Reese Witherspoon at home in her home

I visited Reese Witherspoon’s home on and her home looks totally like her, it is joyous, it is blond with a great structure and it looks super comfortable.  Each room has this Southern ”je ne sais quoi” look….

Hope you enjoy the visit as much as I did….

Photos William Waldron

Reese with her two nieces…


The living room is quite blond and platinum with a touch of Malachite color on the lamps (green stone from Russia)..the jute rug is from Pottery Barn…the apple tree stump table brings a bit of nature in the room.  The ecru curtains are always my favorite as a window treatment, they are non obtrusive and they let the outdoor penetrate in the room…

The wooden ceiling gives this home her great bones…

A good idea, using an alcove to create a separate nook within a room….

I love the arrangement, the single bookshelf, the wall sconce and a painting on the wall another separate nook in Reese’s home…

In the dining room, 2 different benches, two wing chairs and a few straight chairs, so eclectic but so harmonious….When you have a big open space the window treatments look better when they are identical.  If you want plants, go with a big one instead of a few medium and little ones…

Reese’s sons’ room, the use of a bed in an alcove is so perfect, it makes the room look bigger….

Reese’s daughter’s room also with an alcove bed…

The terrace, a table with two wicker armchairs and 4 iron chairs is a lovely contrast….

Reese’s home is full on interesting nooks and corners, and all these nooks make her home romantic, warm and cozy…

Claire’s loft in Soho

Claire Dane is selling her Soho Loft in New York, lets have a short visit before someone buys it and transforms it…Do you like Claire Dane’s style..


Hugh Dancy and Claire Danes’s wedding photo…


Analyse This…..

I feel Claire is modern with a traditional touch…a woman of her time..


I always liked the egg chair by Arne Jacobsen, you can buy some nice reproductions, Leo Victor in Montreal has a few reasonably priced egg chairs and mid-century repro funiture…….






Claire has an indoor garden with planters and a  hammock….

I am looking forward to Claire’s next home…I like her style….

I feel like the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland: ” I’m late, I’m late, I’late for a very important date, no time to say Hello Goodbye I’am late, I’m late I’m late…..

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s color white….and thank you for visiting us…

How Temperance Brennan and Booth’s our virtual characters moved in together

Production designer Val Wilt and set decorator Megan Malley-Cannon decorated Temperance Brennan (Bones) and Booth’s home, it is a melange of Bones and Booth’s possessions… 



The left side of the room is definitely Brennan’s taste Anthropology, Asian memorabilia and the right side of the room is Booth’s taste, sporty, action man….The warm Benjamin Moore’s Rustic Brick paint covers the accent wall and shelves where a  multitude of Brennan’s and Booth’s personal objects are displayed. I think this Rustic Brick colored wall creates the harmony between the two different world of Bones and Booth, this shows you that there is always a link to harmony no matter how different your tastes are….


This was Bones loft as a single girl….very Urban international..


And of course you have recognize Booth’s old apartment….


Brennan and Booth now live in a two story family home…


The creamy white kitchen has blue walls, it looks like a Robin eggs blue, very soft and traditional…did you notice Booth’s old cuckoo clock…


Having lived with these virtual characters for 6 years we can feel that this house is a home  and a refuge for Brennan and Booth…


Et Voilà, baby Christine’s room..

If you like to read about personality and homes,  you can check in my search box  my November 14th 2010 post on TV Series Bones’s characters, their personality their homes…..

Bravo to Production designer Val Wilt and set decorator Megan Malley-Cannon…

Have a great day….

A New York Condo decorated by Jonathan Adler

I know, I know, this is a very expensive Condo in Manhattan, but it is decorated by the master of shape and color the Interior Designer Jonathan Adler and it is an inspiration and a joyous explosion of color….The Architect is Richard Perry really want to share this experience with you….I think you will agree with me that by looking at talented People’s work we exercice our eye to beauty…(The French expressions is ” Se faire l’oeuil et Avoir l’oeuil”) 
This Condo is located on the top 3 floors of les Beaux-Arts Building…

at 20 East 65 Street in New York, and it is worth the visit believe me….

What would this room be without these vibrant turquoise drapes….they are so daring….

What a happy mixture of shapes and colors….

I wonder if these golden chairs are comfortable, if not,  they certainly are comforting, who would not want to seat on a beautiful welcoming scuptural hand with a sturdy foot….I would feel very secure…
White on black,  an island for a dining room…..
Fun division as light as a mobile….

A lime green kitchen banquette is so yummy like a Bonbon…and a spectacular black and white Mickey Mouse on the wall….

A touch of Pantone tangerine ( color 2012) and a tiny bit of French blue are a warm and fun addition in a sea of white ….

A serious marble bathroom and an uproarious butterfly chair…Lively contrast….

Recurring Yellow….

The dark room with the yellow sofa….would you say a Manly Room.

The Summer room at the top…..

Montreal Grain elevator could be transformed à la R. Bofill

This Cement factory with 30 silos was transformed into a home and an office by the very talented Spanish Architect from Barcelona Ricardo Bofill….. courtesy of Architect

Barcelona a Cement factory

Barcelona Architect Ricardo Bofills buys the Factory…

Via Photo Sergey Ashmarin


These are the Montreal Old Port grain elevators and silos,  I know that they are historical, but they still could be part of our Heritage and more attractive and usefull if transformed as homes…..

Our Silos could look like this gorgeous Ricardo Bofill home….

The interior of the Cement Factory
Architect Ricardo Bofill has kept the historical and structural values of the building…

Office space…

An island of serenity….

A very Roman bath…

The protected Garden….

We can preserve our History but we also  can beautify it, Ricardo Bofill’s Cement Factory is surely a perfect example of  Heritage and beauty….the two are not impossible…

A peek at Kate and William home at Clarence House

 Kate and William live at Clarence House, so does Harry and apparently Charles and Camilla the look of Clarence House,  I am sure they all have their separate quarters…
The question is will Kate and William eventually have their own home, and will we be invited for a visit…lets hope so…

Clarence House 
Clarence House St James’s Palace, London, SW1 1BA.(Clarence House is attached to St. James Palace, the Palace was built by Henry the V111)

The Horse Corridor

Would this room be the waiting room, just a very narrow living room or a Grand entrance way…..

Do you think Elton J. sings and plays the piano at Clarence House, if not they should invite him it could be a lot of fun….

Wonderful bookshelves….and if you look closely they look like they have been read….

I would definitely change the window treatment….but the room does look lived in…

Morning Room 
Queen Elizabeth as a young girl….

This pastel room has a feminine Mystic…

Beautiful symmetrical room with an open book…

Quite a few disorderly pillows on the sofa brings a charming je ne sais quoi and liveliness to this family room…

The Queen Mother drawing room… Clarence House use to be the Queen Mother’s home….

Hope you enjoyed your visit at Clarence House…which room do you like best…


This condo was entirely gutted, renovated and decorated by Jean Champoux and his wife Sylviane Parentau Jean C. has a Publicity business in Montreal and Sylviane P. is a Jeweler and  an Interior Designer…They decided to use Bamboo on their walls instead of their floors, which in 2007 was quite a risk as the Bamboo Importer told them ”I don’t think you can do this” Well Jean and Sylviane are quite adventurous and decided ”Wall Bamboo it will be”…6 months after, they moved in…
They wanted their home to look like a beautiful Yacht and it does indeed…Luckily it does not make you sea sick and I was able to take these pictures with my two feet on the ground…
Most of the walls in the condo are made out of Bamboo and trimmed with strips of brushed stainless steel..
They have installed a spectacular 8 foot by 8 foot skylight, so that it would illuminate the darker Bamboo walls…The cabinet maker Berick did all the Bamboo work…
The floors by contrast are made of  24X47 white tiles, and they bring a sense of  spaciousness to the open living area…
Jean and Sylviane love to get local art wherever they go…A teak Javanese Lady hanging on the wall, Cimier Ti Wara from the Bambara tribe in Mali, and grapes from Malaga….
The kitchen counters are white Quartz stone..

Each corner of their home is decorated with beautiful objects, this pewter Dragon sitting on the window seal watching the world go by is a fountain and was brought back from Thailand…

A Malinke metal mask from Mali,  Sylviane believes that you don’t have to put only kitchen stuff in your kitchen and she is so right… 

The stone rectangular slate column is standing by the top of the stairs and it creates a nice introduction to the living areas…
Jean and Sylviane love Steampunk Art and the very tall lamp in the corner (« L’Élégante »2009)  created by the Montreal artist  Bruno Gérard is a perfect example of this Art Bruno is called a Recycler of Vestige…

Their home is facing a beautiful park, in the summer time the terrace doors open completely and even though they are indoors, it feels like if they are in the park…Oops another Dragon, Dragon Alebrijes de Oaxaca Mexique, by the artist Jacobo Àngeles, 2010… The dining table is a Roset from Maison Corbeil…

This rounded face mask is a *Masque Baoulé, Côte d’Ivoire 
The black and white table throw is a batik from on st. Denis street in Montreal..
They have made good use of their space, the small jungle garden you see is right across the stairs, the EQ3 armchair is against the banister, the jungle is in an alcove supported by a wall of travertine marble tiles….

The life size teak Komodo Dragon is sitting right above the apertures for the audio system
and is guarding the  door to the entrance way of the Condo….
On the far left an ebony Massai sculpture from Tanzania, a Berbere treasure jar, an 1834 Spanish antique faïence jar…  
At night the jungle disappears and is turned into a House Cinema…or TV…  Behind the ceramic fish PezBola 1988 de Sergio Bustamante from Puerto Vallarta,  you can see part of the Condo entrance door…The fish pedestal is made out of a Baraka beam (Western Canada) from the Montreal artist 
Érik Després
The travertine marble wall is surrounded by Bamboo on both sides….the coffee table is by artist  Éric Després made out from a Baraka beam….The lamp is Steampunk Art by Bruno Gerard 
(« Hélice »2007) the base is a a boat propeller….The leather Casanova sofas are from …

All the closets and built in are made out of Bamboo…
The headboard is made out of African jute sown in  6” wide stripes .  The Bas relief  sculpture is from Thailand, beside the bed,  an antique African Sheppard’s chair..
There is a skylight above the shower, the tiles are from

The vanity is from Berick cabinet maker and was tinted the same color as the tiles….
The sink is from …

The Indonasian mask is looking out for the bedroom and bathroom doors and the cactus is alive…

Creativity is pouring in every corner of this home, Jean and Sylviane really brought the outdoor into their home, it is luminous and I love  it,  it is absolutely imaginative don’t you think so…


Be daring and live in Technicolor….
For S. Champoux who lives in Calgary this condo is a Pied-à-Terre in Montreal, located in a building that was developed into condos by Her Brother Jean Champoux and his wife Sylviane Parentau, they completely gutted the property and renovated it….It was decorated by Suzanne Vachon Designer…..
Suzanne C. wanted a joyous and colorful home away from home….We both were in agreement with a red kitchen, the kitchen became our inspiration for the decoration of the condo…
For a rather small condo, the entrance way is quite spacious….

In the living room, the rug, the red leather sofa the white leather armchairs, the painting, the side table and lamp are from Structube, the coffee table is from Ikea,
the curtains are from Benjamin Moore…..the touch of black is Madame Chat, she loves the camera….
The condo being under 1,000 square foot, we decided on a wall bed, Suzanne is very much a family and friend oriented person,  she loves having guests around….The wall bed is from Lit Muro in Montreal….the saffron chair is by Verner Panton and was a gift from Jean and Sylviane…

Suzanne cooks great meals in her red kitchen, she finds it very inspiring and stimulating,  of course, her friends and family profit from her yummy cooking….

Suzanne has a bit of a romantic trait about her, so she chose this Audrey Hepburn Ikea portrait from ”Breakfast at Tiffany’s”
The sideboard was designed by Suzanne Vachon Designer, yours truly….

The kitchen being open to the dining room I suggested we had a mirrored door on the pantry side of the dining area to give it more pizzaz…The table, chairs, suspended light are from Ikea….
Jean and Sylviane had kept the brick wall in the bedroom, which definitely brings an additional touch of warmth.  I thought it would be a good idea to white wash the wall in order to make the room more luminous and create a contrast with the colorful bedding from Ikea…Don’t forget there is always room for a touch of black….
The bathroom was designed by Jean Champoux and Sylviane Parentau, they kept the brick wall and added the glass brick wall so that the light from the bedroom would penetrate in this windowless bathroom and visually create a bigger space….
It was a lot of fun decorating this small condo with Suzanne C.

Before and after a renovation of a farmhouse in France

Hi, I was visiting Florence and Modenus’s blog, and I found this terrific renovation project of a French Farmhouse…it is worth visiting, almost a miracle….
All Photos are by Didier Cocatrix a friend of Meilin Bristiel the creator of this wonderful renovation… and splendid blog
Meilin Bristiel's French farmhouse renovation outside before
Before of course….
Meilin Bristiel's French farmhouse renovation outside after
After, can you imagine…It is located in Vaison-la-Romaine and was renovated by Meilin Bristiel who is from Chilean origins but educated in France…..
Meilin Bristiel's French farmhouse renovation living room
It is absolutely wonderful, I want to move in right away…
Meilin Bristiel's French farmhouse renovation dinning room
Who says you cannot have a Chrystal chandelier in your country home…
Meilin Bristiel's French farmhouse renovation dinning room
Meilin Bristiel's French farmhouse renovation kitchen
Restored original ceilings, the French do this so well, I believe we are a bit afraid in America of what is old and crooked, and we have a tendency to replace it,  but it gives a home so much history and the mixture of contemporary style and old is so harmonious, let’s be brave and do it….
Meilin Bristiel's French farmhouse renovation stairs
Sexy Staircase….There is something voluptuous about it don’t you think so
Meilin Bristiel's French farmhouse renovation kitchen
Preserved old beams again, I love it….
Meilin Bristiel's French farmhouse renovation from front door
I am totally in Awe of this Chilean Lady Meilin, this home has so much soul…
Meilin Bristiel's French farmhouse renovation  - wine cellar
Of course there has to be a wine cellar…
Meilin Bristiel's French farmhouse renovation  - terrace
These steps are fantastic, if you have room and you need steps, remember those they look so much better than the usual narrow steps that we normally see…
I want to be invited in this home, I wish it was a bed and breakfast.
Meilin has a beautiful blog that you should also visit… splendid blog
Just wanted to tell you Meilin if you have more projects, we would love for you to share them with us…


Eat, Live, Love, work and Sleep and you can do this in the smallest most amazing space created by
It is hard to believe but this small Studio is absolutely beautiful and functional…
The plans…
Via Normal Projects/Photos by Alan Tansey
Thanks to this built in module, you can live fully, colorfully and happily in this small home….The kitchen is partially integrated within the blue module….
  Love and Share
 You can lower a shelf that you can use as a table or as a sideboard for partying…
Look Mom it is a bed with an overture in the living room, don’t forget your shelves inside your wall bed, they are so useful…
This overture is great for the minuscule working area so that one does not fill confine and claustrophobic….
Incredible but possible, a fulfilling life in a 450 square foot space…you can do it, you have the plans thanks to
Stay tuned, tomorrow we will share more small space and how to…