
and India had a great and most exciting  influence on British decor.
Beverly Hills condo decorated by Nathan Turner.
I  like Nathan Turner’s simplicity, but not Zen….you can tell that he has used very personal objects, accessories of the persons who live in this home.
It is Californian, and the woven fabrics bring a certain warmth and comfort in this room.

I love this dining room library with its books, objects and tableaux, it gives this room history.

This arrangement above the bed is simple and très personnel.
This teal  blue with a touch of tangerine, this four poster bed surrounded by these frames, and the lanterns
give such a personality to this bedroom, it looks so undecorated, I really like it.
Small corner, the retro tangerine telephone is quite comical.

Greystone Mansion, what I like about Nathan Turner is that his decoration resemble his clients, this decor is very different from the Beverly Hills home.

This table is a good example of mixing and harmonizing objects, books, lighting in a natural and simple way.
Very décontracté.

A well balanced corner, the height of the lamp, the small round  box, and the decorative frame and their colours make this area absolutely charming.

I like the simple and narrow bookshelves they are perfect with the banquette
in this alcove space. This area could not be the same without the floor lamp.

Hollywood Hills
The traditional idea of family pictures in the stairwell is also interesting, and you can add and add and add…..indefinitely.
Cushions can also reflect your personality.
La vie en rose is so nice.

Los Feliz Green house
Restoration Hardware have very similar mirrors they are made out of reclaimed wood, they are very architectural looking and give this contemporary room a bit of history.

Wow….what can I say about Kelly Wearstler, she is so talented and so extravagant, there is nothing simple about her decors.  she uses enormous decorative objects and her sense of colour is époustouflant. (look it up in the French dictionary, it is a nice word)
Kelly Wearstler

Do you think the concha is more comfortable than the small chair???
Look at this arrangement, and the two chairs are terrific
and so much fun.  I would feel like a real queen.
My favorite Sara Story décors.
I like the Barcelona chair in the left corner with the floor lamp, very cozy.
Gramercy Park

See the desk, a long enfilade made out of wood, simple and elegant, The storage Hermes like boxes are also neat.  We always need a Zebra rug.

There is absolute harmony between these two rooms.
Reading corner.

Don’t throw out your old suitcases, you can use them as bedside tables and dream of  great travels.

Celerie Kemble
Nathan Egan
I find the gathering of objects an art in itself,  they have to vary in heights, colour, theme, and same texture or material are a great harmonizer.

A retro corner
Christina House / For The Times

‘Mary McDonald Interiors’
( Jean Randazzo )
By Alexandria Abramian Mott
Look at this tree, you can do this Decogirls.
Via La times

You can use magazine pictures and mix them with family pictures.

Now gather your souvenirs, and objects that are endearing to you and transform your house into a home.
If  you want to share your favorite corners with us, send me your pictures at Suvachon@videotron.ca
Have a great evening, I am just about to have dinner, I am so starved., I am having salmon pie and a green salad.