Day of the dead celebration

Saturday, November 2 we celebrate the Day of the dead in Mexico and welcoming the arrival of the Monarch Butterfly.

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I would like to share with you this Video from National Geographic for Netflix narrated by Will Smith. Enjoy my Lovelies and a very happy Halloweeeeeeennnnn to you.

In Mexico the Day of the dead or Dia de muertos is a grand celebration of life in remembrance of family and friends who have died. In Mexican culture, death is part of life. The day of the dead, their loved ones celebrate with them, it is like participating in the resurrection of the people they love, the Monarch Butterfly represents the Soul of the cherished dead.

Great Costumes for Dia de los muertos in Mexico.

Death and life celebration in Michoacan Mexico

The Big Apple Pumpkin Style

Last week I was very lucky, my niece D. invited me to accompany her in New York.

I thought I would share with you my favorite Big Apple Halloween decorations and inspiration.


Pumpkins, yellow purple and orange chrysanthemums and a few corn on the cob, absolutely gorgeous.


The scary red brick house and the strange pumpkins.


Witches, pumpkins, flowers and skull, Scaaaaary Halloween stuff!


For Pre-Halloween, I disguised myself as a Head of State and made speech at the United Nations, it was grave but also a lot of fun.


Last minute decoration for Halloween

Hurry Hurry Halloween is almost here, I know all these decorations should have been done last week, but it is never too late to bring joy and fun to your family and friends. Go for it.




Turn your pumpkins into a planter.


Just gather your pumpkins by your front door and add a few tree branches.

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9 octobre 2011 et marché atwater 038

Run, run to my Atwater market if you live in Montreal, if not you can run to your own market and get your colourful pumpkins and more.


10 easy cheap Halloween costumes

The question is ”To be or not to be”




To be elegant like Holly Golightly at Breakfast at Tiffany’s, get a little black dress with a chunky pearl necklace, don’t forget the long black gloves and the cigarette holder, but please don’t smoke. Definitely put your hair up.


To be a Cat in the Hat for all ages, go black red and white.


To be a Roy Lichtenstein painting.



How to polka dot your face


To be Frida Kahlo the artist, be sure to wear black and add flowers in your hair, but most importantly your eyebrows should be pitch black and touch each other.

Frida 2

The real Frida Kahlo


To be a Jelly fish is easy, get a transparent umbrella and ribbons or strips of bubble wrap. For a better reality effect, wear white under your clear umbrella.


Why not be Kiss,  you can wear a black vinyl jacket, a black wig and a white face.


To be the multiple faces of Lady Gaga, only requires make up.


To be the Little Riding Hood could be sexy.


To be Tintin is simple, a beige trench coat a blue shirt and brown pants, don’t forget Milou the dog.


To be Vincent, just paint yourself and your clothes like if you were a painting.

20 Halloween home decors

Be prepared, get ready for your Halloween scaryyyyyyyyyyyyyy Party….

You still have time to work at it, here are a few inspirational ideas, hope you enjoy them….


.A humongous throwing up pumpkin on your lawn, easy to do and scary stuff…

Via besthomedecoratorshalloween 2012 home decor

Of course you can have a multitude of scary characters on your front lawn, but where would you store them afterward..but if you can,  go for it, it is so much fun…

Black birds and pumpkins for your Halloween door step…Via Pottery Barn


Halloween Wallpaper create an eerie ambiance in the dining room…


Make your treats pumpkin attractive go to Martha the source of all things for instruction


Use a lot of cheesecloth a big touch of black and wilted flowers…You can use dry flowers…and you will get the spider web look…

For your table decoration, you can also use cheesecloth, don’t forget the black candles they are very effective and a skull with black pumpkins can add a lot to your Halloween ambiance….

Halloween dinner table decoration is important as most of the time the living dining are practically in the same area, so your table becomes the center of attraction…

Via for a Halloween Party

Add a few more guests like a couple of skeletons at your dinner table..everyone will enjoy them…they are great conversationalist…and remember, candles, candles candles…

Via pumpkin decoration ideas and halloween decorating ideas

Yucky punch is very dramatic, the dollar store has quite a few things to offer to garnish your yucky punch…

Via http://besthomedecorators.com31 halloween pumpkin carving ideas

Ice bucket pumpkin to keep your beer colddddddd…..


I am sure you have white sheets, cover your furniture with them and turn your room into a ghostly room….don’t forget a few black birds or bats here and there and everywhere….


If you have a bit of time to spare, go for the black lady paper shadow in your stairwell, she is quite welcoming in her own way…….

The black paper shadows of horrifying monsters in your windows inside your home are a lot of fun…


Easy ghosts on your front lawn….

To all the Halloween witches flying their broom…


For a bloody Halloween, make faux blood….



  • Light Corn Syrup
  • Cocoa Powder
  • Cornstarch
  • Blue food coloring
  • Red food coloring
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Amazing how a few paper bats, a pumpkin and a tree branch can be so attractive….
A bat tree for your kitchen table or your kitchen island…
Printable Halloween Tags
Happy Halloween cards are great on your Halloween dinner table…See how to on
Have fun decorating your home, for a bigger effect you could start now….


Via Huffington Post/Photos Getty
The Obamas’s  Halloween….
President Obama is holding the candy Basket…..
The Halloween Decorations at the White House, the Obamas with Ms. Robinson, Michelle O’s Mom….
Via Robert Dorion
The Adorable one….
First Halloween…..
The loved one, a real beauty amongst the Pumpkins…..
Via Huffington Post
Gwen Stefani as a princess…
Via Huffington Post
Sofia Vergara from ”Modern Family” as a cute Bird, but a bit angry…
Via Huffington Post/Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images
I think Jamie Lee Curtis is the Little Riding Hood….
Via Huffington Post/Photo by Michael Tran/FilmMagic
OOPSSSS Heere is Heidi Klum 2011 THE SCAAARY ONE……
I could not resist I had to have a terrifying one…..


Halloween again, Halloween toujours…..

It is a lot of fun to organize a costume party for Halloween, but a little decoration always helps to put you in the mood…
Via Better Homes and Gardens
Simply Orange
The Dollar stores have tons of Halloween decorations and you can use these miniature Pumpkins which are quite adorable, add a touch of green…. like these herbed cheese balls with a moldy look and throw in a few spiders….
Green cheese balls

A Bountiful Buffet
Cupcakes go with Halloween…
Green Monster Cupcake
This one is my favorite, but you can choose your own cupcakes and get the recipe from
They have a terrific selection…
Via Better Homes and Gardens
King-Size Candy Bar
As party treats to give to your guests before they go,  fill burlap bags or any bags with yummy candies….
Via Martha Stewart
Deranged Halloween Centerpiece
A totally disgusting black and white bouquet of flowers as a centerpiece….
Via Martha Stewart
Easy to decorate turnips, radishes…

Via Martha Stewart

and Pumpkins on top of candy jars….
Go black and spooky…. with these painted Pumpkins
Golden Pumpkins are quite chic….
And more simply use a Pumpkin as a flower vase…
You can get Halloween paper tablecloths and change your decor each year….Decorate your Chinese lanterns…

I like this extravagant crazy Halloween bouquet….


I was in Quebec City Saturday October 22 visiting my sister and brother in law. My sister and I went for a walk in the Petit Jardin Jeanne d’Arc located behind the Grande-Allée part of the Plaines d’Abraham and to my delight this is what I discovered: A Magical Garden entirely decorated for Halloween…..
The Scare Crow (L’épouvantail à moineaux)
Just wanted to introduce you to my sister Louisette she is the one sitting on the right, my sister Thérèse is holding me, and my brother Raymond is the very serious one making sure my sister Thérèse won’t drop me….. 
My sister Louisette

 The Lady in White…..
 A few ghosts dancing with the stars…..
 A ghostly boat…..
The Hanging of  la Corriveau…..I don’t have to specify that  this Quebec woman had a very tragic ending….

I was really excited to discover that Quebec was so much into Halloween… Bravo Mayor Labeaume for making Quebec City so wonderful and entertaining you are a real artist….
Via Le journal Le Soleil
A shot of Mayor Labeaume talking to God….do it again, it worked Mayor Labeaume…..

Celebration of past Halloween here and there!

The Japanese seem to love Halloween…

(Halloween image via Trendhunter)

Scary nurse……

Halloween Celebration in Japan….

A Japanese Pumpkin….

Lady GAGA seems to celebrate Halloween all year round….this is a reasonably priced costume….

The Halloween Village Parade in New York is enormous, it takes place Ocotber 31st at 7:00 PM…

Via NY Daily News

A very Bloody Little Red Riding Hood….I think the big bad wolf is in trouble…

Via Absolut Mexico

Dia de los muertos is a big Festival in Mexico City, it is Halloween day and people celebrate the spirit of their ancestors….

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Their flowers are Pumpkin orange….

Via Moon travel guides/Photo Jill Jillidonut

Quite elegant…..

Halloween at the White House in DC….

Via Zimbio/Photo Photo by Brendan Smialowski/Getty Image
First lady Michelle Obama (C-Left) and U.S. President Barack Obama (C-Right) greet trick or treaters and their parents at the White House October 31, 2010 in Washington, DC. The Obama's greeted children and military families at the North Portico to celebrate Halloween and to trick or treat across the North Lawn.

Via Zimbio/Photo Photo by Brendan Smialowski/Getty Image
Halloween decorations are seen at the North Portico of the White House October 31, 2010 in Washington, D.C. President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama will greet trick-or-treaters at the North Portico as they celebrate Halloween.

Past Halloween decoration at the White House  hope to find this year decoration, maybe it is too soon….I will keep you posted.

Via Zimbio/Photo Photo by Brendan Smialowski/Getty Image
Uniformed Division Secret Service stand in front of a Halloween decorated White House October 31, 2010 in Washington, DC. President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama will greet trick-or-treaters at the North Portico as they celebrate Halloween.

Secret Service agents in disguised…..
It seems that the Secret Service is not so secret for Halloween…..
Via Zimbio/Photo Photo by Brendan Smialowski/Getty Image
U.S. President Barack Obama (C) walks out of the White House to greet trick or treaters October 31, 2010 in Washington, DC. The Obama's greeted children and military families at the North Portico to celebrate Halloween and to trick or treat across the North Lawn.

Great decoration for your front door…

To all of you decogirlmontreal, ant thank you for sharing…..