Today’s idea, personalise your day to day life

Make it personal, monogram it.



Monogram your Halloween decor. For tutorial go to

Sheets via Restoration Hardware


If you monogram your sheets, there will be no mistake, you will always find your own bed.


I like the tone on tone monogram on bed sheets, it is classical.


One letter monogram will suffice to identify your bed.


Week Ender monogrammed bags from Pottery Barn


Monogram your bath robe, there will be no argument,  you will always know which is which. From Pottery Barn.

DSC_0077monogrammed cocktail napkins via Enchanted home


Personally, I like my towels monogrammed tone on tone.


On the other hand I would use a contrasting monogram for my hand towels. From West Elm.


Ella’s monogram door knocker from Pottery Barn


Monogram your dogs tote bag, your dog will be grateful, dogs are like that. Pottery Barn


Give your loved one a Mr. and Mrs pillow, it will officialize your relationship. Pottery Barn


Monogram the popular Mason jars, they can become an heirloom. From Pottery Barn


Initialed napkins add a je ne sais quoi to your table setting. From Pottery barn.


Your name or your home number on your door mat will help your new visitors ring the right door bell. From Pottery Barn.



The small luxuries of fall

When fall comes my bed is my comfort.  

IMG_1059 copy 2

My bed, my shelter.

Florida 019On a lazy Sunday, I love to snuggle with my duvet, my soft pillows and read a good book. For me reading in bed is a small luxury of life, we call them petites douceurs in French.


I used to like my sheets with lots of flowers, now I like very basic colours that I can mix and match. For instance I could use this blue bedding from Parachute Home ( as is, or mix it with the ash sheets or the navy sheets below.


Sateen sheets set Percale ash colour $89.99


Satten sheets set percale, navy $89.00

Photo Alain Sirois via Style at home


My flowery bed then. If you like patterns and flowers, you can always use your basic sheets and mix it with your flowery duvet cover, or flowery pillows.

Happy fall, keep warm and cozy my friends.

Today’s idea, transform your Ikea Billys

I am a great fan of the Ikeas Billys, 

$69.00 per bookshelf and you can make them up to look like one thousand dollars.

Ikeas BILLY BEFORE fresh out of Ikea.


Prepping Billys with mouldings from Home Depot


I have a small apartment, and there is a natural alcove in the living room, so I chose to install my book shelves in the alcove in order to save a bit of space, don’t forget when your room is small, every inch counts.


Transforming Billys with mouldings on top, at the bottom, and on each side of shelf. I chose not to install mouldings on shelves, I wanted a lighter look.

We used pieces of 2×2 on top of the shelves to secure them to the wall.


I was thinking about adding a cornice on top of the shelves, but I soon realized I had too many books and I should use the space between the top of the shelves and the ceiling to store my books. I stacked them horizontally, this way I could fill up the gap and it is also easier to read the titles.

The lying lion is a Paper Mache sculpture by the Mexican artist Gemma Taccogna.

Image via


The artist Gemma Taccogna

Small can be beautiful

Walking up Côte des Neiges in Montreal, I discovered a mini garden as big as a pie slice.


The striped awning, the trellis hiding the heat pomp, a statue of David nature size, potted red flowers, a beautiful iron fence and some green.

Amazing what you can do with a tiny piece of dirt in the middle of the city. Whoever you are thank you for this lovely corner.


A dalmatian in the window barking at me while I was admiring the beauty of this garden.

Moving downtown again

I am definitely a city girl, this is why my family named me ‘’ The Asphalt flower’’

Image via Mondev


A few months ago I was looking for condos and apartments for rent, it had to be downtown and reasonably priced.

As I was browsing on the Internet I discovered the Mondev condos, I was surprised to find out that event though their location is so closed to downtown their prices are quite affordable.

 This is their site, if you are on the market for a condo I definitely would look them up.

 ! Mondev Condos is one of the few condo development companies in the city that offer stunning condos in Montreal, at affordable prices, in every hotspot of the city

Images via Mondev

141024_MintDecor_0101 11755666_893493174056924_499494686517963966_n

 I finally moved, and as I did not want to be too far from where I was living before, I rented a condo a few blocks away and one street up.

 Moving can be difficult and traumatic, so you need all the help you can get. The people who work in the building are of the most importance to me, they have been incredibly useful, so make sure you are in good terms with them, it will make your life so much easier.


For instance, when I was unpacking and submerged with tons of boxes, I called the doorman and ask him what I could do with them, would you believe that a young couple was moving out and needed boxes, they came and picked them up immediately, it was such a relief.

They are certain laws in condos, so make sure you are aware of them

If your friends offer to help you unpack, say yes, it is so much more fun than doing it by yourself.


These are only some snippets of what living in a condo entails, the rest you sort of just pick up by living there, and that way you’ll be able to help one of your friends who decides to move into a condo with your own insider tips

I got the pretty blues

Summer is almost here and I can feel the blue of the sea,  just thought you might enjoy a few of my favorite blue decor.

Via Architectural Digest



Accessorizing with blue.



A Stunning blue and white living room decorated by Suzanne and Lauren McGrath.


Suzanne and Lauren McGrath

Via Better Home and Garden


White and blue in a small living area.

Better Home and Garden


A softer blue with a creamy white.  One of my favorite white is Cloud white CC40 by Benjamin Moore.


Sometimes just a touch of blue like this white and blue rug can really bring a nautical look to a room, when we say nautical we always see blue and white, which is quite calming and of course  better than seeing red.

Better Home and Garden


Blue and white striped chairs can make a room look so much like summer.

Today’s idea, your office in a closet

Small can be beautiful if it is orderly. Think out of the box, think about a closet office.


In my new apartment, I have to think about creating a new home office.


My actual office is in my bedroom window alcove. I installed the curtains just in front of it so that I could close the office at night by pulling the curtains.


Ideally I would like to build a storage area on this right inside 13 foot wall which is like an alcove facing the bed, as I have very little storage space I thought I could use this 30 inch deep alcove by 13 foot to create my office plus an additional closet. Of course it will make the bedroom smaller but as you know, the smaller the space the more important the storage.

IMG_1234This is the wall, hopefully I will be able to use 60 inches for my office, and about 96 inches for storage shelves and a clothes closet. by Max Kim-Bee


Go pink for la vie en Rose in your closet office.



I kind of like the Ikea Alex desk $159.00, I think it would be perfect for this closet office, it is 51”5/8 X 23”5/8.

3f5383e0f6293249d51e3c52d3153bc6 (1)

I definitely would like to have a mirror in the back of my closet office as I am facing the wall, with a mirror I will be able to see the reflection of the light in my bedroom windows. Pottery Barn


You can even installed a wall lamp in this closet office


closet makeover 1

Unbelievable, Tonya’s office was originally a small closet.

closet makeover 16

Her father converted this old kitchen table into a desk and shelves.

closet makeover 10

First Tonya stencilled the back of her closet, but you could use wallpaper if you wish.

This kitchen table was cut into 3 pieces, it brings a lot of style to this tiny office.

Closet Office

Tonya’s minute office is absolutely adorable.

These office ideas are really inspiring for me, I hope they are helping you too. Have great day, I have to go back to my packing, cleaning up files, clothes etc.. big job.