Small kitchen big space

GOING BIG in your small kitchen!

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The most delightful minute white kitchen with face to face counters topped with beautiful bowls and things.  Who can ask for anything more.

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In a long narrow space, try to elongate your kitchen counters as much as you can and top them with very long shelves.

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Paint your floor white to match your kitchen cabinets, they will like it and feel totally at ease.

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Adding shelves in a most beautiful way is the thing to do in your microscopic kitchen.

Photo Jenny Steffens via Apartment Therapy


When using open shelves and hanging stuff on walls, make it look good, be parsimonious in your choices.

Photo The everygirl via Apartment Therapy


Long open shelves with lots of gadgets can really provide you with lots of kitchen storage.

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In Germany, they dare to have a vertically big hutch in a tiny kitchen. if you are monochromatically inclined, this mini white kitchen is perfect for you.



Tiny kitchen can go vertical, let it fly, ceiling and walls are great for storage.



Who says you cannot have a blue micro kitchen with an island, not me!

Another Plumber’s tale

I suppose plumbers are a necessary evil, well I know they are not plastic surgeon, but don’t you think they could improve the way they work.

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I had a problem with my shower, and frankly after being 4 days without hot water I was really looking forward to see the plumber. The janitor of the building came with him and deposited an old curtain on my hallway floor to protect it from the plumbers tool bag,

 I had warned him that plumbers usually are not very particular in general and with cleanliness.

I had to take a picture of the Plumber’s doctor’s bag for you, and I have to warn you this is not a pretty sight.


After taking the shower apart and putting dirty pieces, tool and his filthy glove on my white vanity, I was happy to see him go to get the piece he needed to fix it, I immediately put a towel on my white vanity to protect it from being scratched and stained for life.


He left me with a dangling shower head, saying he might not be back before tonight. when he came back after an hour,he sat on the side of my bathtub working with his two black dirty boots inside my tub, moving them back and forth like if he was on a treadmill.

2016-08-19 15.55.03

This is my White bathroom floor after the plumber left. I had to wash the bathtub right away, I could not even stand to take a picture of it, it was so ”disturbing”. Frankly I wonder why they don’t make horror movies with plumbers as protagonist, I certainly could write a script about visiting plumbers, at least I was grateful that this one did not break my bathroom tile floor like the last plumber did.

So this is my advice, when the plumber comes to your home protect your bathroom floor and bathtub in advance, I think you should put your entire bathroom in a plastic bubble as he won’t spare any inch of it. By the time he came in it was too late and the damage had already started, so beware my lovelies.

iPhone and Rice

Imagine you just dropped your iPhone in water, your life is practically over.


Yes this is an iPhone covered with rice. Well it is a wet iPhone in a rice container.

After you rescue your iPhone from a puddle of water, fill up a container with non cooked rice and bury it. Leave it there for 3 days, you can look at it but you cannot touch it or manipulate it, you can talk to it but do not open it.

Well would you believe that after these 3 days a friend of mine who went through this ordeal, removed her iPhone from the rice after many incantations, she turned it on and it worked, it was so amazing, I had to share this information with you desperate friends with a wet iPhone. Oh I forgot you have to cover the container sealed tight, tupper ware would do.

Have a terrific day and thanks for being so faithful in spite of my sporadic absences.

Beautify your closets with useful storage

Simply closet and a quatuor of storage ideas 



Small can be beautiful, in your baby’s closet organizing the changing table with all that is necessary, adding a lovely chandelier, bottom shelves with baskets. top shelves for cream etc… Painting the back of the closet to match the color of the room is a good idea, remember, God is in the details.

Via Better Homes and Gardens


A cheerful kitchen storage red and white with a small island on wheels. A tiny space with lots of storage. Use your door for hanging tea towel, paper towel, etc..

Via Better Homes and Gardens


I really like this pantry with all the glass containers, baskets and bowls, you can get lots of glass containers at the dollar store for a reasonable price, and the advantage is that you can see what you store, you can also use file folder labels on your containers.

Via Better Homes and Gardens


Finally in your entryway, organize a colourful storage for your kids sports activities. Don’t forget to paint the interior of the closet, it makes such a difference.

Last minute Christmas shopping in montreal

OOps it is almost Christmas and as usual I am running late for Christmas shopping. I am looking at my list of favorite Boutiques in Montreal and I would like to share my finds with you. Don’t forget to call before you shop to make sure that they still have these items in stock.

Old Montreal is like the caves of Ali Baba with a zillion things ranging from $5.00 and up. 514-678-6617



Starting with the eternal scented candles, they are a great gift, we cannot neglect the power of smell. The sense of smell is closely linked to memory, maybe more so than any of our other sense and I believe that Christmas is also about memories.

Votive Scented candles $3.99 to $31.99 for the adult ones.


Funky Nostalgic Animal Pillows and others, great for your teenager vary from $18.99


I am thinking of getting this portrait of a Moose for my son louis by Quebec artist

Phuc Nguyen $65.00, anything Moose is very in this year.


Create your own Puzzle Moose or is it a puzzled Moose. Quite a few moose, they differ in prices.


From Haïti dozens of decorative animal heads, price vary.


For my daughter in law Fiona,  an Eiffel Tower, Paris toujours Paris.



For my ex-husband I was thinking of a Jonathan Adler cup $27.95


I could also get my Ex this brain game, they are 2 Pisces that you have to separate, there is a variety of zodiac signs. $14.95, but you really don’t have to buy your Ex a present, no obligation.


(Remember this object) For a writer friend, this adorable typewriter porcelain knob. $5.99


Whales seem to be in also this year. A salt and pepper shaker by Jonathan Adler $55.00

for His and Hers


For me, a Think outside the box paper holder, to remind me that there is a solution for almost everything.


For children or adult, a lovely metal box $17.00


Mobile and tablet scented holder $25.00


For your office door, a ”I am thinking” sign, ”please be patient”


A Zipper Ring for your girlfriend’s Christmas stocking from $20.00 to $40.00


A foxy giant eraser $12.95


The soft stuffed toys for the little ones (if you can pronounce it) a bit of a tongue twister. $28.99 Bernard Street Outremont 514-4901061



For my grand-daughter Ella, a beautiful rabbit bamboo blankie (made in Canada) $31.95


Colourful bibs by Le Baluchon from Montreal $11.00


Incredible crazy socks for the entire family around $14.95


Sock it to me socks $14.95


Moose again, socks $14.95


For little girls rings and necklaces by Baluchon


Little girls Rings from $4.00 Baluchon


School bags and lunch bags from $30.95 (Made in Canada)


Who would not want an O’ Canada musical box, I certainly do $19.95


Hey Jude, Beatles’ music box $19.95


A very girly Alice in wonderland note-book $17.95


For my sister Louisette Quebec artist Lili Graffiti’s nostalgic Poster

” Live winter in Montreal” $28.00


An enormous multicoloured dream catcher by Pop Factory Montreal $80.00


Pac-Man alarm clock $41.95


A Vegan tote for Fiona who is vegetarian


For cookie lovers an owl cookie jar. $34.95

For the Foodies in Griffintown




At Le Marché Italien, you can find anything and everything that a foodie can dream of.  Panettone  from $4.99


Sophisticated oil, Oils are like wine now, there is a big range of prices.


Frasier Fir products scented liquid soaps, diffuser anything scented for the kitchen or bathroom.


Reed diffuser is a super gift for host or hostess or your lover or all your Ers $36.95


Jams, sauces of all kinds to enhance your meal.


Chocolat chocolat chocolat


Always chocolat, chocolat Biologique by Chocolat le comptoir Montreal.


Natural soaps hand-made in Canada


Pepper mill made by The Pepin Shop


Salt box by The Pepin Shop $45.00 in St. Bruno South shore of Montreal




Brigitte Sheddleur $64


Anne-Marie Chagnon $49.75


Anne-Marie Chagnon $75.00


Anne-Marie Chagnon $75.00


Josh bracelet for men $23.95 leather and stainless steel


Josh bracelet $69.00


Meunier Pillows with poems for family and friends $30.00

Boutique La Chaumière carries a multitude of jewels by Quebec Designers for women, men and teenagers.


Don’t forget Indigo, where you can choose marvelous books for all and at the same time you can get very interesting presents such as these Insertia winter gloves that allow interaction on your iPad and iPhone, great for teenagers or me. $13.50


Back to scented candles perfect Host or Hostess gift $20.00

The boutique of the Museum of fine Arts in Montreal [email protected]
514-285-2000, option 6



The Museum has also a great children’s books and educational toys section.


I would recommend that you keep your last minute shopping for smaller gifts, the less expensive ones. For the bigger presents like for the love of your life, you can always buy something at the last minute, but try to scout a few items before so that you are not in a bind and forced to buy something your will regret.

These choices are from $5.00 to $75.00 except for the big puzzled Moose.

To all my last minute shopper friends, ”MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU” and have the Merriest of Christmas

Today’s idea, transform your Ikea Billys

I am a great fan of the Ikeas Billys, 

$69.00 per bookshelf and you can make them up to look like one thousand dollars.

Ikeas BILLY BEFORE fresh out of Ikea.


Prepping Billys with mouldings from Home Depot


I have a small apartment, and there is a natural alcove in the living room, so I chose to install my book shelves in the alcove in order to save a bit of space, don’t forget when your room is small, every inch counts.


Transforming Billys with mouldings on top, at the bottom, and on each side of shelf. I chose not to install mouldings on shelves, I wanted a lighter look.

We used pieces of 2×2 on top of the shelves to secure them to the wall.


I was thinking about adding a cornice on top of the shelves, but I soon realized I had too many books and I should use the space between the top of the shelves and the ceiling to store my books. I stacked them horizontally, this way I could fill up the gap and it is also easier to read the titles.

The lying lion is a Paper Mache sculpture by the Mexican artist Gemma Taccogna.

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The artist Gemma Taccogna

My home move, your home move and packing

As far as boxes are concerned, you can buy them from a moving supplier or get a few free of charge from a Liquor store, or you grocery store, or sometimes on kijiji or Craig’s list you might find someone who wants to get rid of their moving boxes free if you pick them up.  

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Happy couple in their new home having fun - moving concept

Happy couple in their new home having fun – moving concept

Not all packing boxes are created alike, but you can go on different moving sites and this will help you determine what kind of boxes you need for books, dishes, lamps, crystal. The moving box suppliers can often provide you with a packing guide.

Via c


This is an example of the cost for the moving supplies you would need for a 2 Bedroom Moving Kit at Via c


Not sure where to start…this kIt includes:

10 1.5 cube boxes,
20 2 cube boxes,
5   4 cube boxes,
2   5 cube boxes,
1   sofa cover,
1   10lb newsprint packing paper,
1   air tight bubble wrap- 3/16” roll-  12”x150,
6   rolls of tape
2   queen mattress cover,
1   marker pen



Home Depot also has a good moving guide 

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For your dishes I think buying newsprint packing paper would be a good investment, as regular newspaper might leave marks on your good china. Movers are not responsible for anything you will be packing yourself, so make sure you are doing a good job, plan, plan and plan again. Label your boxes on the side not on top.



Make a thorough analysis of your belongings, take pictures as a reminder and pack stuff you rarely use first. (don’t forget to get rid of the stuff you never use, why should you need it in your new home.) Pack things you need everyday last. Number your boxes and make a list.


Some movers might move clothing drawers and cover them so you don’t have to pack those, on the other hand, you have to empty your filing cabinet drawers and pack your files in boxes.

Pack each room separately if you can, for instance, on your list you can have: Kitchen 1 to 10 etc…

I will keep you posted now and then on my moving process and my packing progress.

May the packing force be with you 

Today’s idea, your moving, don’t move everything

Call it spring cleaning, decluttering or clearing out, but you cannot move everything.


Time to have a garage sale, sell your old phones, old electrical appliances that you have kept through the ages ”just in case”, I am definitely a just in case gal.


Go through your kitchen cupboards, make sure you only bring the dishes, pots and pans that you need, get rid of the old ones that you never use, all this stuff is costly to move and no fun to unpack.


Take pictures of your new dwelling and make a plan, you might have to part with some pieces of furniture, you can sell them online or give them to charity organisations like Value Village and the Salvation Army, they usually have a free pick up service.


You might be able to salvage your window treatments, take measurements if it works so much the better, if not sell them or give them away, some member of your family might be able to recycle them.


Clothes wonderful clothes, I have a hard time parting with books, but I also have a hell of time parting with clothes, I know I have too, and it is said that if you have not worn anything for 2 years you should say goodbye, farewell, adieu, it is tough, but it has to be done, I am trying to convince myself as I write this to you

Shoes also, yes indeed,  all these useless items are expensive to move and no fun to unpack.

I have to go now and by a few boxes, apparently, each box has a purpose.

Stay tuned next week we will discuss boxes, sort of  a guide to packing.

To tell you the truth,  this is a good exercise for me, I only hope I will remember all my good advises when time comes. Thank you for reading decogirlmontreal.

Have a good move.

Today’s idea for the big move

After 18 years in the same apartment, I have decided to move, it is a big decision I have been thinking about it for a year and a half. I have to admit that the process of finding a new home was quite laborious. But thanks to the new technologies, I did not have to visit each and every one of the apartment but only 50.

Picture 015 copy

This is where I live now.

Just wanted to share with you some of the undertakings I had and still have to do in order to prepare the big move.

After 6 months of searching I finally found a new home.


The first thing I did is try to get rid of all old papers, interior design magazines over one hundred of them, for the magazines, I knew someone who gives them to a hospital, so he was kind enough to rid me of them.

For the papers I bought some heavy garbage bags and this is just the beginning, the bags will go into the recycling bin.


I find that giving books away is always difficult, I have to look at each of them read the dust cover than decide of its faith. Most of them will go to the Salvation Army along with all the clothes that I have accumulated over the years and stuff stuff and stuff.

Picture 020

After contemplating my living room it finally occurred to me that I should call a mover.

I phoned one of my niece and asked her if she could recommend a company. She was very appreciative of Anber movers from Montreal as they are a family owned company and she had used them before.

I think it is very important to have a good recommendation, moving is traumatic enough without having to deal with non professional people.

Picture 012 - Copie - Copie

I believe that it is safer to ask the mover to come for a visit so he can see all your belongings and provide you with an estimate of time and cost.

If you have a gas stove you might need a technician to disconnect it, so it is important that the mover knows about all these details.

Picture 014 - CopieMake sure the movers has insurance premiums.

Contact your Insurance broker so that he is or she is aware that you are moving, most insurance company provide you with a 30 day coverage in your new home.

Your movers insurance might not cover the full replacement value of your personal effects.

Anber told me that if I moved before the end of the month of July, it will be less costly, so I am moving the 29th instead of the 31st of July, I am lucky as I have access to my new apartment.

Better book your movers weeks in advance especially in the summer.

Stay tuned Saturday I will share some of my planning with you, ouff my theory of planning is pretty good, but now I have to go into a reality move.

Have a great day.