The so imperfect omelet

Believe me when I started this omelet at exactly 11:45 today, I expected it to be perfect, I am a Virgo as you all know I must be perfection. By the way my birthday is this month so feel free to wish me a Happy Birthday my lovelies.


Basically I used what I had, eggs, tomato, avocado parmesan cheese a bit of dried basil and cream. Oh I forgot butter.


I whisked the eggs with the cream, started the omelet and dropped the parmesan pieces on top.

IMG_0130As soon as the parmesan was melted I threw the mixture of tomato, avocado and basil in and cooked it a little longer to warm up all the ingredients and so that I could flip the omelet,  I realized that half of a small avocado and a medium size tomato was too much to bear for this small omelet. ” but too late”, so I cooked it for about 2 more minutes and transferred it into a plate as artistically possible IMG_0131

Voilà! This is the final step of this so imperfect but delicious omelet.

Recipe for the imperfect omelet which is juicier by the way, or if you prefer the perfect omelet, I modified the recipe a bit for you.

2 eggs

(Perfect) 1/4 of a small avocado (Imperfect) 1/2 of a small avocado 

(Perfect) 1/2 a medium tomato (Imperfect) 1 medium tomato

1 teaspoon of basil dabbled over the mixture

2 tablespoon of parmesan cheese

2 tablespoon of 15% or whatever cream

1 1/2 tablespoon butter

Hope this works for you, have a great lazy Sunday.

** Sorry to have exposed the 1/4 pound of butter so obscenely, but I never quite am able to open it and close it perfectly, somehow I always rip the paper and it never looks quite right. So much for the perfect Virgo.” 

The small luxuries of fall

When fall comes my bed is my comfort.  

IMG_1059 copy 2

My bed, my shelter.

Florida 019On a lazy Sunday, I love to snuggle with my duvet, my soft pillows and read a good book. For me reading in bed is a small luxury of life, we call them petites douceurs in French.


I used to like my sheets with lots of flowers, now I like very basic colours that I can mix and match. For instance I could use this blue bedding from Parachute Home ( as is, or mix it with the ash sheets or the navy sheets below.


Sateen sheets set Percale ash colour $89.99


Satten sheets set percale, navy $89.00

Photo Alain Sirois via Style at home


My flowery bed then. If you like patterns and flowers, you can always use your basic sheets and mix it with your flowery duvet cover, or flowery pillows.

Happy fall, keep warm and cozy my friends.

Happy times on a lazy Sunday

In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter and sharing of pleasures.

Khalil Gibran
A dear friend just sent me a Thinking of you note  from Florida with a photograph of his very special Martini looking at the sunset over the canal. It reminded me of the good times we had together on a Lazy Sunday.

Today’s idea, 3 Very personal Christmas wreaths

Personalizing your Christmas wreaths creates tradition.

IMG_0962 2

I really like decorating my Christmas wreaths and Canadian Tire has provided me with 3 wreaths that I totally decorated with gold, apple green ornaments and ribbons from the Canvas collection. I even added a few of my old brooches for posterity, but add whatever  inspires you.


I would like that the decoration of wreaths like the decoration of Christmas trees becomes a family tradition that my son Louis will transmit to his own children,

As I live in an apartment, I installed my 3 wreaths inside my entrance door but you can also  hang them in a mirror, group them on a wall or above your fireplace.

Personalize your Christmas wreath and create your own family traditions.

Picnic on a Lazy Sunday

This picnic set up is absolutely magical, I really really want to be just sitting on this beautiful tablecloth on the last day of summer and eat and be lazy and eat and be lazy again. To reproduce this charming environment, we only need a river bank a few dishes, some great food and don’t forget a straw hat a lovely pillow and of course good company.

Found on



Enjoy your Lazy Sunday picnic wherever your are my friends.

This is not a Lazy Sunday, but it will help sell your home

Oops, summer is not over yet but we have to think about getting our house ready to go on the market if we want to sell it.

These blogs can help you out, I only chose a few for you but feel free to explore all 24 blogs, House sitting jobs recommended them to me and I found them very useful.

Via 24 Blogs Highlighting Ideas for Preparing Your House to Sell

Published on July 28, 2013, by  in Sitters.

When it comes time to sell your home, it can be a difficult task emotionally, physically and financially. It’s important to take a step back as you prepare to put your house on the market, and to view your home and its curb appeal as a potential buyer would. You’ll also want to do a thorough walk through of your house and notate all of the different places that you’ll need to update, as well as any flaws a buyer may notice, before putting it up for sale. Once you’ve made your list it’s time to form a game plan.  These 24 blog articles will help you spruce up your house to get it ready to sell.

Curb Appeal

Realtors will tell you that potential buyers often make up their mind about a home in the first 30 seconds, which is why curb appeal is so important. You want your house to look welcoming to potential buyers, so that they are interested in continuing the tour inside. These six blog entries will help you see possible changes that can help boost your house’s curb appeal.

Photos Via Should You Bother Sprucing Up Your Kitchen When Selling Your House?

Kitchen  Before


Kitchen After


”Keep your old cupboards, paint them, paint can do miracles adding a nice backsplash, new electros, countertops and floor will totally  dress up your kitchen. These changes are cheaper than totally gutting the kitchen and starting new.”

Photos via decogirlmontreal

Kitchen Before

kitchen before 060

Kitchen After

kitchen After 392 (2)

”Sometimes only painting your kitchen cupboards can work wonders, it will update it and will brighten up your entire house.  This white is Timid white by Benjamin Moore 2148-60.” 



These kitchen cupboards have been redone with a product call Wrap MK, the product is a vinyl adhesive sheet in different colors. I have never tried it but there is a company warranty of 5 years on discoloration and 1 year on glue. You can visit their site, they are located in Quebec Canada and they sell online at

Everyone has probably heard the phrase “the kitchen is the heart of the home,” and this statement is one that rings true. Many families spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and having a clean, updated kitchen is important when it comes time to put your  house on the market. These six blog posts will help make your kitchen one that will sell your house.


Enjoy your hot Lazy Sunday

It’s Friday afternoon, and it is indeed scorching hot, my friend Don just invited me to go to his country home for the weekend, so I will be on my way in a few minutes. I want to wish you a great Lazy Sunday.

Via Reuters/Andrew Winning


If you are in the city  and you like to be cool, you can always stand in a fountain like this girl in London England.



If you like it hot, take a little sun but don’t forget your sunscreen and drink a lot of water.