Today’s idea, a shower with a view

The amazing experience of showering almost outside and sometimes outside.

Via Architectural Digest/photo William Waldron


A tale of Shower and Tub for you.

Via Architectural Digest/photo Ngoc Minh Ngo


Showering in the garden of Eden.

Via Architectural Digest/photo Nikolas Koenig


On the other side of the bathroom window of author and photographer Kelly Klein is her shower, who can ask for anything more.

Via Architectural Digest/photo Scott Frances


A shower window to the world of Manhattan.

Via Architectural Digest/photo Björn Wallander


Sometimes two windows in your shower is better than one.

Via Architectural Digest/photo Pieter Estersohndam-images-decor-2015-02-showers-shower-bathroom-inspiration-21-wm

Shower shower in the window, who is the prettiest of them all.

Via Architectural Digest/photo Björn Wallander


A lapis windowed shower.

Via Architectural Digest/photo Simon Upton


A sconce by Ralph Lauren Home is the perfect fit for this shower window.

Today’s idea, the elegance of a white bathroom

From the top of the world in New York City to a country home, a white bathroom is like the famous Coco Chanel, it never goes out of style.

Thirty Park Place in Tribeca Architect Robert A.M. Stern Architects

Subtly black striated marble is the epitome of elegance in this very urban bathroom.

Thirty Park Place in Tribeca Architect Robert A.M. Stern Architects

The white bathroom with a colourful view.

Thirty Park Place in Tribeca Architect Robert A.M. Stern Architects

Second bathroom in 30 Park Place is simply white with a shade of taupe grey on the walls.

Via Country living


Totally chic country bathroom with a touch of green accessory.

Via Country living


A play on whites and all you need is a small wooden stool and a bouquet of pink flowers to warm up your entire white bathroom.

Via Bhg


The mixture of whites and ivory whites create a relaxing environment. I love this parquet tiled floor, I have to reproduce this floor in my next bathroom decor.

Via Bhg


White and black are always à la mode in your bathroom.

Via Bhg


Very country chic bathroom.

Via Country living


Somehow white and wood go together forever and ever, it is always a sure thing.

Via House Beautiful


All you need is a beautiful wooden tray in this all white bathroom. Et voilà!

Bathroom transformation in black and white

I love the use of black and white in Michael and Jonathan’s bathroom, it is amazing, simple and absolutely refreshing.



Before and after chez Michael Minns and Jonathan King at 47 Park Avenue in Yorshire England 4

The black floor is sensational and the geometric black and white rug adds great drama to the room. 5 (1)

The black antique bathtub seems to levitate on the pitch black Farrow and Ball floor. 11

Paint your black where it matters most and use white as a yin to your yang.

*Thank you 47 Park Avenue for giving me permission to share your photos with my blogger friends.

Today’s idea, small bathroom storage cabinet

In a small bathroom, you find space wherever you can, look carefully.



The wall is a good space for a bathroom cabinet, if you are lucky you can find a good 5 inches in your bathroom wall for a medicine cabinet.

juin 2011 027

Somehow I was very lucky with this bathroom, there was enough room at the head of the bathtub to build a lovely storage cabinet, we added a cornice to it for a more traditional look.


If you are very lucky, you can build open shelves at the head of your bathtub for towels storage.



Surrounding your toilet with storage space is also a good idea.


Storage cabinet above the toilet

Todays’ idea, go subway tiles in your kitchen and bathroom

Metro tiles seem to be like Toile de Jouy, the more the merrier, in Montreal we call them metro tiles, because we use the metro not the subway, in London England they call their metro the Tube.



dsc07642 afterSubway tiles were used in the New York subway when it opened in 1904, the walls were covered with subway tiles and it somehow became quite popular in subways and in homes around the world.

Via  Absolutely Beautiful Things}

absolutely beautiful things subway tiles

Top to bottom metro tiles behind your bathroom vanity using a gray grout for a light contrast with the white tiles.

Via Elle Decor


The metro tiles can come flat or beveled, white or multicolored, porcelain or glass.

home-interior-design-ED1209-005 black grout and white subway tiles

For a more dramatic effect in your kitchen, use a black grout, very Coco Chanel, don’t you think so. By the way, Coco also said that ”La mode se démode” meaning that trend go out of style, but they are certain things that never go out of style like Chanel and the ”subway tiles”.


14subw.xl subway ny tiles

New York subway with its white subway tiles.

14subw2 ny subway tiles 1904Often mosaic patterns were inserted within the subway tiles, bu this is a more expensive venture.

6a011279419f6128a40133f35e42b2970b-800wi herringbone subway tiles

New York subway tiles herringbone style, you can install your metro tiles at a 45 degree angle, but it is a bit more costly,  allow for at least 15% more tiles.

A bedroom suite in the country

Last week end I went to visit a friend in the country, her home is such a delight and an inspiration, I wanted to share my bedroom suite with you, well  I mean sharing the pictures of my bedroom suite.

21 janvier 2013 094

My friend calls this bedroom the Egyptian room, the walls are covered with an Egyptian motif toile, and the bedding is a joyous red and white coverlet toile and of course we have a touch of black.  The print above the bed is a representation of Ozymandias King of Kings.

   it reminded me of Shelley’s poem Ozymandias, I wished I would have memorized it as I could have recited it when I was lazing around in my beautiful room, a touch of nostalgia, is like a touch of black it’s good for the soul.


Percy Bysshe Shelley

I met a traveller from an antique land
Who said: “Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
Stand in the desert. Near them on the sand,
Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown
And wrinkled lip and sneer of cold command
Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
The hand that mocked them and the heart that fed.
And on the pedestal these words appear:
`My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings:
Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!’
Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare,
The lone and level sands stretch far away”.

21 janvier 2013 100

I love Shelley, but I have to tell you that at this very moment I loved my   bathroom  in the country best, such luxury.

21 janvier 2013 091

A view from my room, a gorgeous winter garden.

21 janvier 2013 092

The weather was very mild and we went for long walks in the forest, talking about everything and nothing and cherishing the moment. .

I feel so fortunate to have such friends


From Modern  to Traditional, find storage for your bathroom….
Get organized for the New Year….


If you want to respect the Modern Zen look of your bathroom, allow for walled in spacious cabinets…everything has to be totally hidden….the inside of the cabinets don’t have to be Zen…


Except of course for a few well displayed items….


Or a few towels perfectly folded could be acceptable…..

Via Better Homes and Gardens
Baskets under sinks

On the other hand with a traditional bathroom, you have more freedom to expose your everyday life, but with open shelves tidiness is in order….

Caddies are very useful….Ikea and Zone have lots of Caddies….


Old silverware could be very attractive and classy on your bathroom counter….

Via Better Homes and Gardens
detail of sink with glass decanters on shelf above

A shelf above the sink is often a must….


A small mirrored cabinet above the toilet….any cabinet or shelves are ideal above the toilet…..


There is always a space for the plumbing that can be used for a built in cabinet…..
For a small bathroom, a glass shelf above the sink does not take much room visually….
I personally like big armoires, this one is from Ikea and has been painted…
Within the wall you can sometimes find a good 2 inches, it is perfect for a big cabinet, I like the folding doors on this one…
Via My House 101
Bathroom Storage Ideas
This cabinet is also partly within the walls…
Via Martha Stewart
You can find similar Cabinets at Restoration Hardware….
In this tiny bathroom, there is a built in bench like with an open top to store all the toilet paper, cleaning products… Hooks for bath towels always work well….
Via Martha Stewart
You could be lucky and have an attic space to use as storage…
Again wherever there is plumbing, they are possibilities for useful storage…
Remember a whole in the wall can become quite elegant if you add the right door…I asked Mr. Camille Mouillot an Ébeniste from Montreal to sculpt this door for my clients’s storage space in their powder room…
Stay tuned we will explore more storage tomorrow


Michelle one of our fellow blogger just bought a country home, she would like to revamp her bathroom…She is not to hot about the wallpaper… and does not want to spend a fortune…Econo changes are often made with paint….
Michelle’s Bathroom now…
A few ideas for Michelle’s country bathroom…
1- She could remove the wallpaper and paint the walls the same color as her ceramic floor, except for the entire bathtub alcove I would use a different color. For the alcove, a color in the same palette as her floor grout could be interesting, but a lighter tone or an ivory color so that there is a bit of a contrast between the walls and the alcove but very minimal

2-I would use Melamine paint and paint the vanity drawers and the brown shelf the same white as the vanity…It would bring a softer ambiance to the room….Changing the Vanity knobs, I found these at Anthropology in New York, a great boutique for decorative details etc…

3- Michelle could paint the entire bathroom the same color and use a Benjamin Moore OC 91 a creamy ivory tusk white, a soft subtle contrasting color with her bathtub….
4-Replacing light fixtures is not an expensive venture and definitely changes the look of a room…
Shawson Lighting - 6.25 In Bathroom Vanity Holder, Chrome Finish - WB 903/1 CHH - Home Depot Canada
Her light fixtures are quite high so she would have to get  fixtures pointing down….
Shawson lighting from Home Depot
Innova - Philip 2 Light Bathbar Polished Chrome - BR-2PHI-25 - Home Depot Canada
The Innova style from Home Depot
Innova - Philip 1 Light Bathbar Polished Chrome - BR-1PHI-25 - Home Depot Canada
Innova from Home Depot
Hampton Bay - Aliza Collection, 1 Light Bath Bar - 17661-010 - Home Depot Canada
Hampton Bay Aliza collection at Home Depot
Via House Beautiful
Inspiration for a soft look in white and some basketry for a country look….
If you have any advice for Michelle, feel free to share them with us…..


A Classical original Soapstone slab..
Via Vermont Marble, Granite and Soapstone
The Boston-William Soapstone sinks
Oiled sink for a darket look
The un-oiled Soapstone sink
Via NBC solid surfaces in Vermont
Use the Soapstone sink in your kitchen…
Via Elle Decor/Photo William Waldron
Via House Beaautiful
Via Elle Decor
room: Kitchen, Traditional room by EJ Hansen, AIA
A double Soapstone sink and Soapstone counter tops
Use your Soapstone sink in your bathroom
Via Elle Decor/Photo William Waldron
An antique Soapstone in Meg Ryan’s bathroom…..


I personally dislike going to public washrooms, I always wait to the last minute to the point of no return.. I believe that I have been traumatised by the hole in the ground of a few washrooms I have visited in my travels, I truly appreciated the ones that had handles that you could hold on to, but they were few. 
I admit that I would not hesitate one second to go in these gorgeous washrooms, as a matter of fact I am looking forward to it, enjoy the visit….
Worldly bathrooms
The following bathrooms are a meeting between art and industry, Kohler commissioned artists from all over the world and gave them the opportunity to create a bathroom of their own at the Kohler foundries and use all the most recent technology.
John Kohler’s Art Center is located at 608 New York avenue Sheboyan Wi. and the visit is free..

The women’s room hand painted porcelain tiles by Cynthia Consentino….
John Michael Kohler Arts Center, Sheboygan, Wisconsin.
Courtesy of John Michael Kohler Art Center
Matt Nolen
Atrium Men's Room
The Atrium men’s washroom
Matt Nolen’s The social history of architecture is represented on the tiles from Ancient Egypt to modern times…The Atrium men’s washroom 
Philosopher Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s quote below the ceiling..
“Whatever you can do or dream, you can begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.”
Preschool Washroom
Casey O’connor’s Chilhood vitreous
Family Washroom
Family washroom
Carter Kustera Tell me something I don’t already know…
East Men's Room
Sheboyan’s men’s washroom by Ann Agee
The cobalt blue tiles are inspired by Delft and Staffordshire ceramics.
Via Travel and leisure
Wall/Ion Design Public Restrooms in Alexanderplatz, Berlin.
Below ground Public bathroom at Alexander Platz Berlin Germany
located in Front of the C&A Store..
Saunders Architecture Norway
Saunders and Wilhemsen lookout, Norway.
I suppose you have to be in good shape to visit these 2 washrooms, but a bit of trekking is good for the souls.  They are located Along the Aurlandsfjellet “snow road” at Stegastein, in Western Norway’s Sogn district.
Daimaru Depatment Store public restrooms in Tokyo.
In Tokyo at Daimaru department store
The Toto toilets seat are heated ( a dream come true, after 8 years of cold seats in a boarding school) and you can choose the sound of the flushing ”Running brooks or Ocean waves” cooool…..
most unique public toilets in the world JC dacaux Top 5 Most Unique Public Toilets in the World
Public toilets in Paris designed by Patrick Jouin has a Zen meditation look….