A triple styles mix in a rustic home

Mixing styles is a real art and not as easy as it looks to accomplish.

Via http://trendland.com/

This Danish  Rustic country home is a great example of a triple mixture of styles, Rustic, Modern and Contemporary and a slight touch of Industrial style.

We often think that Modern style is the same as Contemporary style, Modern style started in 1920 and lasted until 1950, it is known as Mid-Century Modern.

Contemporary style is in constant evolution. Contemporary is what is trendy right now, it also borrows from different eras, so we sometimes confuse it for Modern style. This Danish country homes structure is totally rustic with its old wooden beams. The furniture in the living room dining room is mainly Mid-century Modern and Contemporary.

The white rug seems to be a greek flokati rug which was very popular in Modern times and as been revived as a Contemporary style.

In the kitchen there is a mixture of rustic wood drawers and industrial backsplash tiles.


The floors are rustic large planks but tinted with a grayish contemporary color.

The bathroom sink is a Rustic tree like stone basin.

The shower is a mixture of industrial black soap stone with very 1920 Moroccan floor tiles. 

The balcony furniture is rather countryish and with a small Contemporary black table and a geometric black and white patterned rug.

Have a great evening my lovelies, and give a serious thought about mixing your styles, I find it quite exciting and quite a challenge. 

If you have a mixture of styles in your home, we would love to see some pictures and you can share your styles with us.


An amazing cement castle

From a cement factory to a contemporary Camelot.

Via http://www.boredpanda.com

The home of Architect Ricardo Bofill is an old cement factory purchased outside of Barcelona Spain in 1973 and has been renovated with his team, he certainly infused a soul into this very cold industrial building.

via http://www.livescience.com/28992-camelot.html

The legendary Camelot of King Arthur

The cement factory towers are now totally covered with greens which gives them a magical feeling of Merlin revisited.

The cement factory “”La Fabrica”” is now transformed into an oasis and a private home.

La Fabrica working place is engulfed with light.

Arches and luminosity.

The Master bedroom with its roman windows reminds us of Guinevere’s bedroom.

Via Wikipedia.org

Queen Guinevere by Henry Justice Ford 1910 artist and illustrator.

The roof of each building is covered with greenery.

The cement factory dining room is quite intimate considering the height of the ceiling.

I absolutely adore this living area with its bookshelves and its immense white Philippe Stark like drapes.

A cathedral ceiling and a cozy room.

Looking down La Fabrica.

Walking down to La Fabrica.

A terrace view of la Fabrica.

A small Zen office in a castle is possible.

A place for a grand piano.

Hope you have enjoy this magical home in Barcelona created by the very talented Ricardo Bofill. http://www.ricardobofill.com/

Apartment Therapy visits decogirlmontreal

Welcome to my home, enjoy the visit my lovelies.

http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/house-tour-classicist-bobo-eclectic-style-in-montreal-233332/Photos Marie-Lyne Quirion


A view of the living room. Much of the art is inherited. Louis XV Sideboard from La Maison Française Antiques L.A.

Suzanne finds inspiration for every project in Coco Chanel, Bunny Williams, and Jonathan Adler, to name a few. She finds a lot of pleasure in working with clients on contemporary classic projects. She often mixes old and new but always finds a way to create a dialogue between different pieces. Color is always a great unifier!

Suzanne feels that a home always needs a bit of history. Even though some people like to start from scratch, she always encourages them to keep something from the past to make it more personal.



A view of the living room. 2 blue Bergères were inherited and recovered with fabric from Kravet. Silver Bouillotte from La Maison Française Antiques L.A.



A woman’s bust found at a Flea market in Montreal. The secretary desk was inherited.


Molding from Home Depot dresses up the bookshelves from IKEA.



Apartment Therapy Survey:

My Style: Classicist bobo eclectic! As I have inherited most of my furniture and art from family, my home is traditional and I find a lot of pleasure in working on contemporary classic projects with a few of my clients. I like to mix old and new, but there has to be a dialog between all the pieces. Color is always a great unifier.

Inspiration: Coco Chanel is one of my biggest inspirations because she never followed trends. She once said “Fashion goes out of fashion” and it became my motto. Bunny Williams is a great interior designer; she is traditional but always comes up with some elements that makes a room look eternally young. Jonathan Adler because he is a great colorist; he works with real frank colors and succeeds in making very harmonious decor. And my mother for her love of beautiful things and my father for his immense curiosity.

Favorite Element: My dining room table; it is a hotel banquet table covered with a silk throw and protected by a glass, nothing exceptional except for the size. It might be too big for the room but the pleasure of sharing a meal with people I love, my family and my friends is so important to me. I could never sacrifice these precious moments for the importance of scale.

Biggest Challenge: I did not want my dining room in the space allocated for it; I found it would make the living area look very small and the way the rooms are divided is not ideal.

The problem was there was no electrification for my chandelier above my dining room table. The electrician had to run a wire from the light switch inside the wall, out through the ogee molding, along the ceiling plus an electrical box installed above the table. It worked, but we had to hide the electrical wire and box, so we nailed and glued three moldings to cover it all, et voilà.

What Friends Say: It looks exactly like you, you are home wherever you are.


Biggest Embarrassment: When I first moved—having lived in the same place for 18 years—I wanted everything to be done quickly. I did not like my tiny bathroom and I became obsessed with the idea of installing mirrors to make it look bigger. I had to find a way of getting and installing mirrors quickly and cheaply. I finally got five mirrors from IKEA; the sizes were perfect for my wall. I bought some moldings and very strong construction glue, so we figured once glued, the bottom molding should hold the glued mirrors in place.

Well, it just did not happen as planned. The bottom molding was not dry enough and all the mirrors started to collapse. It could have been disastrous—imagine 35 years of unhappiness (I am quite superstitious)! Anyhow, I threw my arms across the wall while my handy woman started to peel off the first mirror (which unfortunately got nicked on the bottom corner).

I did not really want to go back to IKEA, but it had to be done now, so we patched up part of the crack with polyfilla, and it is hidden behind the toilet.

The moral of the story is don’t go too fast, take your time and you will avoid starting all over again.

Proudest DIY: Bathroom again. I had to do something to enhance this mini space. I painted the dark brown vanity white to make it look lighter on the white wall, but there was definitely something missing.

I had bought some hot air balloon wallpaper for my entrance way; I figured if I had enough I will also have it on the wall facing the mirrors in the bathroom, as both rooms face each other.

I had no rolls of wallpaper left, but some cut outs (and I could not possibly have enough length to do my wall). I did not want to order more (as I would have had to buy two rolls and I only needed part of one roll).

So after calculating the balloons, I decided to cut each balloon and motif individually and glue those directly as a collage on the wall. I think it turned out pretty cool; I would say charming.

Biggest Indulgence: The wallpaper in my entrance way; I fell in love with it and I could not do without it. I have been fascinated by hot air balloons since I was a little girl and a childhood friend of mine took me once on a hot air balloon trip above Napa Valley; it was a very exciting and beautiful experience, try it you will like it.

Best Advice: Make sure you wake up in your own home, not your friend’s home, not your decorator’s home, your home.

Surround yourself with things you love. Things might seem superficial but they matter, they often have a meaning, they comfort you.

Your environment is most important, it is not only brick and mortar, it is your shelter where you feel protected, where your heart is content, it is you.

Dream Sources: I really enjoy second-hand stores, but I also like La Maison Française Antiques in Los Angeles, Restoration Hardware, and Ikea. They all make me happy when I visit them.


A view of the bedroom. The intricate wood headboard, the art and the chest of drawers were all inherited. Curtains are from Zara Home.

Today’s idea, White paint and warm ambiance at the Ritz

I like warm whites, creamy whites and tainted whites even in the winter.

Residence du Ritz Carlton Interior Design Suzanne Vachon/photos Ariane Poulin

Ritz-10 - Copie

When I decorate with white, I like a play on whites. There is no natural light in the hallway, so I used OC88 (Indian White) by Benjamin Moore, I have to admit that Benjamin Moore has the most beautiful whites in a multitude of tones.

Ritz-11 - Copie

I cheated a bit with the mouldings and ceiling at the Ritz instead of  a warm white,  OC62 (Baby’s breath) was used which is more of a grayish cool white by Benjamin Moore but the exception makes the rule sometimes. It is said that if you use warm whites on your walls it is better to choose a creamy warm white on your mouldings and doors.

Ritz-20 duplicate

In the living room the only place where I added a touch of white was above the fire-place OC88 BM (Indian White) again, I felt that the antique like mirror would like white better and it brings some luminosity to the darkness of its wood. The walls are CC150 (Sandy Brown), it is a very bright room and it needed a bit of color.

Ritz-17 copy

As the kitchen opens up to the hallway, I needed to create some continuity between the two rooms. I looked at my OC88 (Indian White) chip in the kitchen and I knew that it would look slightly lighter than in the hallway as It is a very sunny room. I liked this idea as it was the same but appeared different.  Light certainly plays game on colors, so make sure you look at your color chip in the room that you will be using it.


The breakfast nook is also OC88 and you can see the difference between the pure white of  the cabinets and the tainted Indian white of the wall.

Ritz-4 - Copie - Copie

In the Master bedroom I went with OC2 Pale Almond which appears a little lighter because of the brightness of the room. I found it more appealing and enveloping than a pure cooler white.


The antechamber of the Master bedroom used as a small office is OC2 (Pale Almond), here the color looks a little darker as it does not benefit from direct light like the Master bedroom.


The guess bedroom is OC8 (Elephant Tusk) BM which of course is another creamy white. Thus the expression play on whites.

Ritz-13 - Copie

Guess bathroom OC8 (Elephant Tusk)

 I find that Whites are a bit complex, and of course when I am in the process of choosing my white colors, my painters think that I am absolutely off my rockers, for them white is white and that is it, but actually white is not white and you will find out that the 100 shades of white can look quite different from one room to another. For more tips you can go to:

https://www.facebook.com/BenMooreQuebec or


2 of Rachel Lambert M.’s homes

Bunny Lambert Mellon who was a self-made horticulturalist she studied the techniques of Jean-Baptiste de la Quintinie who designed ”Le Potager du Roi” for Louis the X1V, she later helped restore this garden at Versailles. (If your like gardening you can visit)


She was invited to create the Rose Garden at the White House by her friend Jacqueline Kennedy. 

Rachel’s Manhattan Home

Photo Via Architectural Digest


In the pink living room above the fireplace a painting of John Singer Sargent 1882 Mis Beatrice Townsend. Ms Rachel L. M. was a great art collector. If you want to know more about John Singer Sargent go to http://www.johnsingersargent.org/

Photo Via Architectural Digest


The blue dining room with the trompe l’oeil floors


Édouard Manet’s painting tout simplement in the Lapis Lazuli dining room.

Photo Via Architectural Digest

manhattan g.vestibule.rendition.slideshowVertical.bunny-mellon-design-archives-03-manhattan-residence-garden-vestibule

Totally country in the city, the garden entrance.

Photo Via Architectural Digest


The Manhattan garden with its small gazebos.

Photo Via Architectural Digest


You can tell that Bunny Mellon was a lover of nature, even her home in New York City has a country feeling and decor about it.

Rachel’s home in Oyster Harbors Massachusetts

Photo Via Architectural Digest

oyster harbor mass,.rendition.slideshowHorizontal.bunny-mellon-design-archives-07-osterville-massachusetts-dining-room

Above the dining room mantel a Raoul Dufy sailing boat painting.

Photo Via Architectural Digest

oyster harbor pavillion.rendition.slideshowVertical.bunny-mellon-design-archives-08-osterville-massachusetts-garden-pavilion

The garden at Oyster Harbors.

Photo Via Architectural Digest


A light nautical feeling about Rachel’s bedroom.

Photo Via Architectural Digest

oyster harbor.rendition.slideshowHorizontal.bunny-mellon-design-archives-10-osterville-massachusetts-bedroom

The white and blue four poster bed

The many faces of Rachel Lambert M.

A few days ago the New York Times published an article on Sotheby’s auction house future sale of Rachel Lambert Mellon (known as Bunny) Oak Spring Farm property located in Upperville Virginia.Ms. Mellon died in March 2014 at the age of 103. The proceeds of the sale will benefit the Gerard B. Lambert Foundation, the Foundation supports horticultural and educational achievements. Ms. Lambert M. was also  a horticulturist and a fine art collector

I wanted to share with you some of the different homes of Ms. Lambert M. they are so magnificent, I find it is so inspiring to look at beautiful homes.

Oak Spring Farm

Photo Henri Cartier-Bresson

henri-cartier bressonrendition.slideshowHorizontal.bunny-mellon-ss12

Rachel Lambert Mellon photographed by the very famous French Photographer

Henri-Cartier Bresson, if you want to know more about H-CB go to http://www.henricartierbresson.org/hcb/home_fr.htm

Via Architectural Digest Photos  Horst P. Horst/courtesy of Condé Nast Archive


Rachel’s collection of topiaries

Via Architectural Digest Photos from RLM’s archives


The grand pergola at Oak Spring Farm

Via Architectural Digest Photos from RLM’s archives

entrance hall.bunny-mellon-design-archives-17-oak-spring-main-house-entrance-hall

The entrance hallway at Oak S. F.

Via Architectural Digest Photos from RLM’s archives

green house F. RenardslideshowVertical.bunny-mellon-design-archives-19-oak-springs-greenhouse

The greenhouse with its Fernand Renard Trompe l’oeil armoires and ceiling.

Via Architectural Digest Photos from RLM’s archives


The library with its mezzanine is absolutely stunning.

Via Architectural Digest Photos from RLM’s archives


The  Mark Rothco painting is like the sun had install itself on the library wall.

Via Architectural Digest Photos from RLM’s archives


Look at these fences, they have great style.

Antigua Home

Via Architectural Digest Photos from RLM’s archives

antigua residencerendition.slideshowVertical.bunny-mellon-design-archives-11-antigua-villa-bedroom

Love the stone trompe l’oeil floor.

Via Architectural Digest Photos from RLM’s archives


Rachel’s living room in Antigua

Via Architectural Digest Photos from RLM’s archives

henri rousseau landscape.rendition.slideshowHorizontal.bunny-mellon-design-archives-12-antigua-villa-terrace

Charming corners with a lemon tree.

Stay tune tomorrow I will share with you Rachel’s Manhattans home and her Oyster Harbors home in Massachusetts, have a lovely evening.

A quick visit in some Brazilian homes

Brazil has been on the map with the FIFA for the past few weeks, so I thought it would be nice to visit a few Brazilian homes. I found that the contemporary home decor is very similar to our home decor with a great splash of color here and there.

Via http://revistacasaejardim.globo.com/Casa-e-Jardim/Decoracao/Ambientes/noticia

 (Foto: Marcelo Magnani/Casa e Jardim )


You could be totally inspired by Brazilian Architecture and home decor by visiting Casa e Jardim Brazilian home decor magazine.

(Foto: Marcelo Magnani/Casa e Jardim )


White is a great canvas for color.

(Foto: Lufe Gomes/Casa e Jardim)


Black and white decor with a touch of red can be quite joyous.

(Foto: Maíra Acayaba/Casa e Jardim)


Lofty Brazilian rooms.

(Foto: Maíra Acayaba/Casa e Jardim)


Gray, blue, magenta and a yellow chair work perfectly in this living area. I am not a gray fan, but this mixture of color with the gray is absolutely enchanting.

Via http://trendland.com/brazilian-houses-with-retro-touches/


If you want to discover more rooms in this gorgeous Retro style very colourful Brazilian home just go to  http://trendland.com/brazilian-houses-with-retro-touches/ I just love the wall with the Roy Lichtenstein ”In the car 1963” it really belongs in this room, don’t you think so, it would not be the same without it.

Via http://trendland.com/brazilian-houses-with-retro-touches/


You know what, this blue and white modern tiled wall between the kitchen and the dining room is quite Brazilian but it could be easily reproduced in one of our homes. Hoped you enjoyed my Brazilian homes tour, have a great day, it is summer and we people from the North cherish every sunny hour of the day.

The Simple abundance of Richard Gere’s home

 Richard Gere’s home is on sale for 65 millions dollars, I thought you might like a home tour of his incredibly beautiful estate. I think that Richard Gere is a lucky Buddhist to live in such a superb home.

 [Sothebys via Curbed Hamptons]

richard leadimagereader-4

Richard Gere’s home in the Hamptons is called Strongheart Manor Estate. The house is a classical red brick building dating from 1902, it has an elegant quiet look about it.


As you may know, Richard Gere is a Buddhist, his home is located on the water, water is important in Buddhism.  ”Water symbolises purity, clarity and calmness, and reminds us to cleanse our minds and attain the state of purity” http://www.buddhanet.net/e-learning/buddhism/meditate/water.htm


A true feeling of clarity and calmness, so Mr. Gere,s home totally reflects  his Buddhism aspirations.


Outdoor living area.


A zen sunroom with contemporary furniture has a calming effect. Each room has ceiling fans, a reminder of the past, when air conditioning was non existant.


I find that the kitchen is a mixture of Edwardian and country contemporary styles with a bit of Victorian (The ceiling shape and lights have this je ne sais quoi vintage 1902.) Queen Victoria died in January 1901 so her son Edward had a bit of time to establish his own style.


I could move in and live in the stairwell, it might not be so comfortable but it is certainly beautiful to look at.


Relaxing simplicity in abundance.


Cozy and warm bedroom.


The music room is a happy mixture of different styles furniture. They are two pink pillows on the sofa, apparently in the Buddhist religion, the pink Lotus is associated with the Buddha himself, thus the importance of the color pink. (Or was it only the decorator?)


The infinite lightness of being on the Veranda.

imagereader-18A  true Buddhist sanctuary.

decogirlmontreal visiting a small Château in Napa

I love this bright beautiful home, hidden in the vineyards hills of Napa Valley.  I wanted to share this incredible priceless small Château with you, so uniquely European in architecture and decor, a site to die for with a spectacular view, I could move in this Château right away. I was looking at a few homes on the Sotheby’s site and this is by far my favorite, hope you enjoy the home tour.



A home in the vineyards of Napa on 42 acres of forest.


This home is totally self-sufficient it has Solar energy, I wish we had solar energy in Canada, but I think we don’t have enough sun during the year in Quebec to exploit this type of energy.


The gorgeous Napa Valley view.

0243295-11Such a joyful and sunny living space, The yellow and the blue feels eternally young.


I feel transported in Bavaria in a true hunting Château.


I would love to have a dinner in this splendid dining room.


Oh to cook in this kitchen, it looks like a real chef’s kitchen. I could start cooking again, I kind of let it go lately.


I always wanted a fireplace in my bedroom, what luxury.


Wow that’s it I am moving in, a lengthy bathroom is great, with 2 sinks so far apart it is perfect, my towels your towels, my space your space, who could ask for anything more.  Maybe I could live in the bathroom, it is big enough for me.


Having dinner on the Patio, even on a cool night you can use the fireplace, how romantic.


I find it is so much fun to be able to get in these sumptuous homes, don’t you think so, they are so inspiring and they allow us to dream such wonderful dreams.

Have a great evening. I have to work tonite, so I will not be back before Saturday.




A friendly visit at Celine Dion’s home

I imagine you all know that Céline Dion is selling her 24,000 square foot house in Montreal  priced at 29 million…..For those who have not visited it yet, here it is in all its splendour….

Via http://www.home-designing.com/celine dion house

The front of Céline house looks a bit smaller than the inside, it must be the way the picture was taken…

celine dion house exterior

In this photograph you can see better the immensity of her home…

classic stairways design

The entrance way is not so Zen….but of course, it is an introduction for the rest of the house…

celine dion house interior

On our way to the second floor….Somptuous staircase.

traditional style celebrity house

The blue room…this is what I call it, what do you think…

regal celebrity decor

The pink room, it has an enormous Aubusson style rug or is it a Savonnerie style rug…

* French  Savonnerie rugs were fashionable between 1650 and 1789 and were made to measure for palaces..

Aubusson rugs were made in Aubusson France a few years later and were quite similar to Savonnerie but a bit simpler…

These rugs are now made mostly in India, Indiport in Montreal has a very good selection of these rugs in all sizes….http://indiport.com/new/


celebrity house dining

The family dining room… very symmetrical…

luxury house

The breakfast nook…compare to the rest of the home we can call it a nook…

classic luxury kitchen

Usually I am not crazy about a wooden kitchen, but I really like this one with its white marble floors and black inserts, it is very attractive…

traditional lounge

They call this room a traditional lounge


A comfy boudoir…or maybe the family room…

dining dungeon style

I believe this must be the wine tasting room…

Screen Shot 2012-06-04 at 4.00.21 PM

The game room, this is René’s playroom….

classic style room decor

A smaller den…

luxury vintage bedroom design

Profile view of the master bedroom…

celebrity bedroom design

Front view of the Master bedroom

luxury open bath design

The master bathroom with the dressing room…

celine dion house bedroom

René-Charles’s bedroom, a grand bed with a miniature chair……

Hope you have enjoyed the visit… thank you so much for following decogirlmontreal…I really appreciate it… and love when you share your comments with us, don’t be shy we want to hear from you as often as possible….Have a great day…