Today’s idea, is your house a home

It’s been a while my lovelies, yes I had a cold again but I have not abandoned you, I have been thinking of you and visited a few inspiring sites. I thought you might enjoy this post about ”your house your home”

Great advice from Apartment Therapy of how to transform your house into your home.

A touch of gold in your home

Anything goes with Gold, even Ikea likes it.

Via Dream Green DIY

Two Ikea desks side by side with spray painted gold legs brings a very chic look to your office.

Via Apartment Therapy and Dream a little bigger

Give a glimpse of gold to your lamp, she will brighten up and thank you for it.

Via Kristi Murphy

The golden look of an Ikea coffee table.

Via Hither and Thither

This black Ikea office chair is looking quite sophisticated with its spray painted golden legs.

Via Buzzfeed and

The black Ikea Vittsjö shelf

The Ikea Vittsjö shelf was magically  transformed into a very Newyorkish golden shelf.

Via Apartment Therapy and My notting hill

You can change your dressers handles and turn them into gold.

Anyone that can turn anything into gold is called an alchemist, but King Midas also had the golden touch and so do you my lovelies.

The role of Cranberries at Christmas

Simple cranberries can turn into a fabulous Christmas decor and yummy foods.

Photo via


Cranberry field in St. Louis de Blandford.

Celebrating Christmas with Cranberries is colourful and part of history.  in the 17th Century, the American Indian Algonquian introduced Cranberries to the English Settlers in Massachusetts, and we have been cultivating them and eating them since. Another name for Cranberry is Atoka. In France we call them Airelle.


The cranberry harvest in the Island of Nantucket by painter Jonathan Eastman Johnson  1880

Via House Beautiful


Now we are talking, Champagne and frozen Cranberries for a Merry Christmas.

Photo via

7742899471_the-cranberriesIrish rock Group ”The Cranberries” You can also accompany your Champagne and Cranberries with the Irish rock group music of the Cranberries.

Via Better Homes and Gardens


Making Topiary Balls with Cranberries and leaves.

Via Take six Photo Nicole Payzant


Plaid table runner from Pottery Barn and a center piece made out of Cranberries, pine cones,candles and candy canes.

Via Better Homes and Gardens

Add Snow wonder instant snow to a glass vase, a wide candle and Cranberries, that’s it your table will look super festive.


Use a cake plate and add small trees and vases with cranberries, a few branches and silver and gold Christmas ornaments. Home sense usually had cake plates during the Holidays.

Via Better Homes and Gardens


Topiaries made out of Cranberries. Use a foam ball (Dollar Store) toothpicks that you insert in fresh Cranberries and deposit each topiary on top of some glasses or candle holders  to obtain different height.

Via Martha Stewart photo Clive Streeter


Of course you can also make Martha’s quick Cranberry Sauce.


Ricardo’s Cranberry muffins are to die for.

Via Food Network


Fifty things you can make with Cranberries.

This humble fruit is really something to talk about.

Today’s idea, from one garden to another

Fall is upon us, I think we need some anti-stess in our lives, I would like to share some of my life anti-stress with you my lovelies.

Photo decogirlmontreal/Roxane Saulnier, marketing and  communications Dans un Jardin

A few weeks ago I was invited to the launching of Dans un Jardin new spa collection, and for half an hour, I was totally immersed in a world of anti-stress, it seemed the clock stopped!

Photo yours truly/ Eric Arminjon President and Francine Raymond VP


Last year Eric Arminjon President of Dans un Jardin totally revamped the brand. For Eric it was quite a challenge, I find the finishing line exceptional with all the body and ambiance products that were created for the entire family.

Josiane Manager of la boutique Dans un Jardin Carrefour Laval.


I personally was fascinated by the Komyo products, the Japanese bath and relaxation line, I like products with a history and Komyo has an interesting one.

Komyo lived in the 8th century, (701 to 760) She was chosen by the Emperor Shomu to be his wife at 16.  She became an Empress at the age of 29, she was also a recognized poet and the first to be rank as kogo in historical times.  (Wikipedia)

Photo Dans un Jardin


I will buy this Komyo bath line for my daughter in law Fiona, her birthday is September 23, I hope she will enjoy it as much as I do.

img_0168The ambiance line is very attractive, I myself am a fan of scented candles.

Via McGill University Montreal


This is Hans Selye the pin pointer of stress, he was the first person to discover the effects of stress on people.  He was a post grad at McGill University and did intense research on stress he invented the word stress. Hans Selye also wrote the bible on Stress. ”Stress without distress”

Via Amazon


You could read Hans Selye’s book in your bathtub with your Green Tea bath infusion and find out the way you can use stress as a positive force.

May the Force be with you my lovelies.

Curate your home, don’t clutter

Fall is almost upon us, clean up and edit your home harmoniously.

Via Photo Victoria Pearson


Organize the objects you treasure in groups.

Via Photo Victoria Pearson photo Roger Davies


Regroup your black and white photos in a small corner.


Frame some of your Children’s drawings and make a nice display instead of cluttering the fridge with them.

Via Huffington Post/ Photo Domino


Create a theme, decorative plates on a wall and dining area go well together.

Via photo Marie Lyne Quirion


In an open armoire or shelves, display what is beautiful, don’t display your junk drawer, organize everything neatly.

Via photo Marie Lyne Quirion


Bookshelves can be a mixture of books, art, decorative and meaningful objects, there is an order and a balance that has to be respected, I know books are books but somehow they feel better and they read better if they are well displayed.



You can have a tree of life with books by ELENASEGURINI creazioni x casa interni

Via Pinterest and


Of course you cannot get rid of everything but your collections should not be chaotic, there is a certain order that we have to establish if we want to collect things.

Via Huffington Post and Domino


Seashells are quite interesting as long as they are good looking.

Via Pinterest /


Displaying seashells  in  a bathroom or guest room.



Open shelves in a kitchen with a collection of all white porcelain and dishes, colour is a good unifier to create balance.

Via photo Marie Lyne Quirion


A corner with an oriental theme, chinoiserie, japonaiserie, and Celadon.

Have fun my lovelies, you can curate and declutter without throwing everything away.

Today’s idea, a shower with a view

The amazing experience of showering almost outside and sometimes outside.

Via Architectural Digest/photo William Waldron


A tale of Shower and Tub for you.

Via Architectural Digest/photo Ngoc Minh Ngo


Showering in the garden of Eden.

Via Architectural Digest/photo Nikolas Koenig


On the other side of the bathroom window of author and photographer Kelly Klein is her shower, who can ask for anything more.

Via Architectural Digest/photo Scott Frances


A shower window to the world of Manhattan.

Via Architectural Digest/photo Björn Wallander


Sometimes two windows in your shower is better than one.

Via Architectural Digest/photo Pieter Estersohndam-images-decor-2015-02-showers-shower-bathroom-inspiration-21-wm

Shower shower in the window, who is the prettiest of them all.

Via Architectural Digest/photo Björn Wallander


A lapis windowed shower.

Via Architectural Digest/photo Simon Upton


A sconce by Ralph Lauren Home is the perfect fit for this shower window.

Happy Canada day my lovelies

Even though it is already July 1st Canada day, you might think that you are too late to decorate your balcony, but you are not, it is never too late, you still can enjoy the summer and celebrate many occasions on your balcony.


I have to admit that I was very hesitant about palm trees on an urban balcony, but I realized it creates intimacy for a small dining area and brings life and movement to a concrete space.


I took a few pictures for you at Home Depot, they still have a good selection of palm trees and flowers, the small palm trees are $20.00 each.



Add a whimsical decorative piece, this Home Sense frog is sitting on a book, I suppose it should be a worm sitting on a book, but somehow a worm would not be as much fun.


The cedars are quite beautiful for $29.99


You can mix your South with your North, such as palm trees with cedar and pines.

IMG_2732You still can get a tall topiary.


Dollarama sells these palm tree pots for $3.00 a piece.


Flowers left at Home depot


If you are an asphalt flower, enjoy your summer, go out on your balcony, water your plants and flowers, it is good for your urban soul.

Small things to enhance your kitchen

Sometimes you don’t need to spend much to enhance your kitchen



Add an insert for spices in one of your drawer


Spice rack from Ikea Variera $4.99



Add a few hooks on your kitchen cabinet doors



Change your handles and knobs



Paint your cabinets



Make a black board


Black board doocooler wallpaper via


Put-Corkboard-Your-FridgeStick a cork panel on your fridge door photo/ Brooklyn Photographers Rikki Snydertraditional-kitchen

Decorate your kitchen with pictures

Photo via decogirlmontreal

Add a small table if you don’t have room for an island

Today’s idea, using trellis and arbor

When I was a little girl, I lived by the river and we had a pergola in our back yard right above the river. Somehow, I still long for this trellis pergola, it was absolutely romantic, it reminded me of all these period films that took place in the South of the USA.



Trellises are inviting you into a magical world.


Being private with trellises.


Flowers adore trellises so do I.


A romantic corner with trellises.


Create a meditation area with 3 trellises


Painting your trellises to merge with nature.


Trellis with a round face.


Natural trellises


Wired trellis


Being welcomed by an arched metal arbor.


I like the idea of installing a wooden arbor on two pillars.


Home Depot has quite a good selection of trellises and arbors.



An arbor is more like a tunnel passage way.




New England arbor from Lowes.