Quick Christmas Decor

I find that decorating my decorative objects with Christmases wreath and decor simplifies my life and is done quickly.

For instance I have this big stone horses head and I crown it with a colourful wreath and multiple pearl necklaces. 

Year after year I hang my lovely angel on my table crystal chandelier.

Made a special laurel wreath with a bit of pink glitter for my Plâtre de Paris bust, she is ready to party.

Found these cute acrobatic angels at Home sense a few years ago, and I love hanging them on my big silvery candlesticks. They are singing I am almost there and ready for Christmas.


Queen Nefertiti really deserves a crown made out of a few artificial flowers and leaves from the Dollar store, 

This Child bust likes the brilliance of a gold wreath.


My Ikea topiaries enjoy a few Christmas balls and a small musical golden angel.

This cute golden putti is holding a miniature angel orchestra decorated with a musical note ribbon

Enjoy your Christmas my lovelies

Last minute Hanukkah table decorations

Run, run and get your Hanukkah blue and white table decorations.

Pinterest has great Hanukkah decorations ideas  https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/390828073887784036/ You can buy lots of  blue and silver balls at a dollar store and line them up as a center piece on your table.

The meaning of Hanukkah the Festival of light by Mayim Bialik

This elegant  Menorah at Crate and Barrel  can become your traditional Menorah on sale for 49.97 CAD (only pick up at stores) Let your contemporary pattern Blue and white Hanukkah plate become your traditional plates. On sale at Crate and Barrel for 7..97 CAD (in stores) 4 Blue and white napkins with same pattern as your plate, on sale at Crate and Barrel for 29.97 CAD (in stores) Hanukkah platter on sale at Crate and Barrel for 29.97 CAD (in stores)

Blueish wine glasses at Stokes for 6.99

Via Pinterest

Filling up your glass vases with blue silver and white balls is most effective for a very low price

Via Pinterest  A few white flowers mixed with glass bowls of chocolate Gelt is always a happy Hanukkah decoration


Stay tuned next week we will find all kinds and all priced Christmas gifts for you my lovelies.

Flying colours in your Dorm room

Don’t goof around, make the grade, colour is good for you so is a nice environment, so hit the books and hit the room.

Your dorm room is important, it will reflect who you are and decorating it is as easy as ABC.

Via Buzz Feed


Instead of paint, you can use paint swatches for colour on your wall and use some of these colours as accents in your room.

Photo Via http://www.thelovelyside.com/


Make a headboard with a curtain road and a piece of fabric of your liking.

Via buzz feed


Create a personal corner and  heart your wall with your favorite pictures and recapture your happy moments.

Via http://www.hgtv.com/


Chalkboard your wardrobe doors with paint and write, draw, erase and start all over again, this is what life is all about.


Wallmart Chalk board paint $27.48



Some Dorm will not permit that you paint your walls, other will allow it as long as you repaint the walls when your leave.

if you can paint one wall, choose a bold colour, a colourful colour that is.



Removable wallpaper is great for decor or covering a damage desk.

Via Wallmart


Add a real pop of color on your door or wall with bright red London non Brexit phone booth. $18.98 this could be your piece de resistance.


A shoe holder hanging on a bathroom door would be useful to hold beauty products.



Organizing your desk with jars, paint them decorate them, use them.


Original_Chelsea-Costa-Potted-Succulents-Beauty1_h.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.966.725Bring the outdoor in with a few easy maintenance succulent plants.

Don’t play hooky with your dorm room, put your thinking cap on, you will not regret it.

You can always send me pictures of your room at decogirlmontreal@gmail.com

Enjoy your school life my lovelies, there is nothing like it.

Today’s idea, supermarket flowers, super bouquet

I am sharing this article from the Huffington Post, I thought it really was inspiring, flowers are quite expensive but sometimes you could grab a whole bunch of flowers at the super market or at Costco and turn them into gorgeous bouquets. Small budget big effect.

Via Huffington Post/Photo Wendy George

slide_348909_3722555_freeGet different kind of flowers and make super arrangements with your supermarket flowers.

Via Huffington Post/Photo Wendy George

Make a beautiful bouquet

Flowers are like decorative objects, it is always the way you display them that makes them look as beautiful as they are.

Via Huffington Post/Photo Wendy George


A white hydrangea in a superb vase makes quite a difference.

Via Huffington Post/Photo Wendy George


See what you can do with a few roses.


A rose is a rose is a rose that sentence is from a poem called Sacred Emily written in 1913 by Gertrude Stein,  Stein meant that using the name of a thing creates an image and an emotion related to it, which confirms my belief that sometimes things have a soul.

Via Huffington Post/Photo Wendy George


Mix it all up, daisies, roses, lilies and

Via Huffington Post/Photo Wendy George



Via Huffington Post/Photo Wendy George

slide_348909_3722568_freeA joyous bouquet

Alstroemerias 004

I don’t always have time to go Ikebana (Japanese word for the Art of flowers) so I just throw them all together and make an enormous bouquet.

Todays idea, paint your ceramic tile backsplash

Yes you can do it, if you want a big effect on a small budget in your kitchen  you can paint your tiles.

1- First you have to degrease your tiles, you can use a degreaser such as formula 409 or ask anyone at Home Depot or Rona for a good tile degreaser. 

2- Apply a glossy surface primer with a foam roller for a flatter surface.

An art enamel paint is ideal for tile painting, I found this one on the internet,  you can find enamel paint in art stores, make sure you can use it on glass or tiles.

Via http://www.cotemaison.fr/


Kitchen before backsplash was painted

 Don’t forget to test your paint on a tile before you paint the entire backsplash, if you don’t have an extra tile, try to get a sample tile very similar to yours.


Kitchen after the backsplash was painted black.

I definitely like the black tiles better than the caramel tiles, it harmonizes so much better with the grayish counter top and has a very new and dramatic look.

Via http://www.hgtv.com/decorating/handpaint-a-kitchen-backsplash/index.html

hpojb-tile-final-s4x3_lg backsplash hand painted tiles

If you feel very artistic, once your color has dried up you can use a stencil or paint a free hand pattern on your backsplash tiles.

g7525 perm enamel paint

Perm enamel paint http://www.misterart.com/glass-tile-art/painting/delta-air-dry-permenamel-paints.html

I would not recommend painting your shower tiles, there is a lot more humidity in a bathroom.  I have never painted tiles myself, but apparently it can do wonder for a quick fix.


Todays’ idea, big effect with small budget bookcases

By now you must know how much I like bookcases and how decorative I find books.

Via http://furniture.trendzona.com/

bookshelves-design trendzona

The more bookcases the merrier, if you have a long wall fill it up with bookshelves, it is amazing how they can transform a room. To have this long look effect,  you can use the Billy bookcases from Ikea, the books are such a great decorative element in this white room.

BILLY Bookcase combination IKEA Narrow shelves help you use small wall spaces effectively by accommodating small items in a minimum of space.

With five Billy white bookcases you can get this long look.

bookshelves-design-22 trendzola 5

 White shelves with wooden shelves are a happy combination

BESTÅ TV storage combination IKEA Panel doors for hidden, dust-free storage of DVDs, accessories, etc.

The Besta TV storage, I would definitely mix the white with the wood in this combination. I would get the TV unit in wood the top shelves in white and the side bookcases in white,  or you could get the top shelves and the TV unit in wood birch veneer.  If you want to be a little more daring you could even get the TV unit in red with the white shelves.

BESTÅ TV unit IKEA Vents at the top of the TV bench helps improve air circulation around electronic components.

BESTÅ BURS TV unit IKEA Two large drawers included.  Plenty of space for TV games and accessories.

The red Besta TV unit

bookshelves-design-17 trendzola

All wooden shelving

EXPEDIT Shelving unit IKEA Finished on all sides. Can also be used as a room divider.

EXPEDIT Shelving unit IKEA Finished on all sides. Can also be used as a room divider.

Have this look with the Expedit shelving from Ikea

bookshelves-design-10 trendzola

BILLY Bookcase with glass-door IKEA

With 2 Billy bookcases with glass doors you can get this look.

Todays idea, a colorful sectional sofa on a smaller budget

I really love the Mah Jong from Rochebobois, it has a comfy and colorful look, but there is a price attached to this Sofa.   Sometimes it is possible to get the look and pay less, I found the perfect sectional sofa that you can mix with a few different colors and get the Mah Jong look.

Via www.roche-bobois.com/ Mah Jong sofa


Multicolor sectional sofa


Via www.mobilia.ca/


You can get the Mah Jong look with the marshmallow sectional sofa from Mobilia Montreal , I visited the store the other day and looked at this gray Marshmallow sofa and thought,  hum..it would be fun to transform this gray sofa to a multicolor sofa.


This is the red Marshmallow, you could have a red and gray or you could mix these colors in different sections of the sofa

Light gray173 Medium brown176 Copper420 Oyster422



Via Rochebobois

image_plein_ecran_20100812113456For a more tone on tone sectional sofa you could mix:






Medium brown





The mixing of the colors is also a good way to determine a palette of color for your home. I have to admit it is a bit extravagant but it will bring a youthful look to your room, I suppose you can mix colors with other style of sectional.

Have a great day, enjoy your life, spring will be here soon.

Todays idea 5 small meaningfull changes in your home

Sometimes a few changes is good for the soul, spring is coming plan a few small changes in your home that will make the difference in your life.

Via http://www.huffingtonpost.com/

slide_285615_2205444_free huffington post

I love Bamboo shades, you can have them in the country or in the city, in a house or in an apartment, they bring nature into your home, we can all do with a little more nature. You can find them at Home depot

49.97 at http://www.homedepot.com/Decor-Blinds-Window-Treatments-Blinds-Shades-Bamboo-Shades-Natural-Shades

slide_285615_2205438_free Parsons table HP

A Parsons table goes anywhere and everywhere, its simplicity accommodates many styles of decoration.

dedar wallpaper

Adding a few bonbon (candy) chairs color your life and make you feel joyful ”La Vie en Rose” for everyone.

slide_285615_2205439_free Sunny disposition mirror HP

A mirror with sunny disposition is back in style.

slide_285615_2205446_free country table HP

For the family a refectory table is comfortable and comforting.

Enjoy your changes they can be small but have a big effect on your home decor and I would say on your life.

Go Baby’s breath for your wedding flowers

I absolutely love the lightness of being of Baby’s breath and the multiple ways of their existence.

Via http://www.intimateweddings.com/blog/babys-breath-bouquet/


City Wedding, Baby’s breath as a center piece is delicate but has great presence. Baby’s breath has long been neglected as a flower, I hope you enjoy this incredible wedding arrangements and make this simple flower yours on your wedding day.

Via http://www.intimateweddings.com/blog/babys-breath-bouquet/

babysbreathmeganhobsonbridescafeCountry Wedding, your Baby’s breath bouquets will look amazing on a country fence.

Via http://www.primadonnabride.co.za/tag/babys-breath


Did you know that Baby’s breath real name is Gypsophilia (I checked twice it is the right spelling) it is no longer a filler flower it is now a Star flower.

Via http://www.primadonnabride.co.za/tag/babys-breath


Via http://laurakellyweddingdesign.blogspot.ca/2012/04/decor-trend-we-love-babys-breath.


In spite of their daintiness when you bunch them up they look terrific in the wedding aisle.  

Via http://laurakellyweddingdesign.blogspot.ca/2012/04/decor-trend-we-love-babys-breath.

baby's breath centerpiece

You can reuse your aisle arrangements as your table center pieces.

Via http://laurakellyweddingdesign.blogspot.ca/2012/04/decor-trend-we-love-babys-breath.

baby wreath

Create an indoor arch with Baby’s breath.

Via http://laurakellyweddingdesign.blogspot.ca/2012/04/decor-trend-we-love-babys-breath.


An outdoor wedding Chuppah in baby’s breath looks amazing.


wedding arch

Baby’s breath is one of the most reasonably priced flower with daisies

http://staging.bridalguide.com/blogs/bridal/Photo Jonathan Ivy

jonathan-ivy-babys-breath-bouquetsBaby’s breath for your brides maids 



OOps, Baby’s breath again.

Baby’s breath is like toile de Jouy in interior design, the more the merrier.

Today’s idea, lights for your Kitchen Island, getting the look

Sometimes decisions are difficult to make about  lights above our Kitchen Island…..Here are a few ideas that I hope will be inspiring and useful for you…

Via http://www.ivillage.com/beautiful-beach-inspired-coastal-homes/from the Tim Clarke’s book , Coastal Modern/Photo Noah Webb

Layer with Crisp Shades and Textures

In this beach home with a big Island, two suspension lights bring a more dramatic look in this Kitchen and of course ”more light”


At Home Depot $172,71

Via source: McCoppin Studioskitchens - Moravian Star Pendant white beadboard ceiling rustic exposed wood beams white kitchen cabinets calcutta gold marble countertops gray kitchen island gray walls starfish decor stools

You could use one or two Hampton Bay Moravian stars at Home Depot $149.99, I love these Stars, they have a history and are soulful, if you want to know more about the Moravian star go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moravian_star

Via S. Russell Groveskitchens - rustic kitchen exposed wood beams white kitchen island gray kitchen cabinets stools glass front kitchen cabinets pendant island lights rustic wood floors

A series of smaller lights

Suzie: Modern kitchen  Love the glass lantern pendant lights, white carrera carrara marble ...

You can find similar Glass pendant lights at Ikea

IKEA PS Pendant lamp IKEA Decorate the lamp to your own taste; for electrical safety reasons, only use dry objects.


Via http://smarthomekitchen.com/

A Lantern for a small Kitchen Island


Home Depot $304.20

Ikea has a very similar Island light…

KROBY Pendant lamp double IKEA Shades of mouth blown glass; each shade is unique.

Kroby light Ikea $49.99

Enjoy your sunny day wherever you are…