The mystery of the colour of snot

 I have been invaded by the snot monster, and it was not the first time.

Have you ever wondered why your Snot (Mucus) becomes a chameleon and changes colours from green to yellow to brown when you have a cold, the flu or sinusitis?

Well being an Interior Designer I always have been fascinated with colours, so I did some research on the colour of snot, and this is what I came up with. What I thought was a mystery is no mystery at all

These snot colours are not caused by an infection but by your immune system which sends white blood cells called neutrophils to protect you against bacteria.  These particular white blood cells contain a green coloured enzyme and when they become prolific they will colour your mucus (Snot), on the other hand they will prevent the bacteria from penetrating in your blood stream.

So the colour of your snot is not as bad as it looks, and we should all be grateful to the colourful Neutrophil in our immune system.

Sorry, I know it is not a very elegant topic,  but I really had to find out why my mucus normally as clear as plexiglass transformed itself into these yucky colours.

Go Lady Gaga in your Home

The decoration of your home inspired by Lady Gaga’s costumes

Photo Jamie McCarthy/Film Magic


Black and White L. Gaga China Through the looking-glass event at the metropolitan Museum of Art.



Don’t be scared, a black wall in your bedroom can look terrific .

Photo Marc Piacecki/GC images


Gaga in fuchsia with a touch of black.

Via Pinterest and Bright Bazaar


 Brighten up you life with a fuchsia sofa and a black infinite ceiling.

Photo Simon James Film Magic


 Boho Gaga look.

Via Pinterest and Lush Home


 Tangerine and lavender for your teenager daughter could be spectacular.

 Photo Neil P. Mockford/Fim Magic


A delicate balance by Lady Gaga could be an oxymoron but not in this case.

Via Pinterest and Style at Home


A very pastel breakfast corner.

Photo Marc Piasecki Film Magic


The Lady G in her smashing white and natural colour outfit 2010 which would be still in fashion today.

Via Pinterest and


An all White living area with a touch of natural linen colour warms up the room.

Photo Ben Pruchnie Film Magic


A most serious professional shade of gray for Lady Gaga but there will always be the hat.


An office that has a few shades of gray. Mineral Alloy Gray 1622 by Benjamin Moore.

The gray ceiling is a contemporary version of a coffered ceiling.

Enjoy at home with Lady Gaga

Small kitchen big space

GOING BIG in your small kitchen!

Photo via


The most delightful minute white kitchen with face to face counters topped with beautiful bowls and things.  Who can ask for anything more.

Photo via Dwell by Joe Schmelzer


In a long narrow space, try to elongate your kitchen counters as much as you can and top them with very long shelves.

Photo by via


Paint your floor white to match your kitchen cabinets, they will like it and feel totally at ease.

Photo by Magic dream life via


Adding shelves in a most beautiful way is the thing to do in your microscopic kitchen.

Photo Jenny Steffens via Apartment Therapy


When using open shelves and hanging stuff on walls, make it look good, be parsimonious in your choices.

Photo The everygirl via Apartment Therapy


Long open shelves with lots of gadgets can really provide you with lots of kitchen storage.

Photo via The Style Files


In Germany, they dare to have a vertically big hutch in a tiny kitchen. if you are monochromatically inclined, this mini white kitchen is perfect for you.



Tiny kitchen can go vertical, let it fly, ceiling and walls are great for storage.



Who says you cannot have a blue micro kitchen with an island, not me!

The Big Apple Pumpkin Style

Last week I was very lucky, my niece D. invited me to accompany her in New York.

I thought I would share with you my favorite Big Apple Halloween decorations and inspiration.


Pumpkins, yellow purple and orange chrysanthemums and a few corn on the cob, absolutely gorgeous.


The scary red brick house and the strange pumpkins.


Witches, pumpkins, flowers and skull, Scaaaaary Halloween stuff!


For Pre-Halloween, I disguised myself as a Head of State and made speech at the United Nations, it was grave but also a lot of fun.


Turn your life around with this turkey sandwich

Never underestimate the pleasure of a simple Turkey Sandwich after Thanksgiving!

Photo and recipe Via Heather Christo


This has to be the Turkey sandwich you must have with your leftover Thanksgiving Turkey. Heather’s roasted Turkey, cranberry and Brie grilled cheese.

Heather Christo taught  me to make this sandwich in a few minutes and it is absolutely scrumptious.



  1. -2 large pieces sourdough bread
  2. -4-6 ounces roasted turkey breast
  3. -2 ounces blue streaked brie cheese (like cambozola)
  4. -3 tablespoons cranberry chutney
  5. -1 tablespoon butter

Preparation time: 2 minute(s)

Cooking time: 5 minute(s)

Number of servings (yield): 1


This is Heather Christo, she is a Chef and graduate from le Cordon Bleu School, she also creates Allergen free recipes, you should visit her sometimes.

Her products are sold under Heather Made in a few Costcos located in the USA, hopefully she will be in Montreal soon.



Bring colour and music in your life

It is said that colour has soul, Isaac Newton thought that colour can be musical. There is seven colours in a rainbow and there is seven notes in a scale.

Via Better Homes and Garden


Robin egg blue is soft and gentle.

If you want to know a little more about the correlation between colour and music, you can go to I am afraid it will get to scientific for me, my attention span is like a hummingbird today, but it is an interesting theory.

Today we will explore some of the blues.

Via Veranda


You can use a touch of neutral and nature with your soft blues.

Via Better Homes and Garden


Gentle blue as a canvas match with vibrant colours can bring music in your bedroom.

Via Elle Decor/Photo Simon Upton


Don’t be scared, mix your blues. The door is painted with Benjamin Moore Sylvan mist and the fabric on the wall is similar to a Palace blue by Benjamin Moore.

Via Better Homes and Garden


Many shades of blue don’t have to be 50.

Via Elle Decor/Photo Björn Wallander


The Ralph Lauren white and blue bedding is crisp and refreshing, you can go with white walls and you won’t have to sing I got the blues, but you can if you want to.

Via Veranda


A perfect gentle blue traditional contemporary dining room.

Via Elle Decor/Photo Trevor Tondro


Enjoy your totally blue kitchen.

Via Veranda


The very turquoise pantry is so yummy, it reminds me of chocolate covered turquoise candy.

Photo via Amazon


Stay tuned next week we will discus other colours, but remember my lovelies,  anything goes, if you like it is your colour, possess it.

The great musical Cole Porter can help you choose your colour, why not.

Happy Pumpkins and squashes colours in your home

Mixing your pumpkins and squashes colours can warm up your home and your heart

Photo decogirlmontreal/Atwater Market Montreal


Photo David Duncan Livingston


Dare to go pumpkin on your kitchen cabinets

Photo Thomas Loof


A tropical pumpkin bedroom.

Photo Victoria Pearson


A little pumpkin a little squash can go a long way and bring warmth in your home.

Via House Beautiful/Photo Karyn R. Miller


Enjoying a yummy squash banquette in your dining room.

Photo via Elle Decor


A few shades of squash in your living room.

Photo John Gould Bessler


Dine surrounded with soft squash colours.

Photo Roger Davies


Touches of pumpkin can perk up your space.

The rebirth of your Home office

Time has come to do something about our office, I am sharing with you a few ideas about the revival of your office, I think I should redecorate mine also.

Via Architectural Digest/photo David O. Marlow


I absolutely love Paul Attanasio’s office, Paul is a screenwriter and producer (Serie House) I would move in today, except I would have to change the desk seat, as I have short legs and these high seats are not great for me as I need to have my 2 feet on the ground at all times.

via Architectural Digest/Photo Michael Moran


Designer Jennifer Post decorated this zen office with white and a few touch of color. She used an entire wall in the bedroom to create this bright office facing a window.

Via Architectural Digest


Let the exterior in your office, this office decorated by Malcom James Kutner is simple but perfect. The outdoor garden certainly is the most decorative element and the designer used it very well.

Via Architectural Digest/Photo Roger Davies


OOPS! I know this office seems extravagant but you have to admit it is inspiring and it was decorated by Kelly Wearstler who is everything but Zen, Wearstler also designed the raspberry chairs and the working desk. An entire wall covered with pictures is a great asset to an office, it is your identity.

Via Pinterest


A girly office with a few spots and a billboard made out of a mirror frame.

Photo decogirlmontreal


This was my urban office that was a year ago.

Via Apartment Therapy/Photo Marie-Lyne Quirion

1b441cfa60ac25bad911e76ceea63b56ef2c24b4I moved a year ago, this is my very compact office now, it is located inside a closet in my bedroom, the desk and the filing cabinets are from Ikea, the shelves from Home Depot. I only wish I could get rid of all these ugly wires that are a necessary evil.


Home Story

 The use of an entire wall as a billboard in this office is attractive and quite useful.