Who lives here, your home style

Your style says a lot about your personality, it reflects you totally.

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I want to share these with you, I got them from Homesense, I thought that they were super interesting to help you define your own style. I myself am a mixture of Modern romantic and Modern bohemian, ”I like to browse in vintage and second hand stores”and would you believe, I am also a bit of Daredevil in my choices of colour.

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I also wear a lot of black, I guess I have an eclectic personality.


Send us photos of your home, share your style with us at [email protected]

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Have fun in analyzing your style.

Shopping for a condo in the most delightful way

The launching of Tower Trip Magazine is quite exciting, it provides you with the possibility of shopping your future home online, find a new commercial venture or an exciting commercial space.


These are my favorite finds at Tower Trip M., a small green condo project.




An incredible property located behind Marché Bonsecours in Old Montreal, built in 1725.


The estate belongs to the Artist sculptor, painter Gaëtan Trottier




Can you imagine that ”In 1775 during the American Revolution, Benjamin Franklin had meetings in this house. He also left here a paper press used to print out propaganda flyers.”


La Maison du Calvet is a home and a hostellerie, it is one of these amazing discovery of the Old Montreal,  now on sale for 9.5 M$.


Coming back to the 21st century a condo in the Plateau Mont-Royal for 1M$, I love this luminous and airy space.


And now this 268 SQ/FT at Lowney is the smallest condo for sale in Montreal.



Shopify office in Montreal is my ideal office, I always wanted an office where you can lie around, dream and have a nap, and work of course. I find that an environment as such is really conductive to creativity.


Cynthia Savard Saucier, a UX designer at Shopify joins the discussion ”we have created an environment where you work from where you feel most comfortable.”



I was very excited to find Tower Trip Magazine, if you are interested in the new new thing, I would recommend to payhttp://www.towertrip.com/ a visit as they explore Real Estate in the most delightful and imaginative ways, it is a fun thing to do on a lazy Sunday.

Get ready for summer under $50.00

A little while ago I discovered a great Canadian online store Brown and Neville where you can find great products and decorative objects that will bring joy to your outdoor entertainment and to your friends and family. These are my favorite, hope you enjoy them.

Provenance http://brownandneville.com/product-category/outdoor-ideas/


$29.95 A milk can for all seasons.



Unrestrainedly bunch your summer flowers in your milk can, they will love it.



Fall flowers and milk can.



What about a small Christmas tree in your milk can.


A special gift for your man, a  decorative wall mounted bottle opener $26.00,


Swivel cheese board and cheese knives set $36.50


Acacia salad bowl set 44.99, they will keep forever.


Lantern $24.99 perfect for outdoor evenings.


For your white wine a chilling decanter 29.99 just add some ice in a separate compartment.


Elegant reusable skewers set of 2 $14.00,


Magnetic BBQ light $9.99 This is such a great gadget, read what it does:

”Its strong stay-put magnet attaches to barbecue tools or the hood to illuminate while grilling. The light swivels for full range of motion. It contains 3 LED bulbs for maximum illumination and batteries are included.”

Have a terrific summer you deserve it.

The most expensive Easter Eggs in the world


Peter Carl Fabergé creator of these Easter eggs was one of the best jeweler and goldsmith in the world.

“Brahms: Violin Concerto In D, Op.77 – 2. Adagio” by Anne-Sophie Mutter (Google PlayiTunes)

Fabergé was born in Russia from French Hugenot (Protestant) paternal ancestors who fled France under Louis X1V, (if you want to know why look for the revocation of the Edict of  Nantes) he was the Tsars most famous jeweler.

Tsar Alexander lll of Russia was the first to have these indredibly beautiful and precious Easter eggs made by Fabergé for his Wife Maria Fedorovna, and the tradition went on with their son Nicholas ll until the revolution of 1917.

The Imperial third golden egg was lost for years, it was bought at an auction by a scrap dealer for the value of the gold (14,000.00) nobody knew it was an original Fabergé egg at the time until the dealer did a bit of research and discovered that this Fabergé egg was missing, it finally sold at Wartski’s auction to a private collector for 33 Million dollars in 2014.

for more info about this story go http://www.cnn.com/2014/03/20/world/faberge-third-imperial-egg/

Via https://www.pinterest.com/pin/95631192058428000/

Found on biographycolllection.blogspot.com


Peter Carl Fabergé

If you are interested in the work and life of Fabergé, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts had a fantastic exhibition that you can visit on their site at http://faberge.mbam.qc.ca/en/#exhibition


What to do with your color of the year 2015 ”Marsala”

Marsala comes from the Arabic word Mirs-llahi meaning The Port of God so Marsala is a Godly color.


Marsala Pantone’s color of the year is really a Port in the West coast of Sicily Italy, so you can visit it, it is also a wine from the same region so you can drink it.

Via http://www.wine-searcher.com/


Marsala wine is a fortified wine like Port,  Sherry and Madeira, you can cook with it.



Marsala can be used on your walls, it is a very warm color a mixture of pink and terracotta, it makes your skin look luminous and hot.

Via Houzz


You can paint one wall as an accent.

Via Architectural Digest


In a small space like a hallway you could enveloped yourself with Marsala, walls and ceiling, it is quite dramatic.

Via Elle Decor


You can always use a touch of Marsala with your picture frames or in your Tiramisu or your Zabaglione.


You can sit on your Marsala

Via http://www.fashiontrendsetter.com/


You can also wear Marsala as all forms of design adopts Pantone color of the year.

May the force be with you and your Marsala what ever you do with it.

Today’s idea, small changes big effect in your bedroom

The bed is the queen of the bedroom even though if it is a king size bed.

My bed before the small changes


This is what my bed looked like when I changed my bedding. I knew there was something missing, somehow I found it a bit blah and too linear.


One day I was at Homesense and I discovered these two pillows, I knew right away this is what my bed needed. When I got home, I started playing with the bedding and realized the bed would look much better if I rolled the white duvet cover at the foot of the bed so that we could see the robin egg paisley sheets which also added shape and depth to my bed.


 My two white, robin egg with a splash of deep French blue pillows brought life to my bedroom.

The pillows were 29.95 each, not bad for a change.