My favorite quaint rooms

Sometimes in my research, I come face to face with rooms I cannot resist, they feel good at first sight,  and I would like to share them with you my lovelies.

Photo by Heidi Lerkenfeldt via


This Copenhagen Loft designed by Tina Seidenfaden Busck is absolutely charming with its pink chaise longue and a colourful vintage rug, I feel I could lie down and read my

Elsie de Wolfe book ”The House in good taste”

Photo by Gaelle Le Boulicaut via Library is located in Denmark, I really like the idea of having asymmetrical book shelves on each side of the doorway, I have to admit that I would have hesitated to do this, but Designer Barbara Bendix Becker really made it worked as yin and yang and created perfect balance in this room. Oh I love this Serge Mouille modern black floor lamp, it is totally erratic and has super lighting direction at the same time.

Photo The House Directory via


I cannot explore Scandinavian contemporary homes without showing you the traditional Gustavian Style of the 18th century invented by King Gustav lll of Sweden.

Photo via Swedish Interiors


Gustav lll loved Interior Design, fashion and art. Looking at his clothes, it seems that they were a great inspiration for his Interiors. The Gustavian Swedes are not afraid to mix their woods, they also like pastel colours, blue, yellow, gray and white washed.


gustav-III-alexander-roslin(pp_w700_h909) (1)

This is Gustav the lll, if you want to know more about this talented chap go and visit Laurel Bern’s blog, she has written a very interesting and fun post about Gustav and all Gustavian colours and Interiors.

Photos Matthiew Williams Via architectural Digest


From Scandinavia via Kathleen Hacketts book to Brooklyn with love.

Photos Matthiew Williams Via architectural Digest


This brown and white room has lots of character, Artist Stephen Antonson has created the plaster chandelier above the dining room table and the different shape plaster candlesticks by hand. Somehow I see a Scandinavian influence in his work. Mixing wood dining room table and chairs with a painted white sideboard works very well.

Photo via


Voilà Stephen at work in his atelier, for more info go to

Photos Matthiew Williams Via architectural Digest


This is a room of my own heart, it is entirely decorated with second-hand stuff, beautiful and very quaint, even the disemboweled armchair in the corner is charming.



In Milan, a traditional home with a modern look, renovated by Milanese Architect Giuliano dell’Uva. I particularly like the stainless steel book shelves in the kitchen, they had to be made to measure. Don’t you find It is always a challenge to store books in a kitchen.

Photo decogirlmontreal

donald boat house

This room is very dear to my heart, it is my good friend Donald’s boat house where we have had many happy moments amongst friends.

salle à manger DonaldDiner is ready at the boat house.

salle à manger terrasse Don

A room with a view on Lake Memphremagog.

Have a great evening, cheer up spring is almost here at last.


Sharing my balcony finds with you

Living in Montreal with the long winters, it seems that they only dream we have now is about our outdoor homes. Viva our balcony. 


Ikea’s cute balcony red set for 2, could be quite romantic.


Choosing a rug could determine your balcony colours and style, Ikea.


This Ikea garden bench can be used outdoor and indoor.


Plant shelves from Ikea could be transferred in your kitchen as open shelves storage.


White plant holder from Ikea.


Adorable plant holder, you can use a couple of these and turn your balcony into a real garden.


Ladder like plant holder from Ikea.


Colourful hanging flower boxes Ikea.


Corner plant holder Ikea.


Cute balcony light Ikea.


White metal solar lantern Ikea.


Star like light Ikea.


Go natural with a dining set for 2 Ikea.


Lounge chair from Pier one.

2891313_1 (1)

Leafy side table outdoor indoor, PIer One.


Round mosaic side table, can be used outdoor and indoor Pier One.


If you have a small balcony, don’t be afraid to get a big comfy chair, set it in a corner and create an intimate space for yourself. Pier One


Last but not least the hammock always finds its place on our balcony.

Enjoy my friends.

Today’s idea, it’s all about your balcony, a room of its own

A few months ago I moved from a home with no balcony to an apartment with a lovely balcony, it really makes a big difference in my life, it’s like having an extra room. Now I am thinking about decorating it, so this is all about balcony inspiration, hope you enjoy it.



Table for two on your balcony, make it romantic.



Protect yourself from the sun, use the color turquoise and sandy wood to give it a beach look. (bord de mer).



You can even have a small lime green BBQ on your balcony, add a colourful rug, as it makes it look more like a room.



Don’t be afraid of black and white on your balcony.

Via House and Home


Your balcony is the place to go eclectic, shelves are also great for your flower pots.

Via House and Home


Balcony on a budget. Use wooden crates to make a bench with pillows, a blanket and potted flowers.

Via Apartment Therapy


A balcony is never too small for a hammock. Stripes always look good on a balcony, I guess it has to do with the idea of having a nice tent on the beach.

Via and

cabanas on the beach by the sea blog

Striped tent on the beach.



These bamboo plants look terrific, it is like having a small corner of jungle on your balcony.

Via Apartment Therapy


Tiny balcony, but so lively. and these balcony lights look absolutely charming.

Via Refreshed Designs


You can hang a few lanterns, it will light up your evenings and create quite an ambiance.

Stay tuned, tomorrow we will go shopping and share our finds with you, so that you can create your dream balcony.


Today’s idea, playing with your blues

I am a lover of white and blues, so I was very pleased to find out that the HomeSense 2016 spring collection has a lot to offer in the white and blues.


Somehow, a touch of green looks great in this white and blue bedroom.


Adding a bit of nature with this Ficus tree is a warmer upper in this white and blue corner.


A printed blue and white rug, pillow shams and cushions are small details that completes your white and blue room.


A special touch with a Moroccan style candle.


White and blue love anything natural, this natural wooden base lamp is ideal.


A natural wicker tray can be used as a decorative object on the wall or simply as a tray.


A white and blue throw is so comfy, I use mine to watch TV at night, remembrance from nights past.


The white and blue Ikat pattern chair.


A Kilim like pouf ivory and blue.


Blue ceramic


There is blue and there is turquoise blue and they amazingly look charming together.

The Oscars dresses 2016 and their creators

The original creators of the Oscars dresses are not so well known anymore, but there was a person behind the name of these fashion houses, I would like to share their memories and talent with you.

Getty / Jeff Kravitz


Brie Larson wearing Gucci

Via Wikepedia


Guccio Gucci founded Gucci in 1921

Getty / Jason Merritt


Naomi Watts wearing Armani Privé


Giorgio Armani founded Armani in 1975

Getty / Jeff Kravitz


Jennifer Lawrence Dior Haute Couture

Photo credits: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, CORBIS


Christian Dior Founded Dior in 1947

Getty / Jason Merritt


Julianne Moore wearing Chanel Haute Couture


Who does not know Mademoiselle Chanel

Getty / Todd Williamson


Jennifer Garner wearing Atelier Versace


Gianni Versace founded Versace in 1978


Versace is now ran by Donatella Versace, Gianni’s younger sister

Getty / Kevin Mazurcharlize-theronCharlize Theron wearing Dior Haute Couture

Getty / Steve Granitz


Priyanka Chopra wearing Zuhair Murad

Photo via


Zuhair Murad started his Beirut Atelier in 1997, in 2007 Murad founded his Paris Maison de Couture

Getty / Jason Merritt


Cate Blanchett wearing Armani Privé

Getty / Steve Granitz


Alicia Vikander wearing Louis Vuitton

Via Wikepedia


Louis Vuitton founded LV in 1854 it now belongs to LVMH (Bernard Arnault)

Getty / Jason Merritt


Saoirse Ronan wearing Calvin Klein Collection

Via by Joan Adlen/Getty Images)
LOS ANGELES - 1979: Fashion designer Calvin Klein poses for a portrait backstage before a fashion show for People Magazine in 1979 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Joan Adlen/Getty Images)

LOS ANGELES – 1979: Fashion designer Calvin Klein poses for a portrait backstage before a fashion show for People Magazine in 1979 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Joan Adlen/Getty Images)

Calvin Klein founded his fashion house in 1968

It’s all about bedrooms and famous people

I would like to share my favorite celebrities bedrooms with you. I believe these rooms resemble pretty much their owners.

Photographer: William

54c144e0b8a94_-_bedroom-design-ideas-celebrity-bedrooms-05-lgn (1)

Candace Bushnell author of Sex in the City, her bedroom reflects a warm personality. It is eclectic but harmonious.

Ellen Pompeo’s of Grey’s Anatomy


There is certainly a Buddhist air about Ellen Pompeo’s bedroom

(Source: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images North America | The Agency)

Lady Gaga


 Lady Gaga’s long floating curtains are like elegant evening gowns, you can recognize her love of costumes in them.  If she was anything like Scarletl O’hara she could wear them.


Going back in time with celebrities.

If you want to know more about Scarlett O. and Gone with the wind you can visit


This is Scarlett in her curtain costume.


Scarlett’s bedroom at Tara

Via Popsugar


Gisele Büdchen and Tom Brady”s bedroom is spectacular but simple, it describes them well.

(Source: Shooting LA via Karen Misraje)


Jimmy Kimmel’s bedroom is very sober almost like a hotel suite, is he really like this?

Via Popsugar


Anne Hathaway’s bedroom is quite bare but elegant. It must have been decorated when she shot ”Les Misérables”


Cameron Diaz bedroom has an air of Camreron Diaz, it is blond and blue, very much like her.


Ralph Lauren Montauk’s bedroom has this summer Ralph’s look about it.

Messages from my Red loving heart

Maybe the meaning of red is ”I love you” because it is the color of our heart, which is  our living and loving  organ. We say ”I love you with all my heart” we don’t say ”I love you with all my brain, liver, kidneys etc.. So matters of love are definitely matters of the heart.

Though, there is a lovely romantic arabic expression ”Nour ayouni” which means ”The light of my eyes”

Why don’t we say ”I love you with my pounding heart” even though our heart beat increases with emotions and love is a powerful emotion, the ”Pounding heart expression” is somehow not really romantic, but my beating heart is.

 Professor Douglas Burger of the University of Colorado says “Frequently, the liver is called `the source of desire.’ And the Bible and several works by Milton refer to the `bowels of compassion.’ How’s that for a Valentine of a different color?”

And what do bears have anything to do about Valentine’s day, you would be surprised.

All and all, roses are red violets are blue, sugar is sweet and so are you.


Barack O. Love message to Michelle O.

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY MY LOVELIES, and make sure you send a ”I Heart You” message to your love one.

Reforming Ikea’s basic system in your kitchen

Reform works with the best Architects and Designers such as internationally known Big Bjarke Ingels Group  to create contemporary kitchen cabinets using the Ikea’s basic system and replacing the doors with custom-made fronts.



Using the Ikea’s cabinets and designing new fronts is a Great idea and saves a lot of time.


Beautiful modern sideboard with handles made out of seatbelt material.

refrom-kicthens-ikea-hack-henning-larsen-architects-01 refrom-kicthens-ikea-hack-norm-cph-01



iPhone and Rice

Imagine you just dropped your iPhone in water, your life is practically over.


Yes this is an iPhone covered with rice. Well it is a wet iPhone in a rice container.

After you rescue your iPhone from a puddle of water, fill up a container with non cooked rice and bury it. Leave it there for 3 days, you can look at it but you cannot touch it or manipulate it, you can talk to it but do not open it.

Well would you believe that after these 3 days a friend of mine who went through this ordeal, removed her iPhone from the rice after many incantations, she turned it on and it worked, it was so amazing, I had to share this information with you desperate friends with a wet iPhone. Oh I forgot you have to cover the container sealed tight, tupper ware would do.

Have a terrific day and thanks for being so faithful in spite of my sporadic absences.