Today’s idea, decorate with your Christmas lights

Why not use your Christmas lights all year round, they are quite magical and create a very warm ambiance.


Via Photo Photo by Steven Michael Photography via RuffledDecorating-Holiday-Lights-Throughout-YearIn the garden you can totally dress up your trees with these small holiday lights.

Photo by Jennifer Blair Photography via Style Me Pretty


A very romantic dinner with your tiny Christmas lights above your table.

Photo by Heather Hawkins Photography via Wedding Chicks


A special chandelier made out of tiny Christmas lights can be used anywhere you like.

Today’s idea, Seek inspiration anywhere you look

Sometimes Inspiration comes in the most peculiar way, the importance is to look and see.


Is it a lamp is it a sculpture, it is indeed a sculpture/lamp

The Paris born Designer Jean-Marc Gady was inspired by the petticoat of the French Cancan dancers in the creation of this lamp.


The French Cancan lamp is spectacular, so were the dancers, inspiration is where beauty meets.

Photo via


Jean-Marc Gady peeking through the French Cancan lamp.

Photo via


French Cancan dancer at the Moulin Rouge in Paris, the famous ”Coup du chapeau” I suppose it requires a leg to hat coordination.

Today’s idea, enlightenment in your home decor

A bit of philosophy mixed with a bit of ceiling light shopping, and I want to share both with you.


We would like to think that we are at the age of enlightenment, in our life and in our homes.  The age of reason or enlightenment  was a 17th and 18th century cultural movement, and its wish was to reform society, bring knowledge through science and oppose abuse and intolerance, therefore enlightenment equals light

Now Shopping time

17656_016_4 hampton bay moravian star 149.99

This is my very favorite, the Moravian Star $149.99, in lighting,  I found the best deals at Home Depot,  and we certainly can get the look for a less expensive price. This star has a beautiful history, if you want to know more about it you can visit my Pinterest site at



Dining with a Moravian Star over you.

16174.785247155149_4 equinoxe 210.51

light-foyer-pendant/920311 $210.51

10323.LU4019CC_4 Bazz pendant light 189.00 $189.00

When you choose a pendant light for your hallway, make sure to look under it, so that it does not show the bulb like this fixture below.


This is a lovely fixture for a small dining room or a kitchen light.

21387.105009_4 gen-lite bird cage 178.00

A real cute bird-cage for 178.00, if you check other store similar look are priced at $2395.00, of course the quality is different, but if you want to go for the look it does work.

zuo $682.20

I am splurging a bit with this stellar light fixture, but I know this one well and it really creates a magical ambiance.

dining  After 393

A client of mine bought the stellar light,  and she absolutely loves it.

22672.CLI-LSHD-417316_4 illumine 5 light 176.80 $176.80

This light would look terrific above a kitchen table or in a small dining area.

07535_4 hampton bay island fixture 189.00 $189.00

You could also use this light above a rectangular kitchen or dining  table, I would suggest you put it on a dimmer. I would install dimmers everywhere, we look so much better when the light is dimmed, most of all if we are women of a certain age.

16174.785247127351_PrimaryImage_4 Progress illuma-flex 113.98 $113.98

You can get two or three identical illuma-flex, they would look very good above an island, or just one over a kitchen table.

21579.20096A_4 eglo tosca 169.99

For a Scandinavian look I would definitely favor this Eglo tosca fixture, looks best over a rectangular table.  $169.99

23517.50086-2_4 Zuo millenia pendant light 245.00

For a modern 70s look this white light fixture has a nice texture. $245.00

I can get overly excited when I find stuff I really like, it took a while but it was worth the effort, I could have spent a lot more time on this site, but it is your turn now, you can go and do your homework, some of these you can only buy online, Just make sure you look at the info.

Back to Philosophy

 Socrates knew that without light there was no color, so if you want a technicolor life make sure you get the right light for your home.

Have a great Easter long week-end, enjoy.


Today’s idea choosing your Hallway light fixture….

I find that shopping for Hallway light fixture is not that easy, we always wonder ”Is it too big, is it too small, is it too long”….here is today’s idea about ahoosing your entrance light fixture, hope this can help..

1- You have to decide the width of your light fixture.

2- Add the width and the length of the hallway in feet,  this will give you the width, If your total hallway is 6×5  your fixture will be 11 inches wide.

From vintage style fixture 599.00

From Omega chandelier 189.00

Via House Beautiful/photo Pieter Estersohn

 A rustic lantern

World Imports - Sutton Collection Rust 4-Light 12 In. Hanging Lantern - 9108-42 - Home Depot Canada

From 232.00

From  Belvedere chandelier 79.00 Meringue 139.00 Claire 105.00

3- The length should be around seven feet from the floor.


From Bulle 899.00

4- If your hallway is quite big, you may have to add some wall sconces to your ceiling fixture, they should be 66 inches from the floor and around 7 to 8 feet apart.

Via House Beautiful/Photo Luca Trovato


From Zodiac light fixture 1995.00


Today’s idea, lights for your Kitchen Island, getting the look

Sometimes decisions are difficult to make about  lights above our Kitchen Island…..Here are a few ideas that I hope will be inspiring and useful for you…

Via the Tim Clarke’s book , Coastal Modern/Photo Noah Webb

Layer with Crisp Shades and Textures

In this beach home with a big Island, two suspension lights bring a more dramatic look in this Kitchen and of course ”more light”


At Home Depot $172,71

Via source: McCoppin Studioskitchens - Moravian Star Pendant white beadboard ceiling rustic exposed wood beams white kitchen cabinets calcutta gold marble countertops gray kitchen island gray walls starfish decor stools

You could use one or two Hampton Bay Moravian stars at Home Depot $149.99, I love these Stars, they have a history and are soulful, if you want to know more about the Moravian star go to

Via S. Russell Groveskitchens - rustic kitchen exposed wood beams white kitchen island gray kitchen cabinets stools glass front kitchen cabinets pendant island lights rustic wood floors

A series of smaller lights

Suzie: Modern kitchen  Love the glass lantern pendant lights, white carrera carrara marble ...

You can find similar Glass pendant lights at Ikea

IKEA PS Pendant lamp IKEA Decorate the lamp to your own taste; for electrical safety reasons, only use dry objects.



A Lantern for a small Kitchen Island


Home Depot $304.20

Ikea has a very similar Island light…

KROBY Pendant lamp double IKEA Shades of mouth blown glass; each shade is unique.

Kroby light Ikea $49.99

Enjoy your sunny day wherever you are…


In a traditional bedroom, I feel a Chandelier could make a statement, like”Did you see me, I am hanging from the ceiling and I am beautiful”
Via Stylelist home & Flick Photo by Burrs & Berries
Via Stylelist home & Flick user Mazzali
Even if a Chandelier tried to hang from this contemporary ceiling, I would categorically say no….
Via Stylelist home & Flick user Mazzali
On the other hand, this bedroom is a mix of traditional architecture and contemporary furniture, the Chandelier feels totally at home…
Via Pinterest Ana Casteràn-Winkler
Pinned Image
This Chandelier feels very at ease in this tiny cute bedroom….
Chic Nordic summer house
Scandinavian simplicity, a Chandelier or a suspension lamp would give it a bit of a humffff….
Spanish country delight
The drop around ceiling does not welcome a Chandelier…
Via Casa Sugar 

Designer Kim Samson Scandinavian House Tour


This small room definitely does not need one, it is perfect as it is with its horns on the wall and its skinny floor lamp….
Via House Beautiful
This Chandelier feels like a queen in the middle of the poster bed…


The importance of light ”Without light there is no color”
This is one of my favorite ambiance lamp, it comes in white and Halloween color……
Ikea Filsta Lamp $14.95
FILLSTA Table lamp, orange Diameter: 27 cm Height: 31 cm Cord length: 240 cm  
BASISK Floor/reading lamp, nickel-plated, birch white Height: 112 cm Base diameter: 21.5 cm Shade diameter: 12 cm Cord length: 2.1 m
Ikea Basisk floor lamp, a discreet reading lamp you can stick anywhere $39.99
IKEA 365+ BRASA Table lamp, white Diameter: 45 cm Height: 69 cm
Ikea white table lamp 365+Brasa $169.99 nice and modern, not overly dramatic….
IKEA 365+ BRASA Floor/reading lamp, black Height: 131 cm Base diameter: 26 cm Shade diameter: 13 cm Cord length: 2.0 m
Ikea floor reading black Brasa Lamp $159.00
BAROMETER Floor/reading lamp, nickel-plated Height: 146 cm Base diameter: 26 cm Shade diameter: 16 cm Cord length: 2.2 m
My favorite floor lamp from Ikea the Barometer with a flexible arm, decorative and functional…
Home Depot had the brilliant idea of having photographs of litted lamps….I like this idea….
GEN-LITE - Weaved Bronze Metal Table Lamp With Mushroom Coloured Shade - 103931 - Home Depot Canada
From Home Depot, the weaved Gen-Lite table lamp $127.65 online only…
GEN-LITE - Silver And Leather Threaded Table Lamp With Black Rectangular Shade - 103930 - Home Depot Canada
A masculine Gen-Lite table lamp at Home Depot $109.15
Eurofase - Shura Collection 1-Light Bronze Table Lamp - 14601-019 - Home Depot Canada
Great as twin lamps Eurofase Bronze table lamp $100.80
GEN-LITE - Urban Restoration Bronze Table Lamp With A Cranberry Color Shade - 28.5 Inch - 102149CB - Home Depot Canada
Good as identical lamps,  Gen-Lite bronze color with a red detail on the lamp shade $89.00
Hampton Bay - Soprano Matte Black Table Lamp - HB3249-1 - Home Depot Canada
Home Depot Hampton Bay Soprano $39.99
Home Depot Hampton Bay ambiance lamp $139.00 they forgot to light this one up….
Lampadaire en bois torsadé
If you have been following my blog, you probably know by now that this floor lamp that resemble a floor lamp that my father once made for our home is my very Pier One favorite….$279.00
Lampe classique
Pier One a Classical table lamp $115.00
Lampe Exhibit
Pier One table lamp Exhibit $115.00
Lampe alvéolée, sarcelle
Pier One $75.00
Lampe corail
Pier One Coral Lamp $79.00
Lampe de travail à motif craquelé, bronze
Pier One a non traditional Desk lamp $80.00
I could have shopped all day for lamps, somehow I wonder in the great spectrum of life what it could mean…..hummmm…
Lampadaire Twin Links
Pier One Twin links on sale $194.99
Enjoy your lights…..Turn on the light and see life in multicolor….


A few lights and a few tips…

I have been exploring and found some light fixtures for you, hope you enjoy them.

All these light fixtures are priced from 5.00 to a maximum of 350.00

Ikea Maskros pendant light
IKEA PS MASKROS Pendant lamp Diameter: 32 " Cord length: 71 "  Diameter: 80 cm Cord length: 180 cm
Fillsta pendant light
FILLSTA Pendant lamp, white Diameter: 31 " Cord length: 71 "  Diameter: 78 cm Cord length: 180 cm  ?

Coté Maison/Photo Nicolas Matheus
Oser tendre vers l'enfantin

Young humorous happy pendant lamps make you smile.

Warmluft Ikea

VARMLUFT Shade, square off-white Length: 18 " Height: 7 "  Length: 46 cm Height: 16.5 cm

Elipse chandelier from Z Gallerie
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Bellina from Z Gallerie
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Via House Beautiful/Photo Edmund Barr
1- Use a different variety sources of light, chandelier, pendant light, floor lamp.

Via House Beautiful/Photo Reed Davis

Via House Beautiful/Photo John M. Hall

Fillsta table orange lamp

FILLSTA Table lamp, orange Diameter: 11 " Height: 12 " Cord length: 7 ' 10 "  Diameter: 27 cm Height: 31 cm Cord length: 240 cm
CAMILLE by Ralph Lauren at Circa lighting

Ralph Lauren from Circa Lighting

BAMBOO LANTERN from Ralph Lauren at Circa lighting

HARPER from Circa lighting

Samtid lamp Ikea

SAMTID Table lamp, nickel plated, white Height: 28 " Base diameter: 8 " Shade diameter: 9 " Cord length: 5 ' 9 "  Height: 71 cm Base diameter: 19.5 cm Shade diameter: 23 cm Cord length: 175 cm
Mariposa from Z Gallerie

Click here to view larger image

Weston table lamp from Z Gallerie

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Via House Beautiful/Photo José Picayo

2- Identical table lamps create a nice symmetry on a table behind a couch.
Väte floor lamp Ikea

VÄTE Floor lamp, nickel plated, white Height: 64 " Base diameter: 14 " Shade diameter: 16 " Cord length: 79 "  Height: 163 cm Base diameter: 36 cm Shade diameter: 40 cm Cord length: 200 cm
Burke from Z Gallerie
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Via Coté Maison/Photo Bernard Touillon
Salon lumineux et reposant
Foor lamp by Philippe Starck
Studio reading lamp from Circa light
Via House Beautiful/Photo Simon Watson
3- Good reading lamps are very useful by a sofa or a comfortable armchair
The twisted wooden floor lamp From Pier One
Via House Beautiful/Photo Christopher Baker
A mixture of pendant light, table lamps and floor lamp helps create ambiance in a room.
The twin links from Pier One

Via Coté Maison/Photo Jean-Marc Palisse
Mix des genres dans un salon immense
An enormous floor lamp makes a statement.
4- If you are over fifty you will need more light, ( sorry this is the way it is, our eyesight changes, but the advantage is that our eye yellows, and everything looks warmer),  the trick is to double the wattage.