A touch of gold in your home

Anything goes with Gold, even Ikea likes it.

Via Dream Green DIY

Two Ikea desks side by side with spray painted gold legs brings a very chic look to your office.

Via Apartment Therapy and Dream a little bigger

Give a glimpse of gold to your lamp, she will brighten up and thank you for it.

Via Kristi Murphy

The golden look of an Ikea coffee table.

Via Hither and Thither

This black Ikea office chair is looking quite sophisticated with its spray painted golden legs.

Via Buzzfeed and stylespellbookblogspot.com

The black Ikea Vittsjö shelf

The Ikea Vittsjö shelf was magically  transformed into a very Newyorkish golden shelf.

Via Apartment Therapy and My notting hill

You can change your dressers handles and turn them into gold.

Anyone that can turn anything into gold is called an alchemist, but King Midas also had the golden touch and so do you my lovelies.

A hit of purple in your home

Being touched by purple could be quite exciting in small doses.

Via Pantone http://www.pantone.com

main_banner radiant orchid

The way it was, Pantone’s color of year 2014 was Radiant Orchid, It seems that the colour purple is here to stay for a while, we are in 2017 and it is still going strong, I think it is growing on us.

I would go for a touch of purple


June Mcleod the author of ”Colours of the soul”  has this to say about the colour purple or violet.” Violet helps us to be innovative, it depicts purpose, focus, integrity and dedication. It generates feelings of self-worth, and boosts self respect.”


I would say definitely go for a touch of purple.

It is surely a good colour for the Millennials.

Via Getty images

Lea Michele from Glee in a purple dress by Emanuel Ungaro at the 2017 Golden Globe.

Via http://www.roche-bobois.com/

roche-bobois-mah-jong-modular-sofas_2Mah Jong sofa has a touch of purple.

Via http://www.graciepi.com/


Purple dining room chairs are a bit daring but not as much as an entire purple room.

Via http://homesdir.net/


Well, this shabby chic purple room is quite interesting, the mixture of 50 different shades of purple can be quite inspiring.

Via http://www.interiordesign-world.com/

purple-bedroom-ideasBefore painting your entire room purple, I would do a quick research and look at a few purple rooms, for instance I found this site http://www.interiordesign-world.com/ 24 purple bedroom concepts, and I suppose I could live a few days with this one, but I have to admit as much as I like purple I could only use a touch of it, I could not be surrounded by it, but if you like it, may purple be with you and happiness ever after.

It’s beginning to look like Christmas

Run run it is never too late, let’s decorate and celebrate.

Photo Via decogirlmontreal


The more Gold the Merrier. Decor Suzanne Vachon

Via Paint me Pink


Au Natural with pinecone wreaths and pinecones all over.

Via Shades of Blue


Sleeping with a Christmas tree in your bedroom can be magical.

Via Yellow Bliss road


Red and gold Christmas tree decorations are eternal.

Via Cherished Bliss


Yes you can do it on the piano. Make your Christmas decor musical.


The role of Cranberries at Christmas

Simple cranberries can turn into a fabulous Christmas decor and yummy foods.

Photo via http://www.lapresse.ca/


Cranberry field in St. Louis de Blandford.

Celebrating Christmas with Cranberries is colourful and part of history.  in the 17th Century, the American Indian Algonquian introduced Cranberries to the English Settlers in Massachusetts, and we have been cultivating them and eating them since. Another name for Cranberry is Atoka. In France we call them Airelle.


The cranberry harvest in the Island of Nantucket by painter Jonathan Eastman Johnson  1880

Via House Beautiful


Now we are talking, Champagne and frozen Cranberries for a Merry Christmas.

Photo via http://www.rtl.fr/

7742899471_the-cranberriesIrish rock Group ”The Cranberries” You can also accompany your Champagne and Cranberries with the Irish rock group music of the Cranberries. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yam5uK6e-bQ

Via Better Homes and Gardens


Making Topiary Balls with Cranberries and leaves.

Via Take six Photo Nicole Payzant


Plaid table runner from Pottery Barn and a center piece made out of Cranberries, pine cones,candles and candy canes.

Via Better Homes and Gardens

Add Snow wonder instant snow to a glass vase, a wide candle and Cranberries, that’s it your table will look super festive.


Use a cake plate and add small trees and vases with cranberries, a few branches and silver and gold Christmas ornaments. Home sense usually had cake plates during the Holidays.

Via Better Homes and Gardens


Topiaries made out of Cranberries. Use a foam ball (Dollar Store) toothpicks that you insert in fresh Cranberries and deposit each topiary on top of some glasses or candle holders  to obtain different height.

Via Martha Stewart photo Clive Streeter


Of course you can also make Martha’s quick Cranberry Sauce.



Ricardo’s Cranberry muffins are to die for.

Via Food Network


Fifty things you can make with Cranberries. http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/articles/50-things-to-make-with-cranberries.page-2.html

This humble fruit is really something to talk about.

The mystery of the colour of snot

 I have been invaded by the snot monster, and it was not the first time.

Have you ever wondered why your Snot (Mucus) becomes a chameleon and changes colours from green to yellow to brown when you have a cold, the flu or sinusitis?

Well being an Interior Designer I always have been fascinated with colours, so I did some research on the colour of snot, and this is what I came up with. What I thought was a mystery is no mystery at all

These snot colours are not caused by an infection but by your immune system which sends white blood cells called neutrophils to protect you against bacteria.  These particular white blood cells contain a green coloured enzyme and when they become prolific they will colour your mucus (Snot), on the other hand they will prevent the bacteria from penetrating in your blood stream.

So the colour of your snot is not as bad as it looks, and we should all be grateful to the colourful Neutrophil in our immune system.

Sorry, I know it is not a very elegant topic,  but I really had to find out why my mucus normally as clear as plexiglass transformed itself into these yucky colours.

Go Lady Gaga in your Home

The decoration of your home inspired by Lady Gaga’s costumes

Photo Jamie McCarthy/Film Magic


Black and White L. Gaga China Through the looking-glass event at the metropolitan Museum of Art.

Via Hative.com


Don’t be scared, a black wall in your bedroom can look terrific .

Photo Marc Piacecki/GC images


Gaga in fuchsia with a touch of black.

Via Pinterest and Bright Bazaar


 Brighten up you life with a fuchsia sofa and a black infinite ceiling.

Photo Simon James Film Magic


 Boho Gaga look.

Via Pinterest and Lush Home


 Tangerine and lavender for your teenager daughter could be spectacular.

 Photo Neil P. Mockford/Fim Magic


A delicate balance by Lady Gaga could be an oxymoron but not in this case.

Via Pinterest and Style at Home


A very pastel breakfast corner.

Photo Marc Piasecki Film Magic


The Lady G in her smashing white and natural colour outfit 2010 which would be still in fashion today.

Via Pinterest and CollectiveStyle.ca


An all White living area with a touch of natural linen colour warms up the room.

Photo Ben Pruchnie Film Magic


A most serious professional shade of gray for Lady Gaga but there will always be the hat.


An office that has a few shades of gray. Mineral Alloy Gray 1622 by Benjamin Moore.

The gray ceiling is a contemporary version of a coffered ceiling.

Enjoy your home with Lady Gaga

Small kitchen big space

GOING BIG in your small kitchen!

Photo via lushhome.com


The most delightful minute white kitchen with face to face counters topped with beautiful bowls and things.  Who can ask for anything more.

Photo via Dwell by Joe Schmelzer


In a long narrow space, try to elongate your kitchen counters as much as you can and top them with very long shelves.

Photo by Kireei.com via http://domino.com/tiny-house-kitchen-ideas#6


Paint your floor white to match your kitchen cabinets, they will like it and feel totally at ease.

Photo by Magic dream life via http://domino.com/tiny-house-kitchen-ideas#6


Adding shelves in a most beautiful way is the thing to do in your microscopic kitchen.

Photo Jenny Steffens via Apartment Therapy


When using open shelves and hanging stuff on walls, make it look good, be parsimonious in your choices.

Photo The everygirl via Apartment Therapy


Long open shelves with lots of gadgets can really provide you with lots of kitchen storage.

Photo via The Style Files


In Germany, they dare to have a vertically big hutch in a tiny kitchen. if you are monochromatically inclined, this mini white kitchen is perfect for you.



Tiny kitchen can go vertical, let it fly, ceiling and walls are great for storage.



Who says you cannot have a blue micro kitchen with an island, not me!

The Big Apple Pumpkin Style

Last week I was very lucky, my niece D. invited me to accompany her in New York.

I thought I would share with you my favorite Big Apple Halloween decorations and inspiration.


Pumpkins, yellow purple and orange chrysanthemums and a few corn on the cob, absolutely gorgeous.


The scary red brick house and the strange pumpkins.


Witches, pumpkins, flowers and skull, Scaaaaary Halloween stuff!


For Pre-Halloween, I disguised myself as a Head of State and made speech at the United Nations, it was grave but also a lot of fun.