A peek inside the New York Kips bay decorator show house

Dear lovelies, just visited the N.Y. City Decorator Show House and wanted to share with you my very favourite rooms.

Via  Architectural  Digest/Photo  Ngoc  Minh  Ngo

Young Huh’s Young at Art living room is really magical with its Fromental’s Braque wallpaper, I love it to pieces, Its absolutely la vie en rose with its pink, armchairs, ottoman and sectional pink sofa. So much fantasy and very summery looking.

Via Architectural Digest

Every year a few of the best known and upcoming Interior Designers are chosen to participate in the Kips Bay Decorator Show House and decorate a room, it is a fund raiser for boys and girls.  It all started in 1973 to help New York City children with an after school enrichment programs. The project is extremely popular and they have design buffs from all over the world visiting each year.

Via  Architectural  Digest/Photo  Ngoc  Minh  Ngo

The classical virtues of Designer Charlotte Moss’s blue and white bedroom decor are incredibly delightful and so perfect.


Via  Architectural  Digest/Photo Nikolas Sargent

Jeff Lincoln Interiors Inc.

“The room is meant to show for collectors the connection between contemporary art and collectible design,” said Jeff Lincoln who has an Art Gallery which in living contemporary artists. “The room is meant to show for collectors the connection between contemporary art and collectible design,”  

Via  Architectural  Digest/Photo Nikolas Sargent 

Designer Paloma contreras created a woman’s study in chartreuse and blue. The moire chartreuse fabric for the curtains are from Schumacher, the Billy Baldwin style ottoman covered with Jane Churchill’s tiger tooth fabric certainly adds a touch of fantasy in this very classical decor.

Via  Architectural  Digest/Photo Nikolas Sargent
Designer Sarah Bartholomew  and her fluted walls paneling really create a cocooning effect.  In this room the old and the new get along perfectly. A working desk and a chaise longue, who can ask for anything more.

Hope you enjoyed the visit, have a great week.





A pilgrimage with Frank Gehry

I would like to pay homage to the great Architect Frank Gehry, I find his work is like Origami, 

Via Architectural Digest/Photo JRC/Alamy

Frank Gehry was born in Canada in 1929, he studied at the University of Southern California and the Harvard graduate school of design. 

The Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles was opened in 2003 but it could have been built yesterday, today or even tomorrow.

Via Architectural Digest/Photo  Nemanja Radovanovic/Alamy

You have to see it to believe this building is real, it looks absolutely surreal to me.

Gehry’s Neuer Zollhof is located in the Dusseldorf Waterfront in Germany.

Via Architectural Digest /Photo: Universal Images Group/Getty Images

Cinémathèque Paris France. Used for film archives and history, built in 1994.

Via Architectural Digest /PhotoZoonar/Vladyslav Danilin

This whale like building is the Fish Pavilion at the Barcelona Olympic in Spain. It was built in 1992, how avant-gardiste (forward thinking) is Frank Gehry.  

Via Architectural Digest/Photo Izzet Keribar

Fondation Louis Vuitton Paris France is like ship with 12 glass sails. Built in 2014, Frank Gehry was 85 years young.

Via Architectural Digest/Photo Michael Pettersson/Alamy

Beekman Tower New York, this residential building  was built in 2011 and has 76 floors. I find it has a bit of a conservative look compared to his other work, except for the subtle pleats which function as bay windows.

Via Architectural Digest/Photo Richard Cummins/Robery Harding World Imagery/Corbis

EMP Museum Seattle Washington

The steel and aluminum skin of the building looks like it is flapping in the wind, it is one of my very favorite Frank Gehry’s accomplishment, so delicate, so strong and so fashion like, it looks like a cocktail dress to me.

Via Architectural Digest/Photo Aliaksandr Mazurkevich/Alamy

The Dancing house, Prague, Czech Republic, they should invite this building to dance with the Stars , they call it Fred and Ginger. I believe Mr. Gehry must be very witty. 

 (© Gehry Partners, via Guggenheim.org)
How extraordinary is this Frank Gehry’s project, the Guggenheim Museum im Abu Dhabi. It is only a project at the moment, let’s hope it will become a reality.

Hope you have enjoyed my favorite Frank Gehry’s favorite work, he is such a genius, he seems to come from another planet, if he does, he is more than welcome to earth.


An amazing cement castle

From a cement factory to a contemporary Camelot.

Via http://www.boredpanda.com

The home of Architect Ricardo Bofill is an old cement factory purchased outside of Barcelona Spain in 1973 and has been renovated with his team, he certainly infused a soul into this very cold industrial building.

via http://www.livescience.com/28992-camelot.html

The legendary Camelot of King Arthur

The cement factory towers are now totally covered with greens which gives them a magical feeling of Merlin revisited.

The cement factory “”La Fabrica”” is now transformed into an oasis and a private home.

La Fabrica working place is engulfed with light.

Arches and luminosity.

The Master bedroom with its roman windows reminds us of Guinevere’s bedroom.

Via Wikipedia.org

Queen Guinevere by Henry Justice Ford 1910 artist and illustrator.

The roof of each building is covered with greenery.

The cement factory dining room is quite intimate considering the height of the ceiling.

I absolutely adore this living area with its bookshelves and its immense white Philippe Stark like drapes.

A cathedral ceiling and a cozy room.

Looking down La Fabrica.

Walking down to La Fabrica.

A terrace view of la Fabrica.

A small Zen office in a castle is possible.

A place for a grand piano.

Hope you have enjoy this magical home in Barcelona created by the very talented Ricardo Bofill. http://www.ricardobofill.com/

Bringing your outdoor indoor with color of the year

”Being in touch with nature is Pantone’s color of 2017”

Via http://www.fabricsandpapers.com/

Greenery certainly brings nature into your home.

Glorious green leafy proposition, matching fabric and wallpaper from fabricsandpapers.com

A slash of green on a white background is absolutely refreshing.

Oh a green Ikat fabric can make your sunroom dance with joy.

White trees on a green background, a wallpaper that can turn your nature around.

Love these 2 Louis the 16th chairs with mix and match fabrics, it makes them look a few centuries younger.

Introduce pink and orange flowers in your greenery, it will make you happy.

All fabric and wallpaper from fabricsandpapers.com

Have a beautiful spring day in the middle of winter my lovelies

A touch of gold in your home

Anything goes with Gold, even Ikea likes it.

Via Dream Green DIY

Two Ikea desks side by side with spray painted gold legs brings a very chic look to your office.

Via Apartment Therapy and Dream a little bigger

Give a glimpse of gold to your lamp, she will brighten up and thank you for it.

Via Kristi Murphy

The golden look of an Ikea coffee table.

Via Hither and Thither

This black Ikea office chair is looking quite sophisticated with its spray painted golden legs.

Via Buzzfeed and stylespellbookblogspot.com

The black Ikea Vittsjö shelf

The Ikea Vittsjö shelf was magically  transformed into a very Newyorkish golden shelf.

Via Apartment Therapy and My notting hill

You can change your dressers handles and turn them into gold.

Anyone that can turn anything into gold is called an alchemist, but King Midas also had the golden touch and so do you my lovelies.

It’s beginning to look like Christmas

Run run it is never too late, let’s decorate and celebrate.

Photo Via decogirlmontreal


The more Gold the Merrier. Decor Suzanne Vachon

Via Paint me Pink


Au Natural with pinecone wreaths and pinecones all over.

Via Shades of Blue


Sleeping with a Christmas tree in your bedroom can be magical.

Via Yellow Bliss road


Red and gold Christmas tree decorations are eternal.

Via Cherished Bliss


Yes you can do it on the piano. Make your Christmas decor musical.


A peak at Charleston SC

Last week I went to visit a friend in Charleston South Carolina and I totally fell in love with this beautiful city. 

Photos by decogirlmontreal


An absolute tourist taking photo of a beautiful home.


Nathaniel Russel’s home in Charleston, Nathaniel had a passion for windows, they are quite incredible, you have to see them. https://www.historiccharleston.org/russell.aspx


Garden ideas, brick and pebble stone.


A peaceful arbor.


I love this garden entrance way.


 One of my friends is peaking again, she cannot help it.

IMG_2611A true Charleston home with palm trees, white pillars, verandah and a fountain.


I love these white double verandahs, this wooden gate and its brick pillars.


Cypresses in Charleston.


A cute pink house with topiary on each side of its front door, it looks a bit lost in translation.


A brick house covered with greenery.


Dorothy’s brick road.


A spirally lacy metal gate.


A narrow path with a fountain.


A wonderful stairwell with a green garland.


A garden Plantation


A room with a view.

My favorite quaint rooms

Sometimes in my research, I come face to face with rooms I cannot resist, they feel good at first sight,  and I would like to share them with you my lovelies.

Photo by Heidi Lerkenfeldt via http://www.1stdibs.com/


This Copenhagen Loft designed by Tina Seidenfaden Busck is absolutely charming with its pink chaise longue and a colourful vintage rug, I feel I could lie down and read my

Elsie de Wolfe book ”The House in good taste”

Photo by Gaelle Le Boulicaut via http://www.1stdibs.com/JBHolm-917-copy-e1458669180572This Library is located in Denmark, I really like the idea of having asymmetrical book shelves on each side of the doorway, I have to admit that I would have hesitated to do this, but Designer Barbara Bendix Becker really made it worked as yin and yang and created perfect balance in this room. Oh I love this Serge Mouille modern black floor lamp, it is totally erratic and has super lighting direction at the same time.

Photo The House Directory via http://www.1stdibs.com/


I cannot explore Scandinavian contemporary homes without showing you the traditional Gustavian Style of the 18th century invented by King Gustav lll of Sweden.

Photo via Swedish Interiors


Gustav lll loved Interior Design, fashion and art. Looking at his clothes, it seems that they were a great inspiration for his Interiors. The Gustavian Swedes are not afraid to mix their woods, they also like pastel colours, blue, yellow, gray and white washed.


gustav-III-alexander-roslin(pp_w700_h909) (1)

This is Gustav the lll, if you want to know more about this talented chap go and visit Laurel Bern’s blog, http://laurelberninteriors.com/ she has written a very interesting and fun post about Gustav and all Gustavian colours and Interiors.

Photos Matthiew Williams Via architectural Digest


From Scandinavia via Kathleen Hacketts book to Brooklyn with love.

Photos Matthiew Williams Via architectural Digest


This brown and white room has lots of character, Artist Stephen Antonson has created the plaster chandelier above the dining room table and the different shape plaster candlesticks by hand. Somehow I see a Scandinavian influence in his work. Mixing wood dining room table and chairs with a painted white sideboard works very well.

Photo via http://www.remodelista.com/


Voilà Stephen at work in his atelier, for more info go to http://www.stephenantonson.com/lighting/

Photos Matthiew Williams Via architectural Digest


This is a room of my own heart, it is entirely decorated with second-hand stuff, beautiful and very quaint, even the disemboweled armchair in the corner is charming.

Via http://www.cotemaison.fr/


In Milan, a traditional home with a modern look, renovated by Milanese Architect Giuliano dell’Uva. I particularly like the stainless steel book shelves in the kitchen, they had to be made to measure. Don’t you find It is always a challenge to store books in a kitchen.

Photo decogirlmontreal

donald boat house

This room is very dear to my heart, it is my good friend Donald’s boat house where we have had many happy moments amongst friends.

salle à manger DonaldDiner is ready at the boat house.

salle à manger terrasse Don

A room with a view on Lake Memphremagog.

Have a great evening, cheer up spring is almost here at last.


Today’s idea, your office in a closet

Small can be beautiful if it is orderly. Think out of the box, think about a closet office.



In my new apartment, I have to think about creating a new home office.


My actual office is in my bedroom window alcove. I installed the curtains just in front of it so that I could close the office at night by pulling the curtains.


Ideally I would like to build a storage area on this right inside 13 foot wall which is like an alcove facing the bed, as I have very little storage space I thought I could use this 30 inch deep alcove by 13 foot to create my office plus an additional closet. Of course it will make the bedroom smaller but as you know, the smaller the space the more important the storage.

IMG_1234This is the wall, hopefully I will be able to use 60 inches for my office, and about 96 inches for storage shelves and a clothes closet.

http://domino.com/apartment-decorating-ideas-for-the-home-office/image/53d770b39ac35f2a28c516f7/Photo by Max Kim-Bee


Go pink for la vie en Rose in your closet office.




I kind of like the Ikea Alex desk $159.00, I think it would be perfect for this closet office, it is 51”5/8 X 23”5/8.

3f5383e0f6293249d51e3c52d3153bc6 (1)

I definitely would like to have a mirror in the back of my closet office as I am facing the wall, with a mirror I will be able to see the reflection of the light in my bedroom windows.

https://www.pinterest.com/pin/389561436494871043/Via Pottery Barn


You can even installed a wall lamp in this closet office

Via http://loveoffamilyandhome.net/2011/01/my-closet-turned-home-office-reveal.html

closet makeover 1

Unbelievable, Tonya’s office was originally a small closet.

closet makeover 16

Her father converted this old kitchen table into a desk and shelves.

closet makeover 10

First Tonya stencilled the back of her closet, but you could use wallpaper if you wish.

This kitchen table was cut into 3 pieces, it brings a lot of style to this tiny office.

Closet Office

Tonya’s minute office is absolutely adorable.

These office ideas are really inspiring for me, I hope they are helping you too. Have great day, I have to go back to my packing, cleaning up files, clothes etc.. big job.