A triple styles mix in a rustic home

Mixing styles is a real art and not as easy as it looks to accomplish.

Via http://trendland.com/

This Danish  Rustic country home is a great example of a triple mixture of styles, Rustic, Modern and Contemporary and a slight touch of Industrial style.

We often think that Modern style is the same as Contemporary style, Modern style started in 1920 and lasted until 1950, it is known as Mid-Century Modern.

Contemporary style is in constant evolution. Contemporary is what is trendy right now, it also borrows from different eras, so we sometimes confuse it for Modern style. This Danish country homes structure is totally rustic with its old wooden beams. The furniture in the living room dining room is mainly Mid-century Modern and Contemporary.

The white rug seems to be a greek flokati rug which was very popular in Modern times and as been revived as a Contemporary style.

In the kitchen there is a mixture of rustic wood drawers and industrial backsplash tiles.


The floors are rustic large planks but tinted with a grayish contemporary color.

The bathroom sink is a Rustic tree like stone basin.

The shower is a mixture of industrial black soap stone with very 1920 Moroccan floor tiles. 

The balcony furniture is rather countryish and with a small Contemporary black table and a geometric black and white patterned rug.

Have a great evening my lovelies, and give a serious thought about mixing your styles, I find it quite exciting and quite a challenge. 

If you have a mixture of styles in your home, we would love to see some pictures and you can share your styles with us.


A hit of purple in your home

Being touched by purple could be quite exciting in small doses.

Via Pantone http://www.pantone.com

main_banner radiant orchid

The way it was, Pantone’s color of year 2014 was Radiant Orchid, It seems that the colour purple is here to stay for a while, we are in 2017 and it is still going strong, I think it is growing on us.

I would go for a touch of purple


June Mcleod the author of ”Colours of the soul”  has this to say about the colour purple or violet.” Violet helps us to be innovative, it depicts purpose, focus, integrity and dedication. It generates feelings of self-worth, and boosts self respect.”


I would say definitely go for a touch of purple.

It is surely a good colour for the Millennials.

Via Getty images

Lea Michele from Glee in a purple dress by Emanuel Ungaro at the 2017 Golden Globe.

Via http://www.roche-bobois.com/

roche-bobois-mah-jong-modular-sofas_2Mah Jong sofa has a touch of purple.

Via http://www.graciepi.com/


Purple dining room chairs are a bit daring but not as much as an entire purple room.

Via http://homesdir.net/


Well, this shabby chic purple room is quite interesting, the mixture of 50 different shades of purple can be quite inspiring.

Via http://www.interiordesign-world.com/

purple-bedroom-ideasBefore painting your entire room purple, I would do a quick research and look at a few purple rooms, for instance I found this site http://www.interiordesign-world.com/ 24 purple bedroom concepts, and I suppose I could live a few days with this one, but I have to admit as much as I like purple I could only use a touch of it, I could not be surrounded by it, but if you like it, may purple be with you and happiness ever after.

Today’s idea, a shower with a view

The amazing experience of showering almost outside and sometimes outside.

Via Architectural Digest/photo William Waldron


A tale of Shower and Tub for you.

Via Architectural Digest/photo Ngoc Minh Ngo


Showering in the garden of Eden.

Via Architectural Digest/photo Nikolas Koenig


On the other side of the bathroom window of author and photographer Kelly Klein is her shower, who can ask for anything more.

Via Architectural Digest/photo Scott Frances


A shower window to the world of Manhattan.

Via Architectural Digest/photo Björn Wallander


Sometimes two windows in your shower is better than one.

Via Architectural Digest/photo Pieter Estersohndam-images-decor-2015-02-showers-shower-bathroom-inspiration-21-wm

Shower shower in the window, who is the prettiest of them all.

Via Architectural Digest/photo Björn Wallander


A lapis windowed shower.

Via Architectural Digest/photo Simon Upton


A sconce by Ralph Lauren Home is the perfect fit for this shower window.

Sharing my balcony finds with you

Living in Montreal with the long winters, it seems that they only dream we have now is about our outdoor homes. Viva our balcony. 


Ikea’s cute balcony red set for 2, could be quite romantic.


Choosing a rug could determine your balcony colours and style, Ikea.


This Ikea garden bench can be used outdoor and indoor.


Plant shelves from Ikea could be transferred in your kitchen as open shelves storage.


White plant holder from Ikea.


Adorable plant holder, you can use a couple of these and turn your balcony into a real garden.


Ladder like plant holder from Ikea.


Colourful hanging flower boxes Ikea.


Corner plant holder Ikea.


Cute balcony light Ikea.


White metal solar lantern Ikea.


Star like light Ikea.


Go natural with a dining set for 2 Ikea.


Lounge chair from Pier one.

2891313_1 (1)

Leafy side table outdoor indoor, PIer One.


Round mosaic side table, can be used outdoor and indoor Pier One.


If you have a small balcony, don’t be afraid to get a big comfy chair, set it in a corner and create an intimate space for yourself. Pier One


Last but not least the hammock always finds its place on our balcony.

Enjoy my friends.

Reforming Ikea’s basic system in your kitchen

http://www.reformcph.com/Via http://trendland.com/

Reform works with the best Architects and Designers such as internationally known Big Bjarke Ingels Group  to create contemporary kitchen cabinets using the Ikea’s basic system and replacing the doors with custom-made fronts.



Using the Ikea’s cabinets and designing new fronts is a Great idea and saves a lot of time.


Beautiful modern sideboard with handles made out of seatbelt material.

refrom-kicthens-ikea-hack-henning-larsen-architects-01 refrom-kicthens-ikea-hack-norm-cph-01



Today’s idea, transform your Ikea Billys

I am a great fan of the Ikeas Billys, 

$69.00 per bookshelf and you can make them up to look like one thousand dollars.

Ikeas BILLY BEFORE fresh out of Ikea.


Prepping Billys with mouldings from Home Depot


I have a small apartment, and there is a natural alcove in the living room, so I chose to install my book shelves in the alcove in order to save a bit of space, don’t forget when your room is small, every inch counts.


Transforming Billys with mouldings on top, at the bottom, and on each side of shelf. I chose not to install mouldings on shelves, I wanted a lighter look.

We used pieces of 2×2 on top of the shelves to secure them to the wall.


I was thinking about adding a cornice on top of the shelves, but I soon realized I had too many books and I should use the space between the top of the shelves and the ceiling to store my books. I stacked them horizontally, this way I could fill up the gap and it is also easier to read the titles.

The lying lion is a Paper Mache sculpture by the Mexican artist Gemma Taccogna.

Image via http://www.loveroffashion.com/2009/11/gemma-taccogna.html


The artist Gemma Taccogna

The most expensive Easter Eggs in the world


Peter Carl Fabergé creator of these Easter eggs was one of the best jeweler and goldsmith in the world.

“Brahms: Violin Concerto In D, Op.77 – 2. Adagio” by Anne-Sophie Mutter (Google PlayiTunes)

Fabergé was born in Russia from French Hugenot (Protestant) paternal ancestors who fled France under Louis X1V, (if you want to know why look for the revocation of the Edict of  Nantes) he was the Tsars most famous jeweler.

Tsar Alexander lll of Russia was the first to have these indredibly beautiful and precious Easter eggs made by Fabergé for his Wife Maria Fedorovna, and the tradition went on with their son Nicholas ll until the revolution of 1917.

The Imperial third golden egg was lost for years, it was bought at an auction by a scrap dealer for the value of the gold (14,000.00) nobody knew it was an original Fabergé egg at the time until the dealer did a bit of research and discovered that this Fabergé egg was missing, it finally sold at Wartski’s auction to a private collector for 33 Million dollars in 2014.

for more info about this story go http://www.cnn.com/2014/03/20/world/faberge-third-imperial-egg/

Via https://www.pinterest.com/pin/95631192058428000/

Found on biographycolllection.blogspot.com


Peter Carl Fabergé

If you are interested in the work and life of Fabergé, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts had a fantastic exhibition that you can visit on their site at http://faberge.mbam.qc.ca/en/#exhibition


What to do with your color of the year 2015 ”Marsala”

Marsala comes from the Arabic word Mirs-llahi meaning The Port of God so Marsala is a Godly color.


Marsala Pantone’s color of the year is really a Port in the West coast of Sicily Italy, so you can visit it, it is also a wine from the same region so you can drink it.

Via http://www.wine-searcher.com/


Marsala wine is a fortified wine like Port,  Sherry and Madeira, you can cook with it.



Marsala can be used on your walls, it is a very warm color a mixture of pink and terracotta, it makes your skin look luminous and hot.

Via Houzz


You can paint one wall as an accent.

Via Architectural Digest


In a small space like a hallway you could enveloped yourself with Marsala, walls and ceiling, it is quite dramatic.

Via Elle Decor


You can always use a touch of Marsala with your picture frames or in your Tiramisu or your Zabaglione.


You can sit on your Marsala

Via http://www.fashiontrendsetter.com/


You can also wear Marsala as all forms of design adopts Pantone color of the year.

May the force be with you and your Marsala what ever you do with it.

Enjoy the year of the Goat

Happy New Year to all my Chinese friends 


The year of the Horse is over, today the year of the Wood Goat is starting.

They are 12 animals in the Chinese Zodiac each one is linked to one of the five elements: Water, Fire, Wood, Metal, Earth.

Goats are creative, compassionate and have a great sense of justice.

Their lucky numbers are: 2-7

Lucky colors: Brown-Red-Purple

Lucky flowers: Carnation and Primrose

Have a great year full of love, friendship, joy and happiness .

Photos decogirlmontreal


Last summer I visited the beautiful Chinese Garden in Montreal, if you have a chance put it in your calendar for next summer, it is a unique experience.