The rebirth of your Home office

Time has come to do something about our office, I am sharing with you a few ideas about the revival of your office, I think I should redecorate mine also.

Via Architectural Digest/photo David O. Marlow


I absolutely love Paul Attanasio’s office, Paul is a screenwriter and producer (Serie House) I would move in today, except I would have to change the desk seat, as I have short legs and these high seats are not great for me as I need to have my 2 feet on the ground at all times.

via Architectural Digest/Photo Michael Moran


Designer Jennifer Post decorated this zen office with white and a few touch of color. She used an entire wall in the bedroom to create this bright office facing a window.

Via Architectural Digest


Let the exterior in your office, this office decorated by Malcom James Kutner is simple but perfect. The outdoor garden certainly is the most decorative element and the designer used it very well.

Via Architectural Digest/Photo Roger Davies


OOPS! I know this office seems extravagant but you have to admit it is inspiring and it was decorated by Kelly Wearstler who is everything but Zen, Wearstler also designed the raspberry chairs and the working desk. An entire wall covered with pictures is a great asset to an office, it is your identity.

Via Pinterest


A girly office with a few spots and a billboard made out of a mirror frame.

Photo decogirlmontreal


This was my urban office that was a year ago.

Via Apartment Therapy/Photo Marie-Lyne Quirion

1b441cfa60ac25bad911e76ceea63b56ef2c24b4I moved a year ago, this is my very compact office now, it is located inside a closet in my bedroom, the desk and the filing cabinets are from Ikea, the shelves from Home Depot. I only wish I could get rid of all these ugly wires that are a necessary evil.


Home Story

 The use of an entire wall as a billboard in this office is attractive and quite useful.

Today’s idea, from one garden to another

Fall is upon us, I think we need some anti-stess in our lives, I would like to share some of my life anti-stress with you my lovelies.

Photo decogirlmontreal/Roxane Saulnier, marketing and  communications Dans un Jardin

A few weeks ago I was invited to the launching of Dans un Jardin new spa collection, and for half an hour, I was totally immersed in a world of anti-stress, it seemed the clock stopped!

Photo yours truly/ Eric Arminjon President and Francine Raymond VP


Last year Eric Arminjon President of Dans un Jardin totally revamped the brand. For Eric it was quite a challenge, I find the finishing line exceptional with all the body and ambiance products that were created for the entire family.

Josiane Manager of la boutique Dans un Jardin Carrefour Laval.


I personally was fascinated by the Komyo products, the Japanese bath and relaxation line, I like products with a history and Komyo has an interesting one.

Komyo lived in the 8th century, (701 to 760) She was chosen by the Emperor Shomu to be his wife at 16.  She became an Empress at the age of 29, she was also a recognized poet and the first to be rank as kogo in historical times.  (Wikipedia)

Photo Dans un Jardin


I will buy this Komyo bath line for my daughter in law Fiona, her birthday is September 23, I hope she will enjoy it as much as I do.

img_0168The ambiance line is very attractive, I myself am a fan of scented candles.

Via McGill University Montreal


This is Hans Selye the pin pointer of stress, he was the first person to discover the effects of stress on people.  He was a post grad at McGill University and did intense research on stress he invented the word stress. Hans Selye also wrote the bible on Stress. ”Stress without distress”

Via Amazon


You could read Hans Selye’s book in your bathtub with your Green Tea bath infusion and find out the way you can use stress as a positive force.

May the Force be with you my lovelies.

Curate your home, don’t clutter

Fall is almost upon us, clean up and edit your home harmoniously.

Via Photo Victoria Pearson


Organize the objects you treasure in groups.

Via Photo Victoria Pearson photo Roger Davies


Regroup your black and white photos in a small corner.


Frame some of your Children’s drawings and make a nice display instead of cluttering the fridge with them.

Via Huffington Post/ Photo Domino


Create a theme, decorative plates on a wall and dining area go well together.

Via photo Marie Lyne Quirion


In an open armoire or shelves, display what is beautiful, don’t display your junk drawer, organize everything neatly.

Via photo Marie Lyne Quirion


Bookshelves can be a mixture of books, art, decorative and meaningful objects, there is an order and a balance that has to be respected, I know books are books but somehow they feel better and they read better if they are well displayed.



You can have a tree of life with books by ELENASEGURINI creazioni x casa interni

Via Pinterest and


Of course you cannot get rid of everything but your collections should not be chaotic, there is a certain order that we have to establish if we want to collect things.

Via Huffington Post and Domino


Seashells are quite interesting as long as they are good looking.

Via Pinterest /


Displaying seashells  in  a bathroom or guest room.



Open shelves in a kitchen with a collection of all white porcelain and dishes, colour is a good unifier to create balance.

Via photo Marie Lyne Quirion


A corner with an oriental theme, chinoiserie, japonaiserie, and Celadon.

Have fun my lovelies, you can curate and declutter without throwing everything away.

To be Koi or not to be coi?

Photo decogirlmontreal


A Koi is a Japanese fish, these colourful Kois belong to the Montreal Botanical Garden.

Coy is also an adjective

Definition via

Take the adjective coy for a person who pretends to be shy but really isn’t, or someone who could give a definite answer but won’t. Coy behavior can be playful or just plain annoying.

Originally meaning “quiet and shy,” today someone who is coy pretends to be shy in a playful manner — often as a form of flirting.

If a politician is coy about something, he or she only gives vague statements on an issue for fear of committing to a position or angering his or her constituency. Common to both of these senses is the fact that a person uses coyness to subtly manipulate his or her audience.

 You can also be coy about your age, it happens to me every year on my birthday.


Flying colours in your Dorm room

Don’t goof around, make the grade, colour is good for you so is a nice environment, so hit the books and hit the room.

Your dorm room is important, it will reflect who you are and decorating it is as easy as ABC.

Via Buzz Feed


Instead of paint, you can use paint swatches for colour on your wall and use some of these colours as accents in your room.

Photo Via


Make a headboard with a curtain road and a piece of fabric of your liking.

Via buzz feed


Create a personal corner and  heart your wall with your favorite pictures and recapture your happy moments.



Chalkboard your wardrobe doors with paint and write, draw, erase and start all over again, this is what life is all about.


Wallmart Chalk board paint $27.48


Some Dorm will not permit that you paint your walls, other will allow it as long as you repaint the walls when your leave.

if you can paint one wall, choose a bold colour, a colourful colour that is.


Removable wallpaper is great for decor or covering a damage desk.

Via Wallmart


Add a real pop of color on your door or wall with bright red London non Brexit phone booth. $18.98 this could be your piece de resistance.


A shoe holder hanging on a bathroom door would be useful to hold beauty products.


Organizing your desk with jars, paint them decorate them, use them.

Original_Chelsea-Costa-Potted-Succulents-Beauty1_h.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.966.725Bring the outdoor in with a few easy maintenance succulent plants.

Don’t play hooky with your dorm room, put your thinking cap on, you will not regret it.

You can always send me pictures of your room at [email protected]

Enjoy your school life my lovelies, there is nothing like it.

Another Plumber’s tale

I suppose plumbers are a necessary evil, well I know they are not plastic surgeon, but don’t you think they could improve the way they work.

Photos by decogirlmontreal 


I had a problem with my shower, and frankly after being 4 days without hot water I was really looking forward to see the plumber. The janitor of the building came with him and deposited an old curtain on my hallway floor to protect it from the plumbers tool bag,

 I had warned him that plumbers usually are not very particular in general and with cleanliness.

I had to take a picture of the Plumber’s doctor’s bag for you, and I have to warn you this is not a pretty sight.


After taking the shower apart and putting dirty pieces, tool and his filthy glove on my white vanity, I was happy to see him go to get the piece he needed to fix it, I immediately put a towel on my white vanity to protect it from being scratched and stained for life.


He left me with a dangling shower head, saying he might not be back before tonight. when he came back after an hour,he sat on the side of my bathtub working with his two black dirty boots inside my tub, moving them back and forth like if he was on a treadmill.

2016-08-19 15.55.03

This is my White bathroom floor after the plumber left. I had to wash the bathtub right away, I could not even stand to take a picture of it, it was so ”disturbing”. Frankly I wonder why they don’t make horror movies with plumbers as protagonist, I certainly could write a script about visiting plumbers, at least I was grateful that this one did not break my bathroom tile floor like the last plumber did.

So this is my advice, when the plumber comes to your home protect your bathroom floor and bathtub in advance, I think you should put your entire bathroom in a plastic bubble as he won’t spare any inch of it. By the time he came in it was too late and the damage had already started, so beware my lovelies.

Origin of the Gold medal biters

Some athletes bite them, some athletes kiss them

Via Huffington post

Canada's duet Meaghan Benfeito (L) and Roseline Filion celebrate during the podium ceremony of the Women's Synchronised 10m Platform Final after the diving event at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games at the Maria Lenk Aquatics Stadium in Rio de Janeiro on August 9, 2016.   / AFP / Odd ANDERSEN        (Photo credit should read ODD ANDERSEN/AFP/Getty Images)

Canada’s duet Meaghan Benfeito (L) and Roseline Filion celebrate during the podium ceremony of the Women’s Synchronised 10m Platform Final after the diving event at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games at the Maria Lenk Aquatics Stadium in Rio de Janeiro on August 9, 2016. / AFP / Odd ANDERSEN (Photo credit should read ODD ANDERSEN/AFP/Getty Images)

This biting of the gold medal was invented by Photographers who were not too inspired by athletes who would stand still with a hanging medal on their neck, so they asked them to bite on the medal, apparently you can tell real gold if you bite on it and you leave teeth marks, real gold is quite soft.

Some Olympians play it safe and kiss their medal instead.

The so imperfect omelet

Believe me when I started this omelet at exactly 11:45 today, I expected it to be perfect, I am a Virgo as you all know I must be perfection. By the way my birthday is this month so feel free to wish me a Happy Birthday my lovelies.


Basically I used what I had, eggs, tomato, avocado parmesan cheese a bit of dried basil and cream. Oh I forgot butter.


I whisked the eggs with the cream, started the omelet and dropped the parmesan pieces on top.

IMG_0130As soon as the parmesan was melted I threw the mixture of tomato, avocado and basil in and cooked it a little longer to warm up all the ingredients and so that I could flip the omelet,  I realized that half of a small avocado and a medium size tomato was too much to bear for this small omelet. ” but too late”, so I cooked it for about 2 more minutes and transferred it into a plate as artistically possible IMG_0131

Voilà! This is the final step of this so imperfect but delicious omelet.

Recipe for the imperfect omelet which is juicier by the way, or if you prefer the perfect omelet, I modified the recipe a bit for you.

2 eggs

(Perfect) 1/4 of a small avocado (Imperfect) 1/2 of a small avocado 

(Perfect) 1/2 a medium tomato (Imperfect) 1 medium tomato

1 teaspoon of basil dabbled over the mixture

2 tablespoon of parmesan cheese

2 tablespoon of 15% or whatever cream

1 1/2 tablespoon butter

Hope this works for you, have a great lazy Sunday.

** Sorry to have exposed the 1/4 pound of butter so obscenely, but I never quite am able to open it and close it perfectly, somehow I always rip the paper and it never looks quite right. So much for the perfect Virgo.” 

Apartment Therapy visits decogirlmontreal

Welcome to my home, enjoy the visit my lovelies. Marie-Lyne Quirion


A view of the living room. Much of the art is inherited. Louis XV Sideboard from La Maison Française Antiques L.A.

Suzanne finds inspiration for every project in Coco Chanel, Bunny Williams, and Jonathan Adler, to name a few. She finds a lot of pleasure in working with clients on contemporary classic projects. She often mixes old and new but always finds a way to create a dialogue between different pieces. Color is always a great unifier!

Suzanne feels that a home always needs a bit of history. Even though some people like to start from scratch, she always encourages them to keep something from the past to make it more personal.



A view of the living room. 2 blue Bergères were inherited and recovered with fabric from Kravet. Silver Bouillotte from La Maison Française Antiques L.A.



A woman’s bust found at a Flea market in Montreal. The secretary desk was inherited.


Molding from Home Depot dresses up the bookshelves from IKEA.



Apartment Therapy Survey:

My Style: Classicist bobo eclectic! As I have inherited most of my furniture and art from family, my home is traditional and I find a lot of pleasure in working on contemporary classic projects with a few of my clients. I like to mix old and new, but there has to be a dialog between all the pieces. Color is always a great unifier.

Inspiration: Coco Chanel is one of my biggest inspirations because she never followed trends. She once said “Fashion goes out of fashion” and it became my motto. Bunny Williams is a great interior designer; she is traditional but always comes up with some elements that makes a room look eternally young. Jonathan Adler because he is a great colorist; he works with real frank colors and succeeds in making very harmonious decor. And my mother for her love of beautiful things and my father for his immense curiosity.

Favorite Element: My dining room table; it is a hotel banquet table covered with a silk throw and protected by a glass, nothing exceptional except for the size. It might be too big for the room but the pleasure of sharing a meal with people I love, my family and my friends is so important to me. I could never sacrifice these precious moments for the importance of scale.

Biggest Challenge: I did not want my dining room in the space allocated for it; I found it would make the living area look very small and the way the rooms are divided is not ideal.

The problem was there was no electrification for my chandelier above my dining room table. The electrician had to run a wire from the light switch inside the wall, out through the ogee molding, along the ceiling plus an electrical box installed above the table. It worked, but we had to hide the electrical wire and box, so we nailed and glued three moldings to cover it all, et voilà.

What Friends Say: It looks exactly like you, you are home wherever you are.


Biggest Embarrassment: When I first moved—having lived in the same place for 18 years—I wanted everything to be done quickly. I did not like my tiny bathroom and I became obsessed with the idea of installing mirrors to make it look bigger. I had to find a way of getting and installing mirrors quickly and cheaply. I finally got five mirrors from IKEA; the sizes were perfect for my wall. I bought some moldings and very strong construction glue, so we figured once glued, the bottom molding should hold the glued mirrors in place.

Well, it just did not happen as planned. The bottom molding was not dry enough and all the mirrors started to collapse. It could have been disastrous—imagine 35 years of unhappiness (I am quite superstitious)! Anyhow, I threw my arms across the wall while my handy woman started to peel off the first mirror (which unfortunately got nicked on the bottom corner).

I did not really want to go back to IKEA, but it had to be done now, so we patched up part of the crack with polyfilla, and it is hidden behind the toilet.

The moral of the story is don’t go too fast, take your time and you will avoid starting all over again.

Proudest DIY: Bathroom again. I had to do something to enhance this mini space. I painted the dark brown vanity white to make it look lighter on the white wall, but there was definitely something missing.

I had bought some hot air balloon wallpaper for my entrance way; I figured if I had enough I will also have it on the wall facing the mirrors in the bathroom, as both rooms face each other.

I had no rolls of wallpaper left, but some cut outs (and I could not possibly have enough length to do my wall). I did not want to order more (as I would have had to buy two rolls and I only needed part of one roll).

So after calculating the balloons, I decided to cut each balloon and motif individually and glue those directly as a collage on the wall. I think it turned out pretty cool; I would say charming.

Biggest Indulgence: The wallpaper in my entrance way; I fell in love with it and I could not do without it. I have been fascinated by hot air balloons since I was a little girl and a childhood friend of mine took me once on a hot air balloon trip above Napa Valley; it was a very exciting and beautiful experience, try it you will like it.

Best Advice: Make sure you wake up in your own home, not your friend’s home, not your decorator’s home, your home.

Surround yourself with things you love. Things might seem superficial but they matter, they often have a meaning, they comfort you.

Your environment is most important, it is not only brick and mortar, it is your shelter where you feel protected, where your heart is content, it is you.

Dream Sources: I really enjoy second-hand stores, but I also like La Maison Française Antiques in Los Angeles, Restoration Hardware, and Ikea. They all make me happy when I visit them.


A view of the bedroom. The intricate wood headboard, the art and the chest of drawers were all inherited. Curtains are from Zara Home.