A peek at buildings and homes during the Holidays in Manhattan

From New York with love.

Photos decogirlmontreal


It was a beautiful festive day in New York, I was happy that we could walk everywhere, this way I could  share with you the magic of Christmas in New York starting with Rockefeller Center. The angels were having a great time playing their trumpet, Saks Fifth Avenue is just across the street with its golden garland.


Busy time at Salvatore Ferragamo.


The Peninsula Hotel is also quite attractive with its red decorations.


Harry Winston Jewelry store is decorated with diamonds of all shapes. Santa was just passing by.


The magnificent St. Patrick Cathedral is decorated all year round.


The Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center is of course the bell of the ball.


If you go to New York during the winter Holidays, make sure you try the skating rink at Rockefeller Center, it is an unforgettable experience.


Barney’s was luxurious as usual but the window decors tended to be a bit too mechanically inclined to my own taste.


IMG_0662Chopard was glittering.


I am back to my hotel for a short rest before I choose the New York homes of my dreams. This is the view from my room backing these gorgeous classical Manhattan homes.


I certainly could live in this home with the lovely Christmas wreaths.


Remember this elegant home for your next Christmas decoration. The stairwell is totally decorated with very light  garlands.


The Northeners are very much in fashion, I did a little research and found out that these Christmas garlands are effectively made out of Swedish pine.


Arched windows with Christmas wreaths and flower boxes.



A Versailles box at the Pierre Hotel


The decorations of the Versailles box

IMG_0690I could not walk anymore, so I am on my way back to my Hotel, hope you have enjoyed the visit..
If you like New York as much as I do, come back and visit me for more of my NY  I certainly could not get enough of it.

Have a great evening

My favorite Christmas window decorations in New York

The Magic of New York City the week before Christmas.

All windows photos by yours truly


It was the week before Christmas, as I was walking on fifth Avenue I got so excited that I decided I really had to share these magical decorations with you. Clic, clic clic et voilà.

My first stop was in front of this window and for a fraction of a second I thought it was a bakery, to my surprise this is Dolce Cabana’s window decoration, it is absolutely charming. Fashion and sweets are such a perfect match.


Bergdorf Goodman is one of my very favorite store,  the theme of the windows is Art. This blue window represents Architecture.


We are in front literature, the red window with portraits of famous authors.


This fabulous window mainly white with a small colourful painting is the image of art.


The lady trumpeting surrounded by golden musical instruments is Music. I know you could have guessed that, as a Virgo sometimes I can be a bit too specific.


Sculpture is made out of ice sculptures totally extraordinary luminous.


Film is represented by a beautiful sleigh pulled by Alaskan Malamutes.


Dance is a gorgeous translucent ballerina.


Just a short peek inside Bergdorf Goodman’s table decorations.


A dream of a Christmas table setting.


The Girls from red shades to pink shades evening gowns at Bergdorf’s.


The Christmas trees Macaroons at La Durée


Of course there will always be Baccarat. My mom was a real Baccarat fan.


This is my mom her name was Jeannette.


Now at Barney’s, my favorite window is the 2 adorable reindeer in front of an igloo with their Christmas shoes singing Freedom, well they look like they are singing or humming.



Now I am joining thousand of people at Time Square via CNN to wish you a marvelous and a most Happy New Year.

Stay tuned, next week I will share with you, only you my favorite Christmas decorations buildings in New York City.

A million thanks to my faithful blogger friends.

Today’s idea, 3 Very personal Christmas wreaths

Personalizing your Christmas wreaths creates tradition.

IMG_0962 2

I really like decorating my Christmas wreaths and Canadian Tire has provided me with 3 wreaths that I totally decorated with gold, apple green ornaments and ribbons from the Canvas collection. I even added a few of my old brooches for posterity, but add whatever  inspires you.


I would like that the decoration of wreaths like the decoration of Christmas trees becomes a family tradition that my son Louis will transmit to his own children,

As I live in an apartment, I installed my 3 wreaths inside my entrance door but you can also  hang them in a mirror, group them on a wall or above your fireplace.

Personalize your Christmas wreath and create your own family traditions.

Today’s idea, technicolor Christmas trees in a small space

Living in a small space is always a decorating challenge at Christmas.

Before Christmas decorations

Photos  of my home by yours truly decogirlmontreal


After I create my gold corner with the  Canadian Tire Canvas collection http://www.decogirlmonreal.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=3988&action=edit, I got carried away and chose two small identical trees that were perfect for my apartment, as I live in a small space, I can no longer decorate a 9 foot tree, I thought I could use 2 small topiary like potted trees on each side of my cranberry armoire, (http://www.canadiantire.ca/fr/pdp/noma-pre-lit-bathurst-spruce-potted-tree-5-ft-1514401p.html#.VIi60mTF-xE) of course I would have to make a few changes to allow for my two 5 foot trees. So I removed the two paintings on each side of my armoire and Voilà!


Bathurst Spruce 151-4401

After Christmas decorations

Photos decogirlmontreal

IMG_0333 - Version 2

You can also choose two small trees of different sizes which will help create a depth effect.

I liked the idea of having two identical trees with slightly different coloured ornaments, similar but not the same I imagine they are a bit like twins.

The multicolored ornaments of the Canvas collection, reminded me of the colourful Christmas trees of my youth in Quebec, so I wanted to reproduce these trees, I have to tell you that this Christmas feel free to add color to your life in every sense of the word.


On the left inside tree I used blue, turquoise and fuchsia ornaments.


On the right inside tree I chose green and fuchsia ornaments. (This is not the natural inclination of the tree but of the famous leaning tower of Pisa, somehow I realized we could see the ornaments better when it is a bit tilted, don’t you agree).)


I really went mad about colour and filled up a big glass vase with big Christmas balls, on the other hand I was a bit more subtle and added pretty gold Fleur de Lys, bows and gold balls to my French armoire, like life, it is always a matter of balance.

Have fun in decorating your home for Christmas, it is never too late, maybe you can keep your decorations till the end of January, why not, be Merry, enjoy your Holidays.


decogirlmontreal’s Christmas decorations at home

My choices of Christmas decor for my traditional home

Photos by your very own decogirlmontreal


A touch of gold for Christmas.

When Canadian Tire asked me if I would use their Canvas collection to decorate my home for Christmas, I asked them to send me the Canvas catalogue, as I never use products that I don’t like, let alone talk about them.

I have to admit that I fell in love with the gold Canvas collection from Canadian Tire canadiantire.ca/Canvas, as you can see I created a small gold corner of my own. When I see gold decorations I feel glamorous, I find that gold decorations really capture the magic of Christmas. Here are my golden finds that I wish to share with you.

IMG_0330 - Version 4

I started my decoration on my left wall with an Olympic Scotch wreath (151-4604).


Better view of the wreath

I added 4 gold Christmas ornaments to The Olympic Scotch wreath. I don’t know about you but I feel the more gold the merrier

IMG_0330 - Version 3

On my side board I added Two golden reindeer, a few golden Christmas ornaments, I also filled up my plate cake with gold balls, but you can use a big glass vase. Finally I framed my gold corner with a beautiful Garland.  You can also decorate a console in your living room or entrance way or make your own gold corner anywhere you wish.

IMG_0318 - Version 3

I grew up in the countryside, I love animals, I really really could not resists these 2 Golden reindeer.


My cake plate filled to the rim with the  Canvas collection ornements, just throw them in indiscriminately as long as they are gold.

Create your own magical golden corner and share it with your family and friends.


Oops I almost forgot this glass vase full of golden branches.

May your Christmas Holidays be filled with love, family, friendship and gold of course.



Montreal’s Christmas decorations

If you plan to visit Montreal during the Christmas holidays, don’t forget to go to Mc Gill College avenue at night, it is our most beautiful decorated street.



McGill College avenue with its illuminated trees


Crossing McGill College on Ste. Catherine in Montreal




The illuminated photos of the Montreal Jazz festival guests musicians, corner of Ste Catherine and Jeanne Mance, I am sure some of you can guess who they are.



Christ Church Cathedral on Ste. Catherine street looks very Merry..



The Bay store in Montreal looks quite festive.


IMG_0401Back to McGill College avenue. I have to admit that the winters are bloody cold in Montreal, but I do love it during the Christmas holidays as it is totally lighted and the nights are crisp and bright.

Long life to Cheese

President Obama pardoned Cheese the Turkey November 26th, it is said that Lincoln let the turkey roam the White House after his son Tad pleaded to spare the Thanksgiving dinner turkey.

Via http://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/Photo Chuck Kennedy (By Pete Souza)


Cheese the Thanksgiving turkey was the chosen one.

The Thanksgiving menu at the White House this year was the following: Via http://dailycaller.com/

Thyme Roasted Turkey
Honey-Baked Ham
Cornbread Stuffing
Oyster Stuffing
Braised Winter Greens
Macaroni and Cheese
Sweet Potato Gratin
Mashed Potatoes
Green Bean Casserole
Dinner Rolls

Banana Cream Pie
Coconut Cream Pie
Pumpkin Pie
Apple Pie
Pecan Pie
Cherry Pie

I never thought of macaroni and cheese for Thanksgiving,  but think it is a great idea, children love it, and most men don’t want to admit it but they also are very found of macaroni and cheese. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving even though you don’t pardon your turkey.