An amazing cement castle

From a cement factory to a contemporary Camelot.


The home of Architect Ricardo Bofill is an old cement factory purchased outside of Barcelona Spain in 1973 and has been renovated with his team, he certainly infused a soul into this very cold industrial building.


The legendary Camelot of King Arthur

The cement factory towers are now totally covered with greens which gives them a magical feeling of Merlin revisited.

The cement factory “”La Fabrica”” is now transformed into an oasis and a private home.

La Fabrica working place is engulfed with light.

Arches and luminosity.

The Master bedroom with its roman windows reminds us of Guinevere’s bedroom.


Queen Guinevere by Henry Justice Ford 1910 artist and illustrator.

The roof of each building is covered with greenery.

The cement factory dining room is quite intimate considering the height of the ceiling.

I absolutely adore this living area with its bookshelves and its immense white Philippe Stark like drapes.

A cathedral ceiling and a cozy room.

Looking down La Fabrica.

Walking down to La Fabrica.

A terrace view of la Fabrica.

A small Zen office in a castle is possible.

A place for a grand piano.

Hope you have enjoy this magical home in Barcelona created by the very talented Ricardo Bofill.

A peek at buildings and homes during the Holidays in Manhattan

From New York with love.

Photos decogirlmontreal


It was a beautiful festive day in New York, I was happy that we could walk everywhere, this way I could  share with you the magic of Christmas in New York starting with Rockefeller Center. The angels were having a great time playing their trumpet, Saks Fifth Avenue is just across the street with its golden garland.


Busy time at Salvatore Ferragamo.


The Peninsula Hotel is also quite attractive with its red decorations.


Harry Winston Jewelry store is decorated with diamonds of all shapes. Santa was just passing by.


The magnificent St. Patrick Cathedral is decorated all year round.


The Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center is of course the bell of the ball.


If you go to New York during the winter Holidays, make sure you try the skating rink at Rockefeller Center, it is an unforgettable experience.


Barney’s was luxurious as usual but the window decors tended to be a bit too mechanically inclined to my own taste.


IMG_0662Chopard was glittering.


I am back to my hotel for a short rest before I choose the New York homes of my dreams. This is the view from my room backing these gorgeous classical Manhattan homes.


I certainly could live in this home with the lovely Christmas wreaths.


Remember this elegant home for your next Christmas decoration. The stairwell is totally decorated with very light  garlands.


The Northeners are very much in fashion, I did a little research and found out that these Christmas garlands are effectively made out of Swedish pine.


Arched windows with Christmas wreaths and flower boxes.



A Versailles box at the Pierre Hotel


The decorations of the Versailles box

IMG_0690I could not walk anymore, so I am on my way back to my Hotel, hope you have enjoyed the visit..
If you like New York as much as I do, come back and visit me for more of my NY  I certainly could not get enough of it.

Have a great evening

My favorite Christmas window decorations in New York

The Magic of New York City the week before Christmas.

All windows photos by yours truly


It was the week before Christmas, as I was walking on fifth Avenue I got so excited that I decided I really had to share these magical decorations with you. Clic, clic clic et voilà.

My first stop was in front of this window and for a fraction of a second I thought it was a bakery, to my surprise this is Dolce Cabana’s window decoration, it is absolutely charming. Fashion and sweets are such a perfect match.


Bergdorf Goodman is one of my very favorite store,  the theme of the windows is Art. This blue window represents Architecture.


We are in front literature, the red window with portraits of famous authors.


This fabulous window mainly white with a small colourful painting is the image of art.


The lady trumpeting surrounded by golden musical instruments is Music. I know you could have guessed that, as a Virgo sometimes I can be a bit too specific.


Sculpture is made out of ice sculptures totally extraordinary luminous.


Film is represented by a beautiful sleigh pulled by Alaskan Malamutes.


Dance is a gorgeous translucent ballerina.


Just a short peek inside Bergdorf Goodman’s table decorations.


A dream of a Christmas table setting.


The Girls from red shades to pink shades evening gowns at Bergdorf’s.


The Christmas trees Macaroons at La Durée


Of course there will always be Baccarat. My mom was a real Baccarat fan.


This is my mom her name was Jeannette.


Now at Barney’s, my favorite window is the 2 adorable reindeer in front of an igloo with their Christmas shoes singing Freedom, well they look like they are singing or humming.



Now I am joining thousand of people at Time Square via CNN to wish you a marvelous and a most Happy New Year.

Stay tuned, next week I will share with you, only you my favorite Christmas decorations buildings in New York City.

A million thanks to my faithful blogger friends.

Decogirlmontreal’s favorite Eero Saarinen Table and chairs

Falling in love again with Eero Saarinen’s furniture.

Via Knoll

_library_images_products_knoll_saarinen tables.0

Eero wanted to get rid of all those legs under the table and this is how the tulip table and chairs came to life, they always have been popular since the fifties, but they are now back with a passion, even Ikea has its version of the tulip table.

Via Style at home


The round tulip table is great for a small dining area in a townhouse in Toronto.

Via Elle Decor

Saarinen - Elle Decor

I wish I had room for Eero tulip oval table, it is absolutely so elegant.

Via Vogue

Saarinen - Vogue

La vie en Rose with a tulip table and chairs

Via Metropolitan Home

Saarinen Womb Chair- Metropolitan Home

And Eero created the womb chair, it has very light legs and is totally enveloping and comfy, you can sit in it anyway you like.

Photo via Moda

Eero-Saarinen-Sitting-in-Womb-Chair Photo Moda

Eero Saarinen famous Finnish/American architect and furniture designer sitting on his womb chair. (1910 to 1961). he called his furniture ”Organic Design in Home Furnishing.”

Photo Getty

Knoll Showroom, Goswell Road, London, Ec1, United Kingdom Architect:  Piero Lissoni 2009 Piero Lissoni'S Knoll Showroom In London,Detail Of Saarinen'S Table And Chairs

The womb chair accompanied by the tulip coffee and side tables. All of Saarinen’s furniture are produced by Knoll.

Todays’ idea, some kinetic mobile in your home

Once upon a time in the 70s kinetic mobiles were totally in style in our homes.  They were invented by Alexander Calder much before the 70s, for instance there was one at JFK airport in 1957, Calder was one of the most known kinetic sculptor in America, and these beautiful mobiles are his legacy. If you want to know more about Calder go to

I love mobile, they create life, movement, humour and color in our home.

mobile untitled by Calder

Mobile Untitled by Alexander Calder at the National Art Gallery in Washington DC.


Mobiles bring humour in your home they are perfectly engineered and are moved with air or with a light touch of your finger.


This Calder Mobile hangs in the home of the architect Eliot Noyes and is valued by the Christie Auction house between 3,5 million to 4.5 million, it definitely is art.


Kinetic art is now back in style and some artists are reproducing them, sometimes you can find them on they vary in size, the bigger the more expensive.


Geometric primary colors kinetic art by Christian Flensted


You can have them made to order and choose the colors you like.go to I found this artist on the internet and her mobiles look terrific.


I was given a small Christian Flensted mobile by my son Louis and his fiancée Fiona for Christmas and I absolutely adore it, it’s great for creativity, I think everyone should have a kinetic sculpture, mine is called ”Flowing rhythm” it has the colors of a rainbow and was created by Flensted in 1955. Have look at Flensted mobiles, you will love them.

Lace wonderful lace summer dresses

I admit I have an absolute weakness for lace dresses, they are so feminine and light, you surely can dance all night in one of these gorgeous lace dresses, pick one, I just cannont make up my mind they are all so beautiful


Lace ribbons and bows Valentino


The Pantone emerald greene short lacy dress


A fairy tale long lacy dress


A medieval long dress in white by Valentino


A medieval long ivory and red dress by Valentino


A long sleeping beauty lace dress with a  touch of blue


Looking at the back of the Sleeping beauty long dress


A majestic long dress black lace on ivory


A dressy but casual elegant short white lace dress


Short summery turquoise lace dress with your flat shoes


Lacy transparent long sleeve black dress


The wow evening dress, black lace on white dress


You can walk forward or backward or sideways with this marvelous dress


The real cutie white lace for all occasion


The white lace peplum suit with pencil skirt


The black lace corsage cocktail dress

Cara Delevingne Valentino Spring 2013 Couture-002

Of course the Valentino dress worn at the Oscars by English singer Adele


The black lace on top and at the bottom dress


The elegant white lace jacket


The white lace short coktail dress could easily be your wedding dress


Dolce Cabana little lace dress


The matching coat of the little DC lace dress


Valentino in yellow lace dress with a touch of pink


The pretty back of the yellow dress


The black and white collection of the evening lacy dresses


The long white lacy dress with a jacket

Ouf I finally made a choice and my favorite is


The medieval looking red on ivory lace dress by Valentino, it is so magical I cannot resist it, what about you, feel free to share your favorite with us.

Have a great sunny day, winter is almost over even if it is still bloody cold outside, let’s hope for a warm summer, so that we can wear are wonderful lacy dresses.







Mixing Downton Abbey life with historical food

For all lovers of Downton Abbey, there is a must blog called


Pamela Foster a Canadian food historian is writing a terrific blog about Downton Abbey’s food and historical food, she provides us with interesting recipes from the past, you should try her Baked Rice Pudding, she feels we all need comfort food after watching the last episode of Downton Abbey on PBS.


    • 2 cups skim milk
    • 3 tbsp. caster sugar (or sugar substitute)
    • 1 tbsp. unsalted butter
    • ¼ cup short grain rice (basmati works well and bakes quicker)
    • 1 bay leaf
    • Nutmeg, freshly grated
    • 3/4 cup raisins or currants (optional)


  1. Preheat oven to 275°F. Lightly grease a 9 inch square pan or small casserole dish.
  2. Place the milk and sugar in a saucepan over heat. Melt butter. Put the rice in the baking dish. Pour milk over the rice, mix in the raisins if using, and add the bay leaf.
  3. Bake for 1½ to 2½ hours (depending on the type of rice you use), stirring every 30 minutes or so.
  4. Remove from the oven, grate nutmeg over the surface.
  5. Increase the oven temperature to 325°F and return to the oven for an additional 15 minutes.
  6. Remove the bay leaf and let rest before serving warm. I like to add some nonfat strained yoghurt, a few sliced almonds and berries.
 I think you will be fascinated the way Pamela mixes the events of the characters of Downton Abbey with her actual recipes.
”Great food has a history and connects us with our past”
Pamela Foster

Share you Radiant Christmas skin, hair, body and fun

.I was Christmas shopping at Les Cours Mont-Royal in Montreal, and  suddenly I had what you would call an ”Epiphany”, in a small fashion boutique I saw a display of Organic Skin, Hair  Bath and Body products that I would definitely call the Canadian Joe Malone  


Vitamine&Sea looked so good to me, I had to try them, I was thinking that you could even add them to your last minute Christmas stocking stuffers. Voilà a few of their basics, you can go on their site to discover the entire collection.


Cleansing Cream $28.00


Facial moisturizing cream $54.00


Eye make up remover $36.00


Body Butter in an adorable jar $48.00


Hand cream $18.00


The travelling Hair spray $18.00

By the way this is not a commercial, we only share what we like. stay tuned for Christmas tables tomorrow.

Today’s idea, going cranberry, color, taste and smell

It all started with the Cranberry color, It was a cold winter, and you will see how I was inspired by this small winter berry…

My French armoire/Photo decogirlmontreal

I felt I had to use this rich color in my apartment, I had this creamy color French armoire, I figured this would be the perfect item to paint Cranberry, so I chose 2078-10 from Benjamin a glossy finish and started painting the armoire, I have to admit it was quite a job, but I am delighted with the result …

My bedroom Via Decormag/Photo Alain Sirois

I don’t have to tell you that I totally fell in love with that cranberry color, it was like a revelation, and I went a bit overboard with it and had my bedroom painted, 2078-10 from Benjamin Moore guess what color, cranberry…I adored it…I am not a morning person but with that color I had no problem getting up in the morning, it was absolutely stimulating and at night with a different light it became soothing….I suppose you cannot say I am color repressed…

Photo decogirlmontreal

A month ago I suddenly had an urge for Cranberry Juice et voilà. it can also be a very festive cocktail during the Holidays, pour 5 oz. of Cranberry juice to 2 oz. of Vodka…

Photo decogirlmontreal

By the way I use the low cal. cranberry cocktail…

Photo decogirlmontreal

November 14th I was invited to a Procter & Gamble and Josée Robitaille (Author, TV personality and food stylist) culinary celebration, and to my surprise there was a presentation of new P&G Febreze products with cranberry smell…Imagine, now all my senses are participating, I use the Cranberry Febreze air effects all over my apartment…

Photo decogirlmontreal

I also was given the small vela candles and of course I intend to get some and  put them in  my family Christmas stockings…

Now my friends you know all about my Cranberry craves and secrets….

Stay tuned tomorrow I will share with you Josée Robitaille’s  Maple Coktail you may know by now I am from Beauce County (Maple county) and the taste of Maple syrup is congenital with all Beaucerons….