Day of the dead celebration

Saturday, November 2 we celebrate the Day of the dead in Mexico and welcoming the arrival of the Monarch Butterfly.

Via Trendland 

I would like to share with you this Video from National Geographic for Netflix narrated by Will Smith. Enjoy my Lovelies and a very happy Halloweeeeeeennnnn to you.

In Mexico the Day of the dead or Dia de muertos is a grand celebration of life in remembrance of family and friends who have died. In Mexican culture, death is part of life. The day of the dead, their loved ones celebrate with them, it is like participating in the resurrection of the people they love, the Monarch Butterfly represents the Soul of the cherished dead.

Great Costumes for Dia de los muertos in Mexico.

Death and life celebration in Michoacan Mexico

This is not a toilet joke

My existentialist search for decorative toilet paper has finally ended Alleluia!

”WHO GIVES A CRAP” 3 ply jumbo rolls 

For the more classical at heart.

BIPPY For the more classical at heart.

For a long time I have been dreaming of decorative toilet paper rolls et voilà! I really wanted to share my discovery with you my lovelies. ENJOY.



Got all excited about pie crusts

Coucou, hope you are having a great summer my lovelies.

Just wanted to share these very artistic and easy pie crusts with you, hope you like them as much as I do.


You can see it is ”As easy as Pie”

”As nice as Pie”

Sometimes I do ”Eat humble Pie”

Even If I want to make all these pies, it would be a bit ”A Pie in the sky”

Goodnight my ”Sweetie pies”


Colour riot in your home

Running wild with colour

Irmelin fabric from Ikea $6.99 a metre


D’ont be afraid of a splash of colour, if your room is neutral, you can be more daring with your curtains and your decorative pillows.
Curtains made out of Irmelin Ikea fabric.

Why not use the multicolour Ikea Sommaraster duvet cover in one of your bedrooms or on a daybed $29.99

Halved flat woven rug in technicolour from Ikea $199.00

Via PinterestLa vie en rose looks great with this halved rug.  I personally prefer using colour accents in a neutral coloured room, but if you want to be engulfed with colour, go ahead don’t be shy, there are so many beautiful colour in this world.

My favorite pink room.

Via pinterest

Vibrant colour by Tilton-Fenwick, she Injects Color into a Former Art Studio.

May the force be with you in Technicolour.

Images are great but words make you feel so good!

Love words by Leonard Cohen

Photo taken by Cohen’s daughter Lorca is now a 1,022 painting in Montreal

Painting by American artist El Mac and Montrealer Gene Pendon with creative team MU.

So Long, Marianne

Leonard Cohen


[Verse 1]
Come over to the window, my little darling
I’d like to try to read your palm
I used to think I was some kind of Gypsy boy
Before I let you take me home

Now so long, Marianne, it’s time that we began
To laugh and cry and cry and laugh about it all again

[Verse 2]
Well you know that I love to live with you
But you make me forget so very much

I forget to pray for the angels
And then the angels forget to pray for us

Now so long, Marianne, it’s time that we began
To laugh and cry and cry and laugh about it all again

[Verse 3]
We met when we were almost young
Deep in the green lilac park
You held on to me like I was a crucifix
As we went kneeling through the dark

Oh so long, Marianne, it’s time that we began
To laugh and cry and cry and laugh about it all again

[Verse 4]
Your letters they all say that you’re beside me now
Then why do I feel alone?
I’m standing on a ledge and your fine spider web
Is fastening my ankle to a stone

Now so long, Marianne, it’s time that we began
To laugh and cry and cry and laugh about it all again

[Verse 5]
For now I need your hidden love
I’m cold as a new razor blade
You left when I told you I was curious
I never said that I was brave

Oh so long, Marianne, it’s time that we began
To laugh and cry and cry and laugh about it all again

[Verse 6]
Oh, you are really such a pretty one
I see you’ve gone and changed your name again
And just when I climbed this whole mountainside
To wash my eyelids in the rain

Oh so long, Marianne, it’s time that we began
To laugh and cry and cry and laugh about it all again

You can watch the Documentary Marianne and Leonard: Words of love

Enjoy my lovelies!


Run for your balcony, its not too late

It would be right to say that we had a Rain check for summer this year.

I finally ran to the market and bought the last 3 baskets of Petunias, a very modest flower, that can be  quite  dramatic. 


This year I opted again for palm trees, I was lucky and got the best ones at Home depot, they only had 5 left, so I chose the two biggest ones. I had a bit of a problem as I could not get them out of the car, so my friend Denis transported them and here they are.

Every summer I add my usual suspects to my balcony decoration, a white porcelain thinking frog from Home Sense, a hanging topiary from Pier One, and a small pot of basil.

The opposite side of my balcony, the 3 cache pots are from Home depot.  I have to make a confidence, looking at these 3 cache pots, I am thinking about my immense thighs, unfortunately, come rain or shine I am stock with them, but I am seriously thinking on loosing 7 pounds maybe 10. It has been raining cats and dogs and I forgot that I have been gaining weight during the winter days. Even though I am a Virgo, I have to admit I am only human and I was completely oblivious of having to wear a bathing suit when summer came, and now I might have to spend this summer on my balcony. 

Enjoying a view from my balcony.

Have a great summer my lovelies and don’t let anyone Rain on your Parade.

A peek inside the New York Kips bay decorator show house

Dear lovelies, just visited the N.Y. City Decorator Show House and wanted to share with you my very favourite rooms.

Via  Architectural  Digest/Photo  Ngoc  Minh  Ngo

Young Huh’s Young at Art living room is really magical with its Fromental’s Braque wallpaper, I love it to pieces, Its absolutely la vie en rose with its pink, armchairs, ottoman and sectional pink sofa. So much fantasy and very summery looking.

Via Architectural Digest

Every year a few of the best known and upcoming Interior Designers are chosen to participate in the Kips Bay Decorator Show House and decorate a room, it is a fund raiser for boys and girls.  It all started in 1973 to help New York City children with an after school enrichment programs. The project is extremely popular and they have design buffs from all over the world visiting each year.

Via  Architectural  Digest/Photo  Ngoc  Minh  Ngo

The classical virtues of Designer Charlotte Moss’s blue and white bedroom decor are incredibly delightful and so perfect.


Via  Architectural  Digest/Photo Nikolas Sargent

Jeff Lincoln Interiors Inc.

“The room is meant to show for collectors the connection between contemporary art and collectible design,” said Jeff Lincoln who has an Art Gallery which in living contemporary artists. “The room is meant to show for collectors the connection between contemporary art and collectible design,”  

Via  Architectural  Digest/Photo Nikolas Sargent 

Designer Paloma contreras created a woman’s study in chartreuse and blue. The moire chartreuse fabric for the curtains are from Schumacher, the Billy Baldwin style ottoman covered with Jane Churchill’s tiger tooth fabric certainly adds a touch of fantasy in this very classical decor.

Via  Architectural  Digest/Photo Nikolas Sargent
Designer Sarah Bartholomew  and her fluted walls paneling really create a cocooning effect.  In this room the old and the new get along perfectly. A working desk and a chaise longue, who can ask for anything more.

Hope you enjoyed the visit, have a great week.





Spring time for your Kitchen

Enjoy revamping your kitchen

Via Elle Decor/Photo Michael J.Lee

White and navy kitchen with a wooden counter top brings a light country look in your home.  Add a Persian runner  for comfort and colour.

Via Hubert Zandberg Interiors/Photo LuKe White

Green tiles backsplash is very springy and introduces a touch of nature in your kitchen.

Via Elle Decor USPhoto Karyn Millet

You have an older white kitchen, give it the French Bistro look with white metro tiles, a wooden table and bistro like woven dining chairs.

Via Elle Decor US/Photo Eric Piasecki

Brighten up your terracotta floor with pale blue Kitchen cabinets.

Via Elle Decor US/Photo Anthony Tahlier This all white Kitchen with marble counter tops could not look so warm without its all wooden island and a dark wooden floor with a red and navy Persian rug.

Via Elle Decor US/Photo Michelle Drewes

Sometimes a Mediterranean floor tiles and a tracery ceiling can totally transform a simple white Kitchen. 

Via Elle Decor US/Photo Neil Landino

A more elaborate country Kitchen with natural wooden ceiling rustic beams and a cast iron decorative piece that probably came from an old fireplace really has a soul of its own.

Via Elle Decor US/Photo Tim Street Porter

You already have a vaulted ceiling, you can add false wooden beams and give your Kitchen lots of character.

Via Veranda

Who says you cannot use a high table as an island in your Kitchen.

Via Veranda

Remember a small island is better than no island. The distressed rustic white ceiling looks fantastic with the simple white cabinets, marble countertops and marble backsplash, a perfect mixture of rustica glamour and industrial (Stools).

Via Veranda

Love the checkerboard white and blue tiles all over this guesthouse Kitchen, can I come and be the guest. 

Hope you enjoyed visiting all these beautiful Kitchens, a few seconds of inspiration could make a big difference in your life my lovelies.

The happiest bearable move into a smaller space

The before and after of a small apartment

 Living room and doorway Before 

Via Apartment Therapy/Photo Marie-Lyne Quirion As I had this very deep entrance opening from my hallway into my living room, I draped a yellow silk curtain to create a visual separation between my narrow hallway  and my living and dining area. Rug from Indiport Montreal, Louis the XV Sideboard was given to me as a present when my son Louis was born by my cousin the owner of  La Maison Française Antiques

Los Angeles. The art  and furniture came from my family.

Via Apartment Therapy/Photo Marie-Lyne Quirion 

This is the other side of the yellow sofa, I used an old Chinese planter as a side table, I added a glass top to it. I bought this planter in China town, they told me that this is the container they use to  ship duck eggs from China.

Via Apartment Therapy/Photo Marie-Lyne Quirion 

I like to create a feeling of permanence in all the decoration that I do, it could be traditional or contemporary, I think it should also be intemporel, ”la mode se démode” (Coco Chanel)(fashion becomes out of fashion)

Via Apartment Therapy/Photo Marie-Lyne Quirion 

A feeling of intimacy,  surrounded by memorabilia.

Hallway Before A Narrow hallway 

Via decogirlmontreal/Photo decogirlmontrealMy hallway is minute so I covered it entirely with this blue and white Manuel Canova wallpaper. I painted the doors basic blue Benjamin Moore CC968, best match for my air balloon multi blue wallpaper.

Dining room Before

 I change the original space for my dining room and I had to electrify the ceiling for my chandelier. My electrician Suzanne was great and fished the electricity from an electrical switch on the left wall all the way up to the top of a molding and got the wire out to a new electrical box and this without making a big mess.

Dining room before 

Now the chandelier is up and connected and like a friend said, you have to do something about this sagging wire. So I asked Valerie my handy woman to create a molding that would hide the sagging wire.

Via Apartment Therapy/Photo Marie-Lyne Quirion

Mission accomplished, the wire above the dining room table is completely covered with a triple molding and my chandelier can unleash its power and become luminous again.

Via Apartment Therapy/Photo Marie-Lyne Quirion 

I designed this armoire with chicken wire which I originally used as a bookcase and now it is in my dining room to store all my good dishes. I white washed it myself, lined it with a finely striped blue and white cotton (I stapled the fabric in the back of the armoire.)

I bought this Don Quijote plate on top of the armoire when I was a student in Madrid and carried it with great care all the way back to Montreal.

Via Apartment Therapy/Photo Marie-Lyne Quirion 

Inside my white wash armoire 

This is what friends are for, in between the before and the after, my dear friends are unpacking diligently and helping me put my home together again.

living room Before This long back wall with a 9” depth is ideal for bookshelves. Originally this space was the dining room, (you still can see a pendant light in front of the wall).

Ikea bookshelves BeforeI bought 4 regular white Billy bookshelves from Ikea and moldings from Home Depot. 

Ikea bookshelves with Home Depot moldings

Voilà Valérie is now installing the moldings on the Billys to give them a certain elegance. 

Via Apartment Therapy/Photo Marie-Lyne Quirion

The Ikea Billys are all dressed up now, and I have organized all my books and mixed a few of my cherished objects and souvenirs with them. These 2 French Louis the XV bergères which are now in the living area belonged to my parents and I had them recovered with blue Alcantara (Microfiber) You can see a bit of my white kitchen through the right inside wall opening.

Via Apartment Therapy/Photo Marie-Lyne Quirion 

I love mixing books with objects.

Via Apartment Therapy/Photo Marie-Lyne Quirion 

I got this small blue cloisonné urn as a young girl when I visited Hong Kong. The blue double beaks vase was given to me by son Louis when he was 20 years old. The pink enamel recipient with griffins on each side was given to me by my mother in law who received it as a present from a New York Beau when she was studying at Parsons in New York. I think objects have a soul, they really make me feel good.

Paintings with cows are my favorite, I got it at a Shaby Chic store that I really liked but it is now closed, I do miss it.

Kitchen Before
My kitchen was bright red, I do like red, but it was much to powerful for me.

Via decogirlmontreal/Photo decogirlmontreal

The walls of the kitchen are now Cloud white CC40 by Benjamin Moore. I added a piece of white melamine to hide the side of the fridge, I have something about fridges, I find them very bulky in old kitchens. My kitchen is from the 70s, it might be a little bit overly decorated but it kind of needed a little distraction here and there to take away its bleakness. I needed more light, so I got a rail with directional spots from Home Depot.


I installed 4 white plate rails from Ikea on top of the white cabinets and a watercolour picture made by my mother in law above the stove.