Today’s idea, it’s all about kitchen

A few years ago I found this great book about Kitchen renovation, today I was cleaning up my bookshelves and I just saw it, I realized I should have shared this kitchen guide with you before, but better late than never.


Believe me it is a terrific guide, Sunset has really thought this through thoroughly from: Getting started , Cabinets, Counter and Backsplashes, Sinks and Faucets, Appliances, Flooring, Storage and Display, Finishing touches, Getting it done, a complete guide to designing and renovating your dream kitchen including design software.You can also visit for more kitchen inspiration.

Via Sunset-Photo Lisa Romerein


A small country kitchen dressed in white.

Via Sunset-Photo Richard Leo Johnson


A white  kitchen with blue appliances, I remember the 70′s my sister had a sea blue kitchen with blue appliances, it was very unusual and I find it’s still is, don’t you think so.

Via Sunset-Photo John Granen


This kitchen has a bit of a pale Zebrano look, I like this mixture of the natural upper wooden cabinets with the white lower cabinets, it is quite fresh.

Via Sunset-Photo John Clark


I have always been an aficionado of open shelves, but we have to make sure it stays elegant and not pêle-mêle (Messy)

Via Sunset John Granen


A rather small kitchen can look bigger in an open area, I like the pots and pans rack above this island with the 4 spot lights.

May the Force be with you in renovating your kitchen, it is not an easy venture but it is absolutely rewarding.




Today’s idea, thrifty you and makeover

Once upon a time I had very thrifty dispositions, now not so much anymore,  but I have a lot of admiration for people such as Liz from who can transform thrift to riches. So today I discovered Liz,  I think you should pay her a visit, she is such an inspiration, enjoy her makeover, she can resuscitate a piece of furniture in the loveliest way and yes you can too!!!





Cutest mint green desk, for transformation instruction go to




Office-Chair-Makeover-final (1)

Recover your office chair with a fabric you love and follow Liz instruction at

Today’s ideas, a few decorating tricks for your first apartment

 I remember my first apartment, it was on Sherbrooke street West corner of Berri in Montreal, I was a student at Loyola.

 It was the Marimekko era and the vinyl style look.  I stapled a wall in my kitchen with a  black and white Marimekko oil cloth ( see below) and my apartment suddenly became more exciting, it had a life of its own.

I found a few simple tips and tricks for you, hope it inspires you to decorate your first apartment, may the Force be with you, have fun.


Voilà Marimekko.

Via and


Repaint your thrift store lamps and shades.

Via and


Antique your rubber doormat and hang it as a wrought iron  art piece.

Via and


Paint your furniture to match, could be all white, could be all black or any color your wish.

Via and


Just found out that you can paint your upholstered furniture, somehow ”I have problem in spelling upholstered, and I often invert the letters and it comes as uphosltered” well I am French you know.

Via and


Use Towel rods to hang your coffee mugs ”from Ikea’s Fintorp rails”

Via and


Use a wired trash can upside down and paint it the color you want, transform it into a lovely side table.

Via and

Use a drum for a bedside table.

 You need a side table, find an old second-hand drum, paint it or not et voilà.
*For instructions of how to, go to the original sites above each picture.

Today’s idea, what you can do in your attic

Attics have numerous possibilities as long as you have some height in the middle, 7 feet would be terrific.

1- If you have an older home and the electricity has not been redone or upgraded, the first thing you have to do is contact your electrician to make sure the electrical will survive the renovation.  If you intend to add a bathroom, you should also get a plumber if your plumbing is quite old. After this is done you can start transforming your attic. 

2-As long as you are there, you might check the insulation to make sure that it is cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

3-Installing a fan would certainly be a plus

Via Huffington post & Domino


An attic can be a superb home office, quiet and away from all the action.

Via Huffington post-Photo Getty


The attic is also ideal for a master bedroom.

Via Huffington post-Photo Getty

Loft Bedroom

A quaint guest bedroom in your attic.

Via Huffington post-Photo Getty


A quiet spa in your attic.

Via Apartment therapy


An en suite bedroom.

Via Apartment therapy


A teenager bedroom in the attic.

Via Apartment therapy


A skylight in your attic bedroom can make your life a lot brighter.

Today’s idea, how to place your furniture

Sometimes Arranging or rearranging furniture seems a bit complicated, I Found an article by Better Homes and Garden that can be quite useful for you, it is worth the visit. on

Via Better Homes and Garden


Keep your furniture around 30 inches apart, it will create a more convivial space for your family and friends gatherings.

Via House Beautiful Designer Todd Klein


Place your coffee at 14 to 18 inches from your sofa.

Via House Beautiful Designer Pamela Contreras


When you place your coffee table, think about decorating it, Pamela Contreras did an excellent decoration job on this one.

Via Elle decor Photo Simon Upton


This is Actress Hilary Swank’s living room, the side table and the coffee table are at a good distance from the sofa, so that you don’t have to stretch your entire body to deposit your glass or plate.

Via House Beautiful Designer John Oetgen


This adorable swan coffee table is perfectly placed in front of this sofa, I fell in love with it.

A quick visit in some Brazilian homes

Brazil has been on the map with the FIFA for the past few weeks, so I thought it would be nice to visit a few Brazilian homes. I found that the contemporary home decor is very similar to our home decor with a great splash of color here and there.


 (Foto: Marcelo Magnani/Casa e Jardim )


You could be totally inspired by Brazilian Architecture and home decor by visiting Casa e Jardim Brazilian home decor magazine.

(Foto: Marcelo Magnani/Casa e Jardim )


White is a great canvas for color.

(Foto: Lufe Gomes/Casa e Jardim)


Black and white decor with a touch of red can be quite joyous.

(Foto: Maíra Acayaba/Casa e Jardim)


Lofty Brazilian rooms.

(Foto: Maíra Acayaba/Casa e Jardim)


Gray, blue, magenta and a yellow chair work perfectly in this living area. I am not a gray fan, but this mixture of color with the gray is absolutely enchanting.



If you want to discover more rooms in this gorgeous Retro style very colourful Brazilian home just go to I just love the wall with the Roy Lichtenstein ”In the car 1963” it really belongs in this room, don’t you think so, it would not be the same without it.



You know what, this blue and white modern tiled wall between the kitchen and the dining room is quite Brazilian but it could be easily reproduced in one of our homes. Hoped you enjoyed my Brazilian homes tour, have a great day, it is summer and we people from the North cherish every sunny hour of the day.

Today’s idea, decorate with your Christmas lights

Why not use your Christmas lights all year round, they are quite magical and create a very warm ambiance.


Via Photo Photo by Steven Michael Photography via RuffledDecorating-Holiday-Lights-Throughout-YearIn the garden you can totally dress up your trees with these small holiday lights.

Photo by Jennifer Blair Photography via Style Me Pretty


A very romantic dinner with your tiny Christmas lights above your table.

Photo by Heather Hawkins Photography via Wedding Chicks


A special chandelier made out of tiny Christmas lights can be used anywhere you like.

What my american friends eat on the 4th of July

 I am publishing this post a day earlier so that you can experiment these recipes on the 4th of July and you my American or non American friends can profit of these very American 4th of July dishes.





Scrumptious hamburger, special recipe.


We say as American as apple pie but grilled chicken wings with Buffalo sauce is a perfect American dish for the 4th of July. You can get the recipe:


Peel your own shrimps served with cocktail sauce.

When I was studying in Spain a ”little while ago” there was this guy from Quebec that was visiting Madrid on business, we went out for dinner in one of the restaurants called Cuevas,  and they served non peeled shrimps,  he was quite young and had never seen shrimps served this way before and started eating them with the peel, as he was not a very pleasant fellow and quite fresh with me, I only told him he had to peel them after he ate the 5th shrimps, I guess it was not a very charitable thing to do.  Well I feel better now that I have confessed this sin…


Fresh corn salad is typically American, once upon a time Europeans were appalled that we North American ate corn, for corn in Europe was only grown to feed cows, their corn was very reddish and hard as rock, they know better now that they have experienced our corn.


Chocolate chips pecan squares are my favorite, frankly I have such a sweet tooth I could totally skip a meal and eat only desert, but I try to control myself.


Fresh strawberry cake, simple and easy to make, just follow this recipe.

Today’s idea, touches of black are still in

Designer uses a touch of black on a white canvas and I cannot agree more with him, he used Benjamin Moore High-Gloss Black on his front door and it really sets the tone for his small touches of black all over his West Hollywood home. Amy Neunsinger Via House Beautiful



Don’t be afraid of the dark front door, it is very elegant.


A black glossy armoire can be quite luminous but don’ forget the gloss paint, flat black paint won’t work. Mr. Sikes also uses quite a bit of neutral color, like rattan furniture, sisal  and soft beige fabric which are a good counterpart to the touches of black and bring warmth to this room.


Two black candlesticks on the fire mantle and a black framed picture can make a statement.


A black metal curtain rod is a slender touch of black, talking about slender, I am just thinking that I have put on 3 pounds, haha too much black Chocolate, a touch of black is good for your home decor but not to for your waistline.


Black dining table


Slim black curtain rod in the ivory white kitchen.



I read somewhere that black is out, well whoever came out with this idea has not seen M. Mark D. Sikes home, I am sure he would totally change his or her  mind about touches of black.


I love this black wrought iron hand rail,  Oh, I just notice that the inside doors are also High-Gloss Black, I like it a lot.


Somehow, it is one of the most beautiful use of a few touches of black that I have discovered so far, it is absolutely harmonious.


Well this bathroom has more than a touch of black, it is entirely black except for the black and white floor tiles, the sink and the use of gold for shower curtain and a touch of bamboo and basketry.