From a Ritz Girl to an Ikea Girl

Yes I admit it, I love the Ritz but I also love Ikea


I find the new colours of Ikea very exciting,and very young even for the not so young but the young at heart.


The Dagar turquoise faux leather sofa for $999.00 can become the focus of your room.


You need a touch of black and yellow, the Ottil cushion cover for $12.99


The turquoise and orange room is so joyous.


The Orange Friheten sofa bed for $699.00 will look terrific in your small living room guest room.


You can add a Kulladal cushion cover for $14.99 and it makes your room.


For a softer palette go with beige on beige Himmene sofa bed $599.00.


Add a Hermine throw for a Burberry look $19.99


Back to vibrant clover green, after a night at the Irish pub you will never miss your sofa and end up on the floor. A touch of pink will really add a bit of fantasies and femininity, it is like the Yin and the Yang in your life.


The Klippan love seat for $349.00 The Yin


Klippan loveseat with the green white and pink cover. The Yang


I know this is a lot to absorb all these bright colours, so for the weak at heart let’s go with a little break and introduce the greige, gray palette, are you feeling better now my lovelies.


The Stocksund chaise for $639.00


The Stocksund sofa for $799.00


I would definitely add this gray and white cushion cover to light it up. Smanate $6.99


OOps guess what you can have this Stocksund sofa and the chaise in other colours, with a red cover for instance.


Stocksund chaise with blue cover.


The real white  klippan love seat looks good with its multicoloured  Onskedrom rug


Klippan love seat $499.00


Onskedrom rug $49.99 ouffff When I will  be done with this article, I shall speak Swedish fluently!


OH Oh another room this room is quite pastel and gentle with its pink wall and turquoise sofa

soderhamn-sofa-and-chaise-turquoise__0406304_PE583242_S4 (1)

Söderhamn micro fiber sofa in a Finnsta turquoise for $1210.00


An Ottil cushion cover is a must with this turquoise sofa.  $12.999

HOpe you will enjoy your new and old Ikea my lovelies, I worked very hard to pronounce all these Swedish names and remember them.

Today’s idea, playing with your blues

I am a lover of white and blues, so I was very pleased to find out that the HomeSense 2016 spring collection has a lot to offer in the white and blues.


Somehow, a touch of green looks great in this white and blue bedroom.


Adding a bit of nature with this Ficus tree is a warmer upper in this white and blue corner.


A printed blue and white rug, pillow shams and cushions are small details that completes your white and blue room.


A special touch with a Moroccan style candle.


White and blue love anything natural, this natural wooden base lamp is ideal.


A natural wicker tray can be used as a decorative object on the wall or simply as a tray.


A white and blue throw is so comfy, I use mine to watch TV at night, remembrance from nights past.


The white and blue Ikat pattern chair.


A Kilim like pouf ivory and blue.


Blue ceramic


There is blue and there is turquoise blue and they amazingly look charming together.

La vie en rose and blue=Pantone 2016

Pantone the Emperor of color trend has divulged their colours 2016

Rose Quartz and Serenity blue

decogirlmontreal Rose Quartz


Via Pantone


Via Pinterest and


Adorable mixture of pink and blue in your living room.

Via Architectural Digest


How to decorate with Serenity blue.

Via Elle Decor


A girlie bedroom in Rose Quartz.

Via Architectural Digest


A tranquil manly bedroom in Serenity blue.

Via Pantone


Via In Style


These roses and blues are the most feminine colours in the world of fashion. I love blue and pink suede shoes, I am sure Elvis would have loved them too.

Getty Image


Christina Aguilera is always pretty in pink. 


A Rose quartz Kitchen aid mixer, who can ask for anything more.

Enjoy your Pantone 2016

I got the pretty blues

Summer is almost here and I can feel the blue of the sea,  just thought you might enjoy a few of my favorite blue decor.

Via Architectural Digest



Accessorizing with blue.



A Stunning blue and white living room decorated by Suzanne and Lauren McGrath.


Suzanne and Lauren McGrath

Via Better Home and Garden


White and blue in a small living area.

Better Home and Garden


A softer blue with a creamy white.  One of my favorite white is Cloud white CC40 by Benjamin Moore.


Sometimes just a touch of blue like this white and blue rug can really bring a nautical look to a room, when we say nautical we always see blue and white, which is quite calming and of course  better than seeing red.

Better Home and Garden


Blue and white striped chairs can make a room look so much like summer.

Light the creator of color

Another proof that light creates corlor, Newton was right.

Via swiked


The gold and white dress was in reality Blue and black. For more information on this phenomena go to

For a simplified Newton’s color theory go to

Today’s idea, White paint and warm ambiance at the Ritz

I like warm whites, creamy whites and tainted whites even in the winter.

Residence du Ritz Carlton Interior Design Suzanne Vachon/photos Ariane Poulin

Ritz-10 - Copie

When I decorate with white, I like a play on whites. There is no natural light in the hallway, so I used OC88 (Indian White) by Benjamin Moore, I have to admit that Benjamin Moore has the most beautiful whites in a multitude of tones.

Ritz-11 - Copie

I cheated a bit with the mouldings and ceiling at the Ritz instead of  a warm white,  OC62 (Baby’s breath) was used which is more of a grayish cool white by Benjamin Moore but the exception makes the rule sometimes. It is said that if you use warm whites on your walls it is better to choose a creamy warm white on your mouldings and doors.

Ritz-20 duplicate

In the living room the only place where I added a touch of white was above the fire-place OC88 BM (Indian White) again, I felt that the antique like mirror would like white better and it brings some luminosity to the darkness of its wood. The walls are CC150 (Sandy Brown), it is a very bright room and it needed a bit of color.

Ritz-17 copy

As the kitchen opens up to the hallway, I needed to create some continuity between the two rooms. I looked at my OC88 (Indian White) chip in the kitchen and I knew that it would look slightly lighter than in the hallway as It is a very sunny room. I liked this idea as it was the same but appeared different.  Light certainly plays game on colors, so make sure you look at your color chip in the room that you will be using it.


The breakfast nook is also OC88 and you can see the difference between the pure white of  the cabinets and the tainted Indian white of the wall.

Ritz-4 - Copie - Copie

In the Master bedroom I went with OC2 Pale Almond which appears a little lighter because of the brightness of the room. I found it more appealing and enveloping than a pure cooler white.


The antechamber of the Master bedroom used as a small office is OC2 (Pale Almond), here the color looks a little darker as it does not benefit from direct light like the Master bedroom.


The guess bedroom is OC8 (Elephant Tusk) BM which of course is another creamy white. Thus the expression play on whites.

Ritz-13 - Copie

Guess bathroom OC8 (Elephant Tusk)

 I find that Whites are a bit complex, and of course when I am in the process of choosing my white colors, my painters think that I am absolutely off my rockers, for them white is white and that is it, but actually white is not white and you will find out that the 100 shades of white can look quite different from one room to another. For more tips you can go to: or

Color from Aristotle to Newton to your home


Aristotle said in ”De Anima” Color is not seen without light

Isaac Newton Quotes

Before Isaac Newton  people thought that color was a mixture of light and darkness ant that it was the prism that created color.

Biography Of Isaac Newton

This is Isaac N wow what a brilliant man, and pretty good-looking on top of it.

Born on January 4th 1643, but he could also have been born on December 25th 1642, but who cares, Newton lived and was a most important figure for our civilization. he really was the man of all theories, a true Renaissance man

Newton proved that light alone was responsible for color and we have to thank him for the existing color wheel. I have to admit that if Newton lived today I would be madly in love with him, wouldn’t you. Thank you Newton, you certainly made my world a better place to live.

Isaac Newton and the color wheel.

Stay tuned, Friday we will explore the incredible color White, yes white is a color wait and see, it is subtle but very present and yes it can influence your everyday life. White is the sum of all colors.

Today’s idea, technicolor Christmas trees in a small space

Living in a small space is always a decorating challenge at Christmas.

Before Christmas decorations

Photos  of my home by yours truly decogirlmontreal


After I create my gold corner with the  Canadian Tire Canvas collection, I got carried away and chose two small identical trees that were perfect for my apartment, as I live in a small space, I can no longer decorate a 9 foot tree, I thought I could use 2 small topiary like potted trees on each side of my cranberry armoire, ( of course I would have to make a few changes to allow for my two 5 foot trees. So I removed the two paintings on each side of my armoire and Voilà!


Bathurst Spruce 151-4401

After Christmas decorations

Photos decogirlmontreal

IMG_0333 - Version 2

You can also choose two small trees of different sizes which will help create a depth effect.

I liked the idea of having two identical trees with slightly different coloured ornaments, similar but not the same I imagine they are a bit like twins.

The multicolored ornaments of the Canvas collection, reminded me of the colourful Christmas trees of my youth in Quebec, so I wanted to reproduce these trees, I have to tell you that this Christmas feel free to add color to your life in every sense of the word.


On the left inside tree I used blue, turquoise and fuchsia ornaments.


On the right inside tree I chose green and fuchsia ornaments. (This is not the natural inclination of the tree but of the famous leaning tower of Pisa, somehow I realized we could see the ornaments better when it is a bit tilted, don’t you agree).)


I really went mad about colour and filled up a big glass vase with big Christmas balls, on the other hand I was a bit more subtle and added pretty gold Fleur de Lys, bows and gold balls to my French armoire, like life, it is always a matter of balance.

Have fun in decorating your home for Christmas, it is never too late, maybe you can keep your decorations till the end of January, why not, be Merry, enjoy your Holidays.


Today’s idea, going neutral in your home

Neutral is the opposite of controversy, so your neutral decoration can be quite peaceful. I looked up the definition of neutral and found this: Neutral ”not aligned with supporting any side or position in a controversy.” Believe it or not a neutral decor is definitely without controversy. You can be as Neutral as a Swiss or you can go neutral with a touch of delinquency.

Via Elle Decor/Photo William Waldron


Actress Keri Russell’s bedroom is quite neutral, her wall is Stone Hearths from Benjamin Moore and her headboard matches this color perfectly in a slightly darker tone. With neutral you can work with a degradation of a similar tone, from dark to light, or light to dark. The green tree branches add a bit of controversy in this very tranquil l environment.

Via Elle Decor/Photo Simon Upton


Hummm HilarySwamk’s kitchen appears totally neutral, It’s a play with Beige, brown, and white but if you look carefully you will detect an object that does bring a slight controversy to this otherwise absolutely neutral room.

Via Elle Decor/Photo Tim-Street Porter


Oupss Ellen Pompeo’s living room tried to be neutral but could not resist adding these very colourful pillows which do create a bit of a happy turmoil in this neutral canvas.

I personally think that neutral can look terrific but and there is a but, a far as I am concerned it will look so much better if we  add a touch of folly.