A quick visit in some Brazilian homes

Brazil has been on the map with the FIFA for the past few weeks, so I thought it would be nice to visit a few Brazilian homes. I found that the contemporary home decor is very similar to our home decor with a great splash of color here and there.

Via http://revistacasaejardim.globo.com/Casa-e-Jardim/Decoracao/Ambientes/noticia

 (Foto: Marcelo Magnani/Casa e Jardim )


You could be totally inspired by Brazilian Architecture and home decor by visiting Casa e Jardim Brazilian home decor magazine.

(Foto: Marcelo Magnani/Casa e Jardim )


White is a great canvas for color.

(Foto: Lufe Gomes/Casa e Jardim)


Black and white decor with a touch of red can be quite joyous.

(Foto: Maíra Acayaba/Casa e Jardim)


Lofty Brazilian rooms.

(Foto: Maíra Acayaba/Casa e Jardim)


Gray, blue, magenta and a yellow chair work perfectly in this living area. I am not a gray fan, but this mixture of color with the gray is absolutely enchanting.

Via http://trendland.com/brazilian-houses-with-retro-touches/


If you want to discover more rooms in this gorgeous Retro style very colourful Brazilian home just go to  http://trendland.com/brazilian-houses-with-retro-touches/ I just love the wall with the Roy Lichtenstein ”In the car 1963” it really belongs in this room, don’t you think so, it would not be the same without it.

Via http://trendland.com/brazilian-houses-with-retro-touches/


You know what, this blue and white modern tiled wall between the kitchen and the dining room is quite Brazilian but it could be easily reproduced in one of our homes. Hoped you enjoyed my Brazilian homes tour, have a great day, it is summer and we people from the North cherish every sunny hour of the day.