Flying colours in your Dorm room

Don’t goof around, make the grade, colour is good for you so is a nice environment, so hit the books and hit the room.

Your dorm room is important, it will reflect who you are and decorating it is as easy as ABC.

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Instead of paint, you can use paint swatches for colour on your wall and use some of these colours as accents in your room.

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Make a headboard with a curtain road and a piece of fabric of your liking.

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Create a personal corner and  heart your wall with your favorite pictures and recapture your happy moments.



Chalkboard your wardrobe doors with paint and write, draw, erase and start all over again, this is what life is all about.


Wallmart Chalk board paint $27.48


Some Dorm will not permit that you paint your walls, other will allow it as long as you repaint the walls when your leave.

if you can paint one wall, choose a bold colour, a colourful colour that is.


Removable wallpaper is great for decor or covering a damage desk.

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Add a real pop of color on your door or wall with bright red London non Brexit phone booth. $18.98 this could be your piece de resistance.


A shoe holder hanging on a bathroom door would be useful to hold beauty products.


Organizing your desk with jars, paint them decorate them, use them.

Original_Chelsea-Costa-Potted-Succulents-Beauty1_h.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.966.725Bring the outdoor in with a few easy maintenance succulent plants.

Don’t play hooky with your dorm room, put your thinking cap on, you will not regret it.

You can always send me pictures of your room at

Enjoy your school life my lovelies, there is nothing like it.

It’s all about bedrooms and famous people

I would like to share my favorite celebrities bedrooms with you. I believe these rooms resemble pretty much their owners.

Photographer: William

54c144e0b8a94_-_bedroom-design-ideas-celebrity-bedrooms-05-lgn (1)

Candace Bushnell author of Sex in the City, her bedroom reflects a warm personality. It is eclectic but harmonious.

Ellen Pompeo’s of Grey’s Anatomy


There is certainly a Buddhist air about Ellen Pompeo’s bedroom

(Source: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images North America | The Agency)

Lady Gaga


 Lady Gaga’s long floating curtains are like elegant evening gowns, you can recognize her love of costumes in them.  If she was anything like Scarletl O’hara she could wear them.


Going back in time with celebrities.

If you want to know more about Scarlett O. and Gone with the wind you can visit


This is Scarlett in her curtain costume.


Scarlett’s bedroom at Tara

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Gisele Büdchen and Tom Brady”s bedroom is spectacular but simple, it describes them well.

(Source: Shooting LA via Karen Misraje)


Jimmy Kimmel’s bedroom is very sober almost like a hotel suite, is he really like this?

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Anne Hathaway’s bedroom is quite bare but elegant. It must have been decorated when she shot ”Les Misérables”


Cameron Diaz bedroom has an air of Camreron Diaz, it is blond and blue, very much like her.


Ralph Lauren Montauk’s bedroom has this summer Ralph’s look about it.

Today’s idea,the rug is a wonderful room unifier

”The importance of being a rug in your bedroom”

I find rugs are the creators of harmony, unity and warmth in a room, these are all very human qualities, hmm I suppose it is easier to talk this way  about rugs in our lives than men in our lives.

Via Elle Decor/Photo Cynthia Frank

07-Ivanka-trump-apartment-lgn cynthia Frank I. Trump

Ivanka Trump’s bedroom has a very subtle and elegant rug, but I cannot imagine this room without it, just thinking about its absence my feet are getting cold.

Via Elle Decor/Photo Simon Upton

bedroom-design-ideas-celebrity-bedrooms-08-lgn Cindy Crawford Simon Upton

Cindy Crawford is blessed by this Berber rug, I love Berber rugs, they remind me of my youth, (well, being a woman of a certain age, I do occasionally talk about my youth) we had one in our summer home living room, they are really comfy, you could sleep on them and they live forever.

Via Elle Decor/Photo Simon Upton

Hillary-swank-manhattan-apartment-09-lgn simon upton bedroom H. swanks

Thank heaven for this Calvin Klein rug in Hilary Swank’s bedroom, it is perfect for this bed and warms up the entire room. Boys won’t cry for sure with a rug like this.

Via Elle Decor/Photo William Waldron

Redd-EDC-09-13-5-lgn-16894508 william waldron elle decor

The perfect small guest room with a perfect black and white rug, so welcoming, I certainly would love to spend a night in this room.

Stay tuned, tomorrow we will discuss the importance of being a rug in your living room.

Today’s idea, a splash of colour in your Child’s bedroom

Colours are always de mise and more so in your children’s bedrooms.  Colours are inspiring and bring joy in one’s life. Colour is like music it stimulates our creativity.

Via Michael Moran


A touch of yellow and your child will wake up to a sunny day.

”Yellow is warm and expansive,  clear and alert. It lifts our spirits and generates happiness, confidence and positivity”  June McLeod



 La vie en rose with a touch of pastel green in your child’s bedroom.


June McLeod colour of the soul amazon.caBefore you decide repainting and redecorating your children’s bedrooms, you may want to know more about the influence that colours have in our lives.  I found that June McLeod’s Colours of the soul introduced me to the importance of colour and the role it plays in our environment and our dwellings, you may enjoy it too.

*I have not been a very constant blogger lately, but as you know my son Louis got married June 30th, the wedding was a very happy one, his bride Fiona was absolutely stunning and it was a splendid day with family, friends, warm and loving speeches.

From now on, I shall be more present, yours truly.

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Jan’s Lazy Sunday in Rajasthan

My sister-in-law Jan is having a Lazy Sunday in Rajasthan, this is her room, totally out of  ”eat, pray love”   she is staying in a 150yr old boutique hotel in Bikener.

Photo Jan Pearson


Jan’s sumptuous Room in Rajasthan, it’s hot, it’s colorful, it’s beautiful, I wish I were in India, one of my favorite country, no Lazy Sunday for me I am working today, but at least it is sunny, but it would be nice to try this incredible bed.  Have a great day.

Sexy Lazy Sunday

Sometimes if feels terrific to have a Sexy Lazy Sunday with your loved one…Try it you will like it…. 

Via HBODon't Settle! Make Him Better in Bed -- Tonight!

Samantha Jones from Sex and the City had a few sexy Lazy Sunday with Jarrod Smith….it could be very relaxing.

Via Decorating Ideas: Boho Chic

A cozy bedroom for a Lazy Sunday…Quilt at Urban Outfitter $128.00…

Today’s idea, go neutral for a peaceful bedroom

You want to give your bedroom a peaceful look, I would suggest you go with neutral colors...

Sheerly White Canopy

Big white duvet brings you a feeling of peacefulness…If only it were Sunday…how lazy could we be in a bed like this…I think I might stay in bed all day….The different tones of white with contrasting wood  makes for a very restfull room…

Via Martha Stewart and

 or you can mix your neutrals with light painted furniture…



 A Country Swedish style bedroom mixed with pastel and neutral colors…..

Today’s idea, a theme for your baby’s room

I think Serena and Lilly have a good idea, a theme for the nursery is a perfect place to start preparing your baby’s room…Here are a few themes that I hope will inspire you….

These themes and ideas for baby’s nursery are so adorable I had to share them with you, this is not a commercial for Serena & Lilly only an inspiration for all of you who are expecting the joy of your life….

Boutique Hotel rooms I would love to stay in

I originally was looking for the most beautiful,luxurious hotel rooms, but I could not find anything I really liked, they all seemed to look the same, expensive but over the top and rather boring….
So I came up with these boutique hotel rooms, and I love them, I hope you do to…. recommendation…

 Royal Malewane, Kruger National Park, South Africa. 
I realized that most of the rooms I choose have canopy beds…

Tauana, Bahia, Brazil 

I find inspiration in these romantic hotel rooms…

Verana, Jalisco, Mexico 

I have not made up my mind yet, I don’t know which one I like best…

 Poetry Inn, Napa Valley, California

Ca Maria Adele, Venice, Italy

 Parrot Cay, Turks and Caicos, Caribbean

Riad Tarabel, Marrakech, Morocco

La Suite, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

La Place D’armes in Montreal

De Montfort Suite at Town Hall Hotel

Maison Moschino in Milan

le bellechasse 05 570x380 Unique decor, unique feel, unique boutique hotel
Le Bellechasse in Paris
This one is so much fun….
10 Most Stylish Hotels at The World's Fashion Capitals

Shoreditch Rooms, London
10 Most Stylish Hotels at The World's Fashion Capitals

Murano Resort Paris


What I really like about these rooms is that they don’t look like Hotel rooms, they are so original and one of a kind, I certainly could have a room like this in my home…It would be fantastic to stay in each one of them… it would such a fantastic trip…I suppose I could start by booking myself in Montreal Place 
d’Armes Hotel and try their room….

I would love to know which one is your favorite…just leave us a comment….

Have a great day, hopefully as sunny as yesterday…..


Yes it is Lazy Sunday again my friends, lets browse and look at the cheapest 5 star Hotels bedrooms located where it is hot and sunny….

I am dreaming of a tropical Sunday in Casa de Las Olas (House of Waves) in Tulum Mexico, where everything is white, blue and sand color…..
Casa de Las Olas
I love the Hammock, it has a gentle movement that is propitious to dreaming….
Go for a modern bedroom in Antigua Barbuda at Nonsuch Bay…

In Zambia at Bushcamp Company’s famed Mfuwe Lodge…
Look mom there is an elephant in my room, Cool Hunting Safari will make sure you share your stay with a few locals…
Back in Mexico in a colorful Hammock at Esperanza Resort ( Hope Resort) in Cabo San Lucas…
Maybe if we are not blessed with warm weather we can get our hammock out and dream of sunny hot days…Enjoy your Lazy Sunday…