A pilgrimage with Frank Gehry

I would like to pay homage to the great Architect Frank Gehry, I find his work is like Origami, 

Via Architectural Digest/Photo JRC/Alamy

Frank Gehry was born in Canada in 1929, he studied at the University of Southern California and the Harvard graduate school of design. 

The Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles was opened in 2003 but it could have been built yesterday, today or even tomorrow.

Via Architectural Digest/Photo  Nemanja Radovanovic/Alamy

You have to see it to believe this building is real, it looks absolutely surreal to me.

Gehry’s Neuer Zollhof is located in the Dusseldorf Waterfront in Germany.

Via Architectural Digest /Photo: Universal Images Group/Getty Images

Cinémathèque Paris France. Used for film archives and history, built in 1994.

Via Architectural Digest /PhotoZoonar/Vladyslav Danilin

This whale like building is the Fish Pavilion at the Barcelona Olympic in Spain. It was built in 1992, how avant-gardiste (forward thinking) is Frank Gehry.  

Via Architectural Digest/Photo Izzet Keribar

Fondation Louis Vuitton Paris France is like ship with 12 glass sails. Built in 2014, Frank Gehry was 85 years young.

Via Architectural Digest/Photo Michael Pettersson/Alamy

Beekman Tower New York, this residential building  was built in 2011 and has 76 floors. I find it has a bit of a conservative look compared to his other work, except for the subtle pleats which function as bay windows.

Via Architectural Digest/Photo Richard Cummins/Robery Harding World Imagery/Corbis

EMP Museum Seattle Washington

The steel and aluminum skin of the building looks like it is flapping in the wind, it is one of my very favorite Frank Gehry’s accomplishment, so delicate, so strong and so fashion like, it looks like a cocktail dress to me.

Via Architectural Digest/Photo Aliaksandr Mazurkevich/Alamy

The Dancing house, Prague, Czech Republic, they should invite this building to dance with the Stars , they call it Fred and Ginger. I believe Mr. Gehry must be very witty. 

 (© Gehry Partners, via Guggenheim.org)
How extraordinary is this Frank Gehry’s project, the Guggenheim Museum im Abu Dhabi. It is only a project at the moment, let’s hope it will become a reality.

Hope you have enjoyed my favorite Frank Gehry’s favorite work, he is such a genius, he seems to come from another planet, if he does, he is more than welcome to earth.


Going for a walk in Montreal

Yesterday was a beautiful day, so I went for a walk on Sherbrooke Street in Montreal,

I wanted to share this walk with you my lovelies.

Along the way, I met this Chihuahua, it was quite an encounter, he was as excited as I was about this lovely weather and he started following me on my expedition. I could not stop him and his master was really surprised and confused, so I had to turn around so that he would follow me back to his master, then we said our goodbyes.

If this chihuahua would have stayed with me, this is what he would have seen.

Montreal is getting ready to celebrate its 375th  anniversary. So Sherbrooke street is getting enhance with beautiful sculptures. Montreal can be very attractive when it makes an effort.

Mother and child sculpture seating on a bench.

Image via http://www.breathtaking.ca/

I have to mention the marvelous glass sculpture of Dale Chihuly ( looks like a Sea Anemone) that was installed last year in front of the Musée des beaux Arts de Montreal.

Suddenly a leaping hare appears right in front of your eyes.

This elegant horse has been here for a while.

Montreal’s fashion is well known all over the world, so don’t hesitate to pay a visit to a few boutiques.

Those are quite yummy shoes, and we all know they mean business and add to color in summer time.

OOPS, so sorry just wanted to tell you that Montreal is great but not so perfect sometimes, but I had a lovely walk and I do enjoy my city.  We have numerous festival, but unfortunately we also have a unique festival of orange cones. Believe me Montreal is worth visiting my lovelies.

for more info on the 375th of Montreal go to http://www.375mtl.com/

A peak at Charleston SC

Last week I went to visit a friend in Charleston South Carolina and I totally fell in love with this beautiful city. 

Photos by decogirlmontreal


An absolute tourist taking photo of a beautiful home.


Nathaniel Russel’s home in Charleston, Nathaniel had a passion for windows, they are quite incredible, you have to see them. https://www.historiccharleston.org/russell.aspx


Garden ideas, brick and pebble stone.


A peaceful arbor.


I love this garden entrance way.


 One of my friends is peaking again, she cannot help it.

IMG_2611A true Charleston home with palm trees, white pillars, verandah and a fountain.


I love these white double verandahs, this wooden gate and its brick pillars.


Cypresses in Charleston.


A cute pink house with topiary on each side of its front door, it looks a bit lost in translation.


A brick house covered with greenery.


Dorothy’s brick road.


A spirally lacy metal gate.


A narrow path with a fountain.


A wonderful stairwell with a green garland.


A garden Plantation


A room with a view.

Decogirlmontreal’s favorite best dressed 2012

I have to admit I love fashion and always find it very inspiring for the decoration of our homes…

These are my favorite best dressed 2012, they are many others, if you want to see them all and vote for your very favorite ones you can go to




Diane Kruger petty coat dress very 1950s



Cute Prince Harry…


Elegant Kate…

Goodby Kate…


Jessica Chastain in a Gucci fairy tale dress ….


Tom Brady the quarterback for the New England Patriot football team, he is my very favorite football player…I would vote for him wouldn’t you…


Fan BinbBing in an Elie Saab twin set…


Matt Lauer in a very becoming  Zegna gray pinstripe suit…I love the Zegna brown shoes with the gray, better than black shoes…


Actress and model Poppy Delevingne in a topshop outfit and Aldo (Aldo is a Canadian shoe Designer) shoes….


Gorgeous Leonardo DC..I voted for him…


Carla Bruni Sarkozy..very seventys…


Lyya Kebede can wear yellow than anybody I know….


Good look for Taylor Swift….don’t you think so…

Have a great day and thank you for following our blog, we would love for you to leave comments and share your decorating ideas and photos of your home….

Mirror Mirror who is the best dressed of them all

The best dressed international list started in the 1940, just wanted to share with you the some of Then and Now of the Hall of best dressed people…

Via Vanity Fair/Photos Betmann/Corbsfile

Do you remember this, a kiss was just a kiss but it was also the loss of a Kingdom…

Via Vanity Fair/Photo Rose Harman/Betmann/Corbs

Carolina Herrera Then…(1974) (Famous dress Designer now)

Via Vanity Fair/Photo Bill Ray/Time Life pictures/Getty Images

Ronald and Nancy 1973

Via Vanity Fair/Photo Eric Gaillard/Reuters/Corbs

Caroline of Hanover (Monaco)


David Bowie Then…he was a real Wow….

Via Everett Collection

Audrey Hepburn the elegance reincarnated…


Gorgeous George…with a je ne sais quoi in his eyes…


Babe Paley…

Via Vanity Fair/Photos Betmann/Corbs

Grace amazing Grace…

Via Vanity Fair/Photo Eric Ryan/Getty Images

Of course there is always Tom Ford…so lovely to look at….


Yes here she is Queen E. the second….

Via Conde Nast Archives

Of course there will always be Coco Chanel….


And the loved one, Princess Diana….


 Actually,  David Beckham….


The very pink queen of Fashion Anna Wintour…Remember the movie ”The devil wore Prada” it was all about Anna Wintour…shuuuush

”Stay tuned tomorrow I will show you some of the contenders for the best dressed list of 2012…have a great day”….

Today’s idea, recipe for the finishing touches in your entrance way

You can have beautiful furniture in a very elegant space, but if you do not care for texture, it will never look warm, cozy and comforting.  We often acquire texture with different elements such as personal objects, art, mementos, plants, flowers,  books, pillows, something vintage, interesting lighting, and sometimes a touch of black….

Today we will start with the finishing touches in your entrance way….and we will go on every day in a different room until we have exhausted the subject, or until I am totally zonked….

If you removed all the elements on this table and the wall, you still would end up with a nice room but not as personal and welcoming…Remember, first impression starts with your entrance way, don’t neglect it….

Via House Beautiful/Photo Pieter Estersohn

Finishing touches bring life to a room…see these textured fishing baskets, and this leafy branch in a glass jug, right away you can tell the owners of this home are nature lovers…and somehow it makes you feel good….

Via House Beautiful/Photo Reed Davis

Pillows from Madeline Weinrib add texture and an eclectic feeling to this room….

Via House Beautiful/Photo Ngoc Minh Ngo


An Asian chair, an antique table with a few books and a few objects transform this otherwise ordinary white wall into a lovely tableau….

Via House Beautiful

Your entrance way can be fascinating...even if it is tiny make it beautiful.

Via House Beautiful


Objects, pillow, even a pair of shoes gives this entrance way a little comforting air of Je ne sais quoi…there is a human being who lives here….

Via Elle Decor/Photo Simon Upton

A contemporary entrance way, a Sigmar Polke painting, a vintage Jacques Quinet armchair, great harmony….

Via Elle Decor/Photo Dominique Vorillon

A vintage Japanese console, art, a small bouquet of flowers and a sculptural lamp make all the difference in this interminable hallway…without these elements you could get pretty bored crossing this long entrance way….

Lazy Sunday with Ingres’s Odalisque and other

Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres (1780–1867) a French artist from Montauban France, has inspired many Lazy Sundays and Artists with his Odalisque If you go to Montauban you can visit le Musée Ingres …

Ingres Self-Portrait

Ingres’s Odalisque is now having a Lazy Sunday at the Louvre in France….

Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres (1780–1867)

This is the real thing….

Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres (1780–1867)

Another resting beauty by Ingres…

Manet was also inspired by Ingres,  his Odalisque is sitting at the Louvre right across the Ingres’s Odalisque….

La Grande Odalisque, 2007 © Stéphane Lallemand was exposed au Musée Ingres à Montauban

 Different Odalisque, different time….

Via http://jean-luc-moerman.be/

A tattooed Odalisque by artist Jean-Luc Moerman…


A semi deconstructed Odalisque…

Koya Abe, After La Grande Odalisque, 2005

An Ikea style Odalisque…very contemporary…I like it…

Michael Thompson, Julianne Moore as Ingres’s ‘Grand Odalisque’, 2000Michael Thompson, Julianne Moore as Ingress Grand Odalisque, 2000

Guess who this is… you know her..she is an American Actress Odalisque

Robert Rauschenberg, Odalisk, 1955-1958Robert Rauschenberg, Odalisk, 1955-1958, Freestanding combine, huile, aquarelle, crayon, pastel, papier, tissu, photographies, reproductions imprimées, journal, métal, verre, oreiller, poteau en bois et lampes sur structure en bois avec coq empaillé, 210,8x64,1x63,8 cm

A bit deconstructed, It should be called find the Odalisque, I love Rauschenberg

James Rizzi, La Grande Odalisque, 2000

A cat lover Odalisque

Martial Raysse, Made in Japan, La Grande odalisque, 1964

A one Eyed Odalisque...

Guerilla Girls, 1989Guerilla Girls, Odalisc, 1989

OOPss…A Guerilla Girl Odalisque…

Have a lovely Lazy Sunday…


It started like this, I got a phone call from my friends in Florida and they invited me to spend a few days with them….I looked out the window and this is what I saw…
I don’t have to tell you that I had a Revelation….
I got a West Jet flight with my Visa points and flew for a change of view…
This is what happened in a land far far away….

The weather was  80 to 85 degrees F, I thought I would share with you a bit of my sunny days.  It was a short visit, so don’t expect a grand tour but I will show you  just a few places I really liked that you might also enjoy.
Photo decogirlmontreal
On the Canal daytime….Lauderdale by the Sea…
View from my friends’s screenporch, so peaceful and relaxing…
My first day…I had to unpack my one month supply of clothes for 5 days..I don’t know why I always pack for one month if I go away for a year or for 5 days my suitcase looks the same, I think the problem is to have to choose all these summer clothes in the middle of winter….
Photo decogirlmontreal
View on the Canal at sunset taken  from the screen porch..

Dinner in the screen porch….

Day 2
Going to South Beach for the day, 
Visiting downtown Miami  en passant by car, I had not been there for a long time, it is quite a beautiful City now…

Photo decogirlmontreal
Twisting my head around 180 degrees to get this photo, I looked a bit  like Linda Blair in the movie
”The Exorcist”  veeeery scaaaaary….
A fantastic idea….
The Children’s Museum Miami…Great cheerful building designed by the firm Arquitectonica International… The Museum is located on Watson Island, 980 MacArthur Causeway Miami…Plan your visit…
(305) 373-5437

Photo decogirlmontreal
Arriving in South Beach, we parked the car and went directly to the famous
 Italian restaurant/Hotel Casa Tua  (Your Home) located in a Beautiful old home at 1700 James street Miami Beach
The gate at Casa Tua, so romantic….
The Casa Tua restaurant dining room The Library with the long banquette….Absolutely delicious, warm and charming…
Photo Via mrandmrssmith.com
The garden at Casa Tua….
Photo via concierge.com
Casa Tua
Photo via eats
You can also eat at the Kitchen counter, very sympathique….
Via hauteliving.com
One of the five bedrooms at Casa Tua…I did fall in love with ”Your Home” and the people are very nice…
Photo decogirlmontreal
South Beach Smith & Wollensky, if you want to eat on a table by the sea, it is a great location right in front of Fisher Island, I flipped the photo a bit….I think it was taken crooked to start with, so I might as well go all the way…..sorry http://www.centsationalgirl.com/, if you are interested you can get great advice on photo enhancing on her blog…
Photo decogirlmontreal
decogirlmontreal’s deep thought at Smith & Wollensky
Photo by Donald C.
Day 2
decogirlmontreal as a Sherpa getting ready for the beach, the chair is from Tommy Bahama a little heavy but great pockets and easy to install and close….
Photo decogirlmontreal
A Beach cottage at The Breakers
One of the bedrooms at The Breakers?….
Photo by a friend
Yours truly at The Breakers…One advice when you go for a visit and not a stay at The Breakers, there is a long driveway with a guard, he will ask you this question ”What will you be doing at The Breakers” and the answer is ”We are meeting some friends for a drink”….We did have a drink….
?Photo decogirlmontreal
Walking towards the sea at The Breakers….
Dreaming at The Breakers…
Photo Via The Colony Hotel
Day 4
Back in Palm Beach, looking at all the gorgeous homes and getting inspired….
lunch at The Colony by the pool…OK food… great set up…and going to the beach….
Photo decogirlmontreal
Day 5
I had a terrific few days, regret not taking more pictures to share with you…..


Every year in Montreal the Botanical Garden presents ”La Magie des Lanternes”  Beautiful extravagant colorful Chinese lanterns they are indeed Magical. October 9Th to October 30Th, you can see hundreds of  them at night in the Chinese Garden. Let your eyes travel.. you will love it….
Via Tohu-Bohu
Via Panoramio
Via LiliChris
Via Zoompetry
Color is back in Interior Design this year, the color of these lanterns are quite an inspiration…
Via du Pommier à l’érable
In Montreal we are very proud of our Magic Chinese Lanterns, we of course we were inspired by the great Chinese tradition of Lantern festival….
Via Festival
In 2010 The Festival of Lanterns in Zigong China
Via China Pictures .org
Lanterns illustrate the myths and legends, Pingyao City Wall
Pingyao City Walls in China
Via China.org
The International Dinosaur Lantern Festival in Sichuan China January 2011
You can go to the Montreal Botanical Garden or you can go to China or both if you are lucky….
Or you can watch on You Tube ”The Magic of Lanterns at Montreal Botanical Garden”