Today’s idea, choices of headboards for your bed

All the tastes are in nature, you can buy your headboard, you can make your headboard, you can keep your headboard forever and ever, you an replace your headboard, you can have a natural headboard or a very colorful headboard, all and all it is so comforting to have a headboard….if you scroll down to the bottom you can watch on your tube ”How to make your own headboard”
Via Pottery Barn
Riley Headboard & Slipcover
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Easy to make, you can use sheets you love….
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A contemporary headboard is simple to create….
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Via Pottery Barn
York Tufted Headboard
The you Tube Headboard DIY is similar to this one….

Via Pottery Barn

Seagrass Headboard
Natural materials like Seagrass and Bamboo look good anywhere….

An old fireplace mantel with distress paint looks very countryish…

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Give your headboard history, paint it….
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Louvre doors are simple, attractive and quite effective…..


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Salvaged wood headboard is an easy way…..

Via House Beautiful

Oh la la very country French, this gingham like fabric looks so fresh….
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A brass headboard is always in, it has lived through centuries…
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For a country side dormitory, drapes and a beautiful upholstered bolster look terrific….
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Light floating curtains are romantic and use wooden sculpture as a headboard, you often find them in Indian furniture store…


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You can buy a metal headboard, old or new and use your bedding as color and shape….
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You can make this colorful headboard with fabric and buy a molding at Home Depot or a hardware store, paint it and install it on the plywood you are using as a base for your headboard….
This my own headboard, it was given to me by my parents when I was 12 years old and I have used it over and over again…..
DIY Headboard


I was very excited to discover that Cottonelle is working with the colorful Designer Jonathan Adler, the result
is fantastic, for very little money you can add color in your bathroom and a Designer’s toilet paper roll cover…
Order for $2.00 per roll cover (plus $1.99 USD/$2.25 CND for shipping and handling = $3.99 USD/$4.25 CND per roll cover).
*Kleenex should work with Jonathan Adler, they have the most boring boxes, everytime I buy a box, I say to myself why Oh why are they so ugly.  
This is Jonathan Adler, he has a boutique in New York, you can also find some of his  Design in Montreal at a charming boutique 

The 3 patterns you can choose from….
This is one of my favorite book by J. Adler 11.91  at
Jonathan Adler on Happy Chic Colors
I am getting his latest for 23.09
My Prescription for Anti-Depressive Living
You can also visit Johanthan Adler and see all of his colorful Designs at
Have a wonderful week end…

From easy to easiest Christmas Table Centerpiece

Sometimes simple and easy is beautiful….Take it easy, it’s not Christmas yet and these Centerpieces don’t require much time
Via Flickr Photo by Dinner Series 

How about a bunch of Cranberries in a glass vase….

Via Flickr Photo by Michael Cornelius
If your centerpiece is not ready yet, just rush to the Dollar Store and buy a bunch of Christmas balls or different ornaments and throw them in a vase or a platter…see easy and beautiful….
Via Flickr Photo by Regal Ribbons
It’s a gift, it’s a bow, It’s only a big ribbon and it looks good….how easy can it be….

Via Better Homes and Gardens
Wrapped-and-Stacked Centerpiece

This Christmas tree like made with boxes is very attractive and simple enough, but would be better for a buffet Christmas dinner than a sitting down dinner because it is a bit to high for conversation…

Better Homes and Gardens
Tree of Christmas Cards

Also good for buffet style…I find Better Homes and Gardens has a lot to offer in the easy decorative department…not as intricate as Martha….

Better Homes and Gardens

Terrific with red and white, hot glued roses on a vase with evergreen….This one is easy but a little more Martha like, longer in the accomplishment…

Via Better Homes and Gardens
Peppermint Packets

Really cute idea with scrapbook material often found at Home Sense…

Via Better Homes and Gardens
Snowman place cards

Just a few miniature snowmen here and there or as place cards, or put them in a glass vase, they are absolutely jolly….

Via Better Homes and Gardens
Glass Container With Decorated Christmas Balls

Effective and the easiest….

See this was easy….


If you are like me and you have an on going love affair with your shoes, treat them well.
I saw this walk in closet with shoe shelves that I adore….this is my shoe story…age
Designer Lisa Adams 
It is a real shoe success (Une belle réussite as we say in French)….You can visit Lisa at

This was before Lisa got there….
If you don’t live in L.A. and have a smaller budget,
You could buy the Ikea Billys for your shoe shelves and add a nice molding on top  …
For more shoe storage you can go with the Angle Billy from Ikea…Crazy for shoes…
By the way…these are my favorite vintage shoes by Lanzoni and B an Italian shoe Designer…

I will keep them forever… and I have had them forever….


It might cost you $100.00-$200.00 but what a difference it would make in your everyday life…
This is your choice guys, you can have this room….

or with a little help from yourself you could have this room…..
Mainly Ikea and a frame piece of fabric on the wall…
or this room, bedding from Ikea, 2 bed tables from the Salvation Army with Ikea drawer handles…
pillow from Home Sense….A Charles Pachter Canada Flag poster…
EIVOR LEVA Housse de couette et taie(s), multicolore Longueur housse couette: 86 " Largeur housse couette: 86 " Long. taie oreiller: 20 " Larg. taie oreiller: 30 "  Longueur housse couette: 218 cm Largeur housse couette: 218 cm Long. taie oreiller: 51 cm Larg. taie oreiller: 76 cm
Ikea Bedding Eivor Leva $69.99
TVÅBLAD RUND Housse de couette et taie(s), multicolore Longueur housse couette: 86 " Largeur housse couette: 64 " Long. taie oreiller: 20 " Larg. taie oreiller: 30 "  Longueur housse couette: 218 cm Largeur housse couette: 162 cm Long. taie oreiller: 51 cm Larg. taie oreiller: 76 cm
Ikea Tvablad Rund $34.99
RENS Peau de mouton, blanc
You can treat yourself with a Lamb skin at the foot of your bed for $39.99
FLOKATI Tapis, poil long, blanc Longueur: 4 ' 3 " Largeur: 2 ' 4 " Grammage poil (g/m2): 2.13 oz/sq ft Hauteur poil: 2 "  Longueur: 130 cm Largeur: 70 cm Grammage poil (g/m2): 650 g/m² Hauteur poil: 40 mm
A real Flokati (Greek wool) great in the winter, warms up your toes and your heart.
MICKE Bureau, blanc, orange Largeur: 28 3/4 " Profondeur: 19 5/8 " Hauteur: 29 1/2 "  Largeur: 73 cm Profondeur: 50 cm Hauteur: 75 cm
A small desk for a small space the Micke from Ikea $59.99
MALOU Housse couette + taie(s), gris, noir Longueur housse couette: 86 " Largeur housse couette: 86 " Long. couvre-oreiller: 20 " Larg. couvre-oreiller: 30 "  Longueur housse couette: 218 cm Largeur housse couette: 218 cm Long. couvre-oreiller: 51 cm Larg. couvre-oreiller: 76 cm
Malou bedding from Ikea $44.99
VILA Couvre-oreiller, rouge orange Longueur: 20 " Largeur: 30 "  Longueur: 51 cm Largeur: 76 cm
A little Orange vitamin  C in your bed… Vila pillow sham for $7.99 All at Ikea…
You can also find great buys on Kijiji and other second hand sites…
May the Force be with you, have a super school year…and don’t forget to have a good time.. live a little…


When we talk about Shabby Chic, Rachel Ashwell’s name comes right up, and Decogirlmontreal is next…..
Voilà a bit of Shabby Chic for you my friends….
Via LA Times/Photos Brian Van der Brug
By Barbara Thornburg <p>
In Rachel Ashwell's latest home, a 1960s clapboard house in Malibu's Paradise Cove, her signature <a href="">Shabby Chic</a> look is in full effect, but she emphasizes that the house is far from perfect. "In the past, I would have replaced everything -- installed hardwood floors and new windows, changed the staircase and railing -- but it's not necessary," she said. "I think the cottage demonstrates how to work with what you have. Even when things are not exactly the way you want, you can make it work." Here she arranges flowers at a table fashioned from reclaimed oak.
It seems that in spite of my love for Shabby Chic, the trend is dying down at the moment, as I am not a trendy person, I like what I like, my heart will go on with a bit of Shabby Chic…..
A lack of legs on the sofa is inconsequential when this is the view.
The view from the Rachel’s Shabby Chic Shack…..
An old distressed bench a rattan settee and an almost Adirondack chair….lets not forget the clothes line with a few of Rachel’s dresses..
Ashwell considers this large vintage dining table a staple. It's been with her in her various homes over the years.
Shabby Chic has a warm and comforting feeling, you can put your feet up and dreammmmm……
A weathered blue tray says "welcome" with mismatched vintage glasses and an old tea pot.
I always have been an aficionado of mismatched vintage glass, sometimes I cheat and mix them with glasses that look vintage but are not necessarily so…I confess, I buy Glasses everywhere, sometimes at the Salvation Army, once I found fabulous glasses that came with the original price tag from an antique store in Montreal at Village Value….It happens, I was lucky that day…..
A weathered wardrobe stands behind the dining table. Her signature look may be white-on-white, but Ashwell does include more color these days, part of her new "Russian peasant cottage style" inspired by a book by British photographer Tim Walker. "It's a bit more bohemian with a slightly richer palette," she says.
See what you can do with an old not so great armoire, a bit of distressing makes it more endearing….
Ashwell's 48-inch round table, made from reclaimed oak, is part of her new furnishings line made in Los Angeles. It is surrounded by vintage spindle and ladder-back chairs that she bought on her last shopping trip to Round Top, Texas, home of a legendary flea market. "The more mismatched the chairs, the better," the designer says.
Rachel definitely mismatches her chairs and it is absolutely charming and economical….
Ashwell placed a pair of daybeds, part of her <a href="">Shabby Chic Couture</a> line, in her home's front corner, which she believes had been a carport at one point. Her faded floral pillows create her new bohemian Russian peasant look. The designer took an iconic piece from the 1960s --the bean bag chair -- and covered it in garment-dyed velvets in smoky jewel tones.
Cushions of all kinds are good Shabby Chic finds and you can lazily lie on them or just throw them on the floor if they are too cumbersome….
In an alcove between the dining and sitting room, memory boards that Ashwell fashioned from cork and white-painted frames are loaded with family pictures and other memorabilia. "They're like photo albums -- only hung on the wall where you can see them," she says.
You have to create a memory board, every time you look at it a warm feeling comes right through you…..
Chair, ottoman and mirror form a classic vignette in the master bedroom: simple, casual, comfortable.
Treat yourself with a posh armchair, and when you seat on it, you can say I am great and so worthed…I deserve that comfortable chair and this doing ”nothing moment” (The Italian call it Far niente)
Daughter Lily's bedroom is done up in Ashwell's Somerset design, a rose pattern on poplin that is part of a line of linens that premiered in April. An old mirror hanging on the wall makes the small room seem larger.
If one day you don’t make your bed, make sure it looks this way……
As part of Shabby Chic's evolution, Ashwell recently introduced her first sectional sofa -- a staple of contemporary living rooms, except finished in classic Ashwell style. "The idea behind our new Malibu Modular Sectional is that as  your life grows, you can extend it," the designer says. "It's not as big as our normal sofas. Its smaller scale offers a lot of flexibility."
A very flexible far Niente sectional sofa by Rahel Ashwell, you don’t need much if you own a sofa like this one…….
If you like lazy times now and then, I think Shabby Chic is the most relaxing of style…Go for it…


At the ?Brooklyn Flea Market these are a few things you could find, don’t forget:
1- Good condition, even if it is a little worn out its OK, as long as it is not stained..
Hardware is an important detail, some say ”God is in the detail” (Mies Van der Rohe”) or if you prefer ”The devil is in the detail”
Chairs and  Poufs….A spotted pouf can mix with everything it is so handy for additional seating in your living area…..
At galerie M in Montreal, you can find pre-owned furniture and decorative accessories…

Galerie M in Montreal….

Console from Galerie M

There is a great salvage store in Montreal called Spazio, you can find fire mantels, hardware etc…etc…
Chandelier from Spazio
You can almost build an entire house with Spazio salvage items….
They are quite a few places that sell pre-owned everything, it is quite amazing… the searching is part of the pleasure of decorating a place of one’s own…go for it, it is more work but so much fun…


A few simple tricks if you are renting an apartment and would like to make it your home
1-When renting the easiest thing to do, to make a big change is ”paint”
Don’t be afraid to paint a red wall, or use a darker color, it can always be repainted.
An entrance way is a good place for a darker color, it is very warm and enveloping, you can also paint the door the same color which will make the space look bigger.
2- Pillows on a sofa can definitely make a change.
Pillows from Crate and Barrel
Via House Beautiful/Photo Victoria Pearson/Designer Melissa Warner
Vintage Floral Pillow Covers
A real splash of color from the vintage collection Pottery Barn..
3- If you don’t like your kitchen cabinets, paint them with melamine paint, it works I have done it.

4- Buy tiles at Home Depot, some of them are quite inexpensive.

My floor was linoleum and worn out, I replaced it with these 12X12 at Home Depot. I love white tiles, but it requires lots of maintenance, meaning washing it everyday…so if you like white also, be prepared for the ”mopping adventure”

5- You can always use a bit of wallpaper, it adds color and texture to a room.

Via House Beautiful/Photo Victoria Pearson/Designer Melissa Warner

These wallpapered sliding doors have personality now..great idea Melissa Warner


Côté Maison Française
The Calaf chair from Kinetic
Finition noble dans la chambre des parents
Salon épuré, gain de place assuré
If you will have only one sofa the Cervo from Kintetic has a very similar curvy shape…
Maison Française Côté Paris
Au coeur du salon
From Kinetic Montreal the Andrea Chair could give a similar look…
Escalier en béton, brut de décoffrage
The Salorino chair at Kinetic Montreal and the Torsby Buffet from Ikea
 TORSBY Buffet blanc Largeur: 59 " Profondeur: 15 " Hauteur: 29 1/8 "  Largeur: 150 cm Profondeur: 38 cm Hauteur: 74 cm
Osez le "tout blanc" !
From Ikea 2 PS August banquetteIKEA PS AUGUST Banquette blanc Largeur: 77 1/8 " Profondeur: 23 1/4 " Hauteur: 18 1/2 "  Largeur: 196 cm Profondeur: 59 cm Hauteur: 47 cm  
Oser tendre vers l'enfantin
From Ikea the Tirup chair
TIRUP Fauteuil pivotant noir/blanc Largeur: 30 3/4 " Profondeur: 31 1/8 " Hauteur: 34 5/8 " Larg. siège: 23 5/8 " Prof. siège: 18 1/8 " Haut. siège: 17 3/8 "  Largeur: 78 cm Profondeur: 79 cm Hauteur: 88 cm Larg. siège: 60 cm Prof. siège: 46 cm Haut. siège: 44 cm
Tout autour du poêle
Drapes from Ikea
KAJSA 2 panneaux de rideau beige, gris Longueur: 98 " Largeur: 57 " Poids: 5 lb 1 oz  Longueur: 250 cm Largeur: 145 cm Poids: 2.30 kg
Via House Beautiful/Photo Linda Cregan
The San Rafaele armchair from Pier 1 Import
This Light wood table (Bouleau/Birch) Lack from Ikea
LACK Table basse  Longueur: 46 1/2 " Largeur: 30 3/4 " Hauteur: 17 3/4 "  Longueur: 118 cm Largeur: 78 cm Hauteur: 45 cm
photo credit: Lisa Cregan
The Edland from Ikea looks good to me….and the Ektorp chaise longue, I really like..

 EDLAND Structure lit à baldaquin blanc Longueur: 83 1/2 " Largeur: 63 3/8 " Hauteur: 82 5/8 " Longueur matelas: 79 1/2 " Largeur matelas: 59 7/8 "  Longueur: 212 cm Largeur: 161 cm Hauteur: 210 cm Longueur matelas: 202 cm Largeur matelas: 152 cm
EKTORP Méridienne blanc Largeur: 28 3/8 " Profondeur: 64 1/8 " Hauteur: 34 5/8 " Larg. siège: 25 5/8 " Prof. siège: 50 3/8 " Haut. siège: 17 3/4 "  Largeur: 72 cm Profondeur: 163 cm Hauteur: 88 cm Larg. siège: 65 cm Prof. siège: 128 cm Haut. siège: 45 cm   
Via House Beautiful/Photo William Abranowicz
You can find reproduction of the Mies Van der Rohe Barcelona chairs at Kinetic Furniture Montreal
Photo William Abranowicz
The Arne Jacobsen Egg chair reproduction at Modern Fruniture Classics In the USA
The reproduction of the Mies Van der Rohe Banquette at Kinetic in Montreal

2 Los Angeles houses both beautiful and so different

I love LA times home section,
I am sure you will too Decogirls, I chose these 2 home tours for you.

This 1950s home belongs to  Walter Herrington, you will see how every object, art, furniture, souvenirs, are placed with Love and Affection.
He designed and painted the wall behind his bed, this room would not be the same without it, it makes it exceptional and personal.  Express yourself and make a room a room of your own decogirls.

Thanks to LA Times
from an article by
By Barbara Thornburg
( Ricardo DeAratanha / Los Angeles Times )

The use of black and white,  baskets, the mixture of objects, the paper lamps is beautiful and peaceful,  suddenly the unexpected, a Ralph Lauren check rug, I like it. 

The arrangement of every object is so harmonious and artistic.
This photograph  by Seydou Keita is an absolute marvel, I recognize  the black and white Ralph Lauren check rug in the living room, art is always an inspiration.

See what you can do with a long corridor, 2 fixtures, a mirror which doubles the space, a narrow credenza, and the wide stripes on the soft beige and ivory wall paper.

The mirror above the fireplace reflecting the garden is like
a renaissance painting.
Priscilla Woolworth’s home with a soul, a mixture of color and of the Pasadena Rose Bowl flea market treasures.
“The Mediterranean architecture, the garden and the indoor-outdoor living space reminded me of my childhood in the South of France,” Woolworth says
See how you can use different style and color dining room chairs, but notice they are more or less the same heights.
Anne Cusack / Los Angeles Times )

This is truly an inspiration for small budget and grand effect.
The 3 sofas make this room very comfy.

A door to the lavender garden.
Look, you can never go too distressed with color.

Priscilla transformed her garage into a bedroom for her daughter Arielle.
I think Priscilla must have been French in another life.
Her dog Leroy is enjoying Priscilla’s choices of colors
You can tell by their environment that Mr. Harrington and Ms. Woolworth are totally different, one is very Graphic and the other very bohemian, but both are très artistic and their homes have a lot of soul.