Thirty shades of Orange

The color orange is often associated with pumpkins, this is how I see this color, what about you?

Photos decogirlmontreal

Celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving, the color orange and pumpkins are a perfect match


The Atwater market celebrates Thanksgiving with its variety of pumpkins and squashes.

The colorful mums of fall are such a treat.


Mix your Pumpkins with your mums and be happy


Be bold and introduce the color orange in your own home.


The color orange can be quite vivifying. 


Orange background for your books.


A touch of squash in your bedroom.


A small corner with the color orange.


Cheer up your kitchen with a color moment

Rejuvenate your kitchen paint it you will like it!

Images via Architectural DigestYour kitchen has the Benjamin Moore blues and is totally happy.

Image via Architectural Digest/photo Derry MoorePainting your kitchen black over Chinese blue can be quite dramatic.

Image Via Architectural Digest/photo Joshua McHugh

Jonathan Adler and Simon Doonan created this modernist kitchen, chairs fabric by Lee Jofa, the kitchen island mural is by by John-Paul Philippé, we should be so lucky to have a mural by this great artist.


John-Paul Philippé

If you want to know more about JP Philippé go to

Image via Architectural Digest/photo Douglas Friedman

Traditional and industrial go well together in this black kitchen with a unusual gold unlacquered brass island and white subway tiles from Home Depot.

Image via Architectural Digest/photo Richard PowersA white and blue kitchen in Greece, the use of a light Mediterranean  blue and a darker blue with white marble countertops is really stunning.

The color white could be warm and peaceful

A white Parisian Home 


The color white looks great with textured white wash brick walls ..this mostly  white loft belongs to Interior Designer Roxo Beis, it is quite minimalistic,  but it also feels very warm and comfortable…

The mixture of brick, wood, a touch of black and total white looks terrific…an industrial style with lots of personality…

This loft has great bones, the stone wall and the white wooden  beams are perfect for the color white…Yes you can paint your wooden beams white..there is nothing sacrilegious about it, it brightens up a room….

Seeing la vie en Rose in your home

With these constant snow storms and this room with a view, I really want to see la Vie en Rose

Snow for sale, snow for sale.

Via Pinterest and

Some of my favorite pink decorated rooms, I know pink is not for everyone, but in a day like today, we all want to see la Vie en Rose, don’t you my lovelies.

Via Pinterest and HousebeautifulUK

Very softly pink.

Via Pinterest

Gentle rose with Urban Outfitters duvet cover.

Via Pinterest and

Nostalgic for these beautiful Rose-Quartz 2016 color of the year silk drapes.

Via Better homes and gardens

30 shades of pink.

Via Better homes and gardens

Add a touch of spring to your pink banquette.

Via Pinterest

From Rose-Quartz to raspberry pink Annette sofa from Urban Outfitters.

I am so Razzle Dazzle by Benjamin Moore, a very hot pink can make you sing on a stormy day.

Via Pinterest and

A Shock me pink wall can transform your stormy mood into a happy mood.

May la Vie en Rose be with you in stormy days my lovelies.

Bringing your outdoor indoor with color of the year

”Being in touch with nature is Pantone’s color of 2017”


Greenery certainly brings nature into your home.

Glorious green leafy proposition, matching fabric and wallpaper from

A slash of green on a white background is absolutely refreshing.

Oh a green Ikat fabric can make your sunroom dance with joy.

White trees on a green background, a wallpaper that can turn your nature around.

Love these 2 Louis the 16th chairs with mix and match fabrics, it makes them look a few centuries younger.

Introduce pink and orange flowers in your greenery, it will make you happy.

All fabric and wallpaper from

Have a beautiful spring day in the middle of winter my lovelies

A touch of gold in your home

Anything goes with Gold, even Ikea likes it.

Via Dream Green DIY

Two Ikea desks side by side with spray painted gold legs brings a very chic look to your office.

Via Apartment Therapy and Dream a little bigger

Give a glimpse of gold to your lamp, she will brighten up and thank you for it.

Via Kristi Murphy

The golden look of an Ikea coffee table.

Via Hither and Thither

This black Ikea office chair is looking quite sophisticated with its spray painted golden legs.

Via Buzzfeed and

The black Ikea Vittsjö shelf

The Ikea Vittsjö shelf was magically  transformed into a very Newyorkish golden shelf.

Via Apartment Therapy and My notting hill

You can change your dressers handles and turn them into gold.

Anyone that can turn anything into gold is called an alchemist, but King Midas also had the golden touch and so do you my lovelies.

Bring colour and music in your life

It is said that colour has soul, Isaac Newton thought that colour can be musical. There is seven colours in a rainbow and there is seven notes in a scale.

Via Better Homes and Garden


Robin egg blue is soft and gentle.

If you want to know a little more about the correlation between colour and music, you can go to I am afraid it will get to scientific for me, my attention span is like a hummingbird today, but it is an interesting theory.

Today we will explore some of the blues.

Via Veranda


You can use a touch of neutral and nature with your soft blues.

Via Better Homes and Garden


Gentle blue as a canvas match with vibrant colours can bring music in your bedroom.

Via Elle Decor/Photo Simon Upton


Don’t be scared, mix your blues. The door is painted with Benjamin Moore Sylvan mist and the fabric on the wall is similar to a Palace blue by Benjamin Moore.

Via Better Homes and Garden


Many shades of blue don’t have to be 50.

Via Elle Decor/Photo Björn Wallander


The Ralph Lauren white and blue bedding is crisp and refreshing, you can go with white walls and you won’t have to sing I got the blues, but you can if you want to.

Via Veranda


A perfect gentle blue traditional contemporary dining room.

Via Elle Decor/Photo Trevor Tondro


Enjoy your totally blue kitchen.

Via Veranda


The very turquoise pantry is so yummy, it reminds me of chocolate covered turquoise candy.

Photo via Amazon


Stay tuned next week we will discus other colours, but remember my lovelies,  anything goes, if you like it is your colour, possess it.

The great musical Cole Porter can help you choose your colour, why not.

Happy Pumpkins and squashes colours in your home

Mixing your pumpkins and squashes colours can warm up your home and your heart

Photo decogirlmontreal/Atwater Market Montreal


Photo David Duncan Livingston


Dare to go pumpkin on your kitchen cabinets

Photo Thomas Loof


A tropical pumpkin bedroom.

Photo Victoria Pearson


A little pumpkin a little squash can go a long way and bring warmth in your home.

Via House Beautiful/Photo Karyn R. Miller


Enjoying a yummy squash banquette in your dining room.

Photo via Elle Decor


A few shades of squash in your living room.

Photo John Gould Bessler


Dine surrounded with soft squash colours.

Photo Roger Davies


Touches of pumpkin can perk up your space.

From a Ritz Girl to an Ikea Girl

Yes I admit it, I love the Ritz but I also love Ikea


I find the new colours of Ikea very exciting,and very young even for the not so young but the young at heart.


The Dagar turquoise faux leather sofa for $999.00 can become the focus of your room.


You need a touch of black and yellow, the Ottil cushion cover for $12.99


The turquoise and orange room is so joyous.


The Orange Friheten sofa bed for $699.00 will look terrific in your small living room guest room.


You can add a Kulladal cushion cover for $14.99 and it makes your room.


For a softer palette go with beige on beige Himmene sofa bed $599.00.


Add a Hermine throw for a Burberry look $19.99


Back to vibrant clover green, after a night at the Irish pub you will never miss your sofa and end up on the floor. A touch of pink will really add a bit of fantasies and femininity, it is like the Yin and the Yang in your life.


The Klippan love seat for $349.00 The Yin


Klippan loveseat with the green white and pink cover. The Yang


I know this is a lot to absorb all these bright colours, so for the weak at heart let’s go with a little break and introduce the greige, gray palette, are you feeling better now my lovelies.


The Stocksund chaise for $639.00


The Stocksund sofa for $799.00


I would definitely add this gray and white cushion cover to light it up. Smanate $6.99


OOps guess what you can have this Stocksund sofa and the chaise in other colours, with a red cover for instance.


Stocksund chaise with blue cover.


The real white  klippan love seat looks good with its multicoloured  Onskedrom rug


Klippan love seat $499.00


Onskedrom rug $49.99 ouffff When I will  be done with this article, I shall speak Swedish fluently!


OH Oh another room this room is quite pastel and gentle with its pink wall and turquoise sofa

soderhamn-sofa-and-chaise-turquoise__0406304_PE583242_S4 (1)

Söderhamn micro fiber sofa in a Finnsta turquoise for $1210.00


An Ottil cushion cover is a must with this turquoise sofa.  $12.999

HOpe you will enjoy your new and old Ikea my lovelies, I worked very hard to pronounce all these Swedish names and remember them.

Today’s idea, playing with your blues

I am a lover of white and blues, so I was very pleased to find out that the HomeSense 2016 spring collection has a lot to offer in the white and blues.


Somehow, a touch of green looks great in this white and blue bedroom.


Adding a bit of nature with this Ficus tree is a warmer upper in this white and blue corner.


A printed blue and white rug, pillow shams and cushions are small details that completes your white and blue room.


A special touch with a Moroccan style candle.


White and blue love anything natural, this natural wooden base lamp is ideal.


A natural wicker tray can be used as a decorative object on the wall or simply as a tray.


A white and blue throw is so comfy, I use mine to watch TV at night, remembrance from nights past.


The white and blue Ikat pattern chair.


A Kilim like pouf ivory and blue.


Blue ceramic


There is blue and there is turquoise blue and they amazingly look charming together.