Today’s idea, White paint and warm ambiance at the Ritz

I like warm whites, creamy whites and tainted whites even in the winter.

Residence du Ritz Carlton Interior Design Suzanne Vachon/photos Ariane Poulin

Ritz-10 - Copie

When I decorate with white, I like a play on whites. There is no natural light in the hallway, so I used OC88 (Indian White) by Benjamin Moore, I have to admit that Benjamin Moore has the most beautiful whites in a multitude of tones.

Ritz-11 - Copie

I cheated a bit with the mouldings and ceiling at the Ritz instead of  a warm white,  OC62 (Baby’s breath) was used which is more of a grayish cool white by Benjamin Moore but the exception makes the rule sometimes. It is said that if you use warm whites on your walls it is better to choose a creamy warm white on your mouldings and doors.

Ritz-20 duplicate

In the living room the only place where I added a touch of white was above the fire-place OC88 BM (Indian White) again, I felt that the antique like mirror would like white better and it brings some luminosity to the darkness of its wood. The walls are CC150 (Sandy Brown), it is a very bright room and it needed a bit of color.

Ritz-17 copy

As the kitchen opens up to the hallway, I needed to create some continuity between the two rooms. I looked at my OC88 (Indian White) chip in the kitchen and I knew that it would look slightly lighter than in the hallway as It is a very sunny room. I liked this idea as it was the same but appeared different.  Light certainly plays game on colors, so make sure you look at your color chip in the room that you will be using it.


The breakfast nook is also OC88 and you can see the difference between the pure white of  the cabinets and the tainted Indian white of the wall.

Ritz-4 - Copie - Copie

In the Master bedroom I went with OC2 Pale Almond which appears a little lighter because of the brightness of the room. I found it more appealing and enveloping than a pure cooler white.


The antechamber of the Master bedroom used as a small office is OC2 (Pale Almond), here the color looks a little darker as it does not benefit from direct light like the Master bedroom.


The guess bedroom is OC8 (Elephant Tusk) BM which of course is another creamy white. Thus the expression play on whites.

Ritz-13 - Copie

Guess bathroom OC8 (Elephant Tusk)

 I find that Whites are a bit complex, and of course when I am in the process of choosing my white colors, my painters think that I am absolutely off my rockers, for them white is white and that is it, but actually white is not white and you will find out that the 100 shades of white can look quite different from one room to another. For more tips you can go to: or

Color from Aristotle to Newton to your home


Aristotle said in ”De Anima” Color is not seen without light

Isaac Newton Quotes

Before Isaac Newton  people thought that color was a mixture of light and darkness ant that it was the prism that created color.

Biography Of Isaac Newton

This is Isaac N wow what a brilliant man, and pretty good-looking on top of it.

Born on January 4th 1643, but he could also have been born on December 25th 1642, but who cares, Newton lived and was a most important figure for our civilization. he really was the man of all theories, a true Renaissance man

Newton proved that light alone was responsible for color and we have to thank him for the existing color wheel. I have to admit that if Newton lived today I would be madly in love with him, wouldn’t you. Thank you Newton, you certainly made my world a better place to live.

Isaac Newton and the color wheel.

Stay tuned, Friday we will explore the incredible color White, yes white is a color wait and see, it is subtle but very present and yes it can influence your everyday life. White is the sum of all colors.

Enjoy the year of the Goat

Happy New Year to all my Chinese friends 


The year of the Horse is over, today the year of the Wood Goat is starting.

They are 12 animals in the Chinese Zodiac each one is linked to one of the five elements: Water, Fire, Wood, Metal, Earth.

Goats are creative, compassionate and have a great sense of justice.

Their lucky numbers are: 2-7

Lucky colors: Brown-Red-Purple

Lucky flowers: Carnation and Primrose

Have a great year full of love, friendship, joy and happiness .

Photos decogirlmontreal


Last summer I visited the beautiful Chinese Garden in Montreal, if you have a chance put it in your calendar for next summer, it is a unique experience.

Prepare for Valentine’s day and night

Things to do on Valentine’s night

Book a romantic show and a surprise dinner at:


With Dorothy Berryman

Via Upstairs


Dorothy Berryman

POUR RÉSERVER: 514.931.6808


Dorothée Berryman’s way of connecting with every listener is the key to her succes in everything she does in film, TV, radio and as a jazz vocalist.
Musicians: Vincent Réhel: piano, Dave Watts: double bass, Camil Belisle: Drums


Prosciutto Raggiano
Grilled Octopus Salad

Main courses
Filet Mignon au Grand Marnier
OrLobster tail with samba & orange cream
Or Rack of Lamb with roasted garlic and cinzano sauce
Or Wild mushroom Risotto

Trio Upstairs
Tea or coffee


Valentines_Day_Table_Settings_Lovely_StyleHave dinner at home and decorate your dining room and table with the traditional red and white, any Dollar store or Dollorama should have plenty of Valentine,s day decorations for you.

Dont’ forget to play ”Love is in the air” by John Paul Young.

Via St. James Hotel in Montreal


Spend a night at a nice hotel and drink champagne



Go to a Spa and get a massage à deux.


On certain day at Botabota, you can have a massage and listen to a harpist.

Valentine’s day is a very special day, make sure you prepare for it.



Remember, there is no wrong way to give flowers and roses are red.

Today’s idea, breaking the rules in the decoration of your home

Expressing oneself in the decoration of your home often leads to breaking the rules by mixing different styles.

Ritz-20 copy

I personally like to break the rules occasionally, but we have to remember that mixing antique and contemporary has its limitation. You have to keep the conversation going between your furniture, your objects and the architecture of your room. Like life, it is a question of balance and harmony.

In this room at Les Résidences du Ritz Carlton, I created a contemporary and young environment, on the other hand I thought that  being at the Ritz necessitated to go back in time and bring a bit of history to warm up this room. I found this reproduction of an old architectural Oeil-de-boeuf  mirror (Bull’s eye) which could very well have come from the old Ritz Carlton building, I installed it above this very slick fireplace et voilà.  I find that by adding this older looking piece you feel the ambiance of the Ritz even though you live in your own time.

A look into the past, living in the present, and make sure you don’t miss the future is my motto, well at least I try to make it my motto, it sounds good and when it works it feels good.

”Study the past if you would define the future”  Confucius magazine


A Louis the XVI chair with a reproduction of a modern Parsons desk table, this table was designed by Jean-Michel Frank, a French designer from the 1930.


Voici  Cool Jean-Michel Frank


Voilà  poor Louis XV1 ( A sad story) by Antoine François Callet 1786, we all know what happened 3 years later (1789)

ikea bookshelves

A living room (Mine) with a Louis XV armchair and Ikea Billy bookshelves. To cover all gaps I added small moldings to my Billy, on the side, on the front and on the back near the wall to give it a built in look, sometimes in interior decoration you have to cheat a little.


Et voilà lucky Louis the XV who died in his bed.


The Billy bookshelf from Ikea


A modern chandelier, a Saarinen Tulip dining table, a Chippendale style chair and a period style console.


Eero Saarinen Finnish designer with his tulip table 1910 to 1961

Mix it up a little, you will like it. Have a grand week end, it is snowing in Montreal, I am going to Quebec city to visit my sister Louisette. I am taking the bus and looking forward to read The most of Nora Ephron, I miss her she left us June 26, 2012.

suzanne 4 mois 001 - Copie

Voici my sister Louisette she was 5 years old then and I can’t wait to see her, it has been quite a while, we are very close and talk everyday about this and that and all things of life.

What to do about my nails

Just found a few tricks and tips about giving yourself a manicure.



I really have no talents at all for giving myself a manicure. I keep trying, but believe it or not it never occurred to me to look up instructions from the internet. (sometimes I wonder about me..)

Soak nails in a solution of white vinegar and water it cleans your nails perfectly and also helps the nail polish adhere better.



If you use dark polish,  just brush your nails after removing it with whitening tooth paste.


My nails break all the time and I use glue, but I never could do a good job, this is a good trick. Fix your nail with a tea bag and glue.


Instead of applying a thick coat which I have the tendency to do, apply multiple thin coats.


Use an old make up brush to correct your boo boos, just dip it in polish remover and brush your nail lightly. I have a feeling I will be using this brush quite often.


I do this all the time, but I had no idea that I could correct my smudges by licking them, apparently your tongue can also do wonders, please lick your nail polish, don’t eat.


Use nail polish thinner to thin your nail polish, don’t use remover it will not work. (Now I know)


I never knew why my nails were covered with mini bubbles, well it is the humidity, so when it is humid outside you have to double your drying time.


For drying you nails quickly, let them dry for a few minutes and soak your fingers in ice water.


Wow! you can use Vaporub to treat nail infections, it is said that thymol works on bacterial and yeast infections, this is the first time I hear this, so if it works for you, please share it with us.


Do like professionals do, follow the diagram instructions. Good luck with your manicure, if you have any other tips please send them to [email protected], Have a great day.

This tiny home is never too small

The smallest beautiful home I could ever imagine.

Via and

All Photos: Cesar Rubio


This tiny guest house was originally a laundry boiler room, it has been converted into a  93sf brick home by Christi Azevedo founder of Azevedo Design located in San Francisco.

Related story


To add more space visually Azevedo created a glass mezzanine between the upstairs bedroom and the downstairs kitchen. “It really takes advantage of volume as opposed to just square-footage,” she told Dezeen. “It gives the kitchen a sense of its own space and is a buffering level en route to the bed loft.” 


Going upstairs with the metal ladder like stairs and its metal landing.


In the kitchen there is a custom-built dining table and a sofa. The countertops are made out of stainless steel which reflects the light and also creates an effect of spaciousness.


On our way to the mezzanine bedroom.


Yes there is a bathroom, believe it or not.


The tiny mezzanine bedroom is complete with bookshelves, lighting and storage behind the hinged headboard.

Happy times on a lazy Sunday

In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter and sharing of pleasures.

Khalil Gibran
A dear friend just sent me a Thinking of you note  from Florida with a photograph of his very special Martini looking at the sunset over the canal. It reminded me of the good times we had together on a Lazy Sunday.

Smashing Ladies in Red at the Golden Globe Awards

It seems that Red is the new black at the 2015 Golden Globe Awards

Photo John Shearer/Invision/AP

Catherine Zeta Jones in Angel Sanchez

Photo Jordan Strauss /Invision/AP


Allison Janney in a mystery Designer dress

Photo Jason Merrit/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images


Heidi Klum in Versace

Photo John Shearer/Invision/AP


Allison Williams in Armani Prive

Photo John Shearer/Invision/AP


Viola Davis In Atelier

Photo John Shearer/Invision/AP


Kate Mara in Miu Miu

Photo Jordan Strauss /Invision/AP


Lena Dunham in Zac Posen

Photo Jordan Strauss /Invision/AP

slide_394796_4840088_compressedTaylor Schilling in Ralph Lauren

Photo John Shearer/Invision/AP


Helen Mirren Dolce & Cabanna

Photo Jason Merrit/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images


Julianna Margulies in Ulyana Sergeenko

Photo Jason Merrit/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images


Last but not least jane Fonda in Versace