Last minute decoration for Halloween

Hurry Hurry Halloween is almost here, I know all these decorations should have been done last week, but it is never too late to bring joy and fun to your family and friends. Go for it.




Turn your pumpkins into a planter.


Just gather your pumpkins by your front door and add a few tree branches.

Photo decogirlmontreal

9 octobre 2011 et marché atwater 038

Run, run to my Atwater market if you live in Montreal, if not you can run to your own market and get your colourful pumpkins and more.


The Lady has a secret style

I have always been fascinated by Lady Gaga and her extravagant costumes and shows. Well I was totally surprised by her home decor, there certainly is more to Lady Gaga than meets the eye, would you believe she is a traditional.  The proof of the pudding is in her home environment. Could you guess who lives in this home.

Via Getty/Redfin

Gaga0-lgn Gaga2-lgn Gaga4-lgn Gaga5-lgn Gaga12-lgn


Even the bowling alley is quite traditional, who would have thought.

Today’s idea, it’s all about trompe-l’oeil

I just discovered this great trompe-l’oeil site, it is so fascinating, I had to share it with you.

These are my very favorite from you can stick them to your walls or to your doors.If you feel like changing your room decor, these trompe-l’oeil and wall decals are quite reasonable and look very effective.


imagine your Hallway trompe-l’oeil in 3D behind one of your doors $159.00


For a traditional home with high ceilings the Haussmann library doors look so stylish $399.00


I could not resist the Haussmann fireplace trompe-l’oeil $399.00


For a Zen feeling the Japanese Ryokan look.  $159.00


For a rustic look inside your country home the colorful old door. $159.00


For your child, this fun oversized fabric wall decals $240.00

* I never tried these wallpapers or trompe-l’oeil but they seem to be quite easy to install, so if you try any of these please share your experience with us.

2 of Rachel Lambert M.’s homes

Bunny Lambert Mellon who was a self-made horticulturalist she studied the techniques of Jean-Baptiste de la Quintinie who designed ”Le Potager du Roi” for Louis the X1V, she later helped restore this garden at Versailles. (If your like gardening you can visit)

She was invited to create the Rose Garden at the White House by her friend Jacqueline Kennedy. 

Rachel’s Manhattan Home

Photo Via Architectural Digest


In the pink living room above the fireplace a painting of John Singer Sargent 1882 Mis Beatrice Townsend. Ms Rachel L. M. was a great art collector. If you want to know more about John Singer Sargent go to

Photo Via Architectural Digest


The blue dining room with the trompe l’oeil floors


Édouard Manet’s painting tout simplement in the Lapis Lazuli dining room.

Photo Via Architectural Digest

manhattan g.vestibule.rendition.slideshowVertical.bunny-mellon-design-archives-03-manhattan-residence-garden-vestibule

Totally country in the city, the garden entrance.

Photo Via Architectural Digest


The Manhattan garden with its small gazebos.

Photo Via Architectural Digest


You can tell that Bunny Mellon was a lover of nature, even her home in New York City has a country feeling and decor about it.

Rachel’s home in Oyster Harbors Massachusetts

Photo Via Architectural Digest

oyster harbor mass,.rendition.slideshowHorizontal.bunny-mellon-design-archives-07-osterville-massachusetts-dining-room

Above the dining room mantel a Raoul Dufy sailing boat painting.

Photo Via Architectural Digest

oyster harbor pavillion.rendition.slideshowVertical.bunny-mellon-design-archives-08-osterville-massachusetts-garden-pavilion

The garden at Oyster Harbors.

Photo Via Architectural Digest


A light nautical feeling about Rachel’s bedroom.

Photo Via Architectural Digest

oyster harbor.rendition.slideshowHorizontal.bunny-mellon-design-archives-10-osterville-massachusetts-bedroom

The white and blue four poster bed

The many faces of Rachel Lambert M.

A few days ago the New York Times published an article on Sotheby’s auction house future sale of Rachel Lambert Mellon (known as Bunny) Oak Spring Farm property located in Upperville Virginia.Ms. Mellon died in March 2014 at the age of 103. The proceeds of the sale will benefit the Gerard B. Lambert Foundation, the Foundation supports horticultural and educational achievements. Ms. Lambert M. was also  a horticulturist and a fine art collector

I wanted to share with you some of the different homes of Ms. Lambert M. they are so magnificent, I find it is so inspiring to look at beautiful homes.

Oak Spring Farm

Photo Henri Cartier-Bresson

henri-cartier bressonrendition.slideshowHorizontal.bunny-mellon-ss12

Rachel Lambert Mellon photographed by the very famous French Photographer

Henri-Cartier Bresson, if you want to know more about H-CB go to

Via Architectural Digest Photos  Horst P. Horst/courtesy of Condé Nast Archive


Rachel’s collection of topiaries

Via Architectural Digest Photos from RLM’s archives


The grand pergola at Oak Spring Farm

Via Architectural Digest Photos from RLM’s archives

entrance hall.bunny-mellon-design-archives-17-oak-spring-main-house-entrance-hall

The entrance hallway at Oak S. F.

Via Architectural Digest Photos from RLM’s archives

green house F. RenardslideshowVertical.bunny-mellon-design-archives-19-oak-springs-greenhouse

The greenhouse with its Fernand Renard Trompe l’oeil armoires and ceiling.

Via Architectural Digest Photos from RLM’s archives


The library with its mezzanine is absolutely stunning.

Via Architectural Digest Photos from RLM’s archives


The  Mark Rothco painting is like the sun had install itself on the library wall.

Via Architectural Digest Photos from RLM’s archives


Look at these fences, they have great style.

Antigua Home

Via Architectural Digest Photos from RLM’s archives

antigua residencerendition.slideshowVertical.bunny-mellon-design-archives-11-antigua-villa-bedroom

Love the stone trompe l’oeil floor.

Via Architectural Digest Photos from RLM’s archives


Rachel’s living room in Antigua

Via Architectural Digest Photos from RLM’s archives

henri rousseau landscape.rendition.slideshowHorizontal.bunny-mellon-design-archives-12-antigua-villa-terrace

Charming corners with a lemon tree.

Stay tune tomorrow I will share with you Rachel’s Manhattans home and her Oyster Harbors home in Massachusetts, have a lovely evening.

Anatomy of the Redball Project in Montreal

My cousin Ginette is visiting me from Switzerland, she is a photographer who used to  work for the New York Times travel section. She wanted to visit the World Press Photography exhibition taking place at the Marché Bonsecours in the Old Montreal.

While walking in the Old Montreal, she suddenly came face to face with the humongous street art deflated Redball. She snapshot Kurt Perschke the artist while creating his Redball Project on  St. Jacques Street West right in front of the Bank of Montreal.


Photo copyright Ginette Vachon

Beginning to inflate the Ball

Inflating the Redballl in front of the Bank of Montreal.

Photo copyright Ginette Vachon

The ball connected to air machine

Kurt and his assistant placing the Redball between the Bank of Montreal Roman Corinthian columns.

Photo copyright Ginette Vachon

The assistant placing the ballThe Artist’s assistant struggling with the Redball.

Photo copyright Ginette Vachon

The artist Kurt Peshke

Kurt the Artist behind the almost inflated Redball.

Photo copyright Ginette Vachon

Kurt Peshke' Red Ball Bank of Montreal

Et Voilà the magnificent inflated Redball.

Photo copyright Ginette Vachon

Holding the Ball

Two ladies hugging the Redball.

Photo copyright Ginette Vachon

Photographing the Ball

Amazed Montrealers and tourists photographing the Redball

Photo copyright Ginette Vachon

Kurt Peshke the artistKurt Perschke the Artist photographed with his Redball.

* If you want to visit the phantasmagoric Redball, the next exhibition is tomorrow all day at the La Fontaine Park in Montreal , it is it’s last day, don’t miss it.

Have a great week end and thank you for following

Picnic on a Lazy Sunday

This picnic set up is absolutely magical, I really really want to be just sitting on this beautiful tablecloth on the last day of summer and eat and be lazy and eat and be lazy again. To reproduce this charming environment, we only need a river bank a few dishes, some great food and don’t forget a straw hat a lovely pillow and of course good company.

Found on



Enjoy your Lazy Sunday picnic wherever your are my friends.

Today’s idea, it’s all about kitchen

A few years ago I found this great book about Kitchen renovation, today I was cleaning up my bookshelves and I just saw it, I realized I should have shared this kitchen guide with you before, but better late than never.


Believe me it is a terrific guide, Sunset has really thought this through thoroughly from: Getting started , Cabinets, Counter and Backsplashes, Sinks and Faucets, Appliances, Flooring, Storage and Display, Finishing touches, Getting it done, a complete guide to designing and renovating your dream kitchen including design software.You can also visit for more kitchen inspiration.

Via Sunset-Photo Lisa Romerein


A small country kitchen dressed in white.

Via Sunset-Photo Richard Leo Johnson


A white  kitchen with blue appliances, I remember the 70’s my sister had a sea blue kitchen with blue appliances, it was very unusual and I find it’s still is, don’t you think so.

Via Sunset-Photo John Granen


This kitchen has a bit of a pale Zebrano look, I like this mixture of the natural upper wooden cabinets with the white lower cabinets, it is quite fresh.

Via Sunset-Photo John Clark


I have always been an aficionado of open shelves, but we have to make sure it stays elegant and not pêle-mêle (Messy)

Via Sunset John Granen


A rather small kitchen can look bigger in an open area, I like the pots and pans rack above this island with the 4 spot lights.

May the Force be with you in renovating your kitchen, it is not an easy venture but it is absolutely rewarding.